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Friday, July 31, 2009

Moses Chan's Coffee Fa Dans


Rough Summary:

Bernice Liu = Espresso - 令人回味

"This type of coffee is bitter when you first drink it, but it will later have a pleasant aftertaste, which will make people love this aftertaste. This feeling is just like Bernice. She is a very hardworking person. She is more hardworking than others, and she understands herself clearly. But hard work doesn't necessary mean she'll get payback in this industry; however, there will definitely be sweetness after bitterness. Her special characteristics are not found in other females. She is sweet, 話題可以滔滔不絕, she is not calculating, and she is natural. Actually, she has already reached a certain position, and she still has room for development. For example, taking the road as a fight girl".

Tavia Yeung = Cappuccino - Perfect Combination

"Cappuccino is made from three combinations. It is 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, and 1/3 milk foam, and it is just like Tavia. She has a great area of development, and it is big. She can act her sad scenes superbly, and it did not start from 'Moonlight Resonance'. Tavia has already had great basic skills from the beginning, and her 人緣 is great. She is only missing a chance, and that chance is like the milk foam. She is waiting calmly for the chance to arrive. And with Cappuccino, they may break through any barrier".

Fala Chen = Americano - Complex Feelings

"I really admire Fala because she is very serious person. An example you can see is from her learning Cantonese. Her progress of learning Cantonese is amazingly quick. When I first came in contact with her, she was not an arrogant or self-centred person. She is not a nosy person, and she is a rather simple person. I think she is very smart, and I feel that she can do big things. Ha ha! Actually, she has many opportunities of development. The only thing is that she hasn't found her direction yet. Just like an Americano, the complex feeling makes it difficult to find its taste".

Linda Chung = Latte - 可塑性高

"Linda is simple and pure, and she frequently does things with her eyes covered. But her result in singing and acting isn't bad; however, she is missing some life experience. Yet, many things are done one step after another. She needs to slowly experience life. Just like the bland taste of latte, it is easy to drink, and it is suitable for people who are not familiar with coffee. But the taste has many changeable flavours that need to be continuously tasted. It is just like Linda's searching stage. There will bound to be a bitter process in the middle just like coffee's sour taste. You must experience layers and layers of difficulty, and then you will break out into the new world".

Personal Note: OMG! This just reminds me of my post on "Dong Ka Fa Dan Hot Coffee". Ha ha....

I think he overpraised Bernice a bit here. I wonder in what way is he saying that Bernice is more hardworking than others?

*Credits to singtao

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tavia Yeung & Ma Ming @ TVB Blog Interview

Tavia Yeung's TVB Blog

Tavia: Hey, Ma Ming! What do you do in the series?
Kenneth: There are upper class people and lower class people in the series, so I will be playing a middle-class person. It will balance things out.
Tavia: Does that mean I'm a lower class person?
Kenneth: Yes, you come from....
Tavia: Yes, I'm poor. I graduated from Yau Ma Tei primary school.
Kenneth: And I'm a very smart cop. This is my subordinate, Super Girl!
Tavia: Yes, I'm Super Girl. But I'm only a PC right now. Later, I will join your team and become a CID.
Kenneth: Yes, that is correct. In this series, I will have many girlfriends and many intimate love scenes and one-night stands....
Tavia: You were saying before....
Kenneth: The only one I want and cannot kiss is Tavia.
Tavia: No, you didn't say that before. You were saying that this is the best character of the year.
Kenneth: Yes, they say this character is this year's best character because there are many girls, many kiss scenes, and many bed scenes.
Tavia: Unfortunately....
Kenneth: But the only imperfection [about the character] is that I don't even get a chance to touch her pinkie.
Tavia: Let's touch [pinkies] right now. Does this fulfill your wish?
Kenneth: Not yet....
Tavia: Can you spread your legs further apart. You're too tall.
Kenneth: Really?
Tavia: This height is more comforting.
Kenneth: What about you?
Tavia: It is a regret for me, too. I've already told my mom that I would be working with you, and she was very happy. But I told her that we will not have a romantic storyline in here. He will not be your son-in-law, since he will only be my superior.
Kenneth: My mom really likes Tavia.
Tavia: My mom really likes Kenneth.
Kenneth: Why don't our moms be in-laws?
Tavia: We'll talk about this off camera.
Kenneth: Yes, we'll talk about this off camera. Even though Tavia will have a romance with Raymond in the series, I believe she should be with me outside of the series.
Tavia: Yes, I will take care of him.

(Asking about the series)
Tavia: The case solving in the series is a bit more unique. It will not be solved using violence or punching and kicking, but rather using physics and science to solve the cases.
Kenneth: We will depend on Raymond.
Tavia: Yes. I read the script, and it seems as though you don't have many scenes with punching or kicking.
Kenneth: I have a lot of action scenes in bed.
Tavia: Wooing girls! Stop teaching bad things to kids! Audience members, don't listen and don't learn. Kids should cover their ears!
Kenneth: A lot of bed scenes.
Tavia: I, comparatively, have more action scenes.
Kenneth: More action scenes while chasing after criminals.
Tavia: There are more outside scenes.
Kenneth: And I'm....
Tavia: In the series, I'm very stupid. Do you know that?
Kenneth: How stupid?
Tavia: When your guys' car was breaking down, I said, "I'm going to get out of the car and run".
Kenneth: How embarrassing can that be? What kind of car is the Major Crimes Unit using?
Tavia: I get out of the car, while they continue to drive.
Kenneth: We will catch up with her.
Tavia: Look at my waist; it's bound to be only 22 inches. How heavy can I be? Do I really need to get out of the car and run? But the tall and big guys continue to stay in the car.
Kenneth: My biggest concern is regarding the type of car the Major Crimes Unit is using.
Tavia: It's very odd. I am always the first person to act.
Kenneth: You wear courage on your sleeve.
Tavia: Yes, but I'm not brave in your department.
Kenneth: Which department?
Tavia: The bed department.
Kenneth: What? What do you want to say? Don't laugh to the point where they can't hear you.
Tavia: Bed.... Why are we backing up? Let's move forward. The bed department.
Kenneth: Oh, in that department, I'm....
Tavia: I am brave at making the bed.
Kenneth: Okay, I'll teach you.
Tavia: Okay.

Raymond Lam's TVB Blog

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Personal Note: Ma Ming and Tavia are so funny together! Ha ha....

*Credits to tvb.com

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stephanie Cheng "Borrow" MV ft. Ron Ng

"Borrow" - Stephanie Cheng

借 - 鄭融

作曲: 鄧智偉
填詞: 陳少琪
編曲: Johnny Yim
監製: 莊冬昕

上分鐘 上一秒 你說心不再困擾
下分鐘 下一秒 你眼睛通紅似發燒

是開始 又不對 對你所知道太少
是知己 亦不對 你太好的人緣 知己哪會缺少

*如果你習慣 有備無患 只怕獨個晚餐
才想到讓我借用時間 借用完沒法還
如果破掉燈泡借燭光用一晚 是你是你大貪
大貪畢竟攪錯我是哪種人 接吻就能合眼

是專心 又不對 你眼光總愛轉彎
是分心 亦不對 變了這種閒人 比不去愛更慘

如果你習慣 有備無患 只怕獨個晚餐
才想到讓我借用時間 借用完沒法還
如果破掉燈泡借燭光用一晚 是你是你大貪

Repeat *


FYI: Stephanie said that she asked Ron to star in this MV because of his broad shoulders.

Personal Note: Ron looks fit in the black t-shirt, even though he recently purposely gained weight for "Queen of the Office".

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raymond Lam "Let's Get Wet Live Karaoke" (2DVD) (Special Edition)

*YesAsia Editorial Description

After less than two years as a singer, TVB star Raymond Lam defied expectations and headed to the Hong Kong Coliseum for two sold-out concerts on June 17 and 18, 2009. Despite juggling a tough acting schedule on top of concert preparations, Raymond put on an amazing show full of great songs and pleasant surprises. The popular star performed many of his recent hits like "Fond of Searching For You in Memories", "Love Has No Guilt", and "Another Way to Love You", as well as his first song, the fan-favourite Eternal Happiness theme "Remember to Forget". He also showed his musical range by covering a wide variety of songs including the Leslie Cheung classic "For Your Heart Only" and Mando-pop hits like Jay Chou's Huo Yuan Chia, Leehom Wang's "You're Not Here", Khalil Fong's "Love Love Love", and Faye Wong's "I Do".

Raymond invited many friends to be guests for his first concerts. He sang duets with diva labelmates Vincy Chan and Charlene Choi, but the greatest applause were reserved for his collaborations with TVB buddies Wong Cho Lam and Michael Tse. Wong Cho Lam put both his comedic and singing talents to work dueting with Raymond on "Faraway". Meanwhile, Raymond and Michael's cover of Twins' "Girls' School, Male Student" brought the entire stadium to giggles, but all joking was put aside for the dance battles and hot dance medley. Bringing the night to its climax, Raymond, as promised, got soaking wet performing the concert's theme song Let's Get Wet with bikini-clad dancers under a waterfall.

2-DVD Special Edition comes with an 84-page photobook.

02. 如果時間來到
03. 赤地轉機
04. 忘記傷害
05. 明天以後 (林峯/泳兒)
06. 王祖藍Talk Show
07. 浮誇 (王祖藍)
08. 風山水起 (農夫/王祖藍)
09. 千里之外 (林峯/王祖藍)
10. 浮生若水
11. 霍元甲
12. 愛 愛 愛
13. 你不在
14. 月亮代表誰的心
15. 愛在記憶中找你
16. 原罪
17. Tonight
18. 為你鍾情
19. 我真的受傷了
20. 我願意

01. 值得流淚
02. 影子的愛情故事
03. 換個方式愛你
04. In Love With You (林峯/蔡卓妍)
05. 二缺一 (蔡卓妍)
06. 記得忘記
07. Dance Battle 1 (林峯vs謝天華)
08. 女校男生 (林峯/謝天華)
09. 酷愛 (謝天華)
10. Dance Battle 2 (林峯vs謝天華)
11. Let's Get Wet Medley:
a. 頭髮亂了
b. 本草綱目
c. Let's Get Wet
12. 愛人與海
13. 朋友,請不要傷悲
14. 愛不疚

Pre-order your copy at YesAsia!

Personal Note: The concert is coming out on DVD faster than expected.

There are some song titles in the description that I would have translated differently. He he....

*Credits to yesasia

Monday, July 27, 2009

Selena Li @ "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" Pictures


In "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge", Angel Chiang plays Jacky Heung and Selena Li's younger sister. Angel said that the series is 25 episodes long. In her blog, she also said that Jacky likes to offer people chocolate because he likes to eat them. She and Selena have both gained weight from eating chips to keep warm, since the set is very cold.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... We finally see a different costume on Selena. She's wearing flip-flops and holding her costume shoes. Ha ha....

*Credits to http://anan-angel.xanga.com/

Kenneth Ma & Selena Li @ "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" Outdoor Filming



A passerby was biking outdoors and came across Kenneth and Selena filming "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge".

Personal Note: Finally, some pictures of Selena filming outdoors with Ma Ming! It seems as though Ma Ming is practicing Hung fist. Poor Selena has to bike on the grass. I believe she had to give Ma Ming a ride on grass, too.

I wonder if Ma Ming and Selena will film a modern series together soon....

*Credits to http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/stanleyho8527

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Turning Point" Movie Stills

Premiere on August 10, 2009
In theatres August 13, 2009

Starring: Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Michael Tse, Felix Wong, Fala Chen, Wayne Lai, Kenny Wong, Lee Ka Ting, Johnson Lee, Koni Lui, Tracy Ip, and Anna Yau

Special Appearance: Eric Tsang and Yuen Bao
Guest Appearance: Ron Ng and Sammul Chan

Director: Herman Yau
Producer: Tommy Leung
Executive Producer: Virginia Lok and Lawrence Wong
Stunt Designer: Chin Ka Lok


*Credits to entnewsmag.com, tvb, and 狂愛TVB

Tavia Yeung @ 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 631


*Credits to taviayeung.com and tvb