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Friday, June 12, 2009

Did You Know...? II

- Benz Hui received the name 'Benz' because he was the first artiste in TVB City to drive a Mercedes Benz.
- Raymond Lam has flat thumbs.
- Wong Cho Lam and Joey Yung were elementary classmates.
- Bowie Lam once beat Yuen Wah in an arm wrestling match.
- Sammul Chan and Ron Ng shop for fishes together.
- Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng play soccer together.
- Sheren Tang's first series, "Legend of the General Who Never Was", received an average of 50 points.
- Yoyo Mung used her real glasses from high school in "The Green Hope".
- Adam Cheng must have eight hours of rest each day when filming.
- Liza Wang recommended Tavia Yeung to producer Poon Ka Tak for the role of Suen Hing Yan in "The Awakening Story".
- Kwok Fung is one of Steven Ma's badminton buddies.
- Bowie Lam once had a little crush on Flora Chan.
- Bobby Au Yeung always goes to the washroom before filming.
- Ron Ng was one of Myolie Wu's dancers during Miss Hong Kong 1999.
- People on the streets used to call Wayne Lai 'Power Chan'.
- Wayne Lai acts from life experiences.
- Michael Tse uses cooking to comprehend the significance of acting.
- Flora Chan does not like to pose when doing photo shoots.
- Lawrence Ng had higher marks in acting than Lau Ching Wan in TVB's Acting Class.
- Gallen Lo and Julian Cheung were performers at Miss Hong Kong 1997, and both escorted Charmaine Sheh during the competition.
- Shirley Yeung knew Catherine Tsang before she participated in Miss Hong Kong 2001.
- Frankie Lam likes to wear glasses to hide his frown.
- When Hacken Lee released his first EP in 1986, people mistakenly thought it was Roger Kwok on the cover.
- Ron Ng is afraid of the cold, while Raymond Lam is extremely afraid of the heat.
- Kenneth Ma once lent his winter jacket to a Sammul Chan fan during the filming of "The Four" in Mainland China.
- Sunny Chan used to walk around TVB City on his bare feet.
- Michael Tse did not know how to dance before entering TVB's Dancing Class.
- Charmaine Sheh's record for not sleeping is five days and four nights during the filming of "The Adventures of Emperor Qian Long" in 2005.
- Edmond So's name in "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" is Kenneth Ma.
- In 2004, Linda Chung represented "Virtue of Harmony II" at TVB's "All Stars Sports Gala" and won a bronze medal in the 60-metre sprint event.


  1. the bit about Ron and Sammul shopping for fishes together is cute. it reminds me of e.u. when they go fishing together. hehe

  2. ooo thats cool...so thats how benz got his name..haha i always thought it was weird he had such a unique name from typical "asian" names

    and haha nice to know VOH got some recognition even in sports..hahah props to Linda...it was running right? but..she wasnt facing only two other series members was she?

  3. Hyn, i was watching "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" and wanted 2 you that but you beat me :)

  4. To AC: Maybe that is why TVB writers put that in the script. Ha ha... :)

    To Lavendar_Bluez: There were many girls that took part in that event. Linda lost to Griselda Yeung and Chan Pui Si. :)

    To Noah: :D

  5. Very interesting, hyn5! I love it when you tell us these facts! They are very fun to read!

  6. lol it's all really funny

  7. I never knew Ron was afraid of the cold. Where ya get that from?

  8. PA on-set posted it on baidu. :)

  9. I remember you wrote that kenix kwok had a crush on julian cheung when they film 'Remembrance' was it true?

  10. To Anonymous:

    Check out this entry, http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2009/06/you-might-know.html

  11. Raymond lam has flat thumbs? How did u know that. HAHAHA :D

  12. To Anonymous:

    Raymond mentioned it during an interview with Ron when they were promoting "Twin of Brothers". It seems as if they were ran over by a bicycle. :)

  13. Ouch. Do u still remember where u watched it from? Can i have the link if u still remember? HAHAAHAH. Thanks. If u don't its okay :D

  14. To yvonne:

    I didn't watch it online, it was on "K-100" on VHS.

  15. WOw, Sammul and Ron shopping for fishes? Lol funny to imagine XD

  16. To XD:

    Yes, Ron and Sammul are actually very good friends, as they have common interests. :)

  17. @hyn5: These are very interesting to read.

    Will you be posting more interesting facts?

    Haha! My favs. are soccer buddies!

  18. To Guru:

    If I gather enough interesting facts, will definitely post them. Don't have enough yet....

  19. Isn't the plural of fish 'fish' and not 'fishes'? Lol not trying to offend anyone here :)

  20. To Anonymous:

    The plural for 'fish' can be 'fish' or 'fishes', but 'fishes' is usually used for different species.

  21. Wow never know Sheren Tang's first movie has that high of the rating T.T