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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vicente Brings Up TVB's Ratings: New Peak of 42 Points for "Three Kingdoms RPG"



Typhoon 'Vicente' struck Hong Kong yesterday. At 5pm, there was already a Typhoon 8. Everyone got off work early to rush home, causing all of TVB's prime time slot ratings to increase. "Come Home Love" and "Three Kingdoms RPG" achieved new peaks since their broadcast. However, because the typhoon interrupted the towers' electric power supply, many districts in the New Territories were affected...not being able to receive TVB; the ratings of "Witness Insecurity" were also affected.

At 7:30pm, "Scoop" averaged 34 points (2,180,000 viewers). In the past, "Come" has averaged around twenty-something points; however, on the night of the typhoon, the average reached 38 points (2,430,000 viewers). "Three" reached 42 points (2,690,000 viewers), which is a new ratings peak for the series since its broadcast. "Witness", which has always had high ratings, averaged 37 points (2,370,000 viewers). As for "TV Funny", which premiered the night before, averaged 32 points (2,050,000 viewers).

"Witness Insecurity" Does Not Benefit

TVB's Assistant Director of Foreign Affairs Tsang Sing Ming said that, because of the typhoon, the two towers in Castle Peak and Cloudy Hill had an interruption in the electric power supply; thus, some of the viewers in the New Territories' Northern and Western districts were affected. It was not until yesterday's 2pm that broadcasting was back to normal. Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Ma On Shan, Fanling, Sheung Shui, and other districts had television viewer complaints. TVB received many viewer complaints about not being able to watch "Witness". It is believed that the electric power interruption began affecting the reception at 9pm the night before; thus, the typhoon night's ratings increase was not as high as other programmes.

Personal Note: A coincidence that Typhoon Vicente struck HK when Ma Ming's character mentioned the 'Vincent Effect' on episode 11 of "Three Kingdoms RPG"....

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Episode 11

*Credits to mingpao

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  1. Amazing ratings. 'Vicente affect' 'Vincent effect' Go, go, go for higher rating. Well done.