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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fala Chen Song Recording

"Scoop" Clip

Fala Chen was recording "Fall in Love with a Bird" (愛上鳥), which will be the first track on her debut album, "Beautiful Life".

Fala Chen on "Star Talk"

Fala Chen @ TVB Artistes Blog

Personal Note: The flaws in Fala's singing are even more evident without music.... o_O'

Fala mentioned that her first singing job was for TVB's 2005 Christmas ad.


  1. hahah i don't know why, but i find the way she looks when she's singing to be very awkward...hahah like she's trying too hard or something.

    1. Yes, Fala's expressions and gestures are quite awkward when she's singing.

    2. hahahha ... its like she's putting all these emotions into the song, therefore she thinks she's so good...... SO SAD! LOL .... she must really think she's musically talented.... she thinks she's joey yung or mag lam .. ppl who are famous for their singing. in her dreams.

  2. Seriously don't get why TVB's pushing Fala to be a singer, she can't sing ><" Some actors just need to stick with acting like Kenneth and Tavia.

  3. sport3888: I don't think tvb can push her, star shine really don't own by tvb or manage. She can't sing well that doesn't mean she can't sing for her fans.

  4. its funny because i read an interview of fala, and they labeled her as 'coming from a musically talented family, therefore her singing talents are evident." ..... im like omg so embarassing. "yum lok sai ga" ... i can't believe they said that because her family has NOTHING to do with music. LOL so embarassing