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Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Might Know....

- Louis Koo was a sit-in student in TVB's Acting Class for only one class.
- Anne Heung is Vinci Wong's 表姨 (aunt = his mother's cousin) even though she is four years younger.
- Kevin Cheng and Vinci Wong are 表兄弟 [cousins = Vinci's grandfather (dad's side) and Kevin Cheng's grandmother (mom's side) are brother and sister].
- Mary Hon, Ho Sau Sun, and Susan Tse were the first hosts of K-100.
- Mary Hon graduated from ATV's Dancing Class.
- Wong He's actor name was formed on May 1, 1992.
- Wong He holds the record for climbing Mount Everest at the elevation of 6,318 meters by a Hong Kong actor.
- Tsui Wing has natural curly hair.
- Gallen Lo does not like his sideburns being touched.
- Kenix Kwok had a crush on Julian Cheung while filming "Remembrance". Back then, Julian and Anita Yuen's relationship did not surface yet.
- Charmaine Sheh had a crush on Sunny Chan because of filming "The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain" and "Detective Investigation Files IV" back to back.
- Nick Cheung used to be cross-eyed.
- Sammul Chan is the one who nicknamed Ron Ng '唔唱K'.
- Anne Heung's ideal husband is a combination of Bobby Au Yeung and Moses Chan.
- Louis Koo loves to drink Coca-Cola, even though he is now a spokesperson for Pepsi. His highest record is drinking 16 cans in a day.
- Ron Ng likes to sit on the set floor during filming breaks.
- Bobby Au Yeung's highest mark in TVB's Acting Class was not in acting; instead, it was in modern dance.
- With his eyes closed, Moses Chan can draw Kwong Wa.
- Kwong Wa won 'Best New Artiste' at the 9th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards in 1989.
- Sammul Chan's English name is 'Sammul' because he misspelled 'Samuel' when applying for his child identity card.
- Joel Chan often buys clothes for Raymond Lam.
- Ada Choi used to pray before filming any kiss scenes.
- Flora Chan likes to bite the people she loves.
- John Chiang's daughter calls Bosco Wong 'little brother'.
- Tavia Yeung's picture was on Hunan TV's poster for season one's "Strictly Come Dancing".
- Wong He, Bowie Lam, and Nick Cheung used to be HK police officers.
- Joe Ma used to be in the HK police force as a VIPPU (Very Important Person Protection Unit) agent, also known as G4.
- The role of Issac Tong was first offered Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Raymond Lam, and then Ron Ng.
- Ron Ng tried out for the role of Lai Ming Tong in "Eternal Happiness".


  1. i think by far this is the best did you know things. it is hilarious. Who is vinci wong? nick cheung used to be cross-eyed? that is really funny! does moses like kwong wah like an idol? he can draw him with his eyes closed. by the way, where is kwong wah. sammul mispelling his name is another funny thing. ada prayed before kissing?!!! That's funny too and who is john's daughter? I can't believe bowie was once a cop but wong he has the cop look though and I've always known joe was a cop because my mum told me.

  2. Vinci used to be host in TVB.

    When Moses was filming "Riches and Stitches" with Kwong Wah, Moses bet Kwong Wah that he can draw a picture of him without looking at him. So, Moses drew Kwong Wah a picture.

    I'm not sure what Kwong Wah is doing now. He should be filming series in Mainland. He and his wife was baptized last year. He used to be a dedicated Buddhist.

    John Chiang's daughter does not work in the industry. She is married to Raymond Cho.

  3. Wow really? Bowie used to be a police officer? You really can't tell cos' he's...out of shape lol

  4. Before Bowie entered the entertainment business, he was a police officer. :)

  5. Did Sammul really nickname Ron? I heard from an interview that it was his fans that named him. But ever since then, people have been calling him that, which is funny.

  6. hahaha love this post of you might know..LOL

    who is ho sau sun?? but that's pretty cool that mary hon and susan tse were the 1st k-100 hosts... i dont get it..so does k-100 have random hosts? or is k-100 really old?? i remember watching this show for entertainment news since i was a kid..but they took off the show ..XP it remains my favourite entertainment news show

    hahah bobby's highest mark was for modern dancing?? LOL omg really?!!! lolz...id love to see him dance!

    and lol to sammul...spelt his name wrong..haha

  7. To Anonymous: Yes, Sammul was the first to call Ron that. :)

    To Lavendar_Bluez: Ho Sau Sun is George Yan in "Off Pedder". He is the one that plays Teresa Mo's dad."K-100" started off in TVB's early days. I, too loved watching it. Too bad TVB had to cancel it. :(

    TVB didn't have enough dancers for Miss HK '82, Bobby and Tony Leung were sent to back up dancers to assist the contestants. :) Go Bobby!

  8. oooo him..yeah not surprised then..apparently he's an infamous host...even Dodo learns from him..
    haha and there use to be like Jade Starbiz rite? another really good entertainment show... im not too fond of TVB's current ones...Scoop now has a mix of entertainment and non-entertainment...o.0

    omg..really?? even tony leung?? HAHAHA...omg i wanna see bobby dance..LOL..

  9. I, too liked "Jade Starbiz"!

    Yeah, I was so eager to watch the "Scoop" when I was in China, but it was the first ep. that TVB changed the format of the show to half entertainment and half non-entertainment. It was so boring! I was so mad!

  10. Wow, great list. I didn't know some of this stuff. Bowie was a cop? No wonder he played so many "cop" roles. And I love the one about "Remembrance" since that is one of my favorite series...I always loved the chemistry Julian and Kenix had in that series.

  11. The Bobby and Sammul ones were hilarious!!

  12. To Anonymous:

    You weren't the only one that was surprised that Bowie used to be a police officer. :) He even mentioned it on "Super Trio" when he was playing the gate game with Flora in 1998. :D

    To Anonymous:

    Bobby and Tony Leung were picked out of that year's TVB Acting Class to escort that year's Miss HK and dance with them. :)

    Yeah, Sammul had kept his name since then. :)

    Would it be possible for anyone using the name "Anonymous" to use a name by selecting "Name/URL". You do not have to enter the URL. I like to refer to people by name instead of Anonymous. Especially, if there are more than one using Anonymous. Thanks! :D

  13. The clothes that Joel gets for Raymond are so crap... have you seen those shorts?

  14. To Vaneffle:

    Raymond is not suited to wear shorts or three-quarter pants. Even Raymond Chiu has made fun of him! :D

  15. Joel buys Ray's clothes? That explains A LOT! Ray's style is completely ridiculous.
    Aww, the Sammul one is so cute, hehe.

  16. To Advo:

    Yet Joel has been praised for being trendy with his clothing style....

  17. ^I'm sure it's trendy, it's just also ugly. I'm just not in favour of the ostentatious style, I guess.

  18. LOL Sammul mispelled his name?? No wonder!!! OMG wow, I had no idea!!! Thx for posting, all these facts are so fun to read!

  19. To XD:

    He he.... A lot of people did not know where Sammul's English name came from. Now you know. ;)

  20. omg this is hilarious, cant believe that bobby danced, it would be funny to see him do that now, do you have a clip of him doing it?

  21. To lol:

    Unfortunately, I do not have a clip of him dancing, but I will definitely post it if I do find it. :)

  22. Weird that Ron likes to sit on the floor during filming breaks. Haha!

  23. @hyn5 where did you read abut Charmaine's crush for Sunny? I remember seeing function photos during DIF4 where Sunny had his arm on Charmaine's shoulder and at that time I was really wishing they were a couple in real life. Their chemistry in DIF4 was so convincing so many hot kissing scenes too that came off very natural and sweet!

  24. Maggie Cheung and Florence Kwok were roommates in the mid 1990s