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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Five Flavours of New TVB Fa Dans

Sweet - Linda Chung

'Sweet' is Linda's delightful appearance. Her sweet smile, soft-spoken voice, and work ethics are constantly praised by veteran actors. As the Chinese saying goes, "Sweet to the Heart" is best described through Linda's character names, such as Seung Joi Sam, Yu So Sam, and Lau Sam Yu.

Sour - Kate Tsui

'Sour' is for Kate's various images in different series. Coming from the background of 'Miss Hong Kong winner', Kate's image is more daring than other winners. Apart from speaking openly about the act of sex (during a radio interview in 2006), Kate also let down her Miss HK image and took on the role as tomboy police cadet Man Jing in "On the First Beat" and the bad girl role as Camie Lo Ka Mei in "Moonlight Resonance". Although these sourpuss lips have received an award from HKFA for her acting, Kate still has plenty of room for improvement.

Bitter - Selena Li

'Bitter' is a word best described for Selena's roles. No matter if it is in ancient, a period drama, or a modern series, the majority of Selena's characters are tragic and weak. However, her ability to portray strong characters is not at all weak. With no martial arts or dance background, Selena fought rhythmically in "Face to Fate" as single mother Yin Ye Loi. Also, in "Forensic Heroes II", Selena was able to grab the attention of the audience with the role of Cat Lee Kiu.

Spicy - Nancy Wu

'Spicy' is the definition of Nancy's evil roles in ancient and period dramas. Her image as an 'evil girl' is too well-known to the audience. The 'spicy pepper' received full marks during the second season of "Strictly Come Dancing", winning her the fine reputation as 'Full Marks Dancing Queen'. Apart from playing 'evil girl' roles, Nancy's gentle side can be seen in "A Bride for a Ride" as Wong Sau Ying. In order to make the plain girl role more unique, Nancy added orchid hand gestures as a characteristic.

Savoury - Fala Chen

'Savoury' is also known as 'fresh flavour'. Fala's facial features are fresh and distinctive. They have the ability to captivate the audience with their sharpness and brightness. Using them to her advantage in playing the role as the mute Kam Wing Hing in "Moonlight Resonance" was an improvement in acting. Fala has great talent in language. The audience has witnessed a Fala who does not speak Cantonese to a Fala who is now more fluent and confident in speaking the Hong Kong dialect.


  1. I really like Fala! Beginning to like Kate too :D I think Fala has potential!

  2. Haha I like this post!! really entertaining! lols

    wow i didnt even realize they were the new tvb fa dans until you pointed it out who they were. haha i have a liking for kate and fala. both have potential to grow despite criticisms.

    nancy is rising too. I thought she use to be a fa dan section with tavia them..but i guess TVB stopped promoting her..but she's back up again! good for her =]

  3. TVB should give more chances to Selena!!!! :)
    I wonder if she's gonna go dancing this season????

  4. linda is defintely had a big change since her debut. kate not so much. I love nancy. she is AWESOME!

  5. I really love Nancy's personality! :D

  6. I love Nancy personality too. Great review!

  7. To Kelly:

    Thanks for reading! :D

  8. I think Linda has improved a lot since the beginning of her career and she seems like quite a good girl (i know it's cliche)! Fala definitely has potential. Nancy's been off screen for quite a while now. And i love Selena, she's getting quite good and she has such a sweet personality! But Kate - well...to be honest, i really don't like her acting or the way she delivers her lines...

  9. I like Selena, Fala and Nancy in that order. I can tolerate Kate - e.g. she was okay in both The Four and MR but I absolutely loathe Linda.

    Selena is just already really great. All she needs are chances to show off her skills and range - something TVB have yet to commit to do. Like you said, she can steal the spotlight even when she's just a guest star, like in FHII and BTROC. She's absolutely gorgeous in ancient (BTROC and Face To Fate) and modern.

    I see a lot of potential in both Fala and Nancy. Fala was very good in MR but that is just the beginning. Nancy was already such a cutie in TOB. Loved how mischievous her character was. Recently, she also stole the spotlight completely from Natalie in AFOS.

  10. I also thought that Selena was just awesome. But it was just that TVB doesnt give her enough chances. But nxt yr she'll have her first series as female leas and I'm anticipating to that. Fala was amazing in GW, she stole the limelight frm Linda. I don't really like Nancy that much though, but she's okay. Linda's quite good but I think she's promoted too much. No doubt she's pretty. But I feel that Fala's prettier. Kate just doesnt appeal to me. I used to hate her till the Four where I saw there she was quite okay. She was good in MR though she's bad. But i love Selena the most!

  11. Replies
    1. Tavia wasn't considered "new" at the time that this post was done. She was already mentioned in http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/2008/09/fa-dan-drinks.html and http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/2008/09/tvb-flower-dans-ii.html.

    2. Ohhhh ic thanks for correcting me