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- 《飛虎極戰》 "Flying Tiger" Blessing Ceremony
- "Phoenix Rising" Promotional Clips 1-3
- "My Unfair Lady" Season 2 Opening Theme Video
- "My Unfair Lady" Week 2: Mon. to Fri. averaged 24.8 points, peaked at 26.9 points.
- 《棟仁的時光》 "Tung Yan's Time" Costume Fitting & Blessing Ceremony
- Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan Compete in Arriving Early to Work
- The Making of "My Unfair Lady"
- "My Unfair Lady" Sub Song 2 MV
- 《燦爛的外母》 "Brilliant Mother-in-Law" Costume Fitting
- "My Unfair Lady" Opening Theme Video

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List updated on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.