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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kenneth Ma and Selena Li Flirt with Each Other

(Kenneth and Selena have worked together as a couple for over five times, so their chemistry should receive full marks.)

(Kenneth praised Selena's personality as being refined and delicate, and it is fitted for his conditions of marriage.)

(Selena welcomes Kenneth to pursue her and laughingly says that she does not mind multi-pursuers.)

Kenneth Ma has worked with Selena Li and Kate Tsui numerous times and have played couples in series. Out of the two onscreen girlfriends, Kenneth admits that he likes Selena more, which he is driving at a "Love Selena, Drop Kate" operation.

Kenneth and Selena again played a couple in TVB's "The Four". The two have been paired up for over fives times, and their cooperation cannot be less than him and rumoured girlfriend Kate. Kenneth admits openly that he prefers Selena over Kate. He says Selena's personality is fitted for his taste, and her attributes are also fitted for his conditions of marriage.

Kenneth expressed, "Out of Selena and Kate, I'd choose Selena because she gives me a very refined politeness, and a soft and tender feeling. Kate, on the other hand, is a rather strong and aggressive person, and she has a good sense of judgment. I like the delicate type. (What type of girl is fitted for your conditions of marriage?) Long hair, shorter and smaller (petite size), gentle, but not too quiet because I'm the quiet type. (Is Selena fitted for those conditions?) Yes, but too bad she already has rumoured boyfriend Patrick Tang!"

Selena also agreed that their outer appearance matches quite nicely, and it is a perfect match for an onscreen couple. She expressed, "Ma Ming's facial features (face) look very reliable and trustworthy. He gives off a very 'family' feeling. As for myself, I tend to give off a polite and good girl feeling because I don't have much bad news concerning me. So actually, Ma Ming and I do match. (Kenneth praised you for being refined and delicate.) Actually, I have an impolite side to me. I sometimes raise my leg up on a chair when I sit. However, when I was in Canada, I was very polite. Maybe my life in Canada was simpler. I'm fitted for his conditions of marriage? Really? Is this true? I do think Ma Ming is very handsome. (He said that it was too bad that you already have Patrick?) I don't mind if guys fight over me!"

Personal Note: Ma Ming and Selena are super cute! I would have translated and posted this sooner, but my sister was using my laptop to type a very important assignment. It all turned out for the better because I found bigger and clearer versions of the pictures. Awesome! Ha ha....

They filmed five series together, but have only sort of paired up in four of them. Hopefully, this is not the article Selena was talking about. I was expecting it to be a magazine article with lots and lots of beautiful pictures. Ha ha.... Now, I am hoping for a modern pairing soon! Ha ha....

*Credits to the-sun

Thursday, October 30, 2008

靚相館 - 李承鉉 Nathan Lee Seung Hyun


*Credits to baidu and other sources

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

《法網群英》 @ ATV Sales Presentation




This clip was pretty interesting because you can see the difference between the two stations. TVB is all about themselves, while ATV can openly talk about the opposite side. It is very funny how Kenneth Chan started off apologizing to Lawrence Ng about receiving a legal letter from TVB for filming for ATV in which Lawrence denied to. Later, Kenneth talked to producer Tang Tak Hei and introduced the cast in two groups: Group 1 - switching sides artistes (Amy Chan, So Hang Suen, Pat Poon, Winnie Shum, and Jacky Lui) and Group 2 - faithful artistes (Pinky Cheung, Joey Meng, Coffee Lu, and Berg Ng). Although Berg is very faithful to ATV, he actually graduated from TVB's Acting Class.

*Credits to ziyilian

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nathan Lee Supports Nancy Wu

Nathan Supports Nancy

Nathan: "大家好﹐ 我是李承鉉! Hello, hello! 聽說我的胡定欣! 會去頒獎所以.... Okay, I'll speak in English. It's Hong Kong, so I just want everybody to vote for 胡定欣, Nancy, because she is nominated for two awards this year. So, give her a lot of love and take care, okay. 加油! 加油! 胡定欣! I miss you!"

Thanks a lot Nathan!!! U add oil too!!!

Nancy Wu updated her blog with a video post from Nathan sending his support from Korea.

Nancy Wu TVB blog

Nancy Wu Yahoo! blog

Personal Note: Aww, Team Success is so cute! Nathan still says "胡定欣!" in a very high-pitched voice. He is so cute!!! The award for 'Most Improved Female' has to go to either Selena or Nancy because Tavia has to get 'Best Supporting Female'. It also seems as though TVB is acknowledging Nancy for her accomplishment in dancing. After "Strictly Come Dancing II, ,Nancy has performed at a lot of variety shows. On the other hand, Selena had a variety of different genre series this year. Also, her status in TVB is ranked higher than Nancy. They are both liked by viewers, so it is up to TVB to base it on whom they favour more. 真係好難揀呀! I'd be pulling my hair out if I had to pick one! Add oil, Nathan, Tavia, Nancy, and Selena!!!

*Credits to nann_yahoo_blog, tvb.com, and nann0981

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Iron Fist & Lam Yeuk Fei (Happy Ending)

(Starts at 32:00)
Yeuk Fei was blinded because of Song Chi Yin, so she enters with a pail of hot water while Iron Fist is taking a bath.


Iron Fist: Yeuk Fei, I'm not dressed (embarrassed and turning red)!
Yeuk Fei: It doesn't matter! I can't even see your funny-looking face.
Iron Fist: Yes, but that is still inappropriate.
Yeuk Fei: We both roam around in this 江湖. Don't be a sissy.
Iron Fist: It is very heavy. Be careful.... Ouch! The water is very hot!
Yeuk Fei: You are very hard to take care of. It is either too cold or too hot. No wonder your sister left you to go learn.
Iron Fist: But the water is hot.... Actually, I really miss my sister, but I know why she wants to do it. One, it is her dream. Two, she can leave this unhappy place.
Yeuk Fei: That's just too bad for her love relationship.
Iron Fist: Are you talking about her and Chasing Life?
Yeuk Fei: I'm a girl, and I know that she likes Chasing Life more than just a brother.
Iron Fist: Even if so, you can blame that they are not destined to be together.... Fei, that is why we have to cherish the person in front of us.
Yeuk Fei: What are you doing?
Iron Fist: I am saying, why don't we get together....
Yeuk Fei: (Embarrassed) Why are you saying this to me under these circumstances?
Iron Fist: I didn't mean that.... I mean, I want to take care of you for the rest of your life.
Yeuk Fei: But I am blind right now. I am not qualified to get married.
Iron Fist: What blind? As long as you agree to marry me, then I can take care of you, okay?
Yeuk Fei: We'll talk about it when I get healed.
Iron Fist: Agreed then. Once you get healed, then we will get married, okay?
(Yeuk Fei nods.)
Iron Fist: (He sits up.) Really? You will marry me?
(Yeuk Fei suddenly sees Iron Fist's face and touches it.)
Yeuk Fei: Wah! Why is the body so red? Is the water really that hot?
Iron Fist: Yes, the water is really hot. You can see?!
(Yeuk Fei covers her face while Iron Fist sits back down in the tub.)
Yeuk Fei: My eyes are healed! I can see again!
Iron Fist: Yeuk Fei (he grabs her hand), we should get married! We should quickly get married!
Yeuk Fei: (Embarrassed) Let go of my hand first.
Iron Fist: You agree first! You promised me, so you can't take it back. We should get married, okay? Come on, let's get married!
Yeuk Fei: Okay, okay.... Let's get married!
Iron Fist: Promise me?
Yeuk Fei: I promise you!


Later, Iron Fist holds Yeuk Fei's hand and goes around town to announce their engagement. However, the people from the Blue Sky Clan come and insist that Yeuk Fei lead the clan. Yeuk Fei agrees to be the leader of the clan because the clan was established by her father.


Iron Fist: Aren't we getting married?
Yeuk Fei: Come on, don't be like that. I can't let my father's establishment crash and burn. (She takes both of his hands.) As for our wedding, we can wait until the clan is back in order. We are just delaying it. We can still see each other when I become the leader, right? We can still.... Em.... I don't know what to say.... So.... just smile.

Personal Note: Aww, "The Four" is over! Ma Ming and Selena are super sweet together! Even though they didn't get married, they are still together. Unlike the other constables, he is the only one of the four to end up with his love interest.

*Credits to tvb and tudou