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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"The Four" Little Preview

In this little preview clip, Ma Ming was shown three times. That is one more than Raymond, and he is playing Emotionless. That just makes you guess that Iron Fist will come out a lot in the series.

A fan on a BBS forum said that the theme song is called 風暴 (Storm). She also said that the order they sing in is Raymond, Ron, Kenneth, Sammul, and then all together. Earlier, Sammul said that the filming of the promotional clip will take 10 hours to film on the 2nd of September. Now, the filming is going to begin at 10am to 12 midnight. That is 12 hours of filming for a promo clip. Will there be individual promo clips for each constable?

*Credits to sharon @ www.raymondforest.com

ATV Days

Back in the day, ATV had produced many great series. By the time I was old enough to watch series (age 5-6), we were already in the 1990s genre. From 《中華英雄》 (1990) to "Flaming Brothers" (1999), ATV was serious in producing series to take the audience away from the competing station, TVB.

In the early '90s, I was a dedicated ATV fan. I watched a majority of their series. Of course, they had great ones and not so great ones. The bad ATV series were really easy to spot back then because there were/are fewer artistes in ATV than TVB. All I had to do was look at the cast list. Obviously, if it sounded like a bad script, then the story was not good.

ATV Collection

Other than series and variety shows, I have collected a bunch of ATV items in the '90s.

These are the cover pages of ATVE Express Programmes. They are similar to TVB's Programme Highlight Booklets; however, the ATV ones included filming and artistes information, letters from the audience, and series ratings. These programme sheets range from 1996-1998.

(Left: "Forever Love Song", "The Gold Rush", "My Brother, My Mum", "The Snow Is Red", "The Year of the Chameleon", "Interpol", "Coincidentally", and "Always the Best".)

These programme sheets range from 1994-1996.

(Left: "The Swordsman", "Vampire Expert II", "King of Gambler", "The Good Old Days", "Fist of Fury", "Secret Battles of the Majesty", "The Legend of Yue Fei", and "Heroic Legend of the Yang's Family".)

1997 Year of the Ox CNY Greetings from ATV artistes.
(Top left: Annie Man, Berg Ng, Miao Fei Lin, Baby Bo, Alice Chan, Thomas Lam, Kristy Yang, Eric Wan, Erica Choi, Stephen Au, Frankie Lam, Bonnie Lai, Pinky Cheung, Lee Siu Wai, Lawrence Yan, Wong Yim Na, Wong Oi Yiu, Pong Chau Aan, and Kiwi Yuen.)

Yes, Frankie was an ATV artiste from 1996-1997. He filmed "Vampire Expert II", "Coincidentally", and "Forever Love Song". He also sang the theme song of "Coincidentally".

1998 ATV Artistes Calendar
Group 1: Amy Chan, Lawrence Yan, and Gilbert Lam
Group 2: Annie Man, Stephen Au, and Eric Wan
Group 3: Alice Chan, Kristy Yang, and Thomas Lam
Group 4: Elena Kong, Andrew Yuen, and Wong Mei

Donnie Yen filmed two great series for ATV, 1994's "Kung Fu Master" and 1995's "Fist of Fury".

"Secret Battles of the Majesty" and "I Have a Date with Spring" were also very great series. The theme song of "Secret" was a duet sung by Kwong Wa and Kristal Tin. "Spring" first started off as a stage play; it then went to the big screen, and later, ATV transformed it into a TV series. The cast included Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Erica Choi, Joey Meng, Kwong Wa, and Thomas Lam. "Spring" was the first series that Sheren and Kiki starred in when they went to ATV.

ATV Series Sheet
(Top left: "Vampire Expert II", "Good Lover, Bad Partner", "The Snow Is Red", "Thou Shalt Not Cheat", "I Come from Chaozhou", "Forrest Cat", "The Little Vagrant Lady", "Interpol", and "Coincidentally".

The only thing in here that does not belong in the '90s is the ATV Series CD Album and the soundtrack of "My Date with a Vampire III". Here, I have postcards and a series sheet for "Fated Love", as well as series sheets for "Who Is the Killer", "The Good Old Days", "My Brother, My Mum", and "The Heroines of the Yangs".

Now, when ATV produces series, it always consists of a star-studded cast. I am very looking forward to Lawrence Ng, Amy Chan, Joey Meng, and Kenneth Chan's 《法網群英》 and Julian Cheung and Ada Choi's 《勝者為王2008》.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ron & Tavia Birthday Party 2008 @ TVBE Clip

Wishing 壽包 and 壽蛋 a happy birthday!
Fans made cakes for Ron and Tavia. Ron received a cartoon version cake of himself. He liked the cake the most because he is currently bald right now, and he hopes to grow his hair back soon. Tavia's cake had a huge money sign on it, symbolizing her to make more money.
rt04rt05Ron reminded everyone that, 2-3 years ago, he gave Tavia a ring. He sounded so cute explaining the whole incident.
rt06"The ring has a lot of decorations on it".
rt07"It wasn't that long ago...about 2 years ago".
rt08rt09rt10At the time, Ron and Tavia were at a function, and Tavia said, "Ron, I really like this ring. You should buy it for me".
rt11rt12rt13rt14Ron complains and says that Tavia never bought him any gifts. Tavia said, "What! I did. It is in my heart". Later, the interviewer said that Tavia gave Ron her heart. LOL...

Personal Note: Aww... Ron and Tavia are so cute together. Ron never feels awkward around Tavia. He is natural and comfortable around her. I'm pretty sure Tavia has given a Ron a knitted scarf before. She knitted the scarf and gave it to him when they were in Mainland China filming "Twin of Brothers" in 2003. It was a black scarf.

*Credits to www.raymondforest.com

When Ada Meets Chi Lam

"你個死仔...We have to hurry up and work together again!!... It should have your best lover, Chapman To, too...!!!"

Ada Choi just finished filming 《勝者為王2008》 with Julian Cheung and Chapman To. She posted on her blog and said that she was grateful to have come across such a great script and a wonderful cast and crew.

Another post...

ada01I am a wonderful student!!!!

ada02However, I am not reading a script. I am playing sodoku!! 豈有此理, I always thought I was an expert, but unexpectedly met an expert expert--Cheung Chi Lam. I died very miserably...!!!!

ada_chilam00One day.... I will win you!!!!

*Credits to adablog

Friday, August 29, 2008

New SKII Ads 2008


Flora Chan, Esther Kwan, and Maggie Cheung all look so stunning in these ads! It has been 4 years since either Flora or Maggie has filmed for TVB ("Hard Fate" and "The Conqueror's Story"). Although Esther has returned to film "Best Selling Secrets" in 2007, it is just not enough. We need to see more from these great 'Fa Dans'!

關詠荷 陳慧珊分享湊女經

關詠荷、張可頤與陳慧珊等為護膚品牌SK-II拍宣傳照,她們分享護膚心得,做了媽咪的關詠荷與陳慧珊亦趁機會講女兒經。關詠荷有女萬事足,為了照顧女兒 Brittany成長,她暫停幕前演出要做好媽媽。她也擔心丈夫張家輝呷醋,提醒自己也要兼顧老公的感受。她笑說女兒是開心果,與女兒一起總是笑容滿面,笑得多便有表情紋,故她要護膚作保養。




*Credits to LFC and mingpao

"The Four" - Novel Characteristics

Many versions of 《四大名捕》 have been produced into TV series; however, none of them have been outstanding.

There have been versions where Iron Fist and Chasing Life were changed into female characters and were in relationships with Cold-Blooded and Emotionless. One version even had Emotionless walking and flying around without his wheelchair. The non-crippled version had many critical reviews.

Emotionless (First Brother)
In the novel by Wen Ruian, Emotionless is a cripple and had been through a really rough childhood. He is the earliest to become Zhuge Shenhou's pupil. Because of his disability, he is unable to learn martial arts; therefore, he is a master of concealed weapons. His most powerful weapons are concealed in his wheelchair. Emotionless is weak in health and is supposedly the most white in skin tone (Raymond is dark...LOL). He is handsome, but does not like to smile. He gives off a rather "cool" personality. He is the most intelligent of the four and solves most of the mysteries. He is also Zhuge Shenhou's favourite pupil. Emotionless respects and sees Master Zhuge Shenhou as a father figure. He does not easily follow rules, and he has his own principles and work ethics that no one can get in his way.

Iron Fist (Second Brother)
Iron Fist's character comes out the most in the novel. Perhaps it is because Emotionless is a cripple, Chasing Life is old, and Cold-Blooded's case solving abilities are rather poor.
1) Strong body - Iron Fist is tall and strong, and he has great martial arts abilities.
2) Brave and strategic - Iron Fist may not be as wise as Emotionless, but he is indeed smart. In urgent times, he can outwit and turn danger into safety.
3) Rational - Because he often handles cases with master Zhuge Shenhou, Iron Fist has seen the outer world and can predict the truth behind other people with very few mistakes.
4) Warm and kind - Kindhearted and shows off a silly side when he is around the person he loves.
Iron Fist is an honest character who possesses incredible internal strength palm that allows him to stop the sharpest blades with his bare hands. As for martial arts, his character is the role model for all martial arts heroes. He has a very temperate personality and is not willing to kill others. He can stop criminals without killing them.

Chasing Life (Third Brother)
In the novels, Chasing Life is the oldest of the four. He has seen all and been through all. He is a playful alcoholic and would take a couple of sips before battles. He sometimes uses it as his weapon. Chasing Life is highly skilled in light-foot, granting him bold legwork and kicks. Even though he is the oldest, Chasing Life is seen as the youngest because of his joking attitude, as he plays pranks and laughs around.

Cold-Blooded (Fourth Brother)
Cold-Blooded was raised by wolves and grew up in the wild. His weapon of choice is the sword. He is the most courageous of the four, and he has the ability to convert his pain into strength, thereby enabling him to defeat opponents much stronger than himself. Cold-Blooded has a straightforward personality. His feelings are written on his face, and he is a rather emotional person. Since he is the youngest of the four, he is a bit naive. His cuteness shows from inside the bone to the outer skin. In the novel, Cold-Blooded and Xiao Dao's love relationship is a puppy love.

*Info from KFC

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Linda Chung's Debut Album


Release Date: August 20, 2008

Get a copy of Linda Chung's debut album at YesAsia!

Track List:
01. 一人晚餐 Dinner for One
02. 二人世界 Lover's World
03. 我不懂你 I Do Not Understand You
04. 火柴天堂 Matches Heaven
05. 過山車 Rollercoaster
06. 其實我不快樂 Actually, I Am Unhappy
07. 浪漫無聲 Romantic Silence
08. 有沒有她 Has Her
09. 你不懂我的心 (國) You Do Not Understand My Heart (M)
10. 我不快樂 (國) I Am Unhappy (M)

01. 一人晚餐 MV Dinner for One MV
02. 二人世界 MV Lover's World MV

Personal Note: Tracks 1, 2, and 7 are cover versions of Ariel Lin's "Lonely Northern Hemisphere", Jolin Tsai's "In Love with a Street", and Ariel's "You" respectively.

*Credits to yesasia

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The Four" September 22, 2008

Sammul Chan's blog entry:

TVB's promotional team said that it is very difficult to gather the four constables to film a promotional clip. When Iron Fist is available, Emotionless is gone. When Chasing Life and Cold Blooded are not busy, they have to accommodate the other two constables' schedule. Finally, the four brothers will be reuniting on the 2nd of September. We will begin the filming of the promotional clip at 10am and will continue to film for ten hours straight. Otherwise, there would not be a promotional clip for before the airing of the series, nd that will cause a laughing stock.

Counting back, it has been a year since the filming of "The Four". All of a sudden, I feel nervous. What will be the outcome? Will the audience enjoy the series? Thinking back, everything came from the heart when I was filming the series. The whole experience is like students going through the process of examinations and waiting for their report cards. The end result can either be a gain or a loss.

Personal Note: At Ron and Tavia's birthday gathering, Ron confirmed the airing of "The Four", and Raymond also revealed that it will be airing on September 22nd. Kenneth said that he is busy doing dubbing touches for the series. Of course, Sammul confirmed it on his blog. Yes! It is finally airing! So excited!

*Credits to sammulblog









*Credits to 狂愛TVB, the-sun, and mingpao

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ron & Tavia Birthday Party 2008

It's that time of the year again! Last year, Ron and Tavia were busy and weren't able to have a birthday party together. Ron was in Mainland filming for "The Four", while Tavia was filming her Mainland scenes for "The Building Blocks of Love".

Ever since their BBQ fans gathering in Christmas 2003, they have been having a birthday party every year (except 2007). It has become a tradition.

2008 Birthday Gathering

*Credits to ronstation and taviayeung.com