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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stars 'Shoot' You Down


Other than their status as artistes, they are also amateur photographers. They seem to be taking pictures wherever they go. They would upload and share them with fans or keep them for sentimental value.

*Credits to respectable sources

A Blast from the Past: "Triumph in the Skies"

Thankfully, Stephen Wong was in the series, or else I wouldn't have found these pictures of "Triumph in the Skies". The good 'S4' days! Look! Ma Ming is standing beside Nancy! Ha ha....

These pictures were taken during filming in 2002. Back then, Sammul and Bosco were very good friends. They didn't seem as though they were friends during the filming of "The Price of Greed". I guess Sammul was upset that one of the 'Six Olympic Stars' smeared him behind his back. It is quite evident that it was Bosco. It's not Lai Lok Yi, and it is not Raymond, Ron, or Ma Ming. Sammul had a great time filming "The Four".

*Credits to wongkalok.net

Shall We Talk: 寵愛厚愛偏愛 - Raymond Lam

*Credits to sharon @ www.raymondforest.com

Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Where the Legend Begins" Seven Steps Poem

My scrapbook featuring the most famous scene in "Where the Legend Begins", Cho Jik's 'Seven Steps Poem'.

Cho Pei requested for Cho Jik to come up with a poem in order to spare his life. The poem must be about brothers, it must not mention the word 'brother', and it must be completed in seven steps.


豆在釜中泣: 「本是同根生, 相煎何太急?」

English Translation:

Beans are boiled by the fire of beanstalks.
And beans cry in the pot:
"We both came from the same roots,
Why burn me so unrelentingly?"

The scene was filmed in two days, and overseas audiences watched it before it was aired in Hong Kong. Gigi Wong Suk Yi watched it in Canada back then, and she also praised the series for being one of TVB's representative works.

Bowie Lam and Jessica Hsuan's First Kiss

Yesterday, Jessica Hsuan and Bowie Lam filmed a kiss scene for "Pearl of the Palm". Jessica expressed that, even though she and Bowie have known each other for many years, this is their first kiss scene together. When asked whether she was worried about the swine flu (H1N1), Jessica laughed, "If I do get it, then it must be destined. Thus, if I need to go, then I would have left! However, I should have many years to work still". Jessica said she didn't have any special requests before filming the kiss scene. Bowie laughingly said that they kissed as soon as they got into position. However, the two couldn't hold back their laughs, and had to NG once before finishing the scene. Bowie said that he didn't chew gum or brush his teeth before filming the scene, but believes that he doesn't have stinky breath.

*Credits to mingpao

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kelly Chen Afraid That Baby Will Resemble 'Chai Gau'

Kelly Chen accepted Cha Siu Yan's telephone interview yesterday. Kelly is now 7 months pregnant, and she has gained 17 pounds. Kelly was told that whomever she wants the baby to resemble, she should look at that person more. Kelly laughs, "I'm afraid my baby will resemble Chai Gau! I am watching every episode of 'Rosy Business', so I'm afraid that my son will look like Chai Gau or Sheren Tang!" They suggested that Kelly should look in the mirror more often so that the baby would resemble her. Kelly says, "I look so horrible right now, so I dare not to look [in the mirror]! (Why don't you look at your husband's picture?) "He's more handsome in person!"

For Kelly's first pregnancy, she hasn't had any 'morning sickness'. She eats three to four meals a day, and she would practice yoga. She also talks to her baby. She says that her husband, Alex, would make weird noises to scare the baby.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Even Kelly is watching "Rosy Business"! It's not that surprising since Kelly enjoys watching TV series, especially when it's a Sheren series. I guess Kelly doesn't want her baby to look like other people. She doesn't mean Wayne Lai is scary-looking. Ha ha....

*Credits to mingpao

Catherine Tsang Wants Cast of "Rosy Business" to Film Another Series

A dinner party of 40 tables was held last night to watch the last two episodes of "Rosy Business". Sheren Tang couldn't hold back her tears when Wayne Lai's character, Chai Gau, died in front of everybody's eyes. "I still miss Chai Gau!" Susan Tse and Suki Chui were also touched by the ending. Since the characters of Wayne and Sheren did not end up, Wayne hopes that he and Sheren will have a chance to film a new series together.

Catherine Tsang says that "Rosy Business" would not be having a sequel, but would consider using the same cast to film another series. Last night, some audience members think that Sheren should win 'Best Actress' for this series to make up for 'Yue Fei''s loss. Catherine says, "In this world, you cannot turn back time. The award needs to coordinate many variables, such as voting. However, this time, Sheren has a chance!"

Personal Note: The biggest reason why Sheren lost to Gigi in 2004 was because Catherine supported Gigi to win (Virginia Lok apparently had Sheren's back). You can say that Gigi is like a 'goddaughter' to Catherine.

*Credits to mingpao

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on "73 Tenants"

The movie is said to be filmed in July-August, and will be released during Chinese New Year 2010.

Director Lee Lik Chi is considering Ronald Cheng, Louis Koo, and Miriam Yeung to Sandra Ng as the leading roles in the movie.

FYI: In order to celebrate Shaw Brothers' establishment for half a century, TVB will be producing three movies. Laughing Gor's movie, "73 Tenants", and possibly the magic one with Andy Lau.

Update on 《Laughing Gor之變節》 Girlfriend

The role of Laughing's girlfriend is yet to be confirmed. TVB insists on a TVB-er to play the role. The director, Herman Yau, says that over ten females have tried out for the role, but they have not decided on whom would be playing Laughing's girlfriend.

Virginia Lok says that the role will definitely not be Kate Tsui or Aimee Chan.

Stephen Chan says that it is not Chrissie Chau. He also hopes that the person for this role is a fresh face who hasn't filmed any movies or series. When asked whether the person has to be a contestant or winner from a beauty pageant, Stephen Chan says, "Not necessarily".

The decision should be finalized in the next two days.

The hot favourites for the role are Fala Chen, Bernice Liu, and Christine Kuo (Miss Chinese International 2009 winner).

Personal Note: If TVB wants a fresh face, then it is so obvious that Christine Kuo will get the role. However, Fala is heavily favoured by Stephen Chan.

Moses Chan @ Red Cross


Moses Chan and Kay Tse were filming promotional clips for Red Cross. Moses urges fans to donate blood. He explains that he does donate blood, but not on a regular basis. "Everybody should make donating blood a part of his or her life. It regulates your metabolism, and it is beneficial for the body and the mind".

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Characters in 《Laughing Gor之變節》

Michael Tse as Laughing Gor
- Undercover cop working in the triads for nine years.
- He is under Anthony Wong in the triads.

Wayne Lai
- Police sergeant.

Anthony Wong as Ah Yat
- Triad Controller.
- Has 6 or 7 girlfriends.

Francis Ng
- Triad Controller.
- Foe of Anthony Wong.
- He and Anthony Wong both believe that only one of them can exist in the triad group.
- His younger sister is Laughing's girlfriend. He opposes the two of them going out.

Eric Tsang
- Triad's Head Boss.
- Anthony Wong and Francis Ng both work for him.

Kenny Wong
- Anthony Wong's right-hand man.

Johnson Lee
- Francis Ng's right-hand man, but is possibly a mole for Anthony Wong.

Felix Wong
- Senior Inspector of Police.

Tracy Ip
- Lawyer; one of Anthony Wong's girlfriends.

Lorretta Chow
- One of Anthony Wong's girlfriends.

Ngo Ka Nin, Matthew Ko & Benjamin Yuen
- Police officers.

Edwin Siu
- Francis Ng's lawyer

TVB has not decided on whom would be playing Laughing's girlfriend, but Virginia Lok insists that they use a TVB-contracted artiste to take on the role.

Personal Note: It can't be Kate because she was already in "On the First Beat". Linda is filming "囧" right now. Nancy is not a beauty pageant contestant or winner. I don't think TVB has considered using Aimee Chan to play it even though she's the one playing Laughing's girlfriend in "E.U." (plus, she's bad). My bet would be either Fala or Bernice.

*Credits to mingpao

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ma Ming, Selena, Tavia & Nancy @ Conversation Without Topic


Selena: Hi!
Kenneth: What are we supposed to talk about?
(We can start now.)
Selena: Whose is this?
(For the blogs.)
Selena: Whose blog?
Kenneth: Your blog.
Selena: Oh....
(The same clip will be uploaded on both of your blogs.)
Kenneth: I'll stand up.
Selena: Sit! Sit!
Kenneth: There will be a height difference.
Selena: Welcome to Ma Kwok Ming and Li Sze Wan's blog. You talk!
Kenneth: Talk about what? Talk about what?
Selena: Your turn to talk. What are we doing today?
Kenneth: Today is the blessing ceremony for "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge".
Selena: Correct.
(You've been doing outdoor filming for a period of time now. Are there any scenes that the viewers should look out for or are quite memorable?)
Selena: Actually, Ma Ming and I have been filming outdoors for a lot of days already. Basically, every time we have outdoor filming....
Kenneth: Is very memorable.
Selena: No!
Kenneth: Every day, outdoor filming is very memorable for me.
Selena: I'm not talking about that.
Kenneth: Every time I see Selena, my heart would beat very fast, so it's very memorable for me.
Selena: I'm saying that, every time we have outdoor filming, we would ride bikes and would also bump into each other, so it's quite cute. I feel that, every time I see him....
Kenneth: No, sometimes I would give you a ride. It's very romantic.
Selena: Yes, he gave me a ride before. Wah! There's a pretty girl passing by.
Kenneth: Tavia!
Selena: Tavia!
Tavia: How come I'm not included? What are we talking about?
Selena: Since you came to my blog, my hit count will be very high.
Tavia: Really? It's your blog? Add it on my blog, too!
Kenneth: It'll be on all three of our blogs.
Tavia: But we're of a different generation. You guys are from modern times, while I'm from ancient times.
Kenneth: It doesn't matter.
Selena: Correct.
Tavia: I'm from 1912.
Selena: Correct.
Tavia: Hey, stop with your sweet talk!
(So what year are you guys from?)
Selena: We are now in 2009.
Kenneth: He's asking us what has been memorable for us while filming this series, and I said that, every day we start work, and I see Tavia, my heart would palpitate, so it's very memorable.
Selena: Wah! Before, he....
Tavia: Look at the way he amuses us. We don't have any scenes together. He's the baby in my womb...no, I already gave birth to you.
Kenneth: We bump into each other in the makeup room.
Selena: You can't be like that. Your rumoured girlfriend is over there...you can't say these things.
Tavia: That's right. I always say that you should get her to 'okay' (give permission) first.
Selena: Hey, rumoured girlfriend! Rumoured girlfriend!
Kenneth: It's only rumours!
Tavia: She's not admitting it. Look, she's laughing over there.
Selena: She's over there. She's right beside you. Swing your camera over there.
Kenneth: Next time, I'll be rumoured with Tavia.
Selena: How can you say these words in front of her, Ma Kwok Ming?
Tavia: Usually, if they openly talk about it, it's not real. The real ones...they won't talk about.
Selena: The real ones...they won't talk about. Look at her! She's smiling sweetly.
Tavia: Look at him...he's speechless.
Kenneth: 我都俾你激死!
Tavia: Are you blushing? You're sweating!
Selena: Swing the camera over there. (The camera swings over to Nancy Wu, and she waves.)
Kenneth: Actually, Tavia is my wife.
Tavia: Okay. Anyway....
Selena: Back to the series....
Tavia: Mommy! I'm saying hi to Auntie Ma. I know you really like me. My mommy likes him, too.
Kenneth: Is it true?
Tavia: It's true.
Kenneth: If it's true, then there's a chance. I can pass the mother-in-law test.
Tavia: Oh, it's so hot now!
Selena: I think you've already passed the test.
Tavia: She's only an outsider. Don't mind her.
Selena: Yes, I'm only the third wheel.
Kenneth: Talking off-topic....
Selena: Yeah, I don't even know what we're talking about.
Tavia: Let's get back to talking about today. Today is the blessing ceremony.
Selena: Correct.
Kenneth: So, you've been filming recently...mainly filming your scenes?
Tavia: Why are you stuttering?
Kenneth: Well, I have to suddenly think of a topic. Your scenes are being filmed recently, so what are your feelings?
Tavia: The second day of filming on set.
Kenneth: Are you happy?
Tavia: Happy...you amuse us every day.
Selena: But, too bad you're not filming with him. But it doesn't matter...when she's not filming, you come back....
Kenneth: My next series is with Tavia.
Selena: Really?
Tavia: Stop spreading this...if it's not true, it'll be embarrassing.
Kenneth: Spread it first, so they won't dare to change it.
Tavia: Actually, today is the blessing ceremony. Even though they are long filming hours, there's a lot of people, so I am happy to film this series. Also, the set is very pretty.
Kenneth: Also, Tavia is pretty. Selena is pretty, too.
Tavia: I know.
Selena: Nancy is pretty, too.
Tavia: I know.
Kenneth: Patrick (Tang) is pretty, too.
Tavia: Enough! I have nothing to say anymore.
Kenneth: I heard a rumour.
Tavia: What?
Kenneth: So, are you and blah real?
Tavia: Who?
Kenneth: Later, I'll talk to you off camera about it.
Nancy: If it were me, I would say the person's name.
Selena: Who is it?
Tavia: Who is it?
Kenneth: I'll talk to you off camera about it.
Selena: Who is it?
Kenneth: I heard a rumour.
Selena: What's his last name? What's his last name?
Kenneth: We'll talk off camera.
Tavia: Hold on a second. Let's take note of the female behind the scenes. All this time, she didn't say anything, but when the topic comes to who-with-whom rumours, she'll speak up.
Nancy: I know whose Tavia's is.
Tavia: See? When it comes to that, she'll speak up.
Selena: Exposing rumours!
Kenneth: Off camera....
Nancy: I know whose Selena's is, too!
Tavia: That is so outdated!
Kenneth: Later, I'll ask Tavia off camera.
Tavia: Okay, you ask me. We'll get back to...is there anything else to say?
Kenneth: No, we already said everything that can be said on camera.
Nancy: It was all nonsense!
Tavia: Bye! Bye!
Selena: Bye!
Tavia: We have to go film on set now. Bye! Bye!
Selena: Bye!

Related post: "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" Blessing Ceremony

Personal Note: Oh my god! They are so cute! The whole cast is going to have so much fun filming this series. Ma Ming is going to 'charm' everybody! Ha ha....

*Credits to tvb.com

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu's One Year Anniversary


Kenneth Ma was spotted the day before picking up girlfriend Nancy Wu after work at Pacific Mall. The two of them later drove to Causeway Bay Mall. Nancy got out of the car and went into the mall for a facial treatment. Kenneth then parked his vehicle and started to shop around. He then walked into a watch shop and purchased a $3,000 watch for Nancy as a gift for their one-year anniversary.

An hour later, Kenneth received Nancy's call, so Kenneth returned to Pacific Mall to pick her up. Nancy then paid for Kenneth's parking fare. Kenneth and Nancy were then stopped by reporters, as they were walking out of the mall. Kenneth and Nancy were stunned by the actions taken by the reporters. The reporters asked why Kenneth had free time to go shopping. Kenneth was slow to respond, so the reporters then asked where they were planning to go afterward. Kenneth said, "Going home". However, it seemed as though Kenneth was worried that the reporters may take it the wrong way, and quickly explained, "We are returning to our own home. (Thus, you are driving Nancy home first and then returning to your own home?) Yes!"

Kenneth seemed relieved after his explanation and went into the car with Nancy. The two seemed very relaxed, as they were driving away. They even allowed the reporters to take a picture of them in the car.

Personal Note: The media is so good at making up stories, and they sound so real! Ha ha.... I would like to believe that Ma Ming and Nancy are going out because Nancy says she would not reveal her romance after her past experience. However, Ma Ming and Nancy do live very close to each other. Since Ma Ming is a gentleman, it would make sense for him to pick her up and drive her home. Also, they are filming "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" together. Ha ha....

*Credits to singtao

TVB Producers

Catherine Tsang Producers

Lee Tim Sing


In production: "A Fistful of Stances"

Series: "Hotel", "Vanity Fair", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "The Brothers", "The Lonely Hunter", "The Fate", "The Emissary", "The Duke of Mount Deer", "The Yang's Saga", "The Foundling's Progress", "The Book and the Sword", "The Vampire Returns", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994", "The Return of the Condor Heroes 1995", "State of Divinity 1996", "The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1997", "The Duke of Mount Deer 1998", "Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999", "Crimson Sabre", "Reaching Out", "The Stamp of Love", "The Battle Against Evil", "Fate Twisters", "Point of No Return", "The Conqueror's Story", "Fantasy Hotel", "Safe Guards", "Best Bet", "Legend of the Demigods", "Sweetness in the Salt", "Man in Charge", "Rosy Business"

Lee Tim Sing entered TVB in 1969 and worked in fine arts and stage props. He transferred to become a director 1974. He became a producer in 1976 and produced "The Hotel". He specializes in producing ancient series, such as Jin Yong's Wu Shu novels; however, he will film modern series once in a while. His most satisfied productions include "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "The Emissary", and "Hotel".

Jonathan Chik Kei Yi


To be aired: "Fly with Me"

Series: "The Criminal Investigator", "Cold Blood Warm Heart", "The Criminal Investigator II", "Secret of the Heart" "Feminine Masculinity", "At the Threshold of an Era", "Healing Hands II", "Blade Heart", "War and Beauty", "Healing Hands III", "The Dance of Passion", "CIB Files", "The Gem of Life"

Jonathan Chik entered TVB in 1976. He became a director in 1981. He left TVB in 1992 but returned in 1995 to produce "The Criminal Investigator".

Lau Ka Ho


To be aired: "In the Eye of the Beholder"
Will produce: Modern series starring Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung

Series: "The Rise of a Kung Fu Master", "When Silken Hands Get Rough", "Behind Silk Curtains", "And Yet We Live", "The Final Combat", "The Justice of Life", "The Hunter's Prey", "Big Family", "The Key Man", "The Edge of Righteousness", "Down Memory Lane", "The Gentle Crackdown", "When Rules Turn Loose", "Heart of Greed", "Devil's Disciples", "The Gentle Crackdown II", "Moonlight Resonance"

Lau Ka Ho entered TVB in 1987 as a series producer. He left after 1995's "Down Memory Lane", returned to produce "The Gentle Crackdown". His wife is Mui Siu Ching.

Amy Wong Sam Wai


To be aired: "Burning Flame III" and "The Stew of Life"

Series: "Friends and Lovers", "Away of Justice", "The Change of Life", "Romance Beyond", "Conscience", "Food of Love", "Before Dawn", "Burning Flame", "A Matter of Business", "Face to Face", "Ups and Downs", "On the Track or Off", "Burning Flame II", "Slim Chances", "Back to Square One", "Hard Fate", "My Family", "Food for Life", "Under the Canopy of Love", "The Ultimate Crime Fighter", "The Seventh Day", "Last One Standing"

Amy Wong entered TVB in 1989.

Mui Siu Ching


To be aired: "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

Series: "This Is Life", "A Friend in Need", "The Sword and the Sabre", "Two of a Kind", "Yankie Boy", "In the Realm of Joy", "The Breaking Point", "Shades of Darkness", "Show Time Blues", "Working Women", "I Can't Accept Corruption", "Moments of Endearment", "Ultra Protection", "Life for Life", "When Dreams Come True," "Colourful Life," "Where the Legend Begins," "Family Man," "Better Halves", "Love Bond", "The Charm Beneath", "Forensic Heroes", "The Brink of Law", "Fathers and Sons", "Forensic Heroes II", "Pages of Treasures"

Mui Siu Ching entered TVB in 1987. Her most satisfied productions include "The Breaking Point", "Where the Legend Begins", "Family Man", etc. Her husband is Lau Ka Ho.

Alfred Tsui Yue On


To be aired: "The Beauty of the Game" and "Cupid Stupid"
Will produce: "Links to Temptation" starring Yoyo Mung

Series: "Happy Harmony", "Class of Distinction", "A Kindred Spirit", "Return of the Cuckoo", "In the Realm of Success", "Virtues of Harmony", "Virtues of Harmony II", "The Biter Bitten", "The Price of Greed", "A Change of Destiny", "The Green Grass of Home", "Speech of Silence"

Tsui Yue On entered TVB in 1975. He specializes in sitcoms.

Leung Choi Yuen


In production: "Ghost Writer"

Series: ""Happy Spirit", "The Final Verdict", "The King and I", "Lost in Love", "Guts of Man", "Trimming Success", "Land of Wealth", "Life Art", "Steps", "A Journey of Life", "The Greatness of a Hero", "A Watchdog's Tale"

Leung Choi Yuen entered TVB in 1975. He became a producer in 1985. He became a production manager in 1995. He specializes in producing series revolving around ethics.

Marco Law Wing Yin


Will produce: "Twilight Investigation" starring Wong He and Linda Chung

Series: "Dragon Love", "The Threat of Love", "The Threat of Love II", "Life Begins at Forty", "Angels of Mission", "Split Second", "Always Ready", "Welcome to the House", "At Home with Love", "The Building Blocks of Life", "The Threshold of a Persona", "A Great Way to Care"

Marco Law entered TVB in 1989 as an assistant screenwriter-director. He then became an assistant director, then a director, and then his recent post as a producer.


Tommy Leung Producers

Chong Wai Kin


To be aired: "Born Rich"

Series: "The Sword of Conquest", "The Commandments", "Revelation of the Last Hero", "The Link", "The Condor Heroes Return", "Heartstrings", "Drunken Angels", "Aiming High", "Happy Ever After", "The Legend of Lady Yang", "The Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre 2000", "A Step into the Past", "Invisible Journey", "Love and Again", "Vigilante Force", "The Legend of Love", "Twin of Brothers", "Just Love", "Misleading Track", "Real Kung Fu", "Maidens' Vow", "War and Destiny", "The Slicing of the Demon", "Wasabi Mon Amour", "Catch Me Now"

Chong Wai Kin entered TVB in 1988.

Poon Ka Tak


To be aired: "A Bride for a Ride" and "A Chip Off the Old Block"

Series: "The In-Between", "Everybody's Somebody's", "Man of the House", "Three in a Crowd", "Being Rich", "The Self Within", "A Tale of One City", "A Life of His Own", "Ambition", "Detective Investigation Files", "A Good Match from Heaven", "Detective Investigation Files II", "Detective Investigation Files III", "Untraceable Evidence", "A Rural Hero", "Untraceable Evidence II", "Detective Investigation Files IV", "The Sky Is the Limit", "Street Fighters", "The Awakening Story", "Let's Face It", "Eternal Happiness", "Not Just a Pretty Face", "Triumph in the Skies", "Summer Heat", "A Handful of Love", "Revolving Doors of Vengeance", "Ten Brothers", "La Femme Desperado", "Men in Pain", "The Drive of Life", "The Winter Melon Tale"

Poon Ka Tak graduated from 1975's TVB Acting Class. After graduating, he took on the position of an assistant screenwriter-director. He became a producer in 1988.

Nelson Cheung Kin Man


To be aired: "You're Hired"
In production: "The Season of Fate"

Series: "Where I Belong", "One Step Beyond", "Man of Wisdom", "Fate of the Last Empire", "Love Cycle", "To Love with Love", "Nothing to Declare", "War and Remembrance", "Unnatural Born Killer", "A Matter of Customs", "The Kung Fu Master", "Kung Fu Master from Guangdong", "Love Is Beautiful", "The Trust of a Lifetime", "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow", "Whatever It Takes", "The 'W' Files", "The Vigilante in the Mask", "To Love with No Regrets", "Lost in the Chamber of Love", "Into Thin Air", "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion", "Dicey Business", "Au Revoir Shanghai", "Wars of In-Laws II", "D.I.E.", "Your Class or Mine"

Nelson Cheung entered TVB in 1985.

Kwan Wing Chung


To be aired: "D.I.E. Again"

Series: "The Unexpected", "Net Deception", "Placebo Cure", "Scavengers' Paradise", "Wars of In-Laws", "To Grow with Love", "Face to Fate", "Survivor's Law II", "When a Dog Loves a Cat", and "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West"

Kwan Wing Chung entered TVB in 1980 and worked in the news department. He transferred to work as an assistant director in 1986. He became a producer in 1989.

Wong Wai Sing


To be aired: "In the Chamber of Bliss"
In production: "OL Supreme"

Series: "Screen Play", "At Point Blank", "Treasure Raiders", "Good Against Evil", "Square Pegs", "Find the Light", "Lady Fan", "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu", "The Academy", "Life Made Simple", "The Herbalist's Manual", "Heavenly In-Laws", "On the First Beat", "Marriage of Inconvenience", "Love Exchange", "E.U."

Wong Wai Sing entered TVB in 1981. He became a director in 1985, and then a producer in 2000. His most satisfied productions include "Square Pegs" and "Detective Investigation Files" series (director). His favourite production is "At Point Blank".

Lam Chi Wah


To be aired: "A Pillow Case of Mystery II" and "Sisters of Pearl"

Series: "A Taste of Love", "Law Enforcers", "A Herbalist Affair", "Doomed to Oblivion", "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love", "Aqua Heroes", "Greed Mask", "To Get Unstuck in Time", "The Last Breakthrough", "The Gateau Affairs", "A Pillow Case of Mystery", "Love Guaranteed", "The Family Link", "Men Don't Cry", "The Money-Maker Recipe", "The Four"

Lam Chi Wah entered TVB in 1988 as an assistant screenwriter-director. He became a producer in 2000.

Terry Tong Kei Ming


To be aired: "My Better Half"

Series: "The Driving Power", "Dream of Colours", "Strike at Heart", "Bar Bender", "Glittering Days", "Vagabond Vigilante", "Word Twisters' Adventures", "Phoenix Rising", "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", "The King of Snooker"

Tong Kei Ming entered TVB in 1975 but left after three years. It was not until 2002 that he returned to produce "The Driving Power".

"Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" Blessing Ceremony


Selena wore the exact top at one of the promotional events of "The Four".


When Selena saw Nancy, she quickly praised Nancy for her performance in "Rosy Business." Nancy expressed that she is confident that the ratings for "Rosy" will break 40 points. Also, Nancy and Ma Ming were very happy to take a picture together when asked by the reporters.


《鐵馬尋橋》現場訪問 (馬國明/李詩韻/楊怡/胡定欣)

*Credits to respectable sources