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Friday, February 28, 2014

《使徒行者》 "Line Walker" Blessing Ceremony



Date: February 28, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《使徒行者》
Pinyin title: Si To Hang Je
Temporary English title: "Line Walker"
Producer: Man Wai Hung

Attending Cast: Michael Miu, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Sharon Chan, Sammy Sum, Benz Hui, Elena Kong, Lau Kong, Rosanne Lui, Toby Leung, Ankie Beilke, Samantha Ko, Patrick Tang, Oscar Leung, Skye Chan, Mary Hon, Jimmy Au, Eddie Pang, Kelvin Chan, Raymond Tsang, Owen Cheung, Ip Ka Wang, Ken Law, Kelvin Lee, So Yan Chi, Kenneth Fok, Kau Cheuk Nang, Edgar Lam, Chloe Nguyen, Lau Tin Lung, Nicole Wan, Doris Chow, Leung Yan, Mak Ka Lun, Ng Kwong Lei, Moses Cheng, Stephen Ho, Kitterick Yiu, and Miguel Choi.

Time: 14:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City


Pearl Clip

"Extra" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 30 episodes long.
- Many roles have dual identities. Who is the real mole?
- Michael Miu will play 「卓Sir」, a Chief Inspector of Police of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB). He will have a subtle and conservative romantic storyline with Elena Kong.
- Charmaine Sheh will play Ting Siu Ka (丁小嘉), an undercover cop who joins the triads. She is rather clever and loves money. She acts a masseuse, nurse, etc. to conceal her identity. She is also called 「釘姐」.
- Raymond Lam will play Sit Ka Keung (薛家強), a cop who goes undercover as the head of a gang in the triads. He is a gangster, as well as a prosecutor. He will have a humourous and lighthearted romantic storyline with Charmaine. He is also called 「爆Seed哥」.
- There will be a love triangle among Sammy Sum, Sharon Chan, and Patrick Tang.
- Sharon will play Mok Sin Yan (莫羡昕), a member of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). She has a great sense of justice. She suspects that Michael is a shady cop, so she investigates him. She is Elena's younger sister.
- Sammy will play Lin Ho Kan (連浩勤), an undercover cop who deals with the finance for the triads. He is both good and evil. He is Sharon's ex-boyfriend.
- Elena will play Mok Sin Ching (莫羡晴), a housewife who gets beaten by her husband, but later returns to her prosecutor job. She is a tragic character. She is also called 「莫高檢」.
- Toby Leung will play Chiu Mei Yin (趙美賢), a police constable. She is a member of the CIB. She dies in the end.
- Ankie Beilke will play a drug trafficker, a mixed beauty who goes in between Raymond Lam and Charmaine. She is a sexy and mysterious girl. She goes undercover in place of KK Cheung, even selling her body. She has always pledged loyalty to KK. She likes Raymond Lam.
- Samantha Ko will play Lam Hei Mei (林希微), a fashionable public relations boss lady. She is a financial supporter. She is a villain.
- Patrick will play Yip Siu Leung (葉兆良), a Chief Inspector of Police. He is a member of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB). He is Sharon's fiancé.
- Oscar Leung will play 「木蝨」, a gangster. He is a good fighter. He is Raymond Lam's good friend.
- Stephen Ho will play Elena's husband.

Visit @ TVBE Clip (020414)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (022014)

Visit @ Ming Pao Clip (022114)

Visit @ J2 Clip (022314)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (032014)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (041114)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (042814)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (042914)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (050114)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (050114)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (050214)

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (050414)

Completion Banquet @ Pearl Clip (050514)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (050514)

Shanghai TV Festival @ TVBE Clip (061014)

Shanghai TV Festival @ TVBE Clip (061114)

Shanghai TV Festival @ "Scoop" Clip (061114)

Amazing Summer @ J2 Clip (071414)

Amazing Summer @ "Scoop" Clip (071414)

Filming Promotional Clip @ TVBE Clip (080514)

Filming Promotional Clip @ J2 Clip (080514)

Filming Promotional Clip @ TVBE Clip (080814)

FYI: Sammy Leung was originally cast to play a couple with Sharon Chan; however, due to health reasons, Sammy Sum has taken his place, while Patrick Tang will take Sammy Sum's original role.

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Personal Note: Raymond's hairstyle in this series is quite silly-looking.

Ha ha.... Michael and Elena were paired up in "Forrest Cat II".

*Credits to www.raymondforest.com, kaka, mingpao, 小淚_TeArs, leerainrain, and Weibo

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"A Time of Love" (Singapore) Theme Song MV

"Rest Note" - Jinny Ng

休止符 《愛情來的時候 新加坡》 主題曲 - 吳若希

作曲: 李葆源/徐洛鏘
填詞: 李葆源
編曲: 徐洛鏘
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

站在附近未能望見 我卻會情迷意亂
太虛假的愛戀 也許我看不穿
靜待願望未曾夢見 迷迷糊又在繼續兜轉
只能絕緣 不能眷戀 身心已耗損

拋低過去傷口 一剎未夠
讓記憶趕快淡忘 高飛遠走

不甘再去廝守 掙扎在永久
不想再度夢見他 該休止了嗎 (該休止嘛)*

若是幸運亦能遇見 碰見你當作試練
你找到新愛戀 至少令我心酸
就像玩具未曾玩厭 離場時又在繼續兜轉
只能說明 不能說穿 身心已耗損

Repeat (*)

當天跟他種花 為何仍然發芽


拋低過去傷口 一剎未夠
但記憶 都有罪 都太累 揮之不去

不甘再去廝守 掙扎在永久
不想再度夢見他 該休止了嗎 該休止了嗎

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*Credits to 星夢

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tommy Leung Farewell Dinner: Filming Movie Version of "Triumph in the Skies"


"Extra" Clip


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

56 Clip

TVB Controller of Drama Production Tommy Leung held a farewell dinner in TVB City. Close to 200 artistes and a group of TVB executives were in attendance. Tommy's family also appeared. When TVB Chairman Norman Leung accepted an interview, he revealed that Tommy would be staying in TVB: "Tommy is retiring today, but also welcoming him to continue as a senior consultant in TVB's production department. He wanted to venture out a few years ago; at that time, I did my best to get to him to stay. Afterward, he will be filming Mainland series and movies. He will film the movie version of "Triumph in the Skies" in April...it is a grand production that is over a hundred million. He has a good relationship with TVB. He said that, when he films stuff, would also first consider TVB artistes".

Regarding the filming details for the movie version of "Triumph", Tommy revealed, "The male leads have been confirmed to be Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, and Louis Koo. Still writing the script. As for the female lead, want to find a Mainland actress...hope for it to be more international". Regarding it being rumoured that there would be two movie versions of "Triumph" happening at the same time, Tommy said, "We have copyright; thus, we have priority. This time, Siu Ding Yat should not have a part in it".

Personal Note: All the best to Tommy!

Louis should look very cool as a pilot!

*Credits to the-sun, www.myoliewu.org, kennethma.org, and 56

"Ruse of Engagement" Promotional Clip 1

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*Credits to ihktv

Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Vampire Boy' Daniel Cheung's Unforgettable Explosion Scene as a Child Star



Daniel Cheung, who once played Fong Fuk Sang in ATV's "My Date with a Vampire", accepted an interview from the ATV programme "Asian Entertainment", hosted by Jaclyn Chu, sharing his feelings on being a past child star.

Daniel's series have brought him a significant change: "To this day, many colleagues and friends still call me 'Fuk Sang'. Even I'm used to it. This name will accompany me for the rest of my life". He also said that the character was a big challenge, and that he also received the care of the producer and the cast members at the time. The most memorable was an explosion scene: "In that scene, a few demolition bombs were attached to my body. Had to film it in one take. I was very scared at the time. It was a rare experience".

Personal Note: Although many people call Daniel 'Fuk Sang', I still call him 'Chor Bat' from "Coincidentally". ;)

Congratulations to Daniel, as he will be getting married in May!

*Credits to the-sun

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"The Beauty of Bureaucracy" Blessing Ceremony



"Scoop" Clip


Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Joel Chan, Cilla Kung, Yoyo Chen, etc. attended the blessing ceremony for Lee Tim Sing's new series, "The Beauty of Bureaucracy". Tavia and Kenneth are having another romance in the series. Tavia explained having few opportunities to film in the Qing Dynasty...will view this time as another relationship. Because she and Kenneth have chemistry, there is no need to take more time to adjust. Her role in the series is a nun disciple who has not shaved her head; she cannot get married, but she falls in love with Kenneth. She and Kenneth are a bickering pair. When asked whether there were kiss scenes, she said, "There is one, but it happens under abnormal circumstances. It's very beautiful!" When it was mentioned that Kenneth likes to add kiss scenes, Tavia laughingly said, "He would not dare to...just all talk! If I were to say to add some, I guarantee that he would back out!" Regarding Joel also taking part, Tavia expressed having no partnering scenes with Joel, but highly praised his condition as being not bad.

Joel revealed that he portrays Kenneth's elder brother in the series. To become an official, he becomes a tragic character in the end, but he is not portraying a villain. He has more scenes with Kenneth and Susan Tse, who portrays his mother, in the series. When it was mentioned that Susan frequently slaps her sons in her series, he said, "This time, there should be none because I am filial son". He also revealed having a romantic storyline with Yoyo in the series, but there are no kiss scenes. When asked whether he would request to add kiss scenes, he immediately said, "No need".

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Tavia didn't reveal what the abnormal circumstances were, but Ma Ming already said that the kiss would be happening under water! :P

*Credits to tavia.org, wenweipo, stheadline, and the-sun

"Storm in a Cocoon" TVBI Trailer

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

"Gilded Chopsticks" TVBI Trailer

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

"A Time of Love" (Korea) Theme Song MV

"Piano Cry" - Linda Chung

鋼琴哭 《愛情來的時候 韓國》 主題曲 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 遊思行
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

直至忍不到來問你 你亦沒說起 未能言就是騙局
前路有毒 如若要留住愛便要屈服

沉默那迴盪裡愈奏竟愈有種高漲 難平復
用我指尖來談論你 愛恨亦說起 虔誠如內心禱告
誰又去讀 無受眾才令我盡訴這曲

*我並未能哭 只得鋼琴哭 哭這沒法走出的困局
無奈氣氛喚出處境的沉重 不肯鬆手但從沒退縮​
我要是能哭 應該對誰哭 將鬱怨的心掉進峽谷
我愛得愈堅忍這對手愈凍 心裡問題未揭盅 唯有自控

其實我曾幻覺共你短聚已經 沾到了幸福
唯獨我無論再任性當奪愛者 感覺仍殘酷
用我指尖來狂罵你 責備自己 既然平日講不到
琴鍵冷酷 仍像有情物去為愛戀慶祝

Repeat *

我並未能哭 逼使鋼琴哭 哭這沒法躲開的戰局
濃烈氣氛喚出最深的沉痛 幾經掙扎為何未結束
我要是能哭 應該對誰哭 將癡怨的心掉進峽谷
你愛得熱可惜我的心很凍 真怕在長夜撲空 離開便英勇

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*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Storm in a Cocoon" Sub Song


"Thinking of You" - Jinny Ng

想起你 《守業者》 插曲 - 吳若希

作曲/編曲/監製: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢

啦啦啦啦啦啦 落大雨
啦啦啦啦啦啦 水浸街
啦啦啦啦啦 擔柴上街賣
啦啦啦啦啦啦 著花鞋

*時間靜了 我們也靜了
抹完眼淚 要記得開心的笑
城鎮睡了 晚燈暗淡了
我想起你 如何大的痛都會變小
天空有雨水 清風送熱 大街至到巷尾
雨過天青更是美 多麼想有緣終於可一起

#朝著前方 找到想找到地方
追到將消散螢光 專心經得太陽醒覺
春季鮮花會盛放 秋季葉絮流蕩
驚天駭浪 今天盼望 明晨又清朗
留住時光 孤芳欣賞我紅妝
愛會在寒夜發光 真心好比磐石堅壯
如明月皎潔又上 比星宿夜空裡發光
玻璃般脆弱 請你輕放

Repeat *##

Personal Note: Doesn't fit with the genre of the series, but the song is not bad...especially like the chorus! :)

*Credits to 狂愛TVB and lovingfong

"Storm in a Cocoon" Theme Song (Full Version)

"One's Fate" - Steven Ma

天意 《守業者》 主題曲 - 馬浚偉

作曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
編曲/監製: Johnny Yim

漫長暴雨 遍地沖去 最堅強人牆緩緩倒退
面前澤國堆積眼淚 換成熱血流於心裡

獨行萬里 寸步失據 記憶連綿如流水 愛似是夢囈壯舉
落寞了 絕望了 還在繼續追

*此際浮華滿天 未曾讓我艷羡
飄過紅葉萬千 似是舞影翩翩
散在風 說著秋 引著冬 雪又染
走過泥濘四濺 為求望你一面
霜雪離別夏天 轉換了幾多秋 天變地變
年月碎落眼前 遠海種出桑田 遺留下我的心不會變

獨行萬里 寸步失據 記憶連綿如流水 愛似是夢囈壯舉
夜靜了 路盡了 還在拼命追

Repeat *

此際浮華滿天 未曾讓我艷羡
飄過紅葉萬千 降在你的雙肩
貼著心 說著秋 引著冬 雪又染
走過泥濘四濺 未平復我思念
霜雪離別夏天 轉換了幾多秋 春會復暖
年月碎落眼前 遠海種出桑田 遺留下你的心不會變

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

"Storm in a Cocoon" Opening Theme Video

"One's Fate" - Steven Ma

天意 《守業者》 主題曲 - 馬浚偉

作曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
編曲/監製: Johnny Yim

漫長暴雨 遍地沖去 最堅強人牆緩緩倒退
面前澤國堆積眼淚 換成熱血流於心裡

獨行萬里 寸步失據 記憶連綿如流水 愛似是夢囈壯舉
落寞了 絕望了 還在繼續追

此際浮華滿天 未曾讓我艷羡
飄過紅葉萬千 似是舞影翩翩
散在風 說著秋 引著冬 雪又染
走過泥濘四濺 為求望你一面
霜雪離別夏天 轉換了幾多秋 天變地變
年月碎落眼前 遠海種出桑田 遺留下你的心不會變

"Storm in a Cocoon" Episode 1




Steven Ma on "The Green Room"

Stephen Wong on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 1 @ TVBE Clip

Promotional Event 1 @ TVB8 Clip

Promotional Event 3 @ J2 Clip

Promotional Event 3 @ "Scoop" Clip

Promotional Event 3 @ TVB8 Clip

Promotional Event 4 @ J2 Clip

Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (031214)

Promotional Event 5 @ J2 Clip

Promotional Event 5 @ "Scoop" Clip

Finale Dinner @ TVBE Clip

FYI: The first episode of "Storm in a Cocoon" averaged 26 points.

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Personal Note: The more I hear the song, the more I like it. Really like the chorus! :)

*Credits to tavia.org and TVBUSAofficial

Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Outbound Love" Sub Song 2

In the 22nd episode of "Outbound Love", Hong Yi Kiu's new plugged song is played on the radio.

Full Version

"Guardian's Song" - Kayee Tam

守護者之歌 《單戀雙城》 插曲 - 譚嘉儀

作曲: Eda Wong
填詞: 曰云@Sense
編曲: 甯浩基/黃維一

天灰了 合著眼睛
忘記了彩虹 沒有天晴
黑暗下 無力提防涙水浸沒愛情

*還差半步 (差半步) 我要孤身走進荒蕪
才偶遇你 停在彩色的峽谷
像風吹起 叫我哭泣使我感動
令我又再放鬆 再度期待抱擁

一點哄動 割破黑色的晚空
讓我安心去目送 遺憾中每段起伏
在新一天 愛上今天的美好
共你應該會做到 求能讓愛好好 繼續*

當天我 並沒信心
誰信有可能 遇上他人
當你在 才讓殘存自卑變做勇敢

Repeat (*)

天光了 望著曙光
找到你 掉下痛楚 好好過

FYI: This is Hong Yi Kiu's version of 《差半步》, the sub song of "Outbound Love".

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Personal Note: This rendition sounds nice...actually like Kayee's version more than Ruco's, as Kayee had more emotion. Kayee also sounds a little bit like Ella Koon here. :)

Don't like how the HK broadcast version switched to Ruco singing afterward....

"Outbound Love" Episode 22

*Credits to Kayee Tam

"A Time of Love" (Japan)

Starring: Aaron Yan, Naomi Watanabe, Wong Cho Lam & Ben Wong

TVBE Clip (032114)

J2 Clip (032214)

FYI: The Japan episode of "A Time of Love" averaged 23 points, and peaked at 25 points.

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Tavia Yeung Spends Valentine's Day with Mother: Wishes Him Law Happiness Over the Phone



"Scoop" Clip


When Tavia Yeung attended a promotional event for the new series "Storm in a Cocoon", she revealed that she had spent Valentine's Day working, but was fortunate enough to make it home in time to have hot pot with her mother after getting off work. Rumoured boyfriend Him Law did not attend. When asked why they did not celebrate, she said, "Mom is old now! Want to spend every moment with her. (What about Him?) Did say 'Happy Valentine's Day' over the phone. Have an understanding. Just need to be happy. Work is the most important. He should have work to do. (Prepare a gift?) Such a big person...no need!"

Tavia admits not being a romantic person, having not given any gifts on Valentine's Day in the past. She has only knitted a scarf for the guy, but it was a long time ago.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Reminds me of the time Tavia gave Ron a scarf during the filming of "Twin of Brothers", even though Ron said in the making of that she had not given him any. :P

*Credits to the-sun and tavia.org

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mom Sets Eyes on Ten Million Dollar Flat: Kenneth Ma Working Harder to Make Money



Artiste Kenneth Ma was filming a trial scene for the new series "The Beauty of Bureaucracy". He, whose birthday was on the 13th, expressed that he spent Double Valentine's Day working: "Started working at 6am for both days. After getting off work on my birthday, had dinner with my family. On Valentine's Day, spent it with Benjamin Yuen". When asked whether he would celebrating with rumoured girlfriends Rebecca Zhu and Tracy Chu, he laughingly said, "No. Just rumours. (Did you give any Valentine's Day gifts to them?) No. It was my birthday; shouldn't they be the ones to give me one? (Did they give you anything?) No. Help me ask them. Tell them to treat me to dinner".

As a 'God', have to spend important days alone, which is heartbreaking, but Kenneth laughingly said that it does not matter: "Doesn't make sense to immediately find a girl to spend it with if tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Work harder to make money first. Heard that flat prices will fall this year; thus, my goal this year is to buy a house that I like. (How many figures?) Still looking, but the ones that my mom likes require eight figures".

Personal Note: Ma Ming spending Valentine's Day with Benjamin.... :P

TVBE Clip (010514)

Here is the TVBE Clip from when Ma Ming and Sharon Chan held their birthday party together earlier.

*Credits to the-sun

Friday, February 14, 2014

Maggie Cheung Gets Interrogated by Elena Kong


ontv Clip

Letv Clip

Artistes Maggie Cheung and Elena Kong both appeared in Hung Hom to support Mimi Lo's musical. When it was discussed that Maggie has been constantly posting mountain walking pictures recently, Elena immediately interrogated her: "Who helped you take those mountain jogging pictures?" Maggie explained that the photographer was a colleague who was also mountain walking, and all of them are younger than she is. In the end, Elena successfully made Maggie reveal that she accepts an older woman and younger man relationship. When asked whether there was a potential partner of the mountain walking friends, Maggie said, "I don't like handsome guys. (Accept an older woman and younger man relationship?) Also okay. As long as we are rather spiritually close and are compatible". Maggie admitted that there was love brewing: "Wait for him to mountain walk with me first. I can wait!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Funny how Elena was taking selfies in the middle of answering a question! :P

*Credits to the-sun and letv

"A Time of Love" (Japan) Trailer & The Making Of

"A Time of Love" (Japan) Trailer

The Making of "A Time of Love" (Japan)

TVBE (021314)

J2 (021614)

*Credits to tvb.com and 狂愛TVB

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Unable to Hate You" - James Ng

沒法討厭你 - 吳業坤

作曲: 文恩澄
填詞: Long Fung Tam

就在那天幸福初次遇見 就在那一天難捨得這一張臉
與你間中都有爭吵畫面 也想要在你身邊
感覺 若是變心問我哪可避免 若是擱淺 留低彼此的虧欠
如遺憾結尾未能倖免 留戀一刻就在眼前

*情願暗裡妒忌 沒法討厭你 片段卻逐秒儲起
如果忍痛放棄 也至少傷不到你 原諒我目前錯不起
情願故作避忌 扮作討厭你 卻又暗地迷戀你
賠上我那福氣 化作祝福給你 凝望你與別人愛得要死 刺痛地演戲

幸運有天 遇上你的視線 但若到終點和分手只差一線
如遺憾結尾未能倖免 才抓緊短短一天

Repeat *

其實最愛是你 其實也騙不到自己

如果再次預備 十秒的勇氣 故事有沒有轉機
如果失去了你 我也許輸不起你 唯獨你未能錯過得起
如准我放任地 讓我擁抱你 或在最後留低你
如再愛理不理 再也不睬不理 才後悔到未來每天記起 每秒在想你


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Personal Note: Really like this Cantonese version...prefer this rendition over the original!

*Credits to Long Fung Tam

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Gilded Chopsticks" Opening Theme Video

"Loyal" - Wong Cho Lam & Stephanie Ho

忠臣 《食為奴》 主題曲 - 王祖藍/何雁詩

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 王祖藍
監製: 葉肇中/鄧智偉

暗鬥惡鬥太多爭寵戲 又鬥氣會嫌太膩
卻要慨嘆我身邊的你 是多喜歡這把戲
豆在釜中哭得犀利 相煎都不好味 你鬥我鬥鬥出苦味
一點單純抵擋萬樣凶器 你怎麼追打也打不死

為何是非不分 討厭愛你的人 傷害每個忠臣 不忿
小天真 堅信愛會光臨 將你從來未當敵人
可不可 不要暗箭傷人 寬恕哪會不能 我肯
請等等 等到某個清晨 知我仍然是個忠臣

"Gilded Chopsticks" Episode 1




Wong Cho Lam & Stephanie Ho on "The Green Room"

Ben Wong on "The Green Room"

Premiere Dinner @ TVBE Clip

Premiere Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip

Promotional Event 2 @ "Scoop" Clip

Promotional Event 3 @ TVBE Clip

Celebration Dinner @ TVBE Clip

Celebration Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip

Promotional Event 4 @ "Scoop" Clip

Promotional Event 4 @ Pearl Clip

Finale Dinner @ J2 Clip

Celebration Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip

Celebration Dinner @ TVB8 Clip

王祖藍@ 食為奴「微博 LIVE CHAT企劃」

FYI: The first episode of "Gilded Chopsticks" averaged 28 points, and peaked at 29 points (approximately 1,800,000 viewers).

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*Credits to TVBUSAofficial and 黃智賢吧

"Gilded Chopsticks" Sub Song MV

"Tears of Departure" - Louis Cheung

離人淚 《食為奴》 插曲 - 張繼聰

作曲: 張繼聰
填詞: 小克
編曲: Goro Wong
監製: Goro Wong/張繼聰

園外雪 在凝聚
春色消退 躲於心中廢墟
柔腸待結 萬里夢魂待相許

*離人淚 一點痛 落瓣不再綴
浮萍碎 半分愛 染山水
鶯囀出的半音 留夢裡

懷內血 像情淚
景色消退 終於冰封太虛
柔腸未折 萬里夢魂未相許

Repeat *

離人淚 千般痛 落瓣不再綴
浮萍碎 百種愛 染山水
將貪戀的半生 藏入髓

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Personal Note: Didn't expect this series to have a sub song, and didn't think that this particular song was for this series, but like the song.

*Credits to goldtyphoonmusichk

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Storm in a Cocoon" Promotional Clip 3

Personal Note: From the preview, the song sounds nice. Miss Steven's theme songs...his songs are always of high quality. :)

*Credits to taviayeung.com and ihktv

"A Time of Love" (Korea)

Starring: Linda Chung & Yeon Jung Hoon

FYI: The Korea episode of "A Time of Love" averaged 26 points, and peaked at 28 points.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Melissa Ng Spotted at Airport



Melissa Ng's family of four was spotted at the airport. Two years ago, when the reporter had dinner with her, she asked her if she was pregnant, but Melissa did not admit to it back then. This time, a boy and a girl were brought along, so the truth has been revealed!

Personal Note: Heard about Melissa giving birth to a boy some years ago, but there was never any official reports on it.

The little boy looks so cute and cool in the sunglasses--just like Mommy Melissa and sister Maegan! :D Maegan is also looking very stylish! :)

*Credits to suddenweekly

"Storm in a Cocoon" Promotional Clip 2

*Credits to ihktv

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Monday, February 3, 2014

"Gilded Chopsticks" Theme Song MV

"Loyal" - Wong Cho Lam & Stephanie Ho

忠臣 《食為奴》 主題曲 - 王祖藍/何雁詩

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 王祖藍
監製: 葉肇中/鄧智偉

*暗鬥惡鬥太多爭寵戲 又鬥氣會嫌太膩
卻要慨嘆我身邊的你 是多喜歡這把戲
豆在釜中哭得犀利 相煎都不好味 你鬥我鬥鬥出苦味
一點單純抵擋萬樣凶器 你怎麼追打也打不死

為何是非不分 討厭愛你的人 傷害每個忠臣 不忿
小天真 堅信愛會光臨 將你從來未當敵人
可不可 不要暗箭傷人 寬恕哪會不能 我肯
請等等 等到某個清晨 知我仍然是個忠臣*

Repeat *

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*Credits to ihktv and HKLOVE.org

Sunday, February 2, 2014

"A Time of Love" (Singapore)

Starring: Charmaine Sheh & Kenneth Ma

FYI: The Singapore episode of "A Time of Love" averaged 20 points, and peaked at 22 points.

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"Gilded Chopsticks" Promotional Clip 3

*Credits to ihktv