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Monday, August 31, 2009

"A Matter of Business" Theme Music

The producer of "A Matter of Business" was Amy Wong, and it was aired in 1999. The cast consisted of Ada Choi, Chin Ka Lok, Cutie Mui, Joe Tay, Joey Leung, Florence Kwok, Joe Ma, Johnny Tang, May Kwong, etc. It was Ada's first series after winning 'Best Actress' at TVB's 31st Anniversary, and it was Chin Ka Lok's first series as a male lead.

Doesn't the music in the promotional clips for "The Stew of Life" sound like or remind you of the theme music of "A Matter of Business"?

"The Stew of Life" Promotional Clip 1
"The Stew of Life" Promotional Clip 2
"The Stew of Life" Promotional Clip 3

I wasn't able to find the theme video online, so I had to record a WAV file of the theme music onto my camera, and convert it from a WAV file to a mp3 file. Too much work just to compare the music to the music used in the promo clips of "The Stew of Life". Ha ha....

Also, the theme music for "A Matter of Business" has dialogue in the beginning for all 20 episodes of the series.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

《有營煮婦》 "The Stew of Life" Pictures



*Credits to falachen.cn and starphotohk

Congratulations to Miriam Yeung & Real Ting


Miriam's Response on Being Married to Real (Gary) Ting

Miriam expressed that Real proposed to her on her 35th birthday in February of this year. "He had a surprise birthday party for me when we were in Korea. He was down on one knee, and he was crying worse than I was. At that time, we had already planned to get married next year". In early August, the couple flew to Las Vegas to make up for Real's birthday, and he proposed once again. This time, Miriam finally agreed.

Miriam says, "I've once said in an interview, 「If life only has 60 years to live, then life at 30 years old is where the countdown begins」 When I was in LA, I had injured my neck playing a game, he said to me, "If your life is in the process of a countdown, we must cherish it. Will you allow me to accompany you on the rest of your journey?" I was shocked, and then I started to cry".

When asked about what she likes Real the most, Miriam sweetly said, "He is good at heart, and he is nice to me and my family. We have changed our life and beliefs for each other". Miriam says Real is mature and has a sense of humour. When she is stressed, he will give her positive energy. "He gives me the feeling that I can marry, and I've never had that [feeling] before".

Personal Note: So sweet! I am very happy for Miriam! I'm quite trilled that the big stars in HK's entertainment circle are married...like Eason, Nicholas & Cecilia, Hacken, Kelly, Leon, Andy (Lau), and now Miriam. Congratulations!!!

*Credits to 30fen, 楊千樺吧, and mingpao

《有營煮婦》 "The Stew of Life" Promotional Clip 3

TVB 有營煮婦 陳法拉新造型出場 (TVB Channel)

Personal Note: It's funny where Fala tells Timmy to stop saying "Yeah!" (moaning) Ha ha....

The series is about the three different love ages of woman, C9 smarts, and family. It sounds to me that it's a combination of "La Femme Desperado", "The Family Link", and "The Money-Maker Recipe" (all three are from Tommy Leung's side). Is Catherine trying to film C9 series now? Ha ha....

*Credits to falachen.cn and tvb.com

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma Are Very Passionate

Host: "Recently, Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma have been filming a series together. It sounds as though a bit of sparks have been initiated".

Bernice Liu: "Ma Ming and I have scenes every day. Thus, he is very happy coming to work. [He would say] 'Should we try again for this scene?' 'Should we do this kiss again?' Because in this series, we are quite passionate. Therefore, we have some kind of contact with one another in every scene. Thus, he likes to rehearse".

Personal Note: Bernice is so funny when she explains things in detail. She also likes to sway back and forth when she talks. :D

Ma Ming is just too cute! :D

*Credits to Siu Oi @ bernice-liu.org

《有營煮婦》 "The Stew of Life" @ 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 636


Personal Note: Jack is from "The Seventh Day". I wouldn't know because I've never watched that series. He he....

*Credits to falachen.cn