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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"The Other Truth" Promotional Event 2


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

For the first three episodes of "The Other Truth", the ratings peaked at 32 points.

Personal Note: Surprised that they mentioned that Ruco was a singer after he debuted in the industry (especially since the topic of singing was not discussed during the interview)...thought that they would mention that he was from TVB's Acting Class instead....

He he.... The host also wondered if Ruco would become 'the second Raymond Wong'.... ;)

There was most likely a mistake in the TVBE commentary, as the 'bouncing' gag sounds like something that Louis Yuen would say rather than Wayne Lai.... o_O

Not a fan of what Aimee wore at this promo event.... 囧!

"The Other Truth" Episode 4

"The Other Truth" Episode 5

"The Other Truth" Episode 6

"The Other Truth" Episode 7

"The Other Truth" Episode 8

"The Other Truth" Episode 9

"The Other Truth" Episode 10

"The Other Truth" Episode 11

"The Other Truth" Episode 12

"The Other Truth" Episode 13

"The Other Truth" Episode 14

"The Other Truth" Episode 15

*Credits to tavia.org and taviayeung.com

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Theme Song MV


"Reunion" - Ron Ng

團圓 《團圓》 主題曲 - 吳卓羲

作曲: David Kong
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Fergus Chow
監製: 鄧智偉

我說過 明晨風雨或天晴
伴你走 追索幸福這路徑
雖不固定 沿路欣賞優美風景
我與你 從前相約無憑證
鏗鏘歡笑與夜星 拼貼最好光景

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你說舊年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
無論心底的理想 有多遠

我聽說 難求一切是公平
不信命 仍是真心等你給反應
我見過 前頭懸崖和絕嶺
便成熟了 交出了真誠 擦亮眼睛

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你話當年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
留在心底的理想 誰也未變

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你話當年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
來讓心底的理想 實現 到哪地哪天
只知道 熱燙的心仍未變

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kenneth Ma @ DSC Commercial



Personal Note: He he.... Ma Ming's ads have been seen on buses, mini-buses, and trucks in HK! :D

*Credits to hongkongdsc

Monday, June 27, 2011

"The Other Truth" Opening Theme Video


"Hidden" - Ryan Lau

潛伏 《真相》 主題曲 - 劉威煌

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

場地配人選與事情 前後配合給你合適的反應
潛伏眼淚掩蓋實情 誰犯錯誰都會辯駁擾人視聽
有一雙眼做證 錯覺作弄眼睛 誰看清

記憶各種層次 連貫著更多懷疑
猶豫像不止 將傷痛劃破展示
哪一層次 情結讓痛苦蔓延
誰又在飾演 真相交錯未顯現
內心的碎片 沒有誰看見

"The Other Truth" Episode 1

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Personal Note: Enjoyed the first episode, so it's off to a nice start. :)

As expected, Ruco is quite charismatic in this leading role, and he speaks in a clear and well-paced manner while he is in court. Like how his character has a lighthearted side to him outside of court as well (e.g., poking fun at the 'clock' gift). Funny how he was jogging on a non-moving treadmill.... :P Also enjoyed his scenes with Louise. :)

Nice to see that Tavia has a more independent and mature role here. During the court scene, it looked as though she was speaking her lines with a lisp, but didn't find that she delivered her lines with a lisp, although she was indeed much clearer in her other scenes.

"The Other Truth" Episode 2

"The Other Truth" Episode 3

"The Other Truth" Promotional Event 1



Tavia Yeung Attends New Series' Promotional Event: Ruco Chan Complains About Not Having Intimate Scenes with Her

Bob Lam: "For example, kiss scenes, intimate scenes...."

Ruco Chan: "Perhaps...."

Tavia Yeung: "Thinking too much.... Thinking too much...."

Ruco Chan: "Hear that? In this series, I really.... Tavia won't let me kiss [her]. I only kissed her on the forehead once. I really wanted to kiss her".

Tavia Yeung: "Forced to kiss...."

Natalie Tong: "You weren't willing...."

Bob Lam: "It wasn't required in the script?"

Tavia Yeung: "I told him to kiss me on the lips, but he forcefully kissed me on the forehead".

Ruco Chan: "We switched it around. Wanted to kiss her on the lips, but ended up kissing her on the forehead".

Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma Publicly Flirt

Bob Lam: "More intense with Ruco or Raymond [Wong]?"

Tavia Yeung: "I'm obviously more intense with Ruco!"

Kenneth Ma: "She's obviously more intense with me!"

Natalie Tong: "She's obviously more intense with me!"

Ruco Chan: "Look at so many people snatching Tavia.... Oh, well.... Oh, well...."

Tavia Yeung: "Don't make any noise!"

Kenneth Ma: "Weren't you more intense with me?"

Tavia Yeung: "Let me stand back in the centre".

Kenneth Ma: "Do you need me to sing to you again?"

Tavia Yeung: "No need to yet. Wait a moment. I think that we're more intense. Why? Because we created sparks. We had an elevator malfunction. There were sparks, causing us to have sparks, so I think that we're intense because can catch on fire at any moment".

Kenneth Ma: "You and I also have many sparks".

Ruco Chan: "Really okay!"

Natalie Tong: "This is the truth about what we filmed".

Kenneth Ma: "Quite cheeky...."

Natalie Tong Reveals That She and Kenneth Ma Have Bed Scene

Natalie Tong: "I have a bed scene".

Tavia Yeung: "Let the camera scan down for a moment. Very easy to get fractures from bed scenes".

Natalie Tong: "The truth is that the bed scenes are not...."

Tavia Yeung: "Very easy to get fractures".

Ruco Chan: "Come here!"

Bob Lam: "You are the male lead in the bed scene, right?"

Natalie Tong: "We're saying...."

Kenneth Ma: "What male lead in the bed scene?"

Bob Lam: "She said that you guys have a bed scene".

Kenneth Ma: "You're saying who with me?

Natalie Tong: "He's used to it. You're used to it".

Kenneth Ma: "You and I have a bed scene?"

Ruco Chan: "You have tried it with everyone, right...during filming?"

Tavia Yeung: "I'll let you guys stand in the centre. You guys are sandwiching me...it feels very enclosed!"

Kenneth Ma: "No, she and I...."

Ruco Chan: "You have had too many, so can't remember it".

Kenneth Ma: "She and I don't have a bed scene".

Natalie Tong: "Too many...."

Bob Lam: "Talking about in the series, not in reality".

Kenneth Ma: "In the series, there were no bed scenes".

Ruco Chan: "You said there was! Oh, she wants to have a bed scene with you".

Natalie Tong: "We had many bed...."

Tavia Yeung: "Are you trying to get some publicity right now?"

Natalie Tong: "There really was!"

Kenneth Ma: "In the shot, there was a bed. She and I were standing there".

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip






Personal Note: As Ruco mentioned in the TVB Weekly interview, he kissed Tavia when they were stuck in the elevator.

Ma Ming and Tavia are so cute...did not expect Tavia to do a kissy face, followed by Ma Ming returning the action. They complemented each other really well. :D Also loved everyone's reaction after they did that...so funny! :D

There are many scenes of Ma Ming singing in "Back to the Three Kingdoms", so that should be why he asked Tavia whether he needed to sing to her again.

*Credits to tavia.org, tvb.com, and HKLOVE.org

"Chok" - Raymond Lam


Chok - 林峯

作曲/編曲: 鄧智偉/莊冬昕
填詞: 陳少琪
監製: 陳少琪/鄧智偉/莊冬昕

點樣擺甫士 都有你嘅事
點解穿黑絲 都會變怪異
點樣講清楚 都說有暗示
yeah yeah yeah yeah
點樣先君子 都會變錯事
點解穿黑T 都引你注視
點樣不開口 都會有政治
yeah yeah yeah yeah
誰在濫用氣勢 拎不起放不低
誰在繼續跳舞 誰用美麗作弊
不講點開始 都有你嘅事
不想裝公子 都會變怪異
不講傷心史 都說有暗示
yeah yeah yeah yeah
不講點終止 都會變錯事
不義一張紙 都引你注視
不想講FACE 都會有政治
yeah yeah yeah yeah
誰在濫用氣勢 拎不起放不低
誰在繼續跳舞 誰用美麗作弊
誰在濫用氣勢 拎不起放不低
誰在繼續跳舞 誰用美麗作弊

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Personal Note: It's quite 囧 seeing Raymond in hip-hop clothes.... Ha ha....

*Credits to 雪子Yuki

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"The Other Truth" Full MV & 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 731


"Hidden" - Ryan Lau

潛伏 《真相》 主題曲 - 劉威煌

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

場地配人選與事情 前後配合給你合適的反應
潛伏眼淚掩蓋實情 誰犯錯誰都會辯駁擾人視聽
有一雙眼做證 錯覺作弄眼睛 誰看清

*記憶各種層次 連貫著更多懷疑
猶豫像不止 將傷痛劃破展示
哪一層次 情結讓痛苦蔓延
誰又在飾演 真相交錯未顯現
內心的碎片 沒有誰看見

潛伏愛情隱蔽未明 沉著佈局一切並不需考證
能用眼淚洗脫罪名 蒙著眼迷戀悔恨最擾人視聽
有一雙眼做證 錯覺作弄眼睛 誰看清

Repeat **


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Personal Note: Surprised that Ma Ming has a kiss scene even though he is only a guest star.... o_O Also not used to seeing Ma Ming and Natalie as a pair....

The forehead kiss that was shown in this MV should be the one that was mentioned by Ruco at the promo event. :)

*Credits to peonywu @ tavia.org

Friday, June 24, 2011

"The Other Truth" Five-second Promotional Clip, Promotional Clip 6 & TVBI Trailers

"The Other Truth" Five-second Promotional Clip

Narrator: "June 27th @ 9:30pm. 'The Other Truth'. Carrying on the fight for justice".

"The Other Truth" Promotional Clip 6

Narrator: "A strong crew carrying out the legal proceedings for justice. A strong cast pursuing the true meaning of law".

Louise Lee: "Help us mother and son!"

Benz Hui: "Definitely want an appeal!"

Chung King Fai: "Don't worry".

Raymond Wong: "What you see in front of you...."

Ruco Chan: "Is it the fact's truth?"

Narrator: "'The Other Truth'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

"The Other Truth" TVBI Trailer (26")

Louise Lee: "If you didn't help the scumbag get acquitted of the crime, my son wouldn't have had to kill his bad father!"

Tavia Yeung: "By crossing the boundaries like that, you can easily get yourself in serious trouble".

Tavia Yeung: "Guilty for the crime of sexual assault!"

Chung King Fai: "Every witness' statement is bound to have a flaw".

Felix Lok: "If you cause any more trouble, the entire police station will be upset".

Ruco Chan: "I can give up everything. All [I] want is for you to go to prison!"

Tavia Yeung: "Everyone thinks that if the matter is taken to court, and that there are witnesses and evidence, then the truth will be known".

Raymond Wong: "Only the heavens know the truth of the matter".

Narrator: "'The Other Truth'".

"The Other Truth" TVBI Trailer (2'20")

Personal Note: Only a few more days.... :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"In Love with an Extraterrestrial" - Julian Cheung


戀上外星人 - 張智霖

作曲: Kim Bo Min
填詞: 火火
編曲: 黃丹儀
監製: 伍樂城@Baron Pro/黃丹儀

從前我在太空艙 小角色一個我 流落宇宙某一方
全憑你夜看星光 黑暗中喜歡我 才令我綻放花火
降落到 你心窩 帶點驚慌與錯愕
難得這種怪獸 能獲得肩膊

仍會記得 曾穿梭天與海
期盼這刻 無休止的愛 會被記載

銀河鐵路看風光 星與星穿插過 能被記下已不多
為何你沒有心慌 星宿中抱緊我 無懼殞石裡顛簸
我亦會 看不開 你卻寬鬆去對待
如我這種怪獸 誰值得寵愛

仍會記得 曾穿梭天與海
期盼這刻 無休止的愛 會被記載

這份愛不夠夢幻 你都不放棄不轉彎
謝謝你不管困難 沿途漆黑 伴你 不用怕

與你某天 還希望來生相愛
求你記低 曾哭泣的愛 淹沒眼蓋

Personal Note: Chi Lam is very fit! :D

Don't know why it took so long to release this MV, as Chi Lam already has a new plug.

Still think that the beginning of this song reminds me of Eason Chan's "700 Years Later".

*Credits to starstarfans

"Ghetto Justice" Theme Song MV


"No Time for Regret" - Hanjin

沒時間後悔 《怒火街頭》 主題曲 - 陳奐仁

作曲/填詞/編曲/監製: 陳奐仁

*為甚麼自卑 幹嗎要後悔 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗
我不會流淚 沒時間後悔 Yeah Yeah

拜托 不是三歲小孩 太多 人想看我受害
幫我 口口聲聲的說 到頭來結果 還是一場空

誰說 我不能自己來 成功 用雙手建起來
掌握 好的機會不多 這是我的秀 又幹嗎不做

Repeat *

拜托 別煩我 我不在 再多的電話都不開
在做專輯但電腦開 有甚麼好說 用電郵說

結果 還是得自己來 合伙 把公司建起來
經過 這麼多的無奈 也是時候 該給自己點愛

Repeat **

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Personal Note: Don't like the song, but still prefer the version with MC Jin's rap....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Other Truth" Promotional Clip 5


Louis Yuen: "Although he is the triad boss' accountant, does it represent that he is associated with the murder case?"

Louis Yuen: "Alex is not simple at all! He may have helped him launder money".

Natalie Tong: "Didn't you say that you're doing legitimate business for Lui Gor? Why would it be like this?"

Kenneth Ma: "No, he's framing me".

Louis Yuen: "If a lawyer develops feeling for the defendant, can professionalism still be maintained?"

Kenneth Ma: "I think that I am very lucky for finally being able to find someone worth liking".

Louis Yuen: "Alex may not be innocent".

Natalie Tong: "Nothing will happen to you. No matter what, I will definitely get through this obstacle with you".

Narrator: "'The Other Truth'. June 27th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Wonder how Natalie's character falls in love with the defendant....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

《On Call 36小時》 "36 Hours on Call" Costume Fitting Pictures



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 25 episodes long.
- The series will revolve around resident physicians at Mercy Hospital (慈愛醫院).
- Kenneth Ma will play Cheung Yat Kin (張一健), a senior neurosurgical resident. He will have a romantic storyline with Tavia Yeung and Mandy Wong. He and Him Law will fight over Tavia.
- Tavia will play Fan Chi Yu (范子妤), a cardiothoracic resident. Although she and younger sister Mandy work in the same hospital, they do not know each other. She will have a romantic storyline with Kenneth and Him. She and Kenneth will play an arguing couple. She later falls for Kenneth, but he does not like her.
- Him will play Yeung Pui Chung (楊沛聰), a neurological resident who is gentle but rather unfocused and immature. He later undergoes life-changing experiences (e.g., separation and reunion, life and death), and thus learns how to be a true doctor. He will have an admiration for Tavia.
- Mandy will play Hung Mei Suet (洪美雪), a first-year neurosurgical resident. Because of a childhood trauma and some misunderstandings, she becomes very competitive and always wants to surpass her elder sister, Tavia. She will be involved in a love triangle with Tavia and Him.
- Gigi Wong will play Wong Siu Ngang (黃笑鶯), a hospital cleaning lady. Her husband passed away at an early age. She independently raised her two sons (played by Kenneth and Nathan Ngai).
- Derek Kwok will play Lui Siu Yik (呂小益), a regional nurse in the Department of Neurosurgery. He and Kenneth are good friends.
- Al Wai will play Fan Chi Ngok (范智岳), a renowned doctor who is divorced. He is Tavia's father.
- Nathan will play Cheung Yat Hong (張一康), Kenneth's younger brother. He is a high school student whose legs are both lame.
- Benjamin Yuen will play Lau Bing Chan (劉炳燦), a specialist resident. He is a player.
- Paisley Hu will play Hilary To Ka Man (屠嘉敏), a strict advanced practice nurse in the Department of Neurosurgery. She will have a romantic storyline with Derek.
- Ben Wong will play John Chong Pok Man (莊博文), an associate consultant/resident specialist in neurosurgery. He and Kenneth are romantic rivals such that Kenneth is his wife's ex-boyfriend. He is Owen Ng's master.
- Mary Hon will play Si Yuk Lan (施玉蘭), the mother of Tavia and Mandy. She was originally married to Al Wai, but she was later attracted by dance instructor Bruce Li, so she remarried. Because of some reasons, she was forced to give up custody of Tavia; thus, Tavia hates her.
- Bruce will play Hung Kwok Wai (洪國偉).
- Catherine Chau will play Wang Hoi Kei (汪海琪), a nurse.
- Raymond Cho will play Chin Ho Tak (錢浩德), a high-ranking consultant in cardiothoracic surgery.
- Brian Tse will play Chui Sui Wah (崔瑞華), a first-year urological resident.
- Candy Chang will play Kan Ching Ching (簡晶晶), who is very good friends with Him.
- King Lam will play Wu Ming Tai (胡名泰), a resident medical officer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
- Kyle Tse will play Andy Law On Tik (羅安迪), a first-year surgical resident.
- Calvin Lui will play Fong Kit (方杰), a cardiothoracic resident.
- So Yan Chi will play Amanda Chan Ming Fong (陳鳴芳), an advanced practice nurse in the Department of Neurosurgery.
- Snow Suen will play Luk Sau Ling (陸秀玲), a nurse.
- Kirby Lam will play Tai Wing Si (戴穎思), a nurse.
- Jess Sum will play Ben's wife. She is Kenneth's ex-girlfriend.
- Helena Law will guest-star as Kyle's grandmother.
- Brian Chu will play the younger version of Kenneth's character.

Mary Hon's TVB Blog
Owen Ng's TVB Blog

Kenneth Ma's TVB Blog

Him Law's TVB Blog
Mandy Wong's TVB Blog
Ben Wong's TVB Blog
Raymond Cho's TVB Blog
Marcus Kwok's TVB Blog

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (083011)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "The Hippocratic Crush".

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Personal Note: Ma Ming and Tavia are playing residents?! 囧! No wonder Ma Ming's hairstyle looked so youthful here....

Quite surprised about the romantic storylines...hope that they won't be too 囧.... Also hope that the profession is the focus of the series, but not holding high expectations, since this is a TVB series after all....

Don't know why Him's shirt was not tucked in..... o_O

This should be the sixth time in which Mary Jeh and Tavia have played mother and daughter, as they also played mother and daughter in "Eternal Happiness", "Shades of Truth", "Fathers and Sons", "The Rippling Blossom", and "The Other Truth".

*Credits to tavia.org, taviayeung.com, the-sun, headlinedaily, wenweipo, tungstar, and Weibo