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List updated on Monday, June 19, 2017.

Monday, February 29, 2016

《與諜同謀》 "Conspiring with Spies" Blessing Ceremony



Date: February 29, 2016

Temporary Chinese title: 《與諜同謀》
Pinyin title: Yue Dip Tung Mau
Temporary English title: "Conspiring with Spies"
Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Attending Cast: Gallen Lo, Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, Jacqueline Wong, Raymond Cho, Cheung Wing Hong, Jack Wu, Roxanne Tong, Stephanie Che, Lee Sing Cheung, Jimmy Au, Law Lok Lam, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Carat Cheung, Skye Chan, Mandy Lam, Glen Lee, Aurora Li, Lydia Law, Ivan Yau, Jonathan Lee, Gary Tam, Wong Yee Kam, Miguel Choi, Chung Chi Kwong, Angie Mak, Russell Cheung, Lily Liu, and Ma Yu Hin.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room

J2 Clip


ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

stheadline Clip

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More Forms Clip



- 20 episodes long.
- Gallen Lo will play a CEO.
- Fred Cheng will play Ringo, who appears to be the CEO of a security company, but it is a smokescreen, as he is actually a corporate spy. On the surface, there is nothing much about him, but he has a dark side within. He is both good and evil. He and Gallen battle in wits and strength for the most part. To achieve his goal, he gets close to Ali Lee. He bickers with Jacqueline Wong. He does not have a romantic storyline. He is Gallen's long lost son.
- Ali will play Rachel Chan Hei Man (陳晞文), an executive secretary. She is Gallen's personal assistant. She is a career woman and a single mother. At the workplace, she is a career woman, but once she returns home, she is a mother who does not know how to take care of her child. She has a five-year-old son. Her husband (played by Raymond Cho), Gallen's business partner, is missing.
- Jacqueline Wong will play Mani Cheuk Man Lei (卓敏莉), a career woman with a tough personality. She is also called 「Sal姐」. She is Gallen's stepdaughter.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play a corporate spy. He resolves the knot in the relationship between sisters Angie Mak and Roxanne Tong. He, Jacqueline, and Roxanne are entangled in a triangular relationship.
- Jack Wu will play Lam Sun Fai (林信輝).
- Roxanne will play one of the members of a corporate espionage team. She will use her social network and beauty to obtain information. She has more scenes with Fred.
- Stephanie Che will play Ali's good friend. Ali is always working, so she leaves her son with her. Her scenes are more lighthearted and heartwarming.
- Yeung Chiu Hoi will play Luk Kai Ho (陸啟豪).
- Skye Chan will play one of Gallen's ex-wives.
- Ivan Yau will play a gossipy employee at Gallen's company.
- Angie will play Roxanne's elder sister.

Visit @ J2 Clip (031916)

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Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (060916)

Completion Banquet @ TVB8 Clip

Completion Banquet @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (061316)

Visit @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (082916)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Provocateur".

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Personal Note: Fred as Gallen's sparring partner? Such a miscasting....

*Credits to 香港無線TVB8, the-sun, mingpao, stheadline, bastillepost, moreforms, gztv, 狂愛TVB, veuue.se, and 娛樂最前線e-news

"Fashion War" Opening Video



潮流 《潮流教主》 主題曲

作曲/編曲: 徐洛鏘

Moses Chan & Joel Chan on "The Green Room"

Ali Lee on "The Green Room"

Koni Lui, Sisley Choi & Becky Lee on "The Green Room"

Jeannie Chan on "The Green Room"

Lisa Ch'ng, Jacquelin Ch'ng & Vivien Yeo on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 1 @ TVBE Clip (022416)

Promotional Event 2 @ J2 Clip (022716)

Promotional Event 2 @ TVB8 Clip

Interview @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (022916)

Promotional Event 3 @ J2 Clip (030616)

Promotional Event 3 @ TVB8 Clip

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*Credits to azdrama.biz, 香港無線TVB8, and 娛樂最前線e-news

"I Got Married" - Linda Chung




我結婚了 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲: 鍾嘉欣
填詞: 王祖藍
編曲/監製: 韋景雲

沿路遇著是夢幻白馬 應會開花
可惜跑太快我卻沒有這功架 我那時 未到家
好姊妹亦不用害怕 這天 你也會有點驚訝
誰料愛情來到 太神奇嗎? 我能遇上他

*我結婚了 紅紅鮮花長長婚紗緩緩出嫁
這匹黑馬 心裡仍純白像雪花
我結婚了 能和爸爸還和媽媽陪同出嫁
找到黑馬 風雨沿途灑 陪我飛奔好嗎?

這位公主今天亦恨嫁 黑馬 你知嗎?
每位好友聽我議論你有點誇 我會話 沒有假
新娘妝亦可慢慢化 讓我再看看我的爸媽
為我輕揉裙褂披上頭紗 女兒像你嗎?

Repeat *

有如神話我能騎著馬 跨過 千里 遙遠都不可怕
也許早已注定你 可使我再怒放心花

我結婚了 紅紅鮮花長長婚紗緩緩出嫁
不必牽掛 今日完全付託他
我結婚了 能和爸爸還和媽媽陪同出嫁
這黑馬 風雨沿途灑 陪我飛奔好嗎?
這童話 陪我一生好嗎?

TVBE Clip (022416)

J2 Clip (022516)

"Scoop" Clip (022516)

"Scoop" Clip (022616)

J2 Clip (022816)

"Scoop" Clip (022916)

"Scoop" Clip (022916)

TVB8 Clip


"I Am Married!" - Linda Chung

To all my friends, viewers, and media friends who care about me:

Today, I am announcing that I am married!

Thanks to the media friends for their concern toward me until now; however, those who know me know that, regarding romance and family matters, I have always kept a low profile, hoping to do my best to protect my family that does not belong in the entertainment industry. In my heart, I have always hoped to be the same as everyone, to be able to have my own family and have an ordinary and blissful life.

Thank you, Lord. At the beginning of last year, I finally encountered him, my husband, Jeremy from Vancouver. Since knowing each other, we discovered that we share the same values, beliefs, and countless topics. He is mature and steady, full of love, a devout lover of the Lord, and is also gentle and considerate toward me.

Our love has also gained the support of our parents. The elders also hope for us to get married and have children, and I also hope to build a simple and blissful family with Jeremy.

Finally, last autumn, Jeremy proposed to me, and I accepted it because I am certain that he is the Mr. Right in my life. At the end of last year, we held a solemn and simple wedding witnessed by our parents and God. We are also respecting the elders' wishes to choose an auspicious day, on February 27th, to hold a wedding banquet to share our happiness with family and friends.

Here, I have to thank my sisters, Amazing Esthers: Leanne [Li], Eliza [Sam], Grace [Wong], and Christine [Kuo]. It was hard on you, keeping this secret for me too long! Thank you, Miss [Virginia] Lok and the TVB Artistes Department, for protecting my privacy by making all sorts of accommodations and arrangements when this relationship was just beginning.

Thanks to all my friends who care about me, especially the media friends. You have also been very protective of me. Hope that you 'love me, love my dog', and protect my husband, Jeremy, and understand that he does not necessarily know how to face the media.

Lastly, I thank God for letting me encounter Jeremy. Hope that the Lord guards and blesses our marriage!

Also, bless each and every one of you to also be safe and blissful!

Linda Chung

*Credits to LovingTBB, azdrama.biz, and 娛樂最前線e-news

Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Fashion War" Theme Music



潮流 《潮流教主》 主題曲

作曲/編曲: 徐洛鏘

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wong Jing to Remake Classic Series "The Shell Game": Patrick Tse Returns to Film with Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma


TVB and Wong Jing will be collaborating on remaking the classic series "The Shell Game" from 35 years ago, inviting 'Sei Gor' Patrick Tse, who played gambler Law Sei Hoi back then, to partner Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, etc. However, Wong Jing feels that pre-modern series are not as popular as back then, so it will be a modern series that is 30-plus episodes, with a theme on casino heroes. Filming begins in April, with location filming in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Extraordinary Health, Not Afraid of Staying Up All Night

Patrick has agreed to film. He said that the role is suitable, and he has free time. He said that "The Shell Game", this type of gambling series, he was the first one to film it, so finding him is 'finding the right person'. This time, his role is similar to Law Sei Hoi, being a gambler. He hopes that it comes out with a breakthrough, and he is not filming for the salary. The 79-year-old Patrick said that he is extremely healthy, and is not worried about staying up all night.

This time, in the new series, his partners are Charmaine, Monica Chan, and Kenneth. Does Patrick have an impression about them? "Charmaine has a lot of screen time in the series, but it does not matter whomever I collaborate with. Because I am an actor, the most important is that the outcome of the series is good".

Charmaine Sheh: "'Sei Gor' Would Not Slap Me, Right?!"

Charmaine looks forward to collaborating with Patrick, believing that she would benefit a great deal. Charmaine laughingly said, "I am guessing that he would not slap me, right?!" From what she knows, she has more scenes with Kenneth. Kenneth said that he only filmed a telemovie with Charmaine. Her acting is good, and there were a lot of sparks in their collaboration. Regarding having never collaborated with Patrick before, he is his mom's idol. His mom frequently praises Patrick as being cool and handsome. It is his honour to have an opportunity to collaborate with him this time.

Personal Note: Ma Ming was pulled out of a gambling series to film a different gambling series?

*Credits to mingpao

"K9 Cop" Theme Song MV




"You Got Me" - Linda Chung

你懂我 《警犬巴打》 主題曲 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲/編曲: 朱俊傑
填詞: 楊熙
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

全力的增光 每天說我該如何
誰若借意步近 全部也給驅趕

#只好將心 永遠埋藏
追追趕趕 但未曾活過我 (今天我今天我 只想與你悄悄的過)
一天一天 渺渺茫茫
簡簡單單 平常的快樂 只有你可以 隨時都許可

*從小也慣了 遇到苦楚
也要去 勇敢的撐過 Oh oh oh oh
猶幸我尚有 有你懂我
當我每次 跌破雙手
誰人能 全日安撫我 Oh oh oh oh
全賴我有你 伴我走過
(Oh oh oh Oh oh oh)

無事的猜想 有天到我該如何
誰又跌跌撞撞 行入我的心窩

Repeat #*(*)

全賴我有你 是你懂我

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*Credits to LovingTBB