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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Best Onscreen Couples II

Louis Koo & Jessica Hsuan
Collaborations: 6
Louis and Jessica have been in "Happy Harmony", "Class of Distinction", "Cold Blood Warm Heart", "A Recipe of the Heart", "Man's Best Friend", "Detective Investigation Files IV", and "A Step into the Past." However, they were only paired up in the last three series. Louis and Jessica are very good friends on screen and off screen. Many fans have hoped that they would really "hook up", but in reality they would not consider each other because they know each other too well. Louis once said that he likes girls more on the quiet side and not much talk at all. Jessica is the total opposite of what Louis is looking for in a significant other. Jessica also said that she would not consider Louis either. Anyway, Jessica is definitely the best partner for Louis. She is able to bring out a different side of Louis. He is very comfortable around her. It is like magic! They are very compatible in series.

Julian Cheung & Charmaine Sheh
Collaborations: 4
Chi Lam and Charmaine have paired up in two TVB series and two movies since the year 2000. After "Return of the Cuckoo", I knew that they would fall in my favourite couple category. Too bad they did not end up in the series though. Charmaine for sure has the most chemistry with Chi Lam. It seems to me that she is more comfortable in falling in love with Chi Lam in series than her more recent co-stars. Charmaine said in an interview that Sunny Chan had taught her to fall in love with her co-stars by finding their positive traits. After the completion of a series, the person must know how to leave the character by finding their negative traits. Sunny still uses this method because Melissa Ng said that he taught her the same thing while filming "Love Guaranteed". Anyway, when Chi Lam and Charmaine film together, they always seem to have the puppy love relationship. That is what makes their partnership so sweet. I love this coupling!

Bowie Lam & Flora Chan
Collaborations: 5
Although Bowie and Flora have worked together five times, they were only paired up in "Untraceable Evidence I & II" and "Healing Hands I & II". For the longest time, I only liked Bowie because of his pairing with Flora. Just like Ada, Flora works well with her all her male co-stars because she has great 人緣. Bowie and Flora have great chemistry because they have known each other since "The File of Justice V", and that was Flora's first television series. In fact, Bowie and Jessica helped Flora with her dialogue. Bowie and Flora always play professional roles as a couple, so they always have this 'cool/cold' personality. They give off a very nice mature look as a couple. Well, except in HH because Bowie's character, Henry, was a player and only showed his maturity during his work. Even though Bowie was my first favourite partner for Flora, I have longed switched to the duo of FloMo--Moses that is.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Best Onscreen Couples I

Michael Tao & Kenix Kwok
Collaborations: 6
After Kenix participated in Miss Hong Kong 1993, she worked on her first series, "Catwalk俏佳人", and was paired up with Michael. They were also paired up "Detective Investigation Files I to III", "Shine on You" and "Love Bond". In television history, Michael and Kenix have been coupled up the most times. Their most classic pairing would have to be the DIF series. How can anyone not love Cheung Tai Yung and Jesse Ko? They were once voted 'Best Onscreen Couple' for three consecutive years by the media and audience. Talk about chemistry, eh? I can honestly say they are one of my favourite couples of all time.

Bobby Au Yeung & Esther Kwan
Collaborations: 5
Bobby and Esther were labelled as the 'Funniest Onscreen Couple'. Their comedy flame just seems to spark when they are a couple. Out of the 'fa dans', Esther is the only one with natural comedic skills. She does not overact or exaggerate in comedies or in dramas. She is just that good! You can just tell how perfect the duo of Bobby and Esther really are when they are paired up. They will make you laugh until your sides split.

Lawrence Ng & Ada Choi
Collaborations: 6
Lawrence and Ada have worked together a total of six times now. They were in four TVB series, one Mainland production, and one movie. It is evident that their most memorable collaboration is "Healing Hands I & II". They have won the award for 'Best Couple' and 'Most Favourite Couple' for those series. Jackie makes Paul come out of his boring shell. Ada seems to work well with her male co-stars. She has great chemistry with Steven Ma, Bobby Au Yeung, and even Dayo Wong. In 2003, she and Dayo received the award for 'Most Favourite Couple' for "To Catch the Uncatchable". Thus, no matter who she is paired up with, she is always able to bring new blaze to add to the chemistry. Anyway, Lawrence and Ada are definitely one of my favourite couples because I just love Paul and Jackie!

Friday, November 24, 2006

冒牌伊健唱情歌 蒙嘉慧lum暈



無線藝員發展科前晚在酒店舉行《星光匯聚大派對》,各合約藝員均打扮靚靚出席,當中全晚高潮是蒙嘉慧被安排於《美女廚房》中煮伊麵,Yoyo已特地自 備米粉前來,不過司儀李思捷卻把米粉藏起,由於Yoyo落很多油,周中師傅即說﹕「唔好咁多油,伊麵唔鍾意肥膩。」之後周中又說﹕「我鍾意伊麵,好鍾意鄭 伊麵。」


接籲戴上假髮的馬國明拿籲相機扮鄭伊健出場說﹕「有Yoyo的地方梗有伊健。」司儀問他想跟Yoyo說甚麼﹖他情深地說﹕「我想唱《一生愛你一 個》。」當馬國明唱起此歌時,十足伊健上身非常神似,全場嘉賓已捧腹大笑,而Yoyo亦忍不住笑起來。當她想離台時,馬國明卻捉實她的手不讓她走, Yoyo只好掩嘴傻笑,並笑到蹲下來,不慎走光露出肉色內褲。之後馬國明又扯開假髮,露出光頭來,Yoyo即踩他一腳示意要離開,馬國明這才放她落台。


Yoyo亦覺得馬國明扮得很似,當說到她蹲下時走光,她有少少不開心說﹕「我唔知道,當時好尷尬,(是否太開心而忘形﹖)不是。當時我想走入後台,但 被馬國明捉住,畀佢激死,不過自己籲_肉色的,應該唔係好覺。我初初以為馬國明份人好有禮貌,事前又問我可不可以拖手,但竟拖實唔放。」對於現場觀眾看得 好開心,明顯是對這戀情受落,Yoyo笑道﹕「咁惟有多謝公司。(會否同伊健講﹖)這個我要保留,問下監製點解先﹖」

另外,馬國明表示今次純是公司安排,而為了練伊健的唱腔,他已經聽了該首歌4日。他表示希望Yoyo不會嬲,因為純搞氣氛,那可擔心伊健嬲﹖他道﹕ 「Yoyo唔嬲伊健都唔會嬲,(但你累她走光喎﹖)唔知喎﹗咁真係出事,我當時捉實佢只想畀大家影相,我都係受人二分四,唔關我事,矛頭係監製呀。」

*Article from singtao
湯盈盈化身蔡依林胸降舞台 「伊健」唱情歌 蒙嘉慧笑到綠地


怕出醜 放棄戴神奇胸圍

無線《星光匯聚大派對》前晚連場爆笑,首先是「B級蔡依林」湯盈盈倒吊出場,無論造型、扮相以至動作都幾可亂真,贏得全場掌聲。湯盈盈接受訪問時被取笑不 是「G奶」,她笑說﹕「B奶都可以的,表演前曾想用神奇胸圍,以加強效果,但怕倒轉時跌出來會很肉酸。」少了真正蔡依林的震撼感?「不用扮到十足十,滿足 就可以了,希望台慶可以再做一次。」湯盈盈為了今次演出,特意跟老友鍾麗淇學了4堂瑜伽,練到周身骨痛,結果出來效果理想,可謂辛若有價。

之後陳錦鴻與袁彌明扮劉家昌夫妻檔合唱《在雨中》,連台下的劉家昌也笑到氣咳。正當以為笑聲完畢,到蒙嘉慧(Yoyo)與周中師傅上台煮麵的環節竟是全晚 高潮所在。 Yoyo被迫示範烹調「鄭牌伊麵」後,馬國明拿籲相機扮鄭伊健走上台,Yoyo亦被司儀留在台上,馬國明隨即捉籲Yoyo獻唱情歌,用伊健腔唱出《一生愛 你一個》,_得Yoyo不斷傻笑,還笑到蹲在地上走光也不知,當Yoyo起身時,馬國明自行將假髮除掉,竟現出跟足伊健現時的光頭Look,令全場捧腹大 笑。

尷尬想走 不介意被玩

之後Yoyo笑說﹕「知要煮伊麵時已自備米粉上台,但周中師傅喜歡吃也無辦法。」馬國明扮相如何?「好似,很有心機,剛才尷尬得想走,可是被他捉實。」覺 得被公司擺上裏?「不會,樂小姐說過自己公司是開心事,呢且都是表演;還以為馬國明很保守,原來他扮o野也很叻。」會否告訴伊健?「保留一下,多謝大家 ﹗」




*Article from mingpao
蒙嘉慧笑麵迎人 幫無線拉客

蒙嘉慧(Yoyo)慘被公司將戀情擺上裏,先是「焗」住煮伊麵,再有馬國明扮成男友鄭伊健(伊麵)捉實她大唱情歌,更出其不意露出假光頭,笑到Yoyo mao低求饒。



曾被譏為「地獄廚房」的Yoyo,前晚安排與周中師傅做《美女廚房》,雖然Yoyo事先聲明食厭伊麵,自備米粉,不過最終還是「焗」住煮麵。周中師傅笑言 好鍾意食伊麵,還指這包麵甚有名堂,叫作「鄭伊麵」,Yoyo即尷尬笑說:「我好憎伊麵。」周中師傅得勢不饒人,還囑Yoyo試食時要食到啜啜聲,似有戀 愛感覺。






*Article from the-sun
Brief Translation: Just like last year, TVB held a party to attract sponsors to support their series and variety shows on Friday. Many artistes danced, sang, played with magic, and worked the runway. However, Yoyo Mung only did a cooking routine and that alone stole the whole show. After Yoyo completed her dish, Kenneth Ma posing as Ekin Cheng appeared on stage. Kenneth was wearing a wig, and holding a red rose and a camera. He pointed the camera at Yoyo and said, "To photograph beautiful people, you must photograph Yoyo!" (Ekin is the spokesperson for Canon.) Then Kenneth took off his wig to reveal his fake bald head and grabbed onto Yoyo's hand and sang Ekin's 《一生愛你一個》. Yoyo wanted to leave, but Kenneth was not going to let go of her until the media had taken pictures. This caused Yoyo to laugh so hard that she kneeled down and accidentally revealed her skin-coloured underwear. Kenneth's vocal interpretation of Ekin was very impressive.

Yoyo later explained that Kenneth had asked her beforehand if he could hold onto her hand while he was singing. She told him no and that she would walk away. Yoyo thought that it would have been safe since she always thought of Kenneth as a well-mannered and very obedient person who listens. Who would have known that Kenneth would only remember what the producer had told him to do.

Kenneth revealed that he had practiced for 4 days. He said it wasn't difficult since he has always listened to Ekin songs. He also added that he can also imitate the vocals of Leon Lai and Leslie Cheung.

Personal Note: It was so funny! Noboby knew that Kenneth was going to come out as Ekin. Yoyo was very embarrassed and wanted to leave, but Kenneth held onto her hand. Kenneth did sound like Ekin when he was singing. Even Catherine Tsang was clapping and giving the nod. At the end, Kenneth was worried if Yoyo was mad and wanted the reporters to go and interview her. He is so thoughtful! Everybody just loves Kenneth now.

*Credits to www.shehsheh.com

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Baby Kenix

Kenix Kwok Ho Ying

"Hi, everybody! I am Kenix Kwok Ho Ying. I was born on November 27, 1970. I participated in Miss Hong Kong Pageant back in 1993. Even though I was a hot favourite to win, I was placed 3rd runner-up (4th place) and took home the 'Most Potential in Acting Award'. In the following year, I presented the same award to Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, and the next year the award was discontinued. The first series I filmed for TVB was "Catwalk俏佳人" in 1993, which co-starred Michael Tao. Michael and I have worked together 6 times. We were once given the titles of 'Best Onscreen Couple' and 'Best Couple' by the media. Ha ha!

In 1995, I met Frankie Lam on the set of "Down Memory Lane", and on March 10th, 2004, we got married. Frankie is a wonderful husband. He can tolerate others very well because his EQ is very high. He really knows how to compromise with others as well. I really do learn a lot from him.

Throughout my years in TVB, I have met a bunch of great friends. They include Christine Ng, Annie Man, Michael Tao, Melissa Ng, Flora Chan, Bobby Au Yeung, etc. Although I have left TVB's big family to explore Mainland China to further my career, I hope one day to return and film more high-rated series".

Representative Works: "Detective Investigation Files I to III", "Legal Entanglement", "Take My Word for It", "At the Threshold of an Era", "Love Bond", "Revolving Doors of Vengeance", and "A Pillow Case of Mystery".

Personal Note: I really thought Kenix was going to win first place in 1993's Miss HK, but instead she got 4th place, and Mariane Chan was just behind her in 5th place. Kenix is a great actress. Her crying skills are unbelievable. When she cries, it is so powerful and sad; it makes me want to cry, too.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Leung Choi Yuen New Modern Series

Cast Members: Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Claire Yiu, Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Mannor Chan, Kwok Fung, Wu Fung, Akina Hong, Rebee’a Yeung, Yu Yeung, and Stephen Wong.

Producer: Leung Choi Yuen



昨日廖碧兒、馬浚偉、姚嘉妮及高鈞賢等出席梁材遠監製新劇造型,劇中藝員穿上舞衣,即場周老師與陳曼娜表演拉丁舞,又指導藝員擺甫士給記者影相。他 指示馬 仔及高鈞賢托起廖碧兒做出一字馬動作,由於高鈞賢個子比馬仔高,所以在平衡方面比較困難,馬仔手震震的差點把碧兒跌落地,幸好老師眼明手快,及時扶籲碧兒。

事後碧兒說﹕「在上面有點緊張,有一刻感到搖幌,驚馬仔托不起,現時體重只有110多磅,拉丁舞衣很大膽,好多窿又低胸,所以今天也不敢吃早餐。其 實大家 都是即場學,跳拉丁舞的對手很重要,所以要同馬仔練習多點。」說到擺甫士影相時她與馬仔胸對胸,她強調不會尷尬,由細開始跳舞,加上與馬仔合作過,彼此已有默契,最重要是拍到靚效果出來。

馬仔為劇中角色與碧兒多次作溝通,而且聲明跳舞時不可有底_,他說﹕「劇中有不少辣身動作,大家都希望拍到熱辣辣又浪漫的效果,所以她不可介意任何 身體接 觸。」問他要不要穿緊身舞衣﹖馬仔笑稱劇中女藝員希望他穿現代褲,如果劇情有需要絕對不介意,只怕穿出來會嚇親人。相反緊身衫他有保留,由於他的肚臍不夠 靚,所以要求穿開胸緊張衫不要露臍。

*Article from singtao


Bernice、馬浚偉、徐子珊等昨日穿上舞衣為無_新劇造型,當Bernice被馬浚偉和高鈞賢托起凌空擺出一字馬甫士時,卻因兩男高度有差異, Bernice在空中難以平衡,嚇得她指住高鈞賢:「呢個震震地。」馬浚偉即笑說:「唔使驚,我手斷都『_』住。」之後她與馬浚偉再擺貼身甫士,更一度請 馬浚偉食「波餅」。




*Article from orisun
馬浚偉廖碧兒 身體接觸無底線

馬浚偉與廖碧兒昨日為新劇試造型,以拉丁舞裝扮亮相,馬仔與高鈞賢合力托起廖碧兒擺甫士拍照時,差點令對方摔下,要馬仔抱住她,險象環生。廖碧兒 說:「今 日才學這些姿勢,我又不懂拉丁舞,他們托起我時有一刻好搖,幸好有老師托住。我們不會有身體接觸,不會尷尬。我特別無吃早餐,怕馬仔抱唔起我。」馬仔聲言 與廖碧兒合作無底線:「最緊要拍得靚,我們商量過任何身體接觸也不介意,無底線無極限,要做到熱辣辣的浪漫效果!」


*Article from mingpao

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Series 《茶煲爹哋》 Costume Fitting Press Conference


歐陽震華怕被玩 唔敢瞓覺
歐陽震華(Bobby)、蒙嘉慧、王喜與楊怡昨日為無線新劇《茶煲爹哋》試造型,Bobby與蒙嘉慧十足大細路般嬉戲,Bobby更慘被對方用宣 傳貼紙 封嘴。Bobby笑說:「和蒙嘉慧合作很多,大家都很玩得,宣萱及關詠荷亦是圈中玩得下的朋友。有時工作要輕鬆,我太疲倦也不敢睡籲,怕被她們捉弄。」新 劇有很多小朋友參與拍攝?「我們預了遲收工,幸好對小朋友有點辦法,戲中Jacky仔飾演兒子,他很醒目,在家背熟對白才入廠開工,帶我入戲,Jacky 仔是『男版馮寶寶』﹗」


*Article from mingpao
歐陽震華(Bobby)、蒙嘉慧(YoYo)、楊怡、王喜、黎諾懿昨日為無線新劇《茶煲爹哋》試造型,老友鬼鬼的Bobby與YoYo見面即「開 戰」, Bobby除了取笑YoYo有愛情滋潤,愈來愈靚之外,又笑問她會否北上探伊健班?搞到YoYo哭笑不得,惟有用膠紙替Bobby封嘴。

事後,Bobby表示同YoYo合作很高興,他說:「同佢合作咁多次,唔開佢玩笑點得,同佢合作好開心,其實宣萱、關詠荷都好好玩。」至於YoYo透露將 在新劇中演超級巿場行政人員,經常要周圍格價,而現實中她同樣是格價專家,她說:「邊度食嘢有免費泊車,我最清楚,行街買衫都會_折扣,之前先_特價場 買咗幾條牛仔褲,由原價一千九百蚊折到一百九十蚊,好抵。」

*Article from orisun
Brief Translation: TVB held a costume fitting for the new series 《茶煲爹哋》, and the cast members present included Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Wong He, and Tavia Yeung. Bobby kept poking fun at Yoyo about her relationship with Ekin and asking whether she would go to Beijing to visit Ekin. In the end, Yoyo could only put a sticker over Bobby's mouth to keep him quiet.

Bobby was later asked if this would make Yoyo unhappy, he said, "I have worked with her many times now, how can I not use her as a joke. Actually, it is very happy to work with her. Just like Jessica Hsuan and Esther Kwan are my playful friends in the industry". Bobby also revealed that he is not going to fall asleep on set because he is afraid of people playing tricks on him.

There will be many children in the series, and Jacky Wong will play Bobby's son. Yoyo's character will be a supermarket executive.

Related post: New Series 《茶煲爹哋》 Costume Fitting

Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

New Series 《茶煲爹哋》 Costume Fitting

Starring: Bobby Au Yeung, Wong He, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Ha Yu, Anne Heung, Halina Tam, Evergreen Mak, Fung So Po, Lee Kwok Lun, Lee Sing Cheung, Chow Chung, Lai Lok Yi, Mary Hon, June Chan, and Oscar Leung.

Producer: Mui Siu Ching

Bobby, He, and Ha Yu will be playing father roles.

Yoyo will be playing a career-oriented businesswoman.

I will have more information when they have the costume fitting on Tuesday, November 21st, 2006.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Flora Chan Returning to TVB in 2007

Flora revealed that she will be returning to TVB in February to film a series. That is wonderful news, but all the male artistes will be busy filming other series. Bobby Au Yeung and Roger Kwok should be filming a series any time soon. Joe Ma is filming Tommy Leung and Poon Ka Tak's 60-episode long series right now. Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, and Wong He will be filming Chik Kei Yi's 80-episode long series in January. Steven Ma is to film a dancing series with Bernice Liu right away. Who will Flora pair up with? Sunny Chan is going to cut back on filming series next year because of his wife's pregnancy. Of all these people, Wong He is supposed to film 100 episodes next year. So, he is going to have a 20-episode series as well. However, he is going mountain climbing for TVB's Pay Channel in mid-January. There is a big chance that Michael Tao might be picked to film with Flora because he still films for TVB. Plus, Bobby might still have a chance because he said he will film many series for TVB since he is not under a one series per year contract. I'm happy as long as Kevin Cheng is not going to be in it. The important thing is Flora's back! :D Now, I'm going to hope for Gallen Lo, Esther Kwan, Louis Koo, Kwong Wa, and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee to return. I miss them, too!

Chi Lam and Anita Welcome Baby Boy


靚靚產後精神極好,昨日接受訪問時中氣十足,對答如流!她透露前晚感陣痛入院,昨日在Chilam陪同下入產房,誕下約8磅重的囝囝。靚靚笑說: 「Chilam都有入去,仲帶埋攝錄機,但只係影都BB出世o個刻!」當聽到BB的喊聲,得知他平安健康時,靚靚即感動得哭出來:「聽到BB喊得咁大聲, 好感動!Chilam開心到話要即時抱o個個BB!」







*Credits to mingpao

Kenneth Ma Pictures @ TV Awards Presentation 2006


Everybody cheered when Kenneth was announced the winner of 'Most Improved Male Artiste'. You can hear Steven and Kiki Sheung yell out, "Ma Kwok Ming!" Everybody laughed when Kenneth mentioned in his acceptance speech that it was his cousin's wedding and that he couldn't attend it. You can see Myolie laughing so hard that she was touching Charmaine. As Kenneth was leaving the stage, the cheers and applause continued. Then the cameras showed a shot of the audience and you can see Bowie talking to Bobby. Bowie pointed to Kenneth and said to Bobby, "He's not bad". Bobby smiled and agreed.