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Friday, May 30, 2008

"Strictly Come Dancing II" Eighth Round

On the eighth round recording, Lau Dan was the guest judge.

The "bottom" three PK with each other. The pair with the lowest score is eliminated from the competition.

The remaining five pairs PK with each other. The pair with the highest score from the previous round (the seventh round) gets to choose which pair they want to PK with. If a pair wins the eighth round of PK, they are automatically safe; however, pairs that lose the eighth round of PK face elimination along with the two pairs that survived the "bottom" three PK competition and the pair that was not chosen. Thus, five pairs will compare their combined totals from the seventh and eighth rounds of competition.

Christine Ng and Eddie Kwan were the first pair to be eliminated on the eighth night of competition.

Niu Meng Meng and Kenneth Ma won the eighth round of PK against Yang Ruo Xi & Zhang Jun Ning.

Chen Lu and Timmy Hung won the eighth round of PK against Angela Tong & Gao Zi Qi.

Angela Tong and Gao Zi Qi had the lowest combined total, so they were the second pair to be eliminated from the eighth night of competition.

Nancy Wu and Nathan Lee danced a contemporary/jazz routine and scored a perfect 10 from the judges.

Here are the scores combined from last night (seventh round) and tonight (eighth round):

Myolie Wu & Kevin Cheng
Judges Average: 8.5 + 9.75
Audience Average: 8.5 (193) + 8.64
Total: 35.39

Yang Ruo Xi & Zhang Jun Ning
Judges Average: 9.5 + 8.75
Audience Average: (187)
Total: 35.21

Niu Meng Meng & Kenneth Ma
Judges Average: 8.75 + 9
Audience Average: (197)

Angela Tong & Gao Zi Qi
Judges Average: 9 + 9
Audience Average: (186)
Total: 35.08

Chen Lu & Timmy Hung
Judges Average: 8.5 + 9.5
Audience Average: (183)

Grace Wong & Yu Hao Ming
Judges Average: 8.75 + 9.25
Audience Average: (191)
Total: 35.32

Nancy Wu & Nathan Lee
Judges Average: 9.5 + 10
Audience Average: 8.99 (184) + 8.49 (176)
Total: 36.98

Christine Ng & Eddie Kwan
Judges Average: 9.25
Audience Average: (186)

Again, Hunan TV changed the rules! They just can't make up their minds. It's so sad that "Present Group" and "Tall Soup Group" are out. I bet there was a lot of crying when they left.

According to the on-set fan, Myolie and Kevin Cheng danced a fast routine. Were they really that good? How come their scores were so high? I'm surprised they're still here. They must return to HK to film "Burning Flame III".

Some sources reported that these episodes will be aired on Friday, June 13, 2008, during summer holidays. With the show not being aired live, it takes out the whole purpose.

*Credits to baidu

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ada Choi Not Leaving TVB

Recent news speculated that Ada Choi would be filming ATV's "Who Is the Winner 2008". However, Ada's manager responded, saying that Ada still has a per series contract with TVB, and she is not backstabbing TVB. Ada will be filming a Mainland series called 《金錢本色》, which is not "Who Is the Winner 2008". The series will revolve around gambling, and her character is very similar to her real personality. However, her manager still cannot reveal too much information yet.

Ada's manager also revealed that "The Gem of Life" will be this year's TVB anniversary series and will be airing around October. Also, in October, she will be filming a Chik Kei Yi series for TVB.

This Mainland production company will be bought out by ATV, and the series will be aired on ATV, so it may seem that Ada is filming for ATV. Ada's manager also added that, before accepting this series, they had discussed the terms over with TVB and had gone through the proper protocol. This will not affect Ada's relationship with TVB, and her manager also expressed that Ada works well with TVB.

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

"Strictly Come Dancing II" Not Live

Due to the earthquake in Sichuan, China, the next two rounds of SCD will not be live. The TVB artistes have returned to Hunan and have recorded the next episode earlier this morning.

This is the information that fans got from this morning's recording:

Derek Li was TVB's host.

Kent Cheng was the guest judge.

The pair with the highest score from the previous round gets to choose which pair they want to PK with.

Myolie Wu & Kevin Cheng
Judges Average: 8.5
Audience Average: 8.5 (193)

Yang Ruo Xi & Zhang Jun Ning
Judges Average: 9.5
Audience Average: (187)

Niu Meng Meng & Kenneth Ma
Judges Average: 8.75
Audience Average: (197)

Angela Tong & Gao Zi Qi
Judges Average: 9
Audience Average: (186)

Chen Lu & Timmy Hung
Judges Average: 8.5

Grace Wong & Yu Hao Ming
Judges Average: 8.75

Nancy Wu & Nathan Lee
Judges Average: 9.5
Audience Average: 8.99 (184)

Christine Ng & Eddie Kwan
Judges Average: 9.25

Myolie and Kevin Cheng will join Nancy, Nathan, Christine, and Eddie in the bottom. They will eliminate one of these couples on Friday.

After that, the couple with the lowest score of the remaining seven couples will not have do the PK round because they will go straight into elimination.

When the host (Derek Li or Teacher He) asked Judge Shen to give MengMa couple (Niu Meng Meng and Ma Ming) some professional pointers, Judge Shen laughed and said that they look very compatible and that they don't need to dance. Teacher He made fun of them and said that, next time, they don't need to prepare a dance routine because all they have to do is hold hands and walk in a circle, and their scores should be high.

Nancy and Nathan are the best technical couple, and they have to stay until the end. They did a contemporary routine and were praised for having the best dance of the night. Nancy is a very good dancer.

Hunan TV keeps changing their minds. First, they didn't want to air the show. Later, they said they will air the show live. Then, they decide to record the show in the morning and air it in the evening. Not only that, they even changed the rules in the middle of the competition. Originally, the most popular couple of the night is supposed to pick which couple they want to PK with. Now they changed it to the pair with the highest from the previous round.

It sounds to me that Myolie and Kevin Cheng will be the next couple to be eliminated. The two of them need to return to HK to film for "Burning Flame III". Also, it doesn't seem as though Christine and Eddie are going to be eliminated yet. By changing the rules, they have saved them. Their judges average is 9.5, and I believe that the audience loves them and would like to see them stay a little longer.

*Credits to baidu

Monday, May 26, 2008

TVB-ers Back in Hunan

TVB-ers have flown back to Hunan to prepare for this week's "Strictly Come Dancing". Apparently, there will be two episodes of dancing this week. I'm not too sure if they will be eliminating two couples or not.

Here are more pics on MengMa team's jazz & rumba.

Upon returning to HK after Sichuan's earthquake, a Ma Ming fan took these pics from the airport.
Nancy Wu clawing Ma Ming. "Would you like some 'chicken feet'?"
Nancy Wu pulled down Angela Tong's hood and revealed her messy hair. Angela refused to get her picture taken unless she puts her hood back on.

*Credits to hifly and wilson's blog

男人胸肌魅力更強 Pictorial


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green Leaf - Tsui Wing

綠葉篇 - 徐榮

Artiste Name: 徐榮 Tsui Wing
Date of Birth: August 7, 1974
Height: 183cm
Origin: Northeast China, Shandong
Marital Status: Married
Family Members: Wife and a son born on February 2007
Interests: Martial arts, heavy-metal rock, and soccer


Tsui Wing graduated from TVB's 13th Acting Class in 1998. Many graduates from that year are more known in TVB. Graduates who are still active include Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Mat Yeung, Meini Cheung, Jones Lee Chung Hei, David Do, Wong Chun Sun (Ken in "Forensic Heroes I & II"), Hui Ming Chi, Raymond Chiu, and Bond Chan. Non-active graduates include Anson Leung (in movies), Olivia Fu (in/was in children programmes), Anna Yiu, and Ka Chun (now enrolled in Beijing's Acting School). During his interview for TVB's Acting Class, Tsui Wing performed martial arts, Nan Quan (South Fist), in front of the teaching instructors.

Tsui Wing's first big role was given by producer Jonathan Chik in 2004's "Blade Heart", playing alongside Adam Cheng. Then, he also starred in Chik's "The Dance of Passion" in 2006, playing Yim Kwok Gei. In the same year, Tsui Wing captured the audiences' attention for his role in "CIB Files" (another series produced by Chik). He and Gregory Lee played Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) officers. The two of them would make an entrance by rolling in on the ground or kicking down doors. These gestures were memorable to the audience.

Tsui Wing's breakthrough role came from 2007's sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" as Kau Chun. Tsui Wing captivates the character very well, playing a sycophant assistant who is impudent and shameless. He bullies the weak and relies on connections. However, all of those traits are acts to survive in the working world. Deep down, Kau Chun is a loving person who cares for those he loves. His character is loyal and faithful to his boss, Diana (Elvina Kong). For her, he would fight to his death to protect her and not care for his own safety. The role of Kau Chun has really brought out Tsui Wing's acting abilities.

In 2008, Tsui Wing also received a gold medal for servicing TVB for ten years with his other classmates.

Personal Note: I think Tsui Wing is a good actor. He doesn't look bad, he has a great frame, and he also has nice sideburns. I think he is very good at yelling scenes. Not many actors are able to do that without a bit of exaggeration.

As for the other four graduates in the TVB 13th Acting Class picture, I don't know their names.

*Picture from appledaily

Kelly Chen 《Kellylicious》


01. 大 Big
02. 有時寂寞 Sometimes Lonely
03. 中毒太甚 Poisoned
04. 主打愛 Plug Love
05. 傻男 Silly Boy
06. 太悶 Too Boring
07. 抱歉柯德莉夏萍 Sorry, Audrey Hepburn
08. 知我莫問 Know Me Not to Ask
09. 我的脆弱與堅強 My Weakness and Strength
10. 最好給最好 (香港美心月餅廣告主題曲) The Best for the Best
11. 隨夢而飛 (國) (《江山美人》 主題曲) (陳慧琳/黎明) Flying with One's Dreams (M) ("An Empress and the Warriors" Theme Song) ft. Leon Lai

"Sometimes Lonely" MV

"Sorry, Audrey Hepburn" MV

"The Best for the Best" MV

"Flying with One's Dreams" MV

Get Kelly Chen's new album at YesAsia!

*Credits to yesasia and mingpao

《法證先鋒II》 "Forensic Heroes II" More Pics



*Credits to tvb.com, hkdiscuss, and starphoto