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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kenneth Ma in the Eyes of Others @ 《電視劇》 Issue 281



Leung Choi Yuen: "First collaborated with Kenneth in the telemovie 'The Healing Spirit' from some year, where Kenneth played an angel. Although he is tall and strong, he has a very pure disposition. In 'The Life and Times of a Sentinel', Kenneth's ability has already reached perfection. He is a very modest big kid...a paragon of virtue and learning!"

Mui Siu Ching: "Collaborated with Kenneth in 'The Brink of Law' and 'Can't Buy Me Love'. He is fully immersed when filming series, familiar with the script, punctual, hardworking, and would not care about screen time. Respects his work and enjoys it, and artiste ethics and acting ability are excellent. I greatly admire him!"

Lau Ka Ho: "Kenneth is very hardworking...is a rare good artiste. He filmed my 'The Mysteries of Love' and 'Three Kingdoms RPG'. I really like working with him, and also think very highly of him!"

Amy Wong: "He is extremely loyal. When I was filming 'The Other Truth', he, under the particularly busy circumstances of having his own series to film, specially used his resting time to help me do a guest appearance".

Cat Kwan: "First collaborated with Kenneth in 'Triumph in the Skies'. In the early stages, was still looking for new artistes. Our group of scriptwriters met with him; he didn't perform anything unique. When the series began filming, I was an on-site scriptwriter in Australia, frequently accompanying the director and staying beside the camera. When artistes did not have a schedule, would go rest voluntarily, with the exception of Kenneth. He, like me, would stay beside the camera, observing and learning. As far as I am concerned, this is truly what is different from others. I think that he is like a bottle of ripe wine...the longer [it is kept], the greater the taste. Believe that he will continue doing this. The taste will become stronger with time, and is also different from others".

Ka Wai Nam: "Hardworking, dependable, and courteous are the impressions that he gives me. We collaborated in 'The Brink of Law'. At that time, thought that he still lacked confidence; however, watching his series now, already does not have this problem anymore".

Mary Hon: "Kenneth is very diligent. Remember when he and I were filming different series. He was on the next set. Whenever he would have some spare time, he would come to where we were filming, silently watching how everyone was doing things and learning attentively".

Fala Chen: "We both filmed 'Can't Buy Me Love' and 'Grace Under Fire'. He gives me a very dependable feeling, and is very humble. He would always do his homework. Makes people feel at ease when collaborating with him".

Bernice Liu: "His acting is very good. When filming 'The Mysteries of Love' with him, feel that he is extremely gentlemanly. Very in harmony with each other. Extremely enjoyable collaboration".

Nancy Wu: "He really loves acting...has always been improving. Within the past few years, has already created his own road. In TVB, many producers like him a lot".

Personal Note: Always enjoy reading what others have to say about Ma Ming! :D

*Credits to Teresa80


  1. de

    ma ming, you are really a great actor!
    Your colleagues honestly give you a lot of compliments.

  2. Thanks for posting hyn5! It's always nice to read what others think of MM! His has good "Yan Yuen"! :)

  3. I'm watching grace under fire now, and wow, kenneth;s character 'yau sam sui' just BLEW me away. I totally think he should've won an award for that character. From the sweet, simple-minded guy, to a tragic sad character who ALWAYS got beaten up, then now turning into a manipulative, evil character. His character had so much arcs , ups and downs, just...amazing =].