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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Candy & Nathan's Wedding Ads


Personal Note: All of the pictures look nice! :)

He he.... On France Bridal's site, Candy and Nathan were referred to as 'Jing Jing' and 'Yat Hong'! ;)

*Credits to France Bridal

"Come Home Love" Opening Theme Video (Overseas Version)

"Hug Love" - Joyce Cheng

擁抱愛 《愛.回家》 主題曲 - 鄭欣宜

作曲: 鄭欣宜
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Johnny Yim
監製: 鄧智偉

寒或暖 有笑容可一可再

遙遠 隻身參與漫長競賽
回家這路線 快樂佈景四邊覆蓋
越行越遠 困倦了總有家中這道門 為我開

晴或雨 要記住相親相愛

無限暖 最美是這一種愛

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"Three Kingdoms RPG" Promotional Clips 7-8

Personal Note: Finally get to see Tavia in the promo clips! :) Looking forward to Ma Ming and Tavia pairing up again! :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Friday, June 29, 2012

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 30



The shackles in my mind have already been extricated. Heavens, blow a gentle breeze for me to let our ship sail. The merciful spirits have already pardoned the pitiful common people's faults. Your crimes...no one is following up. Your indulgence has also given me freedom.

FYI: This monologue is actually an excerpt from The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Ghetto Justice II" TVBI Trailer

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 29



If waking up would only make one miserable, then why not let him only stay in the dream? If the goal to survive has already been lost, why can you not retrieve it in a dream? If the dream is filled with a hopeful world, why would I still have to wake up?

Benjamin Yuen & William Chak on "The Green Room"

Personal Note: Nice to hear Benjamin and William talk about the filming process of "Tiger Cubs". Since each bullet is calculated into the budget, each SDU member was only given two shots to film the target practice scenes; however, on the last day, there was a bag full of bullets left, so they were allowed to fire them all.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"So You Think You Can Dance" - Brandon, Cole & Cyrus

Brandon, Cole, and Cyrus dance a hip-hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott.

Personal Note: Liked how Christopher Scott incorporated stepping, martial arts, and animation into this routine...very entertaining to watch! :)

Kenneth Ma's Three Fit Meals to Maintain Youth


Kenneth Ma plays soccer for long periods of time to maintain the fittest figure.

Thirty-eight-year-old Kenneth Ma has always maintained a youthful state of mind and health...actually has a set of secrets. "Do not smoke or drink. Only eat chicken, fish, white meat, vegetables, and fruits. I haven't eaten beef for over ten years, and never eat midnight snacks. A Chinese doctor said that I have a 'super hot nature'...sweat easily and break out. Mother often boils green bean soup, American ginseng soup, and heat-clearing, moistening soups to help me lower the temperature. I would also eat watermelon, Long Ling Gao, and heat-clearing food. Kenneth always has a friendly smile on his face. He said, "I have inherited Mother's cheerful personality, but will cry once in a while to vent negative emotions. On days when [I] don't have to work, I would sleep before 12".

Personal Note: Ma Ming previously said that he is not an emotional person, so was surprised to read that he would cry once in a while.

*Credits to mingpao

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 28



I once thought that I would feel guilty my entire life for the wrong things that I had done; however, I was wrong. I forgot that people would get tired. Guilt is originally the thing that makes people the most exhausted. I think that it is already enough.

"Witness Insecurity" Promotional Event 1

"Scoop" Clip

J2 Clip

TVB8 Clip

Personal Note: Linda only had four cello lessons, but she can play the first verse (although it's off-key).... :P

Just remembered Ram playing Paul Chun's son in "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow"...now, they're playing brothers in here! o_O

Ha ha.... Funny how Linda and Bosco said that Ma Ming is just all talk! :P

*Credits to Linda Garden

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Celebrates Victory, Joe Ma Feels Proud and Elated


J2 Clip


TVB's new series "Tiger Cubs" premiered on Sunday, peaking at 30 points and averaging 29 points, becoming the entire week's highest-rated series. Yesterday, the cast held a celebration event and also celebrated Joe's 44th birthday in advance. Mandy Wong, JJ Jia, and Kayi Cheung pretended to give a kiss. Afterward, Joe excitedly hugged Kenneth Ma, while Him Law was told by the producer to hug Vincent Wong...a funny scene.

Joe is very satisfied with these results. When asked whether [he] felt happy and elated, he laughingly said, "Yes. Yes". He thinks that the arrangement of the release of the series at a new time slot needs some figuring out. Initially guessed the ratings to be 23 to 25 points. Now that there are good results, the series crew is also very excited...also hope that the ratings go even higher. As for viewers complaining about violent scenes, Joe explained, "Usually, major cases would call for the Special Duties Unit. Later, it will continue to have bloody and violent scenes, thereby placing it at a rather late time slot to air". As for accusations of plagiarizing the film "Breaking News", he said, "Cop shows cannot escape robbery. Most importantly, the performances from different actors have different refreshing feelings. Everyone also enjoys watching it". Joe revealed that [he] will be inviting the actors to a celebration...also bringing his wife and son along".

Kenneth Ma Laughs That JJ Jia Loves Kissing Oscar Leung

Kenneth was revealed by the producer to have frequently NG-ed when filming kiss scenes with JJ. After hearing this, Kenneth laughingly said, "Much thanks to the help of the behind-the-scenes [crew]...if it was not the sound, it was the lighting that had problems. However, the other day, after JJ and Oscar Leung filmed a kiss scene, didn't want to kiss another person anymore...thinks that the other party is the most kissable". JJ promptly denied, saying that Oscar was talking nonsense.


ckwok: "Thief husband and thief wife in 'Tiger Cubs'...Mr. and Mrs. To Tin Yue! Although To Tin Yue has already been captured in the first episode, Kenneth Ma said at today's celebration event, 'We will be back!' [freak out][freak out] I absolutely anticipate this thief husband to quickly come back! [freak out] @fatumaijj"


Someone on Weibo said, "Ma Ming is so handsome...unexpectedly over in one episode [angry][angry][angry]". Then Jessica Hsuan replied, "Would we waste Ma Ming's acting ability like this? [wink]"

"Scoop" Clip

"Tiger Cubs" Ratings Celebration Promotional Clip

Personal Note: A good start to the series! :)

What's with TVB filming kiss scenes on the initial days of filming? o_O

Ha ha.... In the Wenweipo article, JJ said that she was upset that her other kiss scene with Ma Ming was edited out, so she can only get the clip back and re-watch it at home as a commemoration. :P


When Ma Ming and JJ said that their appearance in the series was too short, it must have been the producer who said, "Let's film a spin-off, okay?" Would definitely want to see the background to their story! ;)

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, wenweipo, HKLOVE.org, and Weibo

Michael Tao on "aTV 100 Celebrities"

Personal Note: Didn't know that Michael gave himself the English name 'Michael' after he graduated from TVB's Acting Class.

When Kam Kwok Leung asked Michael to thank three people, he listed Poon Ka Tak, Gary Tang, and former company TVB.

Always nice to hear Michael's chuckle! ;)

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 27



Lies and drinking are the same. When you get used to floating in the air from getting drunk, you would be willing to continue being drunk. After believing the sweetness of lies, you would no longer be willing to understand the truth of the matter...would rather continue being deceived by it.

"Witness Insecurity" Promotional Clips 5-6

"Witness Insecurity" Promotional Clip 5

"Witness Insecurity" Promotional Clip 6

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wong He on "aTV 100 Celebrities"

Personal Note: Remember reading about He saving people in a fire when he was a cop, but hearing him talk about the incident made it much more tangible. :)

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 26



The human heart is naturally on one side. Because of this, our judgment toward matters and people can never be just and fair. Good or evil, black or white, true or false....who can correctly judge?

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Promotional Clips 5-6

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Modern technology is not reliable! :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Opening Theme Video

"Surrounding Basis" - Joe Ma

身邊的依據 《飛虎》 主題曲 - 馬德鐘

作曲: Tige Hui
填詞: 宋沛言
編曲: 葉肇中
監製: 鄧智偉

憑我熱血 昂然裡衝出去
槍雨下涉入廢墟 狙擊過焦距 極地再追
眼眸裡 微看四周隱伏著是誰
誰又引導過誰 步向相對

肝膽背後 昂然問句
風中再追 勇敢的依據
槍聲乾脆 完成大意義 男兒未怕那艱巨

於一線命 仍能面對
得失再追 犯險槍火裡
一生乾脆 從無後退 交織我壯舉

不惜去追 即使告吹
決意面對 找那壯舉

生死與共 豪情面對
得失再追 犯險槍火裡
一生乾脆 從無後退 身邊會是誰

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 1a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 1b

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 1c

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 1d

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 1e

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 1f

FYI: The first episode of "Tiger Cubs" averaged 29 points, and peaked at 30 points.

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Personal Note: The chorus reminds me of cop series' themes from the '90s. Not Joe's best song or singing performance, but quite like the song. :)

Seventy minutes is rather long to watch in one sitting, but enjoyed the training and operation scenes!

Seriously no one more suitable to play the SDU leader than Joe! :)

Another hotheaded character for Him....

Surprised that the cops did not mention Ma Ming and JJ's distinctive tattoos as an identifying characteristic.... :P

Liked the chemistry between Ma Ming and JJ...they make convincing villains! :) Also, quite like JJ's performance in here, especially the interrogation room scene with Jessica. Can't wait to see Ma Ming and JJ again in the final episode! :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oriental Daily Interview with Michael Tao, Bobby Au Yeung & Felix Lok























Bobby:你(指大宇)連睡衣都要全白絲綢,着到好似「白龍王」咁!有一次外景喺街邊換衫大出洋相……當日係星期日,喺皇后像廣場取景,我同你攞住戲服,本來想行過去酒店換,但又想快,索性喺外景車旁換,點知你解開褲頭,竟忘記個銀包袋咗喺後袋,結果墜甩咗條褲,成條褲跌到落腳眼呀,現場大群菲傭見到呢個露底場面不禁大叫:「oh!Michael…… small!」我睇到反白眼!我只好話:「下次勤啲換底褲啦!褲頭橡筋都變成波浪紋啦!」哈哈哈哈……









Personal Note: Love "The File of Justice"! :D Didn't know that all of Michael's bow ties in the series were his own! :P

Ha ha.... Bobby and Felix loved watching Michael and Flora's kiss scene...the scene that they were referring to should be the famous 'squeezing orange juice' metaphor! :P

Ha ha.... Bobby mentioned Esther's talking-while-kissing scenario again! :P

Too bad these interviews don't have video clips...would definitely be funnier watching them interact! :D

*Credits to orientaldaily