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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"My Better Half" Trailer 1

Michael Miu: "Honey!"

Maggie Cheung: "You are caught red-handed this time!"

Michael Miu: "Honey, put the bat down!"


Maggie Cheung: "Let's go home, True Man!"

Michael Miu: "I'm innocent, Honey!"

Personal Note: I'm not a fan of Miu, and I would have preferred Bobby to play the 小男人 instead. He he.... ;P

He he.... The song is Chun Yun Fat, Sally Yeh, and Joey Wang's 大丈夫日記 from the movie "The Diary of a Big Man" in 1988. ;P Classic funny!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org and chobits216 @ tvb吧

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Can't Buy Me Love" Visit @ TVBE Clip



In this scene, Third Princess Charmaine Sheh and her bodyguard, Fala Chen, dress up as men to conceal their identity in order to patrol outside of the palace. They run into Moses Chan, Louis Yuen, and Raymond Wong, and get into a fight.

Interviewer: "Hey Moses! There's a girl who is taller than you today!"
Moses: "Really? Okay taller".
Raymond: "Really?"
Louis: "Who is it?"
Raymond: "Who is it?"
Moses: "I don't know! Who is this?"
Charmaine: "Huh!"
Louis: "You are very mighty! I have never seen a girl dressed up as a guy with such ease and natural poise. You are very incredible, Charmaine!"
Raymond: "Tell her to jump down, and see how tall she is!"

Interviewer: "For a girl to be dressed up as a guy, she looks very handsome!"
Raymond: "Really?"
Charmaine: "I am very handsome?"
Louis: "Really?"
Charmaine: "Compared to them, I am very good!"

In comparison to "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", "Can't Buy Me Love" is more relaxed.

Moses: "It was very serious last time. It's happier this time, as we get to play".
Louis: "Huh?"
Moses: "Especially with the addition of you! We are always laughing!"
Raymond: "Everyone, in the first episode of 'Beyond the Realm of Conscience', I was playing a eunuch, but it's just that no one saw me".
Louis: "Really? Actually, we filmed a different version of 'Beyond'".
Raymond: "We filmed it before this interview".
Moses: "Action!"
Louis: "From the beginning, we start to yawn!"

There will be many action scenes in this series, but cast members will have stunt doubles to step in.

Louis: "The company really cares for us, as they hired four big stunt doubles for us. These four big stunt doubles are very known in movies. They were stunt doubles for Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and Chow Yun Fat. They found these four guys to be our stunt doubles, as they resemble us the most. Actually, my original stunt double is doing stunts for Mel Gibson right now. So, that is why they found the other one to be my stunt double".

Interview: "How long has it been since you filmed action scenes that you find labour-intensive?"
Charmaine: "I haven't filmed action scenes in a long time, and I've kept it like that, as I don't have to do any in this one".
Interviewer: "Really?"
Charmaine: "Yes, I just watch them".
Raymond: "There are times when she is just responsible for giving a reaction".
Moses: "Yes".
Charmaine: "I'm a princess, so I have maids and bodyguards, such as Fala, to do it".

Fala is not as fortunate compared to the other cast members, as there are many scenes where she does her own stunts.

Interviewer: "Do you think you are handsome dressed up as a guy?"
Fala: "Quite handsome! I think it's okay. I like it because we [Charmaine and I] think that it's very comfortable, as it's winter right now and it's very cold, and female costumes cannot cover these [neck] areas, so female costumes are colder. Also, our hairstyles are very big, as it is the Tang Dynasty, so it is heavy and very labourious. But, the hairstyles for guys are very relaxing and easy. So, it isn't bad playing a guy".

Personal Note: So funny! Charmaine looks like a little boy! He he.... :D

Finally, we are able to see Fala filming scenes! :) I wonder when are we going to see Linda filming?

Also, I think Fala's boy look in "Pu Song Ling" is more attractive. He he... ;P

Friday, January 29, 2010

"You Make Me Understand" - Kelly Chen

你讓我懂 - 陳慧琳

作曲: 陳台證 
填詞: 姚若龍 
編曲: 阿滾 
監製: 馬毓芬

都會牽手走過 那樣的溫柔
Woo Oh Ho


你讓我懂愛 很像風
你讓我懂愛 會流動
就代表 也能夠把我給摔落

你讓我懂愛 像唱歌
你讓我懂愛 要決擇
全適合的才能唱得動人 深刻


你讓我懂愛 很像風
你讓我懂愛 會流動
就代表 也能夠把我給摔落

你讓我懂愛 像唱歌
你讓我懂愛 要決擇
全適合的才能唱得動人 深刻

而是留下一個會幫我 的挫折

你讓我懂愛 像唱歌
你讓我懂愛 要決擇
全適合的才能唱得動人 深刻

Personal Note: I really like this song! This reminds me of Kelly's old Mandarin songs! :D

*Credits to crimsonrain

StarHub TVB Awards 2009 Nominations & Results

My Favourite TVB Actor
Michael Miu
Raymond Lam
Steven Ma
Ron Ng
Moses Chan
Bowie Lam
Michael Tse
Roger Kwok
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng

My Favourite TVB Actress
Tavia Yeung
Sheren Tang
Charmaine Sheh
Louise Lee
Michelle Yim
Susanna Kwan
Jessica Hsuan
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Liza Wang

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character 2009
Raymond Lam ("Moonlight Resonance")
Moses Chan ("Moonlight Resonance")
Michael Tse ("E.U.")
Ron Ng ("E.U.")
Wayne Lai ("Rosy Business")
Roger Kwok ("D.I.E.")
Kevin Cheng ("Last One Standing")
Bowie Lam ("The Gem of Life")
Bosco Wong ("Wars of In-Laws II")
Steven Ma ("The Gentle Crackdown II")

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character 2009
Louise Lee ("Moonlight Resonance")
Tavia Yeung ("Moonlight Resonance")
Susanna Kwan ("Moonlight Resonance")
Fala Chen ("Moonlight Resonance")
Linda Chung ("Moonlight Resonance")
Kate Tsui ("The Four")
Sheren Tang ("Rosy Business")
Sonija Kwok ("D.I.E.")
Charmaine Sheh ("Forensic Heroes II")
Myolie Wu ("Wars of In-Laws II")

My Favourite TVB Drama 2009
"Moonlight Resonance"
"Wars of In-Laws II"
"Forensic Heroes II"
"The Gem of Life"
"Burning Flame III"
"Rosy Business"
"Last One Standing"
"The Master of Tai Chi

My Favourite TVB Variety 2009
"Be My Guest"
"Club Sparkle"
"Super Trio Supreme"
"Boom Boom Ba"
"Good So Good"
"Beautiful Cooking"
"On the Road"
"TVB8 International New Talent Singing Championship"
"Super Taste"
"Lady First"

My All Time Favourite TVB Male TV Character
Adam Cheng ("Chor Lau Heung 1979")
Damian Lau ("Yesterday's Glitter")
Chow Yun Fat ("The Bund")
Ray Lui ("The Bund")
Andy Lau ("The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983")
Felix Wong ("The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982")
Michael Miu ("You Only Live Twice")
Gallen Lo ("Old Time Buddy")
Wayne Lai ("Journey to the West")
Roger Kwok ("Square Pegs")

My All Time Favourite TVB Female TV Character
Liza Wang ("A House Is Not a Home")
Nancy Sit ("A Kindred Spirit")
Carol Cheng ("The Good, the Bad and the Ugly")
Idy Chan ("The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983")
Gigi Wong ("The Golden Girls")
Sheren Tang ("War and Beauty")
Maggie Cheung ("Old Time Buddy")
Kenix Kwok ("Detective Investigation Files")
Angela Tong ("A Life Made Simple")
Myolie Wu ("To Grow with Love")

My All Time Favourite TVB Drama
"The Bund"
"The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983"
"Looking Back in Anger"
"Old Time Buddy"
"War of the Genders"
"Square Pegs"
"At the Threshold of an Era"
"A Step into the Past"
"War and Beauty"
"Triumph in the Skies"

Cut 1

Cut 2

Cut 3


TVB8 Clip

*Credits to S&K88, Seyulin, and 30fen

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ron Ng Not in a Rush to Be TV King



Ron Ng and Kate Tsui were spotted yesterday filming the new series "Reunion". There have been recent reports indicating that Kate was cast in the movie "14 Blades" because of her rumoured boyfriend Yau Nai Hoi's help. Kate said, "It's very funny! Maybe they know that I'm busy, and that I'm not able to go to the promotional events for '14', so he is helping me promote it! It was the director who cast me from the beginning, and it has nothing to do with Yau Nai Hoi. He has a girlfriend, so there is no point to continue talking about this".

On the other hand, questions were raised about Raymond Lam winning 'Best Asia Pacific Hong Kong Male Singer' at "Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation". Good friend Ron said, "Raymond is very hardworking, and his concert was very successful! (Isn't it too fast?) The entertainment industry is like this, if you are too slow, then you will be easily surpassed. (Has he complained to you about being under pressure?) Good friends don't need to talk too much, but people will not grow without encountering some pressure". Ron expressed that he does not want to win TV king too early, as it is more important to get the audiences' approval.

Personal Note: Kate so cut her hair after the costume fitting, as it looked so much like a wig. It seems as though she has lost a lot of weight.

Ron's hair is a bit too long. He needs a haircut! :)

TVB had no one else to give 'Best Asia Pacific Hong Kong Male Singer' to other than Raymond, as the issue between the four music companies (i.e., Universal, Warner, Sony, and EMI) and TVB has not been resolved. Raymond's concert was a success, and he does have many fans in Asia, but to win under these circumstances, and with no Mandarin songs, does bring up many questions. It's good that friends and colleagues are supporting Raymond though.

*Credits to the-sun

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kenneth Ma 2010 Employee ID



Kenneth Ma, who previously immigrated to Canada to study mechanical engineering, returned to Hong Kong during an economic crisis. After sending out many resumes, he only received a call back from TVB's Acting Class. Having always been in minor roles, he was finally noticed in the 2003 series "Survivor's Law" as a pervert with a fetish. Later, he became the lead actor in "Survivor's Law II" and became heavily promoted. He is one of the rare first-line actors with a healthy image.

Back then, Kenneth's hair was old-fashioned, and he had some baby fat; no wonder even his family members did not understand why he was selected by TVB.

Personal Note: This is his new pass for 2010...couldn't they have updated the photo? ;D

In the made-up dialogue, they made two mistakes: they said that Kenneth's from TVB's Acting Class of 2000 (he entered TVB in 1999), and he didn't enter TVB when he was 18 years old (he was 25). ;D

*Credits to hsiunghsiung @ 馬國明吧 and orientalsunday

"Pu Song Ling" @ TVB Corporate and Programme Information 2010



Genre: Costume Drama


After going through all the dark sides of officialdom, PU SONG LING gained a deep insight of human nature and he wrote the great novel "Strange Tales from Liao Zhai". This drama tells his romantic love story with a fox spirit and the mysteries they encountered.

*Credits to 尐北→天涯※ @ steven-ma.org

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Cupid Stupid" Theme Song (TV Version)

"Cupid Stupid" Poster

"Heard" - Steven Ma

聽說 《戀愛星球人》 主題曲 - 馬浚偉

作曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 陳詩慧

聽說 描繪這是我 無能為力地觸摸
日落 也要經過
位置 始終得一個
聽說 流星已掠過 然而同樣沒花火
結果 已識破 仍望偶然你可偷偷想起我

尋找天空中星語 精心通報那聲音
無非想早點知道 結局是誰跟你合襯
每天費著神 統計著可能 何以印象中你就似不夠敏感

聽說 描繪這是我 無能為力地觸摸
日落 也要經過
位置 始終得一個
聽說 流星已掠過 然而同樣沒花火
結果 已識破
其實再沒愛火 日後別難過

Personal Note: I forgot to mention in my previous post that Steven's singing in here reminds me of the way Gallen sang in "Hope for Sale". :)

*Credits to crimsonrain

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sober Band @ "Heaven and Earth"


Bowie: "This band can finally see daylight! It is actually TVB's secret weapon!"

Reporter: "From the audiences' reaction, you would think that some superstar is performing on stage, but it is a concert scene from 'Heaven and Earth'. On the stage stood Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, and Kenny Wong. They are all friends, and under Charmaine Sheh's DJ-ing, they have all met to perform together. Bowie expressed that they play and sing themselves".

Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, and Kenny Wong Become Band Members

For the series, they have learned how to play the musical instruments.

Bowie: "They were able to take time out of their busy schedule, and they went and bought a guitar to practice playing it. Our producer, Jonathan Chik, requested that we play and sing ourselves. Until now, we are able practice and accomplish it. What I mean is that we are almost finished filming 'Heaven and Earth'. We didn't have much time to practice, so I think that everybody should give them a round of applause. Moses fans and Kenny fans should give them nutritious products as rewards, such as ginseng".

Moses: "To be honest, we were depending on Bowie, as we never jammed in a band before. Bowie is the only one with experience, so we were watching his lead, and he was leading us".

Bowie: "No, it's not like that. Don't say that. There are still many things for me to learn".

Reporter: "From their performance, it seems that they really look the part. Thus, if they really form a band, then they will attract many female fans".

Bowie Lam Hopes to Perform at TVB Anniversary

Bowie: "We will be releasing an album, and we will be touring! I actually thought of a name for us. I don't know if you guys mind if I say it now. It's Sober Band, which in Cantonese sounds like 'Broom Stick'. Yes, there are many people out there who do not know how to play the guitar, but when they hear music from a guitar, they would pick up a broom stick or mop and pretend to play. If were are able to perform at this year's TVB Anniversary, then it will all depend on your [audience] request. If you mail letters asking for Sober Band to perform at TVB Anniversary, then we will not have any problems with performing at all".

Reporter: "With the guys performing on stage, which one is Charmaine Sheh captivated by?"

Charmaine Sheh Praises Kenny Wong for His Improvement

(Which one looks like a superstar on stage?)

Charmaine: "Wow, they all have it".

(You can only pick one of them.)

Charmaine: "Basically, I think I can say that the one I admire most is Kenny because I know that he worked harder compared to the two, as his music knowledge is not that profound. Thus, he really did practice for a long time".

Reporter: "Charmaine expresses that she admires Kenny the most, but Maggie Shiu and Queenie Chu should be supporting a different person".

Maggie Shiu and Queenie Chu Fighting for Moses Chan

(Do you guys have a romantic storyline with any of the guys on stage?)

Maggie: "Yes. (With whom?) Mine is with Moses. Hers is with Moses, too".

Queenie: "Mine is with Moses, too".

(Two girls fighting for one guy?)

Queenie: "Yes".

Maggie: "Yes".

(But, how come you two came together to watch the concert?)

Maggie: "I don't know that she had come, as the camera sees the both of us here, but we are not standing beside each other. Thus, I don't know that she's here, and she doesn't know that I'm here".

(So, it's a love triangle this time?)

Maggie: "Yes, there are many love angles!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Sober Band! Very clever of Bowie! :P

*Credits to 30fen.com

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Heaven and Earth" Sub Song Preview

Bowie Lam practicing "Young Ignorance" ("Heaven and Earth" sub song).

Young Ignorance ("Heaven and Earth" Sub Song) - Bowie Lam, Moses Chan & Kenny Wong

Composer: Paul Wong
Lyricist: Riley Lam

Captions: E神的U87 @ 林保怡吧


年少多可 窮困多好
財富得到 命歲不保
只可惜生命是一聲抱歉 怕追到

如果 命運能選擇
如果 活著能坦白
舊日所相信價值不必接受 時代的糟塌

Also, check out Bowie Lam's TVB blog!

Personal Note: This song sounds so good!!!! As I finished typing out the lyrics, I found the full lyrics in 天與地吧! Now, I know what mare was talking about in her tweets! He he.... ;)

Full Lyrics:

年少無知 《天與地》 片尾曲 - 林保怡/陳豪/黃德斌

作曲: 黃貫中
填詞: 林若寧

林: 年少多好 頑劣多好
旗幟高舉 群眾聲討

陳: 年少多好 窮困多好
財富得到 年歲不保
只可惜生命是一聲抱歉 怕追到

合: 如果 命運能選舉
如何 命運能坦白

黃: 年少多好 朋友多好
年歲增長 無法修補
青春的詩總會老 時間多恐怖

合: 如果 命運能選舉
如何 命運能坦白
如果 命運能演習
留守 過去的想法

*Credits to tvb.com and E神的U87 @ 林保怡吧/天與地吧, and crimsonrain

"The Flying Fish of Winter" Last Day Filming

TVB8 Clip

(Chi Lam is super cute! :D)

Julian Cheung's hardest part of filming "The Flying Fish of Winter" is being a Japanese sushi chef.

Chi Lam: "There is a lot of preparation work! This scene that we are filming today is the ending scene, and it is the last competition scene. Our script for today's scene is very thick, and it will take three days to finish filming this competition scene. We filmed yesterday, and after today, we will continue to film this scene tomorrow. I think it is very exciting, as we have to make so much sushi, and I had never thought that I would be able to do it, so I think it is very refreshing and good to watch. Professional sushi chefs are always by our sides teaching us how to make the sushi, so I have learned some skills from them. But, of course, there is still a far distance compared to their professional skills".

Chi Lam and Michael Tse are competitors in the series.

Michael: "This is the first time working with Chi Lam in a TV series. In the series, we are brothers, and we are both Japanese sushi chefs. We will have a lot of competition scenes in the series, and we have a lot of brotherhood scenes also revolving around business, so the script is very rich".

In this scene, Tavia Yeung is not a Japanese sushi chef, but she is here to support her boyfriend.

Tavia: "This is my second time working with Michael and Chi Lam. They will play brothers in here, and I will have a romantic storyline with Michael. I have to take revenge on Michael, as I think that he was the one who ran over and killed my father. But, in the end, I find out that it wasn't him. But, he will take revenge on me, and I will take revenge on him. It's a very complicated revenge!"

Tavia's unexpected gain from filming the series?

Tavia: "[Unexpected gain is] filming scenes in Japan...beautiful scenes in Japan, and I went to many different places. Later, we came back to film scenes in Hong Kong. But, we are almost done filming, as we are done filming outdoor scenes, and there are only two days left of filming on set. Filming should wrap up on the 19th. Actually, Japan is a very nice place. I like it very much myself! And it was my first time going to Hokkaido; I've never been there before. It was snowing over there, so it was very romantic. If I can spend time over there with the person I like, then it should be very comfortable".


Visit Ngo Ka Nin's TVB blog for one more picture!

Personal Note: Yes, the info about her complicated life and loving the person who ran over her father is the storyline for this series!!! I'm guessing that 《魚躍在冬季》 is not the official name for this series yet. Why else would Tavia say that the series does not have a title for it during an interview when she revealed this info?

*Credits to 30fen and tvb.com

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

《讀心神探》 "Mind Reading Detective" Costume Fitting Pictures



- 20 episodes long.
- Bowie Lam will play the 'mind reading detective'. He is an Inspector of Police who solves cases by observing people's gestures and facial expressions.
- Bowie and Aimee Chan will play brother and sister.
- Bosco Wong will play a Sergeant.
- Bowie will play Bosco's superior.
- Kristal Tin will play a very intuitive cop. She is very family-oriented.
- Bosco and Aimee will play a pair.
- Aimee deals with public relations.
- Aimee falls in love with Bosco because of the way he spins his pen.
- Lai Lok Yi will play a cop. He is not interested in solving cases, as he wants to marry a rich girl.
- Lorretta Chow will play a gossipy cop. She will have a romantic storyline with Lai Lok Yi.
- Susan Tse will play the mother of Bowie and Aimee.

Aimee Chan's TVB Blog


Hi Everybody! =)

I know many of you have some questions about my new character in 讀心神探, and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to take any photo’s, much apologies! So, I thought I would take some time to tell you guys about my new character instead…

My character works for a PR company and has a very cheerful personality. She’s 24 years old, is very caring to people around her and she’s easy to be friends with. She is also the youngest in the family and the younger sister of Bowie. She has a big family and not everyone gets along but she’s very close to her brother and her parents. The drama will have many stories based on body language and natural instincts. My character is more family oriented, and will have a love relationship.

It’s a very interesting story line and I’m so excited to take part in this piece. It’s going to hopefully be very educational and can teach the audience how to read body languages and how to tell what the other person is feeling or thinking without them actually telling you! Almost like you can read minds!

Stay tuned everyone. I’ll try to update my news as much as I can! In the meantime stay healthy and happy!

Bowie Lam's TVB Blog
Bosco Wong's TVB Blog
Lai Lok Yi's TVB Blog
Lorretta Chow's TVB Blog

Tsui Wing's TVB Blog
Jason Chan's TVB Blog
Raymond Cho's TVB Blog
Samantha Ko's TVB Blog
Stephen Huynh's Blog

"Mind Reading Detective" Character Names
Character Names

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Every Move You Make".

Related post: 《讀心神探》 "Mind Reading Detective" Costume Fitting

Personal Note: Sounds to me that TVB is filming "Lie to Me". ;) Cannot think of a better male lead than Bowie to film this, but I think Tsui Yue On is not fitted to produce it, as he is not experienced in filming case-solving series.

*Credits to 黃宗澤吧, 30fen, tvb.com, mingpao, the-sun, takungpao, and tungstar

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Cupid Stupid" AOD Opening Theme Video

"Heard" - Steven Ma

聽說 《戀愛星球人》 主題曲 - 馬浚偉

作曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 陳詩慧

聽說 描繪這是我 無能為力地觸摸
日落 也要經過
位置 始終得一個
聽說 流星已掠過 然而同樣沒花火
結果 已識破 仍望偶然你可偷偷想起我

尋找天空中星語 精心通報那聲音
無非想早點知道 結局是誰跟你合襯
每天費著神 統計著可能 何以印象中你就似不夠敏感

聽說 描繪這是我 無能為力地觸摸
日落 也要經過
位置 始終得一個
聽說 流星已掠過 然而同樣沒花火
結果 已識破
其實再沒愛火 日後別難過

*Credits to AOD and chobits216 @ tvb吧

《讀心神探》 "Mind Reading Detective" Costume Fitting


Temporary Chinese title: 《讀心神探》
Pinyin title: Duk Sam San Taam
Temporary English title: "Mind Reading Detective"
Producer: Tsui Yue On

Attending Cast: Bowie Lam, Kristal Tin, Bosco Wong, Lai Lok Yi, Lorretta Chow, Jack Hui, Aimee Chan, Yu Yeung, Susan Tse, Lau Kong, Fung So Bor, Tsui Wing, Helen Ma, Mannor Chan, Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Miguel Choi, Janet Chow, Samantha Ko, Benjamin Yuen, Jason Chan, Raymond Cho, Eileen Yeow, and Felix Lok.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

Personal Note: Yay!!! Bowie and Kristal are the main leads in here! :) I was not expecting Tsui Yue On to be the producer for this. He doesn't produce this king of genre. The only one that was close to this was "The Biter Bitten". He sure likes to cast Mr. HKs in his series.

Why is Lorretta's name ahead of Aimee's name? I wonder if she had taken on Selena's role (Lizzy said that Selena was supposed to be in here, but TVB took her out of this to film "Can't Buy Me Love" instead). However, you would think that Aimee is bigger than Lorretta though. Aimee should be second female lead in here. ;)

Moses Chan Admits Being Old When Stepping Foot on Runway



Moses Chan walked the runway wearing creations by Tokshikazu Iwaya and DRESS 33 at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2010.

Moses Chan was a former model, and in recent years, he has been focusing his career in television. Moses poked fun at himself, saying that, this time, he is stepping foot on the runway as an 'old person'. Yet, he still received heavy claps from the audience showing their support for him. That proves that the 'treasure sword isn't old'. Moses said, "It has been a long time since I walked the runway for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HTDC). The last one was about ten years ago. I ran into some old colleagues backstage, and I feel old. After losing weight successfully, my body shape looks better, so I am able to have more changes in wearing clothes, and they can be more daring. That is why I was courageous enough to wear a see-though outfit today".

Leo Ku was also present at the fashion show, and when he saw Moses on the runway, he praised Moses, saying that Moses' figure is more fitted for the runway compared to his own. Leo said, "When Moses walked onto the runway, I was already applauding, and I was the one who was clapping the loudest".



Personal Note: Hot! Hot! Hot!!!! :D There was no way that I was going to let these pictures go to waste, so I decided to translate the news to go with these ever-so-hot pictures! OMG! He looks so hot!!! ;D

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, headlinedaily, tungstar, ent.tom, 豪情天下, etc.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kenix Kwok and BB Leave Hospital


Kenix Kwok and BB Leaves the Hospital


Kenix Kwok gave birth to 7 lb. baby daughter on the 14th. Yesterday, husband Frankie Lam picked them up from the hospital. Frankie was rather nervous, and he made sure that the reporters did not use flash when taking pictures.

Kenix still looks very fit after giving birth, but she would like to slim her waist, stomach, and hip. Slimming companies have contacted her, but she has not decided whether to accept or not. Kenix expressed that her level of happiness of being a mother is very difficult to describe. She said, "Every day, I keep thinking about how the baby looks. Even if it is 12am, I would still page the nurse to bring the baby in to let me see her face. (What's it like carrying the baby?) It is very realistic! The baby's eyes and nose resemble Frankie, and her lips resemble mine! (Are you going to have another one?) It's thinkable! But, it cannot be too long in the future. It doesn't matter if it is a boy or girl!" Kenix thanked Frankie for taking care of her so thoughtfully. Frankie quickly said, "It's what I'm supposed to do!" The couple was very sweet.

Personal Note: Very happy for Kenix and Frankie! :) But, does Kenix really need to slim down? She looks fine right now.

*Credits to 30fen, mingpao.com, and the-sun

Selena Li @ TVB Blog - Very Fun to Work with Louis Yuen

Visit Selena Li's TVB blog!


阮兆祥 is a very fun person to work with! He has a lot of energy no matter if it is 6am in the morning, or 3am at night!! I really enjoy working with him because he has the talent to make people around him laugh. This is my first time working with him and I hope I can pick up some comedy sense from him. Sometimes, I really really need to concentrate because his presence can distract me as he is just too funny, in the drama and in the real world. In this scene, I played his husband and he played my wife! You will have to watch the drama to hear his voice and see his expression, it’s soooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!

Personal Note: He he.... I knew Louis was going to be dressed up as a woman, as Selena had previously posted a "Can't Buy Me Love" costume fitting picture of her dressed up as a guy. He he.... :D

The makeup on Selena looks so realistic! Outstanding work on the wrinkles! ;D

*Credits to tvb.com

"Cupid Stupid" AOD Trailer & Opening Theme Video


"Cupid Stupid" Poster

"Heard" - Steven Ma

聽說 《戀愛星球人》 主題曲 - 馬浚偉

聽說 描繪這是我
日落 也要經過
位置 始終得一個
聽說 流星已掠過
結果 已識破


聽說 描繪這是我
日落 也要經過
位置 始終得一個
聽說 流星已掠過
結果 已識破
其實再沒愛火 日後別難過

(The lyrics are quite easy to type out as the characters in the opening are very big and clear to see ;D)

Personal Note: Finally, a solo theme for Steven!!! He hasn't had a solo theme since "Safe Guards"! This theme song sounds very lovely!!! :D Love Steven's voice so much!!! If the last line in the lyrics describes Steven and Tavia's end relationship in the series, then it is what we had predicted and what Steven had mentioned in interviews.

Tavia looks very cute playing Jianzi (kicking the shuttlecock). She did say that she knows how to play when they were filming the court scenes. :D

My friends and I played Jianzi when we were in China, and they are more fun than a hacky sack. ;)

*Credits to 婷婷 @ 怡居

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Astrid Chan @ TVB Blog - The Scariness of "Heaven and Earth"

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My husband in the series, Bowie Lam. Before he was an actor, he was a singer and also a drummer. After many years, he steps foot on the stage again, and he is still very powerful and prestige. Scary!

In order to play the role of someone who knows how to play the guitar and knows boxing, Moses Chan purposely lost weight and worked hard at practicing the guitar. Today, he stands on the stage playing the guitar while singing. His superbness is scary!

From my impression, Kenny Wong does not draw any relation with music, but he can unexpectedly learn how to play the guitar so well. Also, he can sing rhythmically and orderly. Very scary inner potential he has inside of him!

Astrid also praised the scariness of how serious Producer Chik is with all of his productions. She praised the tolerance level in the temporary actors on waiting for many hours on set, and willing to memorize the lyrics and go on stage to sing and wave. She also praised the production team for working all night in such cold weather.

Lastly, Astrid said, "To be able to work with people with such fearful endurance, I think my luck is also very scary!!"

Personal Note: I know I've tweeted this yesterday, but I really like these three pictures that Astrid took of Bowie, Moses, and Kenny on her iPhone! :D

I also like how she called Kenny 'Kenny', whereas she called Bowie and Moses by their full Chinese name. ;)

*Credits to tvb.com

拍拍拍 - 赤身露打交響樂 (Turkish March)

Performance Segment from "Community Chest Charity Show 2000"
(Left: Lam King Kong, Lok Tat Wah, Derek Kwok, Turbo Law, Timmy Hung, Stephen Ho, Brian Wong, Kenny Wong, Lee Ka Sing, and Wong Chun Tong.)

During the interview, it was revealed that Brian Wong was the worst at following the beat; therefore, Eric Tsang sprayed him with water during the performance.

Lawrence Ng Blog @ "The Mysteries of Love" Filming (October 2009)


From http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/lawrenceng1014/article?mid=15882.


These two pictures are from little Lawrence's blog, and were taken on the final filming day of "The Mysteries of Love". He posted them in November, but I do not know how I managed to miss it though. He he.... :D This last scene took a while to film, as they started filming during the day, and it went through to the evening. :)

Lawrence said that he has scenes with Raymond, but he doesn't have any scenes with Kenneth.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Cupid Stupid" AOD Trailer 1


Tavia Yeung: "You will encounter the most important person in your life".

Narrator: "Love matters".

Michael Tse: "He came to be your boyfriend. Isn't he perfect?"

Michael Tse: "Aries and Capricorn are not very compatible".

Narrator: "You will believe in horoscopes..."

Tavia Yeung: "You said last night that you would love me forever!"

Steven Ma: "If it's no more, then find another one".

Mandy Cho: "Don't treat everyone as a toy...a game!"

Narrator: "...or in feelings?"

Tavia Yeung: "You are very important in my heart".

Personal Note: The perfect series for Valentine's Day! :) But the ending....

Tavia is so cute in here! ;P

*Credits to fat_peg888 @ tavia.org

Friday, January 15, 2010

Linda Chung's High School Graduation Picture


Linda Chung's high school graduation picture from Templeton Secondary School in 2002. She still looks the same. He he.... :D

*Credits to baidu

Ron Ng Discloses Most Compatible Partner to Be Tavia Yeung and Regularly Has Hot Pot with Raymond Lam


From "Triumph in the Skies", dancer Ron Ng became famous over night, and was promoted as a TVB dong ka siu sang. After that, Ron's popularity increased, but rumours and bad press followed. The other day, Ron accepted an interview, and responded to some of his rumours and negative press.

Discloses Most Compatible to Be Tavia Yeung

With popularity, comes negative press. As Hong Kong TVB's dong ka siu sang, Ron has had his share of rumours with fa dans. Ella Koon, Myolie Wu, and Charmaine Sheh were once his rumoured girlfriends. Some reports even pointed out that he requested Charmaine to purchase him a brand name vehicle worth over $2,000,000HKD during their dating period. "Don't believe in rumours! Actually, I have never filmed any couple scenes with Charmaine". In response to some of the incisive questions, Ron used laughter to answer them.

When Ron was asked which TVB fa dan he is most compatible with, Ron nearly blurted out, "I am rather compatible with Tavia Yeung. The feeling is very comfortable". He also praised Tavia's beautiful appearance in "Twin of Brothers". Ron said, "Her ancient look really resembles an ancient person".

Future Wife Must Know How to Make Soup

Ron had expressed many times on food programmes that his future wife must know how to cook. When the reporter asked him about this, Ron laughingly said, "I can save money on hiring a maid". Just when the reporter was about to praise him for being clever, Ron quickly explained, "Ha ha.... No, I'm just joking. Actually, every man would like his wife to know how to cook, such as making soup! She doesn't have to be good [at cooking]. As long as she knows a little bit, then she should be okay. Then I can at least explain to my parents".

During the interview, Ron said that he regularly eats hot pot at home, and he would invite Raymond Lam over to his place to eat hot pot together. "Before I came here, I was on a food programme in Hong Kong, and I took the initiative to make crab. People thought that it was a weird thing saying 'Ron Ng really knows how to cook?' Actually, my mom taught me how to cook in the past".

Personal Note: The reports are so fake! Since when did Ron rumour with Myolie?! And the one about him and Charmaine is so unbelievable and outrageous!! The price to pay when an artiste is famous....

Absolutely love Ron and Tavia!!!! I don't understand why they won't come to a boil! Ha ha.... :D

*Credits to 番茄網 and baidu

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam Welcome Baby Girl



Congratulations to Kenix and Frankie, as Kenix gave birth to a healthy 7 lb. 4 oz. baby girl yesterday (January 14)!

Frankie expressed that Kenix is recovering very well after the giving birth, and the doctor has praised Kenix, as her recovery process is quicker than the common mother. (Did you cry when your daughter was born?) Frankie said, "When Kenix was pregnant, I had read many books to prepare for the arrival of our new born. When the baby's expected arrival date was getting closer, Kenix said to me that she would miss the baby in her belly, as she felt that the baby was a part of her body. That kind of feeling was very profound. I accompanied her into the delivery room, and when I saw our daughter for the first time, the feeling was very great and mysterious. It gave me the feeling that nothing is more important than the birth of a baby. My baby and my wife are irreplaceable". (Have you chosen a name for the baby yet?) Frankie said, "We are still deciding on the name as the physiognomist has provided many characters for us to choose from, but it is not easy picking out a pleasant-sounding name".

For the next two months, Frankie has turned down filming projects, as he will be focusing on taking care of Kenix and their daughter. He will only take on jobs that require one or two days to finish. Frankie indicated that he and Kenix would like to add a younger brother for her daughter, but it will depend on Kenix's bodily health.

Personal Note: Congrats to Kenix and Frankie! Their baby has inherited Kenix and Frankie's good-looking features! I can already predict that she will grow up to be a beautiful girl! :D

'Dong Ka Fa Dans' are on a girl streak! Esther, Flora, and Kenix now have daughters! I wonder which fa da will be next? He he.... ;)

*Credits to mingpao

"Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" PA Facebook Pictures


These are pictures of Kenneth Ma and Selena Li filming an underwater scene in "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge". The PA (production assistant) posted these on his Facebook.

This scene was first filmed by the beach, but the director didn't use it, and had Kenneth and Selena re-shoot the scene in a swimming pool. :D

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Personal Note: You can see Ma Ming and Selena's faces in these pictures clearly. Maybe the PA had better camera lenses. He he.... ;P I can't wait for this to come out!!!! :D

*Credits to kennethma.org and PA

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"OL Supreme" Theme Song


"Suffer" - Ron Ng, Chapman To & Denise Ho

捱 《女王辦公室》 主題曲 - 吳卓羲/杜汶澤/何韻詩

作曲: 鄧智偉/陳詩慧
填詞: 陳詩慧
編曲: Fergus Chow
監製: 鄧智偉

搵嗰雞碎咁多 仲話要減 要減

我老細 係個女人
打工仔 講起都傷心 唯有忍 我忍

激氣 好激氣
個個掛住發夢 個心都飛咗去約個friend 唱K

捱得到應該等到終於一天睇返我面色 就好

捱到老細睇起我開始升呢等於我嚟緊 越攀 越高

*Credits to tvb.com and crimsonrain

Poon Ka Tak New Modern Series

Temporary Chinese title: 《不速之約》
Pinyin title: Bat Chuk Ji Yeuk
Temporary English title: "Unexpected Date"
Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Temporary Chinese title: 《約伯有約》
Pinyin title: Yeuk Baak Yau Yeuk
Temporary English title: "A Meeting with Job"

- 20 episodes long.
- The series will be about obsessions.
- Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia Yeung will film a series in March.
- Raymond Lam will also be in here.
- Tavia will play a nurse.
- Tavia will play Bobby's wife, and she will not have a romantic storyline with Raymond.
- Raymond described his character as an abnormal non-human from Hell.
- John Chiang will also star in this series.

Personal Note: Yay! Hopefully, this will be a comedy! :D My sister is guessing that the producer will be Lau Ka Ho, and I'm guessing that it will be a Poon Ka Tak series. :)

Ha ha.... I was right about the producer! :)

So much for hoping for a comedy. The series will a drama instead. Still good though! ;)

I wonder if Bobby is going to play a person with 心魔 or a person who cures 心魔? It's going to be interesting!

Is Bobby going to play a religious guy? o_O I wonder if he is going to play a doctor of some sort?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"The Mysteries of Love" @ TVB Corporate and Programme Information 2010


"The Mysteries of Love"

Genre: Investigation and Suspense


This is a romance story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories under a variety of odd case investigations.

*Credits to 雪子 Yuki