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Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Tell Me" - Selena Li


"Tell Me" - Selena Li

I can see the pain livin' in your eyes
And I know how hard you try
You do deserve so much more
And I, I don't wanna let you down
And lead you on
At last, you went away, yeah

I can see the pain livin' in your eyes
And I know how hard you try
You do deserve so much more
And I, I don't wanna let you down
I don't wanna lead you on
Don't wanna hold you back

Tell me you love me
Tell me you miss me
Tell me please say that you would stay right here beside me now
Tell me you love me
Oh, yes I do
Please tell me you'll be there forever

Oh, tell me baby that you will stay with me
Oh, baby look at me and say those words to me
Oh, why am I still holding onto you
Just let me go forever

Tell me I love you
Tell me I miss you
Tell me please say that you would stay right here beside me now
Tell me I love you
Oh, yes I do
Please tell me you'll be there
I love you

Selena composed this song in her house, and she is also the one playing the piano. Selena said that she sang the song in one take. "It is not that good, so don't be picky".

"You'll Never Know" - Selena Li

Selena is very talented! I remember her playing her composition, "You'll Never Know", on "E-Buzz", and it sounded great. Hope to see more of her talents!

*Credits to tvb.com

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Margie Tsang Interviewed About Kenneth Ma

Thanks to ddiff @ 天涯社區 for posting this part of the article from Oriental Magazine Issue 581. Mak Ling Ling interviewed Margie Tsang, and they mentioned Ma Ming!


Mak Ling Ling: You usually have 桃花 (love encounters), but you and Kenneth Ma have to be the real thing?
Margie: Craziness! It is fake!
Mak Ling Ling: But the rumours seem real! Didn't they (reporters) photograph the two of you eating together?
Margie: We never ate; we were only drinking (refreshments). When a lie is said ten times, it becomes real.
Mak Ling Ling: But any woman who has talked to Kenneth will like him, and they think the he is a very good guy! Just like Kingdom Yuen, she tells me that Kenneth is a good guy and asked me if there is any chance of introducing a girl to him. I asked, "Isn't he dating someone?" Kingdom responded, "They broke up!" So, there isn't a chance? He is a very good guy, and he is very innocent!
Margie: I am very innocent, too!

More CNY Pics

I love this picture! It shows how close Ma Ming and Bernice were about to kiss. Ha ha....

Nancy Wu and Ma Ming were on a variety programme together.

牛年行大運 "Good Luck in the Year of the Ox"

Personal Note: Mak Ling Ling is Kingdom's fung sui master. It seems as though everyone is finding a girl for Ma Ming. Sharon and Myolie said that they are finding the right girl for him, too. Ha ha ha...

*Credits to tungstar, tom.com, 天涯社區 and appledaily

Fala Chen and Johnson Lee Prosper More in Year of the Ox

Fala Chen and Johnson Lee are quite predestined (if you may say). In Fala's first TV series, "Forensic Heroes", Fala and Johnson played a pair. Later, they were both in "Catch Me Now" and "Chau Heung Angers Tong Bak Fu", and they will play a pair in "Nutritional Housewives". They are also under the same manager, and their relationship is like brother and sister. For Chinese New Year, they are partnered to wish everybody a prosperous year and 'Golden Ox' (money) filling the house.

Once Fala and Johnson saw each other, they showered each other with blessings. "I wish Fala to 'keep' everything: keep the fitness, keep being pretty, and keep up the good work!", says Johnson. Fala laughs, "Wah! That is a lot of pressure! I also wish you to 'keep' filming good series". Johnson's "Citizen King" movie, which he wrote, directed, and acted in, was entered in Asia's Independant Film Festival earlier. Now, his movie will also be a participating film in Hong Kong's International Movie Festival. Johnson says that this is the best present for the Year of the Ox, and he hopes for more. Johnson jokingly says, "If I film part two, I will find Fala to be...my assistant (for the film)! Ha ha! Just kidding! Actually, Fala is very difficult to book".

Wants to Attempt to Be Singer to Release Music Album

They are very satisfied with their results from the Year of the Rat. Fala says, "I am most satisfied that I played Ah Hing (Wing) in 'Moonlight Resonance'. Many people liked it, and it was able to 'wash away' the past characters and (bad) image. It also allowed the audience to see a pure side of Fala. I am very happy!" Johnson says, "Other than movies, I am very happy that a lot more people know that I can sing, and I have gained more jobs because of it. I would like to release an album, but it needs various aspects to coordinate". Fala agrees, "With today's market, releasing an album will be difficult to make a profit, so you have to think it through first. But if given the chance, I would like to try because I have always been learning to sing."

Personal Note: Johnson released a music EP, "Dog.com", in 2000, but it was not a full album.

*Credits to mingpao

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Raymond Lam & Yoyo Mung @ Jessica Code Magazine


Personal Note: Ha ha.... This reminds me of Alfred and Sui Mak Mak from "Heart of Greed", 但係Raymond同Yoyo都幾襯...a lot better than some other couplings in series.

*Credits to fungforever

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

開年飯局 句句入肉 志雲擺緋聞上 玩殘小花

今 日 是 大 年 初 二 , 本 報 特 邀 請 陳 志 雲 與 楊 怡 、 鍾 嘉 欣 、楊 思 琦 和 陳 敏 之 四 位 花 旦 來 個 「 志 雲 開 年 飯 局 」 , 豈 料陳 志 雲 頻 頻 將 鍾 嘉 欣 和 林 的 緋 聞 擺 上 , 令 嘉 欣 尷 尬 面 紅, 招 架 乏 力 , 然 後 又 轉 槍 頭 取 笑 楊 思 琦 與 李 永 豪 拍 劇 變拍 拖 , 志 雲 開 年 飯 局 可 謂 句 句 入 肉 。 採 訪 : 戴 彩 煥楊 怡、 楊 思 琦 、 鍾 嘉 欣 和 陳 敏 之 日 前 與 陳 志 雲 到 尖 沙 嘴 馬 可 勃羅 香 港 酒 店 來 個 新 年飯 局 , 大 擦 鮑 魚 、 魚 翅 和 素 菜 , 碰巧 當 日 是 陳 敏 之 30 歲 生 日 , 眾 人 舉 杯 賀 壽 星 女, 祝 她 越 大越 靚 、 越 做 越 紅 。 之 後 四 小 花 充 當 飯 局 主 人 訪 問 陳 志 雲, 記 者 建 議 她 們追 問 陳 志 雲 的 感 情 生 活 , 可 惜 四 位 靚 女你 推 我 讓 , 不 敢 輕 舉 妄 動 。


做 DJ 遇 周 慧 敏

擾 攘 一 輪 後 , 楊 思 琦 首 先 舉 手 發 問 , 欲 知 陳 志 雲 DJ 年 代最 深 刻 往 事 , 陳 志 雲 隨 即 想 起 周 慧 敏 , 他 說 : 「 有 晚 做做 節 目 忽 然 肚 屙 , 咁 見 到 當 時 仍 在 受 訓 DJ 周 慧 敏 , 於是 叫 佢 埋 幫 我 播 歌 , 咁 我 先 可 以 去 到 洗 手 間 咋 。 」

近 年 陳 志 雲 幕 前 演 出 越 做 越 多 , 楊 怡 問 他 下 一 步 會 否 拍劇 , 陳 志 雲 聞 言 耍 手 擰 頭 說: 「 《 志 雲 飯 局 》 或 者 《 冰 天動 地 》 都 係 做 番 自 己 , 但 拍 劇 會 同 我 現 實 生 活 角 色 混淆, 會 影 響 到 我 本 身 工 作 。 」輪 到 鍾 嘉 欣 發 問 , 她 還 未 開 口 , 陳 志 雲 已 搶 說 : 「 我 知鍾 嘉 欣 問 乜 , 就 係 『 我 同 林 拍 拖 , 公 司 准 唔 准 ? 』 」 引得 陳 敏 之 和 楊 怡 起 哄 拍 手 大 笑 大 叫 : 「 問 得 好 。 」 慘 被陳 志 雲 將 緋 聞 擺 上 的 鍾 嘉 欣 登 時 面 紅 , 一 臉 尷 尬 , 不 知如 何 應 對 , 貪 玩 的 陳 志 雲 繼 續 咬 住 她 不 放 說 : 「 佢 面 紅呀 。 」見 嘉 欣 不 知 如 何 招 架 , 思 琦 便 挺 身 代 好 姊 妹 澄 清 : 「 我知 佢 係 合 作 上 做 。 」 說 罷 即 被 志 雲 取 笑 : 「 你 講 乜 呀? 自 己 都 係 咁 啦 , 拍 《 血 薦 軒 轅 》 時 候 開 始 ( 與 男 友 李永 豪 拍 拖 ) 。 」 思 琦 今 趟 可 謂 捉 蟲 。

不 過 , 陳 志 雲 強 調 從 不 反 對 男 女 演 員 拍 拖 , 相 反 他 絕 對贊 成 : 「 一 定 要 拍 拖 , 有 呢 個 經 驗 做 戲 先 做 得 好 , 唯 一大 家 係 幕 前 人 , 太 高 調 話 , 將 來 感 情 有 變 , 人 唔 知 會 點寫 你 。 」

盼 能 回 饋 社 會鍾 嘉 欣 問 志 雲 若 離 開 電 視 台 , 會 考 慮 投 身 那個 行 業 , 陳 志 雲 說 : 「 問 得 好 , 我 有 半 個 世 紀 咁 大 年 紀( 50 歲 ) , 係 人 生 十 字 街 頭 , 想 做 開 心 同 有 意 義 事 ,我 唔 係 唔 鍾 意 家 份 工 , 我 好 鍾 意 , 但 今 年 3 月 1 日 係 我 TVB 第 16 年 , 一 個 好 長 時 間 , 我 諗 緊 下 一 步 做 乜 好 , 但到 目 前 為 止 仲 未 諗 到 。 錢 唔 係 一 個 考 慮 , 任 何 可 以 改 善 社會 工 作 都 可 以 考 慮 , 當 然 唔 係 賣 盜 版 碟 啦 。 」儘 管 飯 局 期 間 貪 玩 的 陳 志 雲 不 停 將 花 旦 緋 聞 擺 上 , 但 言談 間 仍 有 不 少 金 石 良 言 , 對 四 小 花 來 說 絕 對 終 身 受 用 。如 近 日 被 指 與 燈 箱 大 王 拍 拖 的 楊 怡 , 趁 飯 局 向 陳 志 雲 呼, 指 燈 箱 大 王 其 實 是 胞 姊 楊 娜 的 男 友 , 對 家 人 和 朋 友 被狗 仔 隊 追 蹤 , 楊 怡 深 感 困 擾 和 不 快 , EQ 極 高 的 志 雲 遂 向她 傳 授 「 志 雲 秘 笈 」 : 「 人 屈 你 係 人 犯 錯 , 點 解 要 俾人 犯 錯 誤 影 響 自 己 情 緒 ? 」

失 戀 不 應 落 淚繼 而 陳 志 雲 又 指 住 鍾 嘉 欣 說 : 「 譬 如 你 俾 男友 飛 , 佢 識 第 個 女 仔 , 係 佢 寡 情 薄 倖 , 你 對 佢 情 深 義 重, 如 果 係 咁 男 仔 , 都 唔 值 得 你 為 佢 傷 心 落 淚 啦 。 我 唔 係話 你 ( 鍾 嘉 欣 ) , 我 只 係 打 個 譬 喻 。 譬 如 我 冇 犯 錯 , 但上 司 屈 我 , 係 佢 錯 。 但 如 果 真 係 我 錯 , 上 司 話 我 , 我 都唔 需 要 傷 心 難 過 , 開 心 都 唔 切 啦 , 有 人 提 點 你 喎 , 最 緊要 係 唔 好 再 錯 。 一 個 人 最 緊 要 錫 自 己 , 自 己 開 心 , 你 周圍 人 都 會 開 心 。 」

短 短 一 小 時 的 飯 局 , 不 僅 有 佳 餚 美 酒 , 更 有 志 雲 金 石 良言 , 今 次 開 年 , 四 小 花 絕 對 滿 載 而 歸 。


陳 志 雲 提 點

敏 之 改 懶 音   楊 怡 學 應 變


鍾 嘉 欣 、 楊 怡 、 楊 思 琦 和 陳 敏 之 均 是 無 力 捧 花 旦 , 對 於她 們 的 工 作 表 現 和 態 度 , 陳 志 雲 相 當 留 意 也 相 當 滿 意 ,不 過 為 了 令她 們 做 到 最 好 , 他 不 忘 給 四 小 花 一 些 工 作 或 做人 處 世 的 提 示 : 「 嘉 欣 你 得 閒 要 練 歌 , 上 到 台 一 定 要 自信 , 有 自 信 話 就 唔 會 衰 得 去 邊 。 敏 之 做 司 儀 同 主 持 表 現大 有 進 步 , 係 懶 音 方 面 要 再 注 意 一 下 。 思 琦 做 得 好 好 ,好 乖 , 但 佢 係 現 代 陳 寶 珠 , 俾 人 恰 都 唔 知 。 」

講 錯 產 品 型 號演 技 備 受 陳 志 雲 讚 賞 的 楊 怡 , 表 示 希 望 能 夠 多 元 化 發 展 , 跟 陳 志 雲 學習 做 主 持 和 司 儀 技 巧 , 對 此 陳 志 雲 抵 死 地 說 : 「 你 真 係 要 學 啦 , 上 次 連 人 model no. 都 講 錯 ( 楊 怡 去 年 與 陳 志 雲 為 凌 志 活 動 任 司 儀 時 講 錯 產 品 型 號 ) 。 」

Quick Summary:

Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung, and Sharon Chan joined TVB General Manager Stephen Chan for a luxurious New Year dinner. During the supper, the four fa dans took turns in asking Stephen various of questions.

Shirley: "Any memorable events during your days as a DJ?"
Stephen: "One night during the middle of a radio show, I suddenly had a stomach ache. At the time, I saw Vivian Chow, the DJ in training. I told her to come help me play the songs, so I could go to the washroom".

Tavia: "Will your next step be filming TV series?"
Stephen: "When hosting 'Be My Guest' and 《冰天動地》, I am being myself, but filming TV series will mix up my character in reality, and it will affect the work I have on hand".

When it was Linda's turn to ask her question, Stephen interrupted and said, "I know what Linda is going to ask: 'If Raymond (Lam) and I start dating, will TVB allow it?'" Sharon and Tavia started laughing and clapping, and said, 'Great question'. Linda's face went red and showed embarrassment, and she did not know how to respond. Stephen continued to poke fun at her, 'Her face is red!' With Linda not knowing how to act or respond, Shirley came to her rescue and said, 'I know she only works with him'. Stephen quickly poked fun at Shirley, 'What are you talking about? You are like that, too! You started dating while filming 'Blade Heart'".

With that said, Stephen emphasized that he does not oppose of male and female artistes dating but rather, agrees: "They must date because this experience can help in acting. But since they are public figures, they cannot be too open to the public. If they happen to break up in the future, no one knows what the media is going to write about you".

Linda: "If you were to leave TVB, what profession would you take on?"
Stephen says that he will be in his 16th year with TVB as of the first of March, and he would like to do something that will have an effect on society in the future.

For some reason, Sharon did not get to ask her question???

Stephen Chan's Tips for the Four Fa Dans

"Linda, on your free time, you must practice singing. You must be confident when you are on stage. It cannot get any worse if you have confidence".

"Sharon, your hosting has showed improvement, but you still have to work on your 'lazy sounds' (pronunciation)".

"Shirley is doing very well, and she is very obedient, but she is like the modern version of Connie Chan. She doesn't know if she is being picked on".

"Tavia must learn how to improvise".

As for Tavia, Stephen hopes that she can take on other opportunities, such as learning hosting skills from him. "This you must learn because, last time, you even got the model number wrong". (Tavia hosted an event with Stephen last year and Tavia said the wrong product model number.)

*Credits to appledaily

Monday, January 26, 2009


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hosts: Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, and Amigo Choi.
Artistes: Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen, Wu Fung, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Macy Chan, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Lee Yee Man, Joel Chan, Zac Ku, Bernice Liu, Jack Wu, Kenneth Ma, Rocky Cheng, Skye Chan, Sire Ma, and Christine Kuo.
Guests: Law Ka Ying and Mak Ling Ling.

Ma Ming and Bernice reunited! It is great to see Bernice back!

Bernice: "Good boy!"




Personal Note: Ahh!!! Ma Ming and Bernice!!! What a great day to start off CNY! Enjoy and Happy CNY!

*Credits to 國明家族, rononline, tungstar, katetsui.org, falachen.org, 天涯社區, and baidu