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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jessica Hsuan @ Astro View Magazine

The article is about "Just Love II". However, Jessica talks about the actors she wants to work with at the end of the article.

Actors Whom Jessica Hsuan Wants to Work with Most

Gallen Lo
"Ever since "Golden Faith", we have not had the chance to work together. Besides, the chances of us working together are very uncertain. I think that he might immigrate to Beijing? Every time I re-watch GF, I would think that it would be good to collaborate again, since a great (acting) partner is very hard to encounter".

Moses Chan
"He is an actor whom I would like to try to collaborate with even though we never worked together. However, under my observations at the studio, he is a very serious person at work, and he is a very hardworking male artiste. I've filmed series for over ten years, and the actors are usually the same person...."

Damian Lau
"He gives me the feeling of a very fatherly figure, and he also sees me as a daughter. He frequently tells me about his life experiences. From me, he sometimes sees the younger version of himself, and he would talk to me about it. He hopes that I don't commit the wrongs he did. Damian Gor is a very professional actor. If new actors have the chance to learn from him, it is basically 'giving you money and putting it in your pocket'. It is very comfortable filming with him, even though we only collaborated once. I hope we still have the chance to play father and daughter. As for playing a couple, I am presently okay with it because Damian Gor is very cool!"

Kenneth Ma & Bernice Liu @ "Be My Guest Live on Stage"


Ma Ming and Bernice were at Stephen Chan's last show night of "Be My Guest Live on Stage". Other TVB-ers who went to watch the show included Moses Chan, Ron Ng, Selena Li, Shirley Yeung, Natalie Tong, Amigo Choi, Jack Wu, June Chan, Anna Yau, etc.

I wonder why Bernice didn't have any pics with Moses? Selena didn't have any pics with Ma Ming either!

Love Ma Ming's glasses! He wore those at "Strictly Come Dancing II". Specifically, it was when Ma Ming, Eddie Kwan, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu, and Christine Ng were getting off the bus, and arriving at Hunan TV station. The clip is viewable on Art-cer & Dan-tist.

*Credits to kennethma.org and mingpao

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flora Chan @ 1997 "The File of Justice V" Promo

"The File of Justice V" aired in HK on March 10, 1997. This was probably Flora's first public event as an artiste. I've been a fan of Flora ever since, but there are fans who had noticed her when she was a host on TVB Pearl. Now, that is what you call a dedicated fan!

I really miss Flora and the 'Dong Ka Fa Dans!'

FYI: You can see Bobby Au Yeung signing away beside her. After all these years, Flora and Bobby have never paired up. Miss Lok said that Flora will return to film a series with Bobby. If so, I'm looking forward to it!

Tavia & Selena @ "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

Those head sets look so heavy! It seems as though Tavia is getting a headache from the big hair. Also, it sure looks as though she and Selena are both having a hard time holding their heads up. Poor girls!


I don't think Selena is pregnant yet in this scene. They seem to be looking at a painting of some sort. I wonder whether Jason Chan is playing a prince from Mongolia or something.

*Pictures from 小維妮

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kenix Kwok @ 1996 Next TV Awards Number 2

This is from 1996's Next TV Awards presented by Next Magazine. Kenix was voted number two because of the popularity of "Detective Investigation Files".


She was already the female lead in her first series. Kenix Kwok has a stable position. Sitting at 'Dong Ka Fa Dan', Kenix's progress in television can be said to be 'smooth sailing'. However, she is still not satisfied. "I know I am really fortunate, but I seem to be missing something compared to others. Thus, I hope to film more great series and try different approaches. For example, I'm interested in movies and singing".

Kenix believes that her life's turning point was when she changed careers from being an insurance agent. Being an insurance agent had made her become more extroverted and more initiating. "I really like acting with my innermost feelings. It allows me to portray different people with different moods. It is very interesting, but right now, I want to try to act in a comedy series the most. I really want to see if I can do it!"

As for her win, Kenix informed her mother to let her share this joy together. "After receiving the award, I will place it at home. This is my first honour!"

Personal Note: For some reason, the English translation sounds a little off.

Moses Chan - Make Love Fresh

2005 TVB Valentine's Day Promotional Clip

English Version

Cantonese Version

Personal Note: Moses was filming "Land of Wealth". That would explain the baldness. He was so skinny! You gotta love his voice, especially when he says single words in English.

*Credits to tvb

Monday, April 27, 2009

Butts of Ron Ng and Raymond Lam

(Left: Raymond Lam & Ron Ng)

I remember TVB receiving a few complaints about Ron and Raymond revealing their behinds in the first episode of "Twin of Brothers". I don't know why people would complain. They were wearing skin-coloured underwear. TVB later edited it to make it look as though they were nude.

FYI: This picture was taken from Raymond's 2004 "Shall We Talk" from Ming Pao Weekly. I didn't think a 2cm x 3cm picture could be blown up to this size! Ha ha....

The Making of "Twin of Brothers"

Kate Tsui on "The Green Room"

*Credits to 雪子 @ katetsui.org

Update on "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

An insider visitor was on set and found out some juicy information about the series. Well, not 'juicy', but good enough.

- They are currently filming episode 25.
- Screenwriters added episodes, so it is now 40 episodes long.
- Filming will go until mid June.
- The series is rumoured to air in July, but someone on set said that it won't be airing till next year.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Child Actress Filming "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

Netizens from 狂愛TVB posted a link to a child actress' blog, and that little girl is currently in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience".


Her name is Kristy, and I'm not too sure if she is playing the young version of Tavia Yeung or the young version of Charmaine Sheh.


It is rumoured that Kristal Tin is playing Charmaine's mom. Thus, it would make sense for Kristy to take her picture with Kristal during this outdoor scene.


However, why is Kristy sitting beside Susanna Kwan? Doesn't Tavia follow Susanna?


Kristy probably plays Sam Ho, but how come she didn't take any pictures with Charmaine? However, she took pictures with Tavia. Lawrence Ng is playing the young version of Moses Chan, so he took a picture with Moses.

I don't know. I left a comment on Kristy's blog. Hopefully, she (or her mother) will reply soon.

April 29/09 Update: Kristy replied on her blog, confirming that she is playing young Tavia, not young Charmaine.

*Credits to http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/kristy19221, http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/lawrenceng1014, and http://hi.baidu.com/softent

Ron Ng to Film with Liza Wang

Ron Ng will be filming the 80-episode sitcom 《辦公司女王》 (女皇辦公室) "Queen of the Office" with Liza Wang.

The series will start filming at the end of May or the beginning of June, and it will take the time slot of "Off Pedder".

Wong Wai Sing is the producer.

Ron will play a nerdy office boy who doesn't speak much, and he will specialize in repairing computers and photocopiers.

Chapman To and Denise Ho will also be in the series.

Also, Ron said that his new music album is in the works.

Personal Note: Is this going to be Liza's Ophelia all over again?

Wow, Ron did say he was going to have four series this year. He is going to be filming like crazy! TVB finally realized that Ron can do comedy! It is about time!

I'm looking forward to watching Denise! I remember watching her in 1999's "Anti-Crime Squad". She played the teacher, Sin Kai Sam, who was paired up with Benny Chan. I remember Benny's character mispronouncing Denise's last name in there. Ha ha.... She and Benny also made a cameo appearance in "Armed Reaction II".

*Credits to chinapress

「閃耀全祥」 黎耀祥 Support for Wayne Lai


The second promotional event for "Rosy Business" was held today, and Wayne Lai was supported by a bunch of fans. They even used his name to make the slogan 「閃耀全祥」, which basically means, "the best amongst the crowd". The audience is sure giving its full support for the series.

The series will air Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 9:30pm. Sheren and Wayne have to be good! I can't wait!

Check out http://drama.tvb.com/rosybusiness/ for more info on the series.

Download the mp3 version of Ron Ng's "Red Butterfly.
(It is a clearer version than the previous link I had. :P)

*Credits to tvb.com, headlinedaily, and d228216 (WoSoLooPhoto2009)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Man in Charge" Theme Song KTV

"Behind-the-Scenes Person" - Kenneth Ma & Matthew Ko

幕後人 《幕後大老爺》 主題曲 - 馬國明/高鈞賢

作曲: 史丹利
填詞: 鄭櫻綸
編曲: 周永恆

台上戲 人隨著你 如像影不管那場地
來為你 同謀事理 能辯出招早見先機

*從未要發光台前 從未故意的爭先
光輝歡笑聲 我習慣靠於一邊
情在變 甘心飾演 你與我角色之間轉變
真心分兩邊 背後細節一千篇
藏在眼底居心可見 而真相未呈現
案中案 線索相連 要尋覓伏線要幾天
誰在這天不安可見 曾經有著良善 遺下惡終於被發現

誰未見 埋藏伏線 如偽裝心虛怕浮現
誰在變 誰人被騙 防範的心總放身邊

Repeat *

Friday, April 24, 2009

Heavy Head Ornaments in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, and Selena Li were busy at work filming for "Beyond the Realm of Conscience". The three of them agreed that the head ornaments were too heavy. Tavia was wearing a neck band (brace or support), and she pointed out that the female cast members in the series suffer from neck and shoulder pains: "The head ornaments are too heavy. Thus, by the time we finish filming the series, everyone will probably suffer from cervical vertebrae inflammation (swelling)! As soon as the head ornament goes on, our necks already have problems. Right now, my neck and shoulders are swollen. I have to apply ointment on them every night".

Selena expressed that, in her pregnant look, she is using chest pads to enhance the pregnant look, and the most toilsome part is wearing the big head ornaments. On the contrary, Charmaine is more relaxed because she plays a maid and she temporarily does not need to wear the big head ornaments.

*Credits to the-sun

Update on "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge"

Heung Joh said that he is signed with TVB and will film with Kevin Cheng in May.


Related post: Rumour on "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge"

Personal Note: Heung Joh probably signed a per-series contract with TVB. Thus, the confirmed cast members for this series are Kevin Cheng, Ma Ming, Heung Joh, Shirley Yeung, Selena Li, Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong, Yuen Wah, and Yuen Chau?

*Credits to takungpao

Ron Ng @ 《Yes! Magazine》 Issue 945

Personal Note: From this article, a lot of netizens are looking forward to "Rosy Business". They also hope for it to surpass Laughing Gor's popularity. I suppport 好戲之人 Sheren and Wayne!

Also, love Ron! Ha ha....

Laughing is huge!

*Credits to rononline