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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kenneth Ma Wants to Buy a Flat, Natalie Tong: 'You Do Not Even Have a Wife'




Artistes Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong were in Tseung Kwan O TVB City as guests for the TVB programme "Big Boys' Club" to promote the new series "ICAC Investigators 2016". Kenneth revealed that the real estate market has been in a slump recently, so he plans to take the opportunity to buy a flat. Natalie laughingly said, "You do not even have a wife; what would you buy it for?" Kenneth said, "I am buying one to live with my family. Hope to buy one in the same region...a larger area to live with my family. Have also been looking at flats everywhere recently".

Says That Kenneth Ma Is Picky When Choosing Females

Has Natalie introduced any girls to Kenneth? She said, "He is very picky. Also has to be pretty, and everything has to be good points, so it is like looking at flats...has been looking for a long time, but still has not chosen one". Kenneth laughingly said, "Yes, I am very troublesome. Also has to have money...the best would be to be able to provide for me, and also has to be able to go into the kitchen and go onto the bed". The two said that Jazz Lam plans to get married two years later; Kenneth finds it odd to plan two years in advance, while Natalie said, "Because there is a lot of love".

Natalie Tong Wants to Buy a Flat Before Marriage

Natalie also hopes to buy a flat. She laughingly said, "Girls buying a flat is different than guys...buy a flat to collect rent, and also have to buy it before getting married. If not, it would become a common asset". Does Kenneth have a female he admires? He said, "No. Like looking at flats, looking first".

*Credits to on.cc and LovingTBB

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" Theme Song MV

"Agony" - Hubert Wu

靈魂的痛 《末代御醫》 主題曲 - 胡鴻鈞

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 李峻一
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

即使一雙手救多少世人 推敲不到無常的運
忠奸跟正邪 難從脈搏判斷區分

*亂世中誰是春風 治退這靈魂的痛
落泊中沉默相擁 尚有眼淚來作救贖
離別了 仍留下記憶都滿足

紛飛的烽火快摧毀這城 共赴患難仍然冷靜
當心中有情 誰還懼怕冷酷鎗聲

Repeat *


亂世中人事匆匆 尚有救藥能找到
暴雨中沉默相擁 尚有眼淚來作救贖
離別了 仍留下記憶都滿足 餘生都不覺痛

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*Credits to tvb

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tavia Yeung Not in a Hurry to Have a Baby: Not Used to Being Called 'Mrs. Law'


J2 Clip



"Scoop" Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

stheadline Clip

East Week Clip

East Week Clip

HotTV Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip


Tavia Yeung, Roger Kwok, Rebecca Zhu, Helena Law, etc. attended a promotional event for the new series "The Last Healer in Forbidden City". Newlywed Tavia became the topic. Roger, who plays an imperial physician in the series, took her pulse on the spot, laughingly saying that there was a pulse-beat indicating pregnancy. He also laughingly said, "In the series, Tavia obviously really wanted to become my wife. Don't know why she suddenly became someone else's wife". Helena, who plays Empress Dowager Cixi, suddenly said, "It seems that someone eloped to England". Afterward, Helena gave a baby doll and wished for Tavia to have consecutive babies. Tavia initially felt embarrassed, but later graciously received all the blessings.

Explains About Not Wearing Wedding Rings

When everyone congratulated 'Mrs. Law', Tavia expressed, "Thanks, everyone. I am 'Yeung Yi'. (Law Yeung Yi?) His surname and my name, but really not used to it. Many colleagues congratulated me, but the matters of handing out cookies and holding a wedding banquet have not been done. Will definitely follow the tradition in having a ceremony. (Holding a wedding banquet at the end of the year?) Yes. Because it is already April now, don't want to be too hasty. This is the most important moment in life; cannot be done carelessly. Regarding netizens being curious about the two not wearing wedding rings, Tavia explained, "We have wedding rings. It's just that Him [Law] feels that the female has such a big diamond, and usually, there are no opportunities to wear it, so [he] wants to put the focus on the ring. However, the wedding ring may not be worn as much because it is not convenient due to work reasons, and I am also an absent-minded person who would lose it easily".

Holding a Wedding Banquet at the End of the Year, Mom Is Satisfied with Him Law

Tavia expressed that her mom is very satisfied with her son-in-law, and is extremely at ease; living together in the future is also not a problem. She said, "Did not say much. My mom is very reserved...just told him that taking care of her daughter is already enough. I want to go buy groceries with my mom and learn how to cook; it is the time to learn a bit". Regarding Him's father's cool appearance becoming the focus, Tavia laughingly said that it is a good thing. Her father-in-law said that he is used to seeing rough seas, so there is no need to wear a mask to avoid cameras. Has she been rushed to have children? Tavia said, "No. Children are heavenly gifts; will not be in a hurry. Just started another kick-off ceremony in life; hope that it will be even more exciting in the future. As for the matter of having children, will let nature take its course".

Hints at Not Renewing Contract with TVB

Tavia expressed that, after getting married, she will still continue to work. Regarding her contract with TVB expiring in April, although she had not expressed whether she would be renewing her contract, she expressed in an interview: "Still not finalized. Regardless of whether I would be working in TVB, my heart is still here. This industry is very small. There would definitely be the day of collaborating again, so not worried. We have gotten along for such a long period of time; there is a consensus".

Roger Kwok Shares Tips on Having Children

Roger described Tavia as having 'bliss' written on her face, congratulating her on entering another stage in life. He said, "I also secretly got married. She hid it very cleverly. Wish for Mr. and Mrs. Law to have hundreds of children and thousands of grandchildren. (Share tips on having children?) Can share a bit. It was having a daughter from eating more meat, and having a son from eating more vegetables...don't know if it's true". Regarding the series resurrecting from being in the 'frozen' list, Roger said that it was never said that it would definitely not broadcast. Back then, it was filmed at the same time as "Over Run Over"; now broadcasting together, so it is considered a normal time. Regarding the 'frozen' news, treat it as promotion for the series.

Linda Chung Gives Blessing to Good Friend

On Weibo, Linda Chung was very happy that good friend Tavia has joined the wives' club: "Yi Yi and Him Him!!! Have waited for your good news for a while...really very happy for you guys. Still remember when filming 'Heart of Greed', we would talk about who would get married first, when [we] would get married, how many kids [we] wanted to have, etc. Now, we are both wives. Wish for you guys to be blissful and happy and to be together forever, regardless of wind or rain". Fala Chen left a message with a sigh, accompanied with a crying emoji: "You are also married. Who else can I take as my wife?"

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*Credits to taviayeung.com, TVBUSAofficial, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, moreforms, and gztv

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" Opening Theme Video

"Agony" - Hubert Wu

靈魂的痛 《末代御醫》 主題曲 - 胡鴻鈞

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 李峻一
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

即使一雙手救多少世人 推敲不到無常的運
忠奸跟正邪 難從脈搏判斷區分

亂世中誰是春風 治退這靈魂的痛
落泊中沉默相擁 尚有眼淚來作救贖
離別了 仍留下記憶都滿足

Helena Law & Ngo Ka Nin on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 1 @ TVBE Clip (032516)

Promotional Event 1 @ TVB8 Clip

Promotional Event 1 @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (032816)

Promotional Event 3 @ TVBE Clip (040516)

Promotional Event 3 @ TVB8 Clip

Promotional Event 3 @ GZTV Clip (040616)

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*Credits to TVBUSAofficial, 香港無線TVB8, and gztv

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tavia Yeung and Him Law Get Married


TVBE Clip (032516)

J2 Clip (032616)

J2 Clip (032716)

TVBE Clip (032716)

"Scoop" Clip (032816)

TVB8 Clip

Ming Pao Clip

stheadline Clip

stheadline Clip

Sing Pao Clip

More Forms Clip


Oriental Sunday Clip

on.cc Clip

HotTV Clip

Him Law Kisses Wife Twice on the Forehead, Tavia Yeung Shows Off Ring: Waist Is 22 Inches, Not Pregnant

Tavia Yeung and Him Law, who have dated for four years, have been revealed by the media to have gotten secretly married, as they registered for marriage at Leeds Castle in England on March 22nd. The newlyweds returned to Hong Kong from England, with over 50 media waiting for them. When it was past 3pm, the married couple appeared at the airport hand-in-hand. Tavia had a ring on her ring finger, but the two were not seen wearing wedding rings. Tavia's elder sister, Griselda Yeung, and her husband followed behind, and even helped Him push the luggage.

The Moment Him Law Proposed, Tavia Yeung Moved to Tears

Tavia and Him accepted an interview. They admitted that they completed a registration ceremony and took wedding pictures in England. Him said, "Actually, it was mainly a trip to let the parents meet and to give my wife a beautiful and sweet memory". Tavia frankly said that she is still not used to being called 'Mrs. Law', and even turned her head in an embarrassed manner, telling everyone to not call her that. Regarding the proposal, they were tight-lipped, only willing to reveal that the proposal happened this year, and Tavia was moved to tears. How many carats was the ring? Tavia said, "I don't know. How many carats is not important; the most important is that there is heart".

Castle Wedding, Let Wife Marry Like a Princess

Him frankly said that they will later prepare for a wedding banquet in Hong Kong, but the actual date and location have not been finalized, and there are no plans to hold a wedding banquet in the village. Regarding the plans and the process for the castle wedding in England, Him said, "There were components of luck. Previously chose a few locations. Due to the coordination of time and weather, chose this castle in the end, which was unexpectedly lucky to let us hold a wedding there. England is filled with a classical air, and the most important is the hope to let my wife marry like a princess". Regarding the alleged $160,000 to rent the castle, Him said, "Money is not important; the most important is that my wife is happy". Tavia could not help but say with a sweet smile, "Thank you!" Regarding ex Theresa Fu sending her blessings, Him said with slight smile, "Thank you".

'Following Me Only on IG' Surpasses Love Declaration

Tavia hid the truth from all her family members. She said, "Did not deliberately invite; it was only 'those who want (to be caught) will get on the hook (voluntarily)'. Before the trip, did not say the purpose. Hoped to maintain secrecy. They only knew that we were holding a wedding after arriving there. (Your elder sister revealed your whereabouts?) Would not be mad; also a happy matter...not some reveal. Actually originally planned to tell everyone after returning to Hong Kong; it's just that it was slightly earlier than expected. (Are you pregnant?) No. How could it be so fast? My waist is 22 inches right now. As for having children, will let nature take its course, and leave it to fate". Would she take the advantage of not being too advanced in age to hurry and have a baby? Tavia, who is five years older than Him, rebutted, "Am I very advanced in age? I am still okay!" Him said that his wife is not in a hurry, so he would also not be in a hurry. What 'love declarations' were there? Him laughingly said that he spoke in English at the time; the entire process was full of mistakes. Tavia answered, "No need. You following me only on IG is enough. Actually, if you guys did not report it, I would not have known about this matter".

Certain About Holding a Wedding Banquet This Year, Not Certain About Contract Renewal

There were reports saying that the two respectively hid the truth about getting married from their companies. Him's company sent someone to pick him up at the airport, but TVB management was nowhere to be seen. Him expressed that, at the beginning of the year, he already mentioned to his boss that he had plans to get married this year. Regarding rumours of leaving the company, Tavia said, "The company has never opposed to any artistes getting married, so the matter of being worried about having to explain does not exist. All in all, it is a happy matter. Before seeing the media, I also did not dare to respond to any text messages, hoping to explain the matter all at once. (Contract with TVB has finished?) Still discussing. I can only say that I am very certain about holding a wedding banquet this year". She expressed that she has always maintained secrecy. No one in the industry knew; however, since they have dated for many years, believe that getting married is not some shocking matter. Tavia admitted that the two are already living together. After getting married, want to have a new environment to build their family, but Tavia insists on living with her mom.

Shows Off Another Wedding Picture: 'Thank You for Leading Me by Holding My Hand from Now On'

Afterward, the two left hand-in-hand. Upon the request of reporters, Him lightly kissed Tavia twice on the forehead. Their ride directly drove them to their Tseung Kwan O home. Tavia also posted a wedding picture on Weibo, saying, "Will be entering another stage in life. Thank you for leading me by holding my hand from now on. @himlaw Thanks to everyone's blessings for us". Him forwarded his wife's picture, saying, "Law Yeung Yi, thanks for your love".

*Credits to TVBUSAofficial, LovingTBB, taviayeung.com, 香港無線TVB8, mingpao, stheadline, headlinepopnews, singpao, moreforms, gztv, orientalsunday, on.cc, and bastillepost

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clips 1-6, Trailer & TVB Europe Trailer

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clip 1

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clip 2

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clip 3

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clip 4

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clip 5

"Blue Veins" Promotional Clip 6

"Blue Veins" Trailer

"Blue Veins" TVB Europe Trailer

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*Credits to tvb, LovingTBB, 鹿小儀, and TVBUSAofficial

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Over Run Over" Opening Video

Benjamin Yuen on "The Green Room"

Tracy Chu on "The Green Room"

Stephanie Ho on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 2 @ J2 Clip (031916)

Interview @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (032116)

Premiere Dinner @ TVBE Clip (032216)

Premiere Dinner @ TVB8 Clip

Promotional Event 3 @ J2 Clip (032616)

Promotional Event 3 @ GZTV Clip (032916)

Promotional Event 3 @ "Scoop" Clip (033016)

Promotional Event 4 @ TVB8 Clip

Interview @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (040416)

Celebration Dinner @ TVBE Clip (041416)

Celebration Dinner @ TVB8 Clip

Celebration Dinner @ TVBE Clip (042716)

Celebration Dinner @ Pearl Clip (042816)

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*Credits to qooxi, reiakiryu, 香港無線TVB8, gztv, veuue.se, and 狂愛TVB

Monday, March 21, 2016

《乘勝狙擊》 "Winning Attack" Costume Fitting



Date: March 21, 2016

Temporary Chinese title: 《乘勝狙擊》
Pinyin title: Sing Sing Jui Gik
Temporary English title: "Winning Attack"
Producer: Yip Chan Fai

Attending Cast: Ruco Chan, Lin Xia Wei, Joel Chan, Kelly Fu, Pal Sinn, Rebecca Chan, Jacquelin Ch'ng, Candice Chiu, Hugo Wong, Geoffrey Wong, Rosanne Lui, Poon Chi Man, Jazz Lam, Tsui Wing, Stefan Wong, and Tse Ho Yat.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room


Pearl Clip

"Buzz Stop" Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

stheadline Clip

East Week Clip

East Week Clip

East Week Clip



- The series is not mainly on gambling; gambling is only the background.
- In mid-June, there will be location filming in Macau for three weeks.
- Poon Chi Man, a gambler who runs a con group, has seven con artists under him: Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Lin Xia Wei, Jazz Lam, Stefan Wong, Tsui Wing, and Candice Chiu. Entrusted by Pal Sinn, they go to his casino, using cheating techniques, to find the mastermind behind the embezzled funds from the casino.
- Ruco will play Chak Koon Yat (翟冠一), a professional gambler who excels at cheating techniques. He is a conman. He and Lin Xia Wei are a gambling couple.
- Lin Xia Wei will play Ho Ching Fa (何正花), a 'Temple Street Mahjong Queen'. She has a bright and straightforward personality. Ruco is her enemy; they are a con group. She is also called 「Win姐」.
- Joel will play Hugo Ng Pak Yi (伍栢義), a magician. He uses magic to help Ruco cheat. He is a conman. He does not gamble. He only teaches Kelly Fu how to gamble. He has a romantic storyline with Kelly and Jacquelin Ch'ng.
- Kelly will play Chak Hei Yan (霍曦昕), the daughter of a wealthy family. She is very hardworking at work to show her ability to her father, Pal. She has a Macau background. She has a romantic storyline with Joel.
- Pal will play Chak Chun Sing (霍駿昇), a gambler. Because someone has embezzled funds from his casino, he needs the help of outsiders who have skills and are trustworthy. He and Poon Chi Man have known each other for a long time, and he knows that Poon Chi Man's cheating techniques are excellent, so he would be able to help him find the culprit of the embezzlement.
- Rebecca Chan will play Yau Yuet Wah (丘月華), Pal's lover.
- Candice will play Souvenir So Lai Fan (蘇麗芬), a master of disguise.
- Hugo Wong will play Chow Siu Leung (周兆良), a competitive Inspector of Police. He is a capable detective, but there is a conman he has been unable to catch. He and Lin Xia Wei will get married.
- Rosanne Lui will play Yuen Yau Chi (阮柔紫), a tragic mistress. Her intention and purpose is prostitution.
- Poon Chi Man will play Szeto Sang (司徒省).
- Jazz will play Ting Kuen (丁權), a martial arts expert who does mixed martial arts.
- Tsui Wing will play Lee Hang (李亨), a driver who helps in escaping.
- Stefan will play Ng Sai Fung (吳世峰), who is responsible for obtaining information.

Visit @ TVBE Clip (042616)

Visit @ Pearl Clip (042716)

Visit @ J2 Clip (051416)

Visit @ Pearl Clip (051516)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (051816)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (052416)

Visit @ Pearl Clip (052516)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip

Visit @ TVBE Clip (060116)

Visit @ Pearl Clip (060216)

Visit @ J2 Clip (061816)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (061816)

Visit @ Pearl Clip (061916)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (072516)

Completion Banquet @ Pearl Clip (072616)

Visit @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (082216)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Burning Hands".

Personal Note: A downgrade from Ma Ming and Elaine Yiu to Joel and Kelly....

So, the series actually has a lot of investigation and mystery in it, with gambling as the background.

Lin Xia Wei marries Hugo?

*Credits to reiakiryu, hellochinpang, the-sun, RCI, stheadline, eastweek, gztv, hk01, 狂愛TVB, and 香港無線TVB8

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clips 1-6 & TVBUSA Trailer

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clip 1

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clip 2

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clip 3

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clip 4

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clip 5

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Promotional Clip 6

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" TVBUSA Trailer

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*Credits to LovingTBB, tvb, 八時入席_晴同家人劇迷會, and TVBUSAofficial

Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Over Run Over" Theme Song

"True Lovers" - Stephanie Ho

最真心一對 《EU超時任務》 主題曲 - 何雁詩

作曲/編曲: 徐洛鏘
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

假使飛返過去 前夜會遇著誰
假使風景倒退 長劇會刪走誰
盤旋急風裡 捲不走有夢要去追
而陽光總要 經過雨水

每一章如一齣戲 還是笑中有淚
總要記得 別用後悔告吹

*無需有萬次只需一次愛 未懼流眼淚
留起這初春不需千百季 去看穿秋水
只要伴著你任花火散去 讓背影結聚逾越時空裡

假使講多半句 誠實卻有畏懼
假使收於心裡 今生將錯過誰
來年幾多歲 心中都有夢要去追
狂流沖擊過 終變細水

這一生如一齣戲 愛會是每天所需
可以化開 這生老病痛的唏噓

Repeat *

可不可 想不想 燈火熄了 安心進睡
千杯酒也許 仍然未醉 愛你偏透淨 似清水

無需有萬次只需一次愛 未懼流眼淚
如果愛一起修補未完成壯舉 珍惜過日子
伴你任風光遠去 讓背影結聚成動人之最
無憾一起飛去 還是最真心一對

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" Promotional Clips 1-3, TVBI Trailer & TVB Europe Trailer

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" Promotional Clip 1

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" Promotional Clip 2

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" Promotional Clip 3

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" TVBI Trailer

"The Last Healer in Forbidden City" TVB Europe Trailer

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*Credits to tvb, LovingTBB, and 狂愛TVB

The Making of "A Time of Love 2 - Germany"

*Credits to LovingTBB

Monday, March 14, 2016


TVB 2016 Drama Parade

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8"

"Over Run Over"

"Blue Veins"

"My Lover from the Planet Meow"

"Presumed Accidents"

"Two Steps from Heaven"

"Ne Zha and Yang Jian"

"House of Spirits"

"Law dis-Order"

"Dead Wrong"

"Brother's Keeper II"

"A Fist Within Four Walls"

TVB 2016 Variety Parade cum Overseas Business Collaboration Press Conference

J2 Clip (031416)

J2 Clip (031516)

"Scoop" Clip (031416)

"Scoop" Clip (031516)

"Extra" Clip (031416)

Pearl Clip (031516)

TVB8 Clip

TVB8 Clip


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*Credits to LovingTBB, 鹿小儀, reiakiryu, azdrama.biz, lovebosco.net, 香港無線TVB8, 娛樂最前線e-news, and gztv

Saturday, March 12, 2016

FILMART 2016 Trailers

Drama Composite Trailer

"Come Home Love: Dinner at 8"

"Two Steps from Heaven"

"Dead Wrong"

Artistes Greetings

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

Friday, March 11, 2016

myTV SUPER Promotional Clips

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

"Do Did Eat" Episode 5

Kenneth Ma and Alice Chan were the guests.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clips 1-4, TVB Europe Trailer & TVBI Trailer

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 1

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 2

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 3

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 4

"Over Run Over" TVB Europe Trailer

"Over Run Over" TVBI Trailer

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*Credits to tvb, reiakiryu, and 狂愛TVB

Thursday, March 3, 2016

《愛.回家之八時入席》 "Come Home Love: Dinner at 8" Blessing Ceremony



Date: March 3, 2016

Temporary Chinese title: 《愛.回家之八時入席》
Pinyin title: Oi Wooi Ga Ji Baat Si Yap Jik
Temporary English title: "Come Home Love: Dinner at 8"
Producers: Sandy Shaw & Law Chun Ngok

Attending Cast: Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai, Chung King Fai, Florence Kwok, Power Chan, Angela Tong, William Hu, Eric Li, Veronica Shiu, Mark Ma, Joseph Yeung, Kitty Lau, Ricco Ng, Chow Ka Lok, and Ng Ka Yee.

Time: 12:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio 11

J2 Clip


"Buzz Stop" Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

East Week Clip

East Week Clip


- The theme revolves around matters that happen at a television station.
- Teresa Mo will play a gentle associate director in the accounting department who is responsible for financial affairs. She has a meek personality, and frequently gets yelled at by Wayne Lai. She goes from being behind the scenes to a cooking show host in front of the camera.
- Wayne will play a television station producer with a rather irritable temper. Although he is a golden producer, he still listens to his father's opinions.
- Chung King Fai will play Wayne's father.
- Florence Kwok will play a television station executive. She is a career woman mom.
- Power Chan will play a hairstylist. He is Teresa's uncle; they live under the same roof.
- Angela Tong will play a hairstylist. She is Wayne's subordinate. She is Teresa's good friend.
- William Hu will play a host who was formerly 'fresh meat'. At the television station, he acts as the 'PR' for the various executives, resolving their conflicts.
- Eric Li will play Florence's personal assistant; they will have a romantic storyline.
- Veronica Shiu will play Yan Yan (殷欣), an optimistic production assistant under Wayne. She returned from overseas, and has a Western personality. She is Florence's daughter.
- Mark Ma will play a production assistant under Wayne.
- Kitty Lau will play Chung King Fai's wife's sister.
- Ricco Ng will play a production assistant under Wayne.
- Chow Ka Lok will play a production assistant under Wayne.
- Ng Ka Yee will play a production assistant under Wayne.
- Anthony Wong will guest-star for three episodes as himself. He and Teresa begin with romantic ties, but break up because of a meal.
- Winki Lai will play Anthony's assistant.

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Personal Note: TVB really does not want to let go of the "Come Home Love" brand....

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kenneth Ma Not Afraid of Collaborating with Patrick Tse


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Artistes Kenneth Ma, Samantha Ko, Fred Cheng, Jinny Ng, etc. were in Tsim Sha Tsui attending TVB's 'myTV SUPER' press conference. When asked whether the TVB telemovie "A Time of Love 2" that he and Charmaine Sheh filmed earlier would be the first on this online platform, he laughingly said, "Don't know. Only know that it will air there. (Charmaine's farewell project?) She is also working on the remake of 'The Shell Game'. I am also taking part. I haven't filmed series for a year". When asked whether he was frozen, Kenneth immediately denied, "No, my contract has not expired yet. The company has a strong lineup; there are many newcomers. I will film another series in July; the company knows that I have rested enough". Kenneth also revealed wanting to romance Charmaine in the new series: "Want to have a romantic storyline. Previously just filmed very short omnibus series with her. Her acting is undisputed".

Regarding collaborating with Patrick Tse in the new series, Kenneth laughingly said that he would allow slapping without getting angry: "I know that I have scenes with Patrick. Raymond Wong is also taking part. (Afraid of getting slapped by Patrick?) Not afraid. If the script requires it, then would allow slapping. (Afraid of him having a big temper?) Would not. Elders are usually very good people. My mom also likes him. (Bring your mom to visit the set?) She would ask me where I would be filming".

*Credits to hdfree.se, the-sun, mingpao, stheadline, and gztv