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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TVB Top Cop Cadets

The entire world enjoys watching TV shows or movies that revolve around the profession of police. Over the years, TVB has filmed over 40 (between the years of 1984 to the present) police-related series, and some are more successful than others. However, TVB continues to produce at least 2 a year that would help to increase the healthy image of HK’s police force.

TVB Classic Cop Representatives
《獵鷹》 The Emissary & 《新紮師兄》 Police Cadet Series
Kong Tai Wai 江大偉 & Cheung Wai Kit 張偉杰

TVB Top Cop Cadets
《刑事偵緝檔案》系列 Detective Investigation Files
Character: Cheung Tai Yung 張大勇
Position: Criminal Investigation Department Senior Inspector of Police
Cheung Tai Yung's wisdom, calmness, and affectionate personality are vividly second to none. He is very hot-tempered and his words are very blunt; however, he is very righteous and extremely faithful.

《陀槍師姐》系列 Armed Reaction Series
Character: Chan Siu Sang 陳小生
Position: 特遣組 Senior Inspector of Police
Chan Siu Sang is charming and humorous, content with life, straightforward, and easygoing. He may seem careless, but he keeps his mind calm and his thoughts are prudent and meticulous.

《陀槍師姐》系列 Armed Reaction Series
Character: Ching Fung 程峰
Position: Major Crimes Bureau Senior Inspector of Police (AR I to III), Chief Inspector of Police (AR IV)

Ching Fung is intelligent and proficient. He is also prudent and meticulous. He has a lot of respect toward love and friendship.

《陀槍師姐》系列 Armed Reaction Series
Character: Chan Sam Yuen 陳三元
Position: Traffic & Accident Inspector of Police
Chan Sam Yuen's personality is very frank and straightforward. She is subjective and sometimes handles matters on a quick temper. She may look masculine, but her moral nature holds many special feminine characteristics.

《O記實錄》 The Criminal Investigator Series
Character: Wong Chi Chung 王志淙
Position: Organized Crime And Triad Bureau (OCTB) Senior Inspector of Police

Wong Chi Chung's personality and the way he handles every case is very similar to Cheung Tai Yung. Wong has a bad temper and his actions are very impulsive, but he is serious about his job, and he is very faithful in love.

《刑事偵緝檔案IV》 Detective Investigation IV
Character: Kong Tze San 江子山
Position: Criminal Investigation Department Senior Inspector of Police
Kong Tze San is wise and precise. He works objectively and has a rich sense of justice. He is very optimistic and is very caring towards his subordinates.

《刑事偵緝檔案IV》 Detective Investigation IV
Character: Tsui Fei 徐飛
Position: Criminal Investigation Department Constable
Tsui Fei is serious in speech and in matter. His sense of touch is particularly keen. He is rigid but is faithful in love and friendship. He likes doing things alone.

《法證先鋒》 Forensic Heroes
Character: Leung Siu Yau 梁小柔
Position: Senior Inspector of Police
Leung Siu Yau is an independent female character. She is wise and courageous, has a well-balanced soft and hard personality, likes to have everything arranged for others, and is aggressive and stubborn but is a very capable woman.

《雷霆第一關》 A Matter of Customs
Character: Lam Chi Kong 林志剛
Position: Customs Narcotics Bureau Inspector of Police

Lam Chi Kong fulfills responsibility with an ingenuous and straightforward attitude. His work is based on principles even though he is irritable.

《鑑證實錄》系列 Untraceable Evidence Series
Character: Tsang Ka Yuen 曾家原
Position: Inspector of Police
Tsang Ka Yuen is competent, filial, faithful, and pays very close attention to detail.

*Credits to tvb.com

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