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Friday, April 30, 2010

Elaine Yiu Gaining Weight to Increase Bust Size for Lingerie Shows; Sire Ma Resembles Bobby Au Yeung's Sister



Elaine Yiu and Sire Ma have not worked together, but they were both a part of Suki Chui's bridesmaids group.


When Hong Kong girls are worrying about slimming down, slim body figured Elaine Yiu and Sire Ma are working hard to gain weight. The two of them are changing their battlefield to the runway, and admitting that they want to do lingerie shows.


With summer approaching, many female artistes are grasping onto lingerie show opportunities to make money. Elaine hopes to make money and frankly said that she wants to do lingerie shows. She said, "I want to do more lingerie shows because I think it can bring out the body line". She laughingly said that she hopes to be like Jessica C. and increase a cup size, but she is currently working hard to gain weight for the show. She said, "More meat will look better".

Sire Ma successfully gained weight; she happily said that it is because of eating non-stop for the past two months of filming. She said, "Working with Bobby Au Yeung in 'An Uninvited Date', the two of us ate a mullet pot dish and pork belly with preserved vegetables. We even ate rice used for the filming. It is very exaggerating!" At this point, Sire has successfully gained eight pounds, and Bobby laughingly said that they now resemble more of a brother and sister. She said, "In the series, I play Bobby's sister, and he now says that little sister is now rounder. I will start filming an ancient series soon, and I'm worried that all of the weight will go to my face, so I will have to start controlling my appetite".

Fantasizes About Dating Raymond Lam

After witnessing good friend Suki Chui becoming a mother, Elaine would also like to get married. She expressed that many friends are getting married, but good guys in the industry are already taken. She said, "I hope my Mr. Right will soon appear, but being an artiste is quite difficult for finding a boyfriend".

As Sire has not found an ideal partner yet, she is focusing her strength on work. She laughingly said that she will fantasize about dating series partners Raymond Lam and Ron Ng. Although she thinks that Suki is brave toward love, for herself, she would look clearly before she would act on it. She said, "I think it would be after 30 years old before I would think about marriage".

Personal Note: A nice little article. :) I really like Elaine and Sire's healthy image, and they are not over the top. Very positive! :D

*Credits to the-sun

Elena Kong's Third Time Playing Wayne Lai's Wife



Although Elena Kong has not joined TVB for a long time, she has already filmed many series. She is also working with 'TV King' Wayne Lai. She praises her colleagues in the new company to be very lively, and she has become good friends with Maggie Cheung and Joyce Tang.

After joining TVB, Elena's opportunities have been endless. It hasn't been a year, yet she has filmed many series, such as "The Season of Fate", "Suspects in Love", "Gun Metal Grey", "Only You", and "Women Hurt the Most". Recently, she is collaborating with 'TV King' Wayne Lai and 'TV Queen' Sheren Tang in "Righteous Sea of Heroic Love". Elena is grateful to TVB for giving her opportunities. She said, "People here take their work seriously, and this is what people who love to film series like to see. There is a difference between everyone working hard to do something, and everyone loafing around to do something. It is very satisfying".

Meet Up to Eat to Maintain Contact


In "Righteous Sea of Heroic Love", Elena will play Wayne's wife. Elena frankly said that this is her third time playing Wayne's wife. She said, "I played his wife in the series 'Su Dongpo' and in a movie, so this is the third time [playing his wife]! (Is he any different since he is now 'TV King'?) No, his acting has always been good, and it is now even better. He even encouraged me to work hard to play the character. Since the prequel was such a success, the audience will look out for the sequel".

When she was asked which series she filmed the happiest? Elena said, "They're all very happy, but I think 'Women Hurt the Most' is the rarest. No gossip came out from working with a bunch of women. My relationship with Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yim, and Joyce Tang is very good. We buy four shares of everything, and took care of each other during filming. The series has finished filming, but we still meet up to eat to keep in contact, so it is very good".

Personal Note: I've liked Elena since her first ATV series as Connie Jeh Jeh in "Forrest Cat". I'm happy that TVB is giving her opportunities to film. :D

*Credits to the-sun

Ron Ng on "The Green Room"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Support of Good Friends, Selena Li Moved to Tears



TVB8 Clip

Apple Daily Clip

ontv Clip



The beauty school that Selena Li invested in had its grand opening yesterday. Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Linda Chung, Kevin Cheng, Timmy Hung, Shirley Yeung, Elaine Yiu, Macy Chan, Lai Lok Yi, Yoyo Chen, Angel Chiang, Rabee'a Yeung, and Priscilla Chik came to support Selena. Her ex-boyfriend, Patrick Tang, did not attend. Selena said, "Patrick has to promote the release of his new album, so he was unable to attend. I was disappointed, but he did send a flower basket. I also hope that his album sells well". She expressed that Patrick provided his opinion regarding the name of the school. She felt extreme pressure about the grand opening. Two days ago, she was emotionally stressed; Patrick also consoled her. Selena expressed that her good friends came to support her without receiving a fee. She said, "Originally, I was afraid that none of my friends would be able come". When she went on stage to thank her artiste friends, she was moved to tears.

On Selena's collarbone area, she had a rub on tattoo of a swallow. She explained, "I hope that when every student graduates, they will become independent like a swallow". She expressed that the renovation fee was expensive; that is why she asked her other friends to invest. Selena, who majored in business, expressed that the the fee was originally $600,000, but now it has exceeded over $1,000,000. However, she did not calculate when she'll get her returns, as she is simply enjoying the process. When asked whether she would be an instructor, she laughingly said, "I'm not qualified to teach because all of the instructors in the school are highly qualified". Although she has become a lady boss, she does not have plans to reduce any onscreen performances.

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma Refuse to Take Picture Together

Rumoured couple Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma both attended but refused to take a picture together, and also used other artistes as a shield. Selena said, "They are both my friends. It's not like they cannot be seen, so I invited them both". Kenneth said, "I knew that Nancy would come, but I do not want rumours to take the limelight from Selena's grand opening. I was not being evasive; if I were, I wouldn't come!" Nancy said, "Only you guys (reporters) made it awkward. There is nothing wrong with us. You guys are too sensitive". Nancy expressed that she and Kenneth were not awkward; it's simply that everyone created a ruckus, causing the situation to be awkward.

When asking Nancy whether she ever thought about starting her own business, she frankly said that she has thought about a business revolving around evening gowns and weddings; then she and Selena would be in the same service area, and she will be her own spokesperson. Asking whom she would find as her male partner, she laughingly said that she would think about it when the time comes.

High Chance for Linda Chung to Renew Her Contract

Linda Chung expressed that she has to save more money in order to start a business. She would like to have a business that revolves around children. Regarding her music company's position change, Linda expressed that her contract just expired, so she does not know whether she would change companies, as it is being discussed right now. There have been reports saying that she may join EEG, and become label mates with rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam. Linda said, "I don't have a say in these things. I have good relations with my music company". She also expressed that there is a high chance that she will renew her contract, so it should be resolved soon.

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Personal Note: Congratulations to Selena! Nice to see many artistes supporting her! :D Love her low-cut pink dress!

Ha ha.... Ma Ming was wearing his 'best man' tie from Gallen Lo's wedding. I guess he only wears it for big occasions. He he.... :P

*Credits to 馬國明吧, 李詩韻吧, kennethma.org, LindaClub, tungstar, mingpao, wenweipo, singtao, takungpao, appledaily, and the-sun

《天天天晴》 "Some Day" Costume Fitting



- Producers: Catherine Tsang and Tsui Yue On.
- Louise Lee will play a widow who takes over her deceased husband's jewellery store. After she takes over the jewellery store, the sales start to soar, and her deceased husband's family will then come and try to take the store back.
- Aimee Chan will play Louise's daughter.
- Teresa Mo will play a jewellery designer who is Louise's subordinate. She is married to Timothy Cheng, who is the chief designer.
- Wayne Lai will play a doctor. He is Louise's brother.
- Kristal Tin will play a cosmetology technology sales manager.
- Tsui Wing will play Kwok Wai Lung (郭偉龍), an administrative assistant. When he was young, his brain was affected because he had a fever, but he has a very good memory. He lives in a dormitory with Law Tin Chi and Lau Dan.
- Raymond Chiu will play Tony, a sales manager. He is honest, humourous, and sincere.
- Janet Chow will play a receptionist at Wayne's practice. She and Jason Chan, who is a salesperson, will have a relationship.

Teresa Mo's TVB Blog
Tsui Wing's TVB Blog
Raymond Chiu's TVB Blog
Janet Chow's TVB Blog

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Personal Note: Louise mentioned that there will be another costume fitting on May 5th.

Hope to hear more about the characters and who else will be joining the series. :)

*Credit to tvb.com

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Sisters of Pearl" Trailer 2


Personal Note: The Chinese narration in this clip is quite difficult, so I will not be doing an English transcript for it.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Selena Li Gets Permission Before Kissing Kenneth Ma



In "Fun with Liza and Gods", Selena Li appeared as her character, Dr. Wing, from "A Fistful of Stances". She expressed that she had to reenact a scene from the series, but the dialogue was changed to involve mahjong playing. Selena also said that many netizens who like "Fistful" hope that she and Kenneth Ma (Ma Ming) become a real couple. She said: "It was Ma Ming who told me. (So if the two of you had to film a kiss scene, would you have to ask Nancy Wu?) Ma Ming is a good guy. [He] asked Miss Wu already!"

Selena Li Reveals Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu's Relationship

Selena Li, who made a guest appearance in a skit for "A Fistful of Stances" with Johnson Lee, expressed that, although the script required her to cry, the dialogue was hilarious, so she was worried that she wouldn't be able to cry: "Today, I really wanted Kenneth Ma to come with me because there are netizens who say that they like our characters, and they also told us to add kiss scenes and bed scenes. They also tell us to date. Although Kenneth is a good guy, have to ask Miss Wu first!"

Selena Li's Crying Skills Are No Match to 'Phony Fourth Wife' Wong Cho Lam


This night, Selena Li had to hold in her laughs and cry--a high level of difficulty. She said: "If I am not able to cry, it doesn't matter; everyone will understand. The ratings of 'Fistful' are not bad. [I] really wanted Kenneth Ma to also come on the program because netizens really like us, and they want to us to date in real life, requesting for us to kiss. (Not afraid of Nancy Wu being dissatisfied?) Really sorry, but [I'm] happy, as everyone is into [the series]"..


TVBE Clip (Cut Version)

Visit Angel Chiang's TVB blog for additional pictures! :)

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming is actually going online and reading comments! :D That's awesome!

I would be very surprised if he opens a Weibo account, as he doesn't know how to type in Chinese, but there are many artistes who type in English on Weibo. :D

Edwin Siu posted a picture on his Weibo of his soccer teammates. In the picture, I can see producer Kwan Wing Chung, Dennis Cheung, Cheung Tat Lun, Hui Ming Chi, Hugo Wong, Tsui Wing, and Ma Ming! He he.... Ma Ming is always found in others' Weibo. :P

*Credits to headlinedaily, the-sun, mingpao, 30fen, and Weibo

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Sisters of Pearl" Theme Video Preview


"Forget Myself" - Myolie Wu

忘掉自己 《掌上明珠》 主題曲 - 胡杏兒

作曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

你害怕時用我的雙手 沾到灰層都也享受
發現原來付出都亦不夠 為何仍是接受

我突然期待你說出口 風光背後覺得未嘗透
有著情感讓故事長久 看透了誰會走

成就你沒說穿為你 我未留神為傷痛準備
有淚無間情如何憶記 得不到欣賞怎可自欺

成就你忘掉是自己 我未留餘地怎去躲避
過後如果 記得忘記 (過後誰哭 放低憶記)
經得起分開傷悲 心靠在一起

Personal Note: The theme song sounds pretty good! Myolie did a good job! :D

*Credits to kimleng @ www.myoliewu.org, AOD, and tvb.com

《俊男看美女》 Filming

Timmy Hung, Steven Ma, Kevin Cheng, and Kenneth Ma were filming 《俊男看美女》. Timmy is the host, and they all talk about past Miss Hong Kong contestants.

TimmyHung: "Good morning everybody! I was with a couple of handsome guys last night...some are my good buddies.."

A fan then asked him, "How come it seems like you've gained weight?"
Timmy responded, "That is because I'm in the front".

Timmy later posted a picture with Kenneth Ma saying, "Look at this picture. Is it different?"

Nancy Wu then replied to Timmy's picture with Kenneth.
Nancy Wu: "Such a handsome guy! Who is it?!"

Timmy then commented, "Which one you say is handsome?"

Angela Tong then distorted Timmy's picture with Kenneth.
Angela Tong: "Ummmm.. Nope! Still Chubby Chubb Chubb"

Timmy then responded to Angela saying, "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to die!!!

Later, Timmy came back, and distorted a picture of Angela.

Timmy said, "my turn hahahahaha".

The picture he distorted received comments from Sharon Chan, Janet Chow, Elaine Yiu, and Eddie Ng.

Afterward, Angela replied, "I See! .... I'll be back! I will take my revenge. wahahaha..."

Personal Note: Love how all of the artistes are having so much fun using Weibo! :D I also like the fact that they reveal series information, and they post pictures while they are filming. :)

Ha ha.... Nancy did not reply to Timmy's question! :D

Selena Li also posted a picture of her and Angel Chiang getting ready for the filming of the latest episode for "Fun with Liza and Gods".
She and Angel will be playing Dr. Wing and Yau Yau from "A Fistful of Stances" in a skit. Can't wait for Saturday! :D

*Credits to tvb.com and Weibo