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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"TV Funny" Episode 2

Part 1

Part 2

"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: The 1993 Anniversary Skit was definitely funnier! The reenactment was loud and disorganized, and many of the artistes didn't have much to do.

Ha ha.... It was funny seeing some of the old costumes from the original skit being worn! :P

Enjoyed the 'Wu Song' skit! Really liked the three sisters, and it was funny how Eric Tsang and Louis Yuen were 'inch'-ing Ricky Wong! He he.... :P

Laughed when Chin Ka Lok pointed out that Michael Tse was wearing his hat from "A Bride for a Ride"! :D

1982 Anniversary Skit


  1. I definitely thought the 2nd skit was funnier, but I think I just enjoy watching any of these things when they have a big group tvb artists together. :D

    1. Also like watching group skits. :)

  2. LOL for sure the original of the 1st skit was more planned, so it was clear they had certain difficult actions to do. Meanwhile this newer version is really a chance to let the newbies try it out. So it was really a try hard chance for them to be funny in their own way. haha.

    I enjoyed the 2nd skit more probably because the jokes were clearly more thought out. LOL so nice to see so many familiar aspects of the 2nd skit: Virtues of Harmony costumes, background music & reference to Tung Mat Yuen. As well as Chin Ka Lok's hat. It was definetely easier to catch onto all the funny parts, even when they teased about Angela Tong and him.

    1. Funny how Cho Lam and Eric fit into Chi Goo's costumes! :P When wearing the same costume, also noticed that Nancy is much thinner now compared to when she filmed the series.

    2. LOL i was surprised too!! actually i think Cho Lam had his tailored..but the moment I saw the photos I knew it was one of her original costumes. Eric looks like he naturally fits it. Nancy always wore many of those "meen lap" to fit into the costume previously. But she has lost weight since then.

      It's nice they changed the script, lets viewers have something fresh. The original looked pretty funny too with Ah Chaan being Poon Kam Nin. So many classics, it's nice to have that lady back at TVB. We really need to push out the current generation to show they can be more than just "idol" status. Once they can let go of themselves, it'd be nice to see them all take part in Super trio etc! Makes me miss the good old days of the 90s fa dans~

  3. I've never seen the original for the 2nd skit, haha do you have it hyn?

    1. Don't have an online version of the original skit, but remember it being much different than the reenactment. As mentioned in the "Scoop" clip, they came up with different ideas for the new skit. :)