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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fala Chen 《Beautiful Life》

You can get a copy of Fala Chen's debut album at YesAsia.

01. Fall in Love with a Bird

04. Want to or Not

06. Undaunted by Dangers

09. Beautiful Life (M)

10. I Use Distance to Love You (M)

Track List:
01. 愛上鳥 Fall in Love with a Bird
02. 一半 Half
03. 贖罪 Atonement
04. 想不想 Want to or Not
05. 絕配的一對 (《有營煮婦》 主題曲) Perfect Pair
06. 奮不顧身 Undaunted by Dangers
07. 缺憾美 (《東西宮略》 主題曲) Imperfect Beauty
08. 愛情轉駁 (《誘情轉駁》 主題曲) Love Connection
09. Beautiful Life (國) Beautiful Life (M)
10. 我用距離愛你 (國) I Use Distance to Love You (M)

Personal Note: Two years in the making to come up with four remakes (i.e., track 2 = 《一半》 by Della Wu; track 3 = 《別再為他流淚》 by Fish Leong; track 4 = 《You Are the Ace》 by Ivy; track 6 = 《錯的人》 by Elva Hsiao), three theme songs, and the same melody for two sets of lyrics....

Fala's enunciation problems are even more evident in the fast track "Want to or Not".

"TV Funny" Episode 7

Part 1

Part 2

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Personal Note: Never liked the humour of Jim Chim, so didn't find the parody of "Love in a Puff" funny.

Monday, July 30, 2012

"TV Funny" Episode 6

Part 1

Part 2

FYI: The first week of "TV Funny" averaged 28 points, and peaked at 32 points.

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Personal Note: The second skit was more enjoyable than the first one, and the storyline was also close to the original skit from 1985. Mimi and Linda were very funny, especially when Mimi started singing! :P It didn't even show Ma Ming and Linda waving to the audience, as they were supposed to show that they had written their lines on their hands.

1985 Anniversary Skit

"Ghetto Justice II" Opening Theme Video

"No Time for Regret" - Hanjin & MC Jin

沒時間後悔 《怒火街頭II》 主題曲 - 陳奐仁/歐陽靖

作曲: 陳奐仁
填詞: 陳奐仁/歐陽靖

就算第一次唔成功 So What?

為什麼自卑 幹嗎要後梅 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗

拜託 不是三歲小孩 太多 人想看我受害
幫我 口口聲聲的說 到頭來結果 還是一場空

誰說 我不能自已來 成功 用雙手建起來
掌握 好的機會不多 這是我的秀 又幹嗎不做

為什麼自卑 幹嗎要後梅 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗
我不會流淚 沒時間後梅 Yeah Yeah
地上再多血跡 我也得站起來

同你講都嘥氣 我真係冇咁得閒
等我好消息 到時你冇得彈
繼續向前行 繼續向前行 繼續向前行


Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu on "The Green Room"

Christine Kuo on "The Green Room"

Jazz Lam on "The Green Room"

Kevin Cheng on "The Green Room"

Premiere Dinner @ TVBE Clip

Premiere Dinner @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The first episode of "Ghetto Justice II" averaged 29 points.

*Credits to TVBUSAofficial

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Extras Sit for Over Ten Years?


Goof in Episode 5


Another goof has been discovered in TVB series. This time, the focus has fallen on "Tiger Cubs". Earlier, "Tiger" broadcasted a scene talking about Jessica Hsuan and Oscar Leung, her brother in the series, sitting on stadium bleachers, reminiscing about being determined to become cops when they grow up when they were running in this stadium. Netizens surprisingly discovered that the extras behind the two were sitting there for over ten years!

When Jessica and Oscar were running in the stadium when they were young, she was already sitting in the bleachers. Once the shot changed, the grown-up Jessica and Oscar were chatting on the bleachers, while these extras were still in the same sitting positions on the bleachers...extremely strange! The photos were uploaded by netizens on social websites, attracting hot discussion by netizens, laughingly saying that "Tiger" is actually a horror film, and that these extras are the series' 'ghosts'!

FYI: The eighth episode of "Tiger Cubs" averaged 25 points. The ninth episode averaged 29 points.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Definitely one of the funniest goofs! :P

If the two people in the back were indeed extras, definitely very careless of TVB, as the two people were not even asked to change into a different set of clothes.... :P

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 8a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 8b

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 9a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 9b

*Credits to mingpao

"Sergeant Tabloid" Films Alternate Ending



Niki Chow Films Alternate Ending for the First Time


Niki Chow, wearing a long-sleeved police uniform, appeared with Macy Chan, Evergreen Mak, and Matthew Ko in Sham Shui Po under the hot sun to re-film a car crash and gunfire scene for "Sergeant Tabloid", which finished filming half a year ago. Niki was sweating on her back, laughingly saying that [she] also never experienced this circumstance before. Luckily, the police uniform still fit her.

Macy Chan Shows Motherly Love When Playing Pregnant Thief


Macy Chan appeared at Sham Shui Po to re-film "Sergeant Tabloid". She expressed that she plays a pregnant thief in the series, pulling a gun from her fake belly and accompanying Evergreen Mak in a shoot-out with the police. Macy said that the feeling of having a 'big belly' is peculiar...as if there is a baby inside the stomach...even showing motherly love when walking and removing clothing. [She] also laughingly said that her mother, who wants a grandchild, would definitely like this look.

Personal Note: This alternate ending should only be available in HK's broadcast version.

With the filming of an alternate ending and hints of a sequel, it seems that Nelson Cheung's upcoming series is somehow related to this series, especially because of 「一切從心」....

Macy hasn't filmed series for a long time...nice to see her back!

"Sergeant Tabloid" Episode 21

*Credits to headlinedaily and Weibo

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Promotional Event 3


FYI: The third week of "Three Kingdoms RPG" averaged 34 points, and peaked at 45 points.

Personal Note: Funny how Cheung Wing Hong found out during the filming of this series that his fiancée Angie Mak's onscreen kiss went to Ma Ming! :P Thought it was funny that they mentioned the cheek kiss, as Cheung Wing Hong also kissed Ma Ming on the cheek during the second promo event (which can be seen on the TVB8 coverage). :P


Ma Ming was a guest for Miss HK 2005, doing location filming in Sri Lanka with the pageant contestants. On that day, it was Angie's birthday, and Ma Ming gave her a kiss on the cheek after being asked to do so by the other pageant girls.

*Credits to kennethma.org, tvb.com, and the-sun

"King Maker" TVBe Trailer

Friday, July 27, 2012

"TV Funny" Episode 5

Part 1

Part 2

"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Elvina was in the original 1988 skit! :D

Ha ha.... Kristal and Ron were so sly, as they were putting talcum powder on the slanted stage! :P

Kiki and Vincent were the only ones who dribbled the basketball before shooting it and getting it in, even though Vincent's was a clutch shot! :D

Thought that Jazz's comment about Bosco hugging another girl would have been edited out....

Fala Chen Song Recording

"Scoop" Clip

Fala Chen was recording "Fall in Love with a Bird" (愛上鳥), which will be the first track on her debut album, "Beautiful Life".

Fala Chen on "Star Talk"

Fala Chen @ TVB Artistes Blog

Personal Note: The flaws in Fala's singing are even more evident without music.... o_O'

Fala mentioned that her first singing job was for TVB's 2005 Christmas ad.

"King Maker" Promotional Clips 2-3

"King Maker" Promotional Clip 2

"King Maker" Promotional Clip 3

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Thursday, July 26, 2012

《仁心解碼II》 "A Great Way to Care II" Costume Fitting Pictures


J2 Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 25 episodes long.
- There will be different psychiatric illness cases, and there will also be the introduction of the Forensic Psychiatric Services, which will collaborate with the Police Department and the Department of Justice.
- In Hong Kong, the Forensic Psychiatric Services is a very special department. Seven or eight doctors are responsible for all of Hong Kong's psychiatric reports that are requested to be handled by the court. There is follow-up on patients who are involved in criminal cases.
- Alex Fong will play Ko Lap Yan (高立仁), an honest and kindhearted psychiatrist. He will be working at another hospital's Forensic Psychiatric Services department, and he will be encountering different cases.
- Yoyo Mung will play Cheuk Wai Kiu (卓慧翹), a psychiatrist who is feminine on the outside but masculine on the inside.
- Tavia Yeung will play Lam Chung Yan (林頌恩), an undercover cop who goes all out in work, and is profound and not apt to pouring out her inner thoughts. Because of what she experienced in the past, she has a dark side. In between, she pretends to be a clubber. She will have a romantic storyline with Alex.
- Ben Wong will play Chung Kwok Ban (鍾國彬), a tactful and occasionally hot-tempered Senior Inspector of Police. He will have a romantic storyline with Tavia.
- Aimee Chan will play Jade Lai Yiu Chu (賴瑤珠), a high-profile psychologist from the United States who specializes in relationships.
- Ram Chiang will play Sam Lin Chi Sam (連志森), a psychiatrist who has his own clinic. He is having a midlife crisis.
- Edwin Siu will play Leung Kai Wing (梁啓榮), a psychiatrist. He is a homebody. He is interested in Christine Kuo, but later has a romantic storyline with Aimee.
- KK Cheung will play Henry Law Wing Hang (羅永鏗). He will be promoted to Dean, but he wants to become the Chief.
- Eric Li will play a doctor.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play a psychiatrist.
- Oscar Leung will play Wong Sai Bong (王世邦), a psychiatrist.
- Christine will play Chan Si Ka (陳思家), a psychiatrist. She will be involved in a triangular relationship with Power Chan and Edwin.
- Leanne Li will play Cara, a psychologist. She has a crush on Ram.
- Otto Chan will play Lai Yiu Sing (賴瑤星), Aimee's autistic elder brother.
- Iva Law will play a prostitute who does not escape death in the end.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play a gangster.
- Oscar Chan will play Suen Wai Ho (孫偉豪), a cop.
- Matthew Ko will play Fong Sai Kwan (方世均), the founder of a religion.
- Kaki Leung will play a reporter.
- Raymond Chiu will play Cho Kai Chiu (曹啟超), a lawyer.
- Lee Yee Man will play Cheng Pui Yu (鄭佩如), a murderer. She looks like a good person on the surface; in the end, her true colours are revealed.
- Ronald Law will play Poon Yiu Chuen (潘耀泉).
- Lee Ka Ting will play Tavia's father.
- Kate Tsui will play Mandy Mok Man Yi (莫敏兒). She will guest-star in the first episode.

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

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Personal Note: Happy to see Yoyo working with Alex again! :D

Yoyo said that she has gained some weight, but can't notice it...she looks good! :)

Edwin's overbite makes me think of Michael Tse in "Legal Entanglement"! :P

*Credits to ihktv, the-sun, and Weibo

"TV Funny" Episode 4

Part 1

Part 2

J2 Clip

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Personal Note: The skits chosen for this EYT episode were not my favourites.... Although Helena Law made an appearance, surprised she did not do the 'Miss 701' skit.

Nancy and Linda were cute in the interview! Linda most likely was still in character, as she was using English phrases (i.e., oh my god, bad girl) to interrupt Nancy! :P

*Credits to kennethma.org

Sima Sun Sings "You Are Always on My Mind"

At the end of the 14th episode of "Three Kingdoms RPG", Sima Sun sings "You Are Always on My Mind" to Song Yau after meeting each other in Jiangxia as promised.

Personal Note: Thought that Sima Sun was going to sing seriously, but then he starts singing, "Wo wo wo wo...." :P

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Episode 14

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"TV Funny" Episode 3

Part 1

Part 2


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... A play on the title of "3D Sex and Zen".... :P

He he.... Ma Ming even has to sweet-talk in this skit! :P

Kiki looked cute when she was dancing! :)

Had to read the captioning to understand what they were singing, but laughed when Aaron Kwok's 《對你愛不完》 dance move was incorporated in the routine! :D

Funny how Raymond Wong came out of nowhere at the end! :P

《仁心解碼II》 "A Great Way to Care II" Costume Fitting


Date: July 26, 2012

Temporary Chinese title: 《仁心解碼II》
Pinyin title: Yan Sam Gaai Ma Yi
Temporary English title: "A Great Way to Care II"
Producer: Marco Law

Attending Cast: Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Ben Wong, Aimee Chan, Ram Chiang, Edwin Siu, KK Cheung, Power Chan, Eric Li, Lee Sing Cheung, Oscar Leung, Lau Kong, Law Lok Lam, Jimmy Au, Christine Kuo, Oceane Zhu, Leanne Li, Joey Mak, Otto Chan, Iva Law, Candy Chu, Wu Kwing Lung, Hugo Wong, Cheung Wing Hong, Chiu Lok Yin, Fok Kin Bong, Oscar Chan, Matthew Ko, and James Ng.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

Personal Note: Tavia Yeung will also be filming this series, but she is most likely still on holidays and thus will not be attending the fitting.

"Ghetto Justice II" Promotional Clips 5-6

"Ghetto Justice II" Promotional Clip 5

"Ghetto Justice II" Promotional Clip 6

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

《衝上雲霄II》 "Triumph in the Skies II" Blessing Ceremony



Date: July 24, 2012

Temporary Chinese title: 《衝上雲霄II》
Pinyin title: Chung Seung Wan Siu Yi
Temporary English title: "Triumph in the Skies II"
Producers: Au Koon Ying & Joe Chan

Attending Cast: Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Elena Kong, Rebecca Zhu, Kelly Fu, Patrick Dunn, Pal Sinn, Adrian Chau, William Chak, Quinn Ho, Hugo Ng, Skye Chan, Jess Sum, Eliza Sam, Coffee Lam, Vanko Wong, Kibby Lau, Snow Suen, Kyle Tse, Janey Yan, Sherry Chen, Summer Joe Ha, Yuang Cheung, Brian Thomas Burrell, Alan Wan, Kitterick Yiu, Dolby Kwan, Andy Wong, Kau Cheuk Nang, Henry Lo, Crystal Li, Sammi Cheung, Mikako Leung, Fred Cheng, Clayton Li, Tsang Sau Ming, Rocky Cheng, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Candice Chiu, Angus Chan, and Kerry Chan.

Time: 15:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room and Parking Lot

J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 40 episodes long.
- The story will be a continuation of the first installment. In this installment, the name of the airline company is Skylette Airlines (天頌航空).
- There will be location filming in England, France, Taiwan, and Sanya.
- Francis Ng and Julian Cheung will have a mature men's friendship. They are on the same wavelength, and there is also some competition. They will be involved in a love triangle with Fala Chen.
- Francis will play Samuel Tong Yik Sam (唐亦琛), a Captain with a dry and dull lifestyle. After his wife's death, he went to England for two years, where he met Fala, which makes him decide to return to Hong Kong, joining Skylette as a Captain.
- Julian will play Jayden Ku Ha Yeung (顧夏陽), a dashing Captain. He was born in Australia. He is a player who is uninhibited in work and life. Because of his good looks, he is very popular among the opposite sex. The only female he worries about is his younger sister. Before he joined Skylette, he was an Air Force Captain. He has great maneuvering skill, and he frequently competes with Francis, who is also known as a 'God Level Captain'. He is also called 'Captain Cool'.
- Myolie Wu will play two characters: Zoe So Yi (蘇怡) and Summer Ku Ha San (顧夏晨). Zoe has passed away; she will appear for a couple episodes in Francis' memory sequences. The new character, Julian's younger sister (her mother was a mistress), is an aircraft mechanic supervisor. She feels rather inferior and has a cool appearance. She has a boyish personality and is not good at communicating with others. She is trusted and loved by her subordinates because of her excellent skill, and is seen as a 「大老」. Because of some reasons, Julian does not pay attention to her, thereby causing her to have an unsociable personality. She will have a romantic storyline with Ron Ng, but he is slightly resistant to having a relationship with his 'sister-in-law'.
- Fala will play Holiday Ho Nin Hei (何年希), a Second Officer. She was born and raised in England. She does what she wants. She believes that love ranks first in life. Like Francis, she went travelling because of being hurt in love. After meeting Myolie (Zoe), she was given Triangel, and also met Francis afterward. The following year, she went to Hong Kong to take Skylette's aviation courses, hoping to become a pilot. Because of her imperfect personality, she encounters many setbacks. She and Francis are initially an arguing pair, but he later becomes her mentor. Afterward, she will have a romantic storyline with Julian. She, Francis, and Julian cannot let go of the 'shadow lover' in their hearts, thereby causing struggles. She is also called 'Holly'.
- Francis has an attachment to his dead wife. Fala's ex-boyfriend also passed away, and she also has an attachment to her ex-boyfriend. Julian bears a resemblance to Fala's ex-boyfriend.
- Ron will play Issac Tong Yik Fung (唐亦風). He will be promoted to Senior First Officer. He values friendship and family, but he frequently has setbacks in love. Because he idolizes Julian, he imitates him, which causes a rift with his brother. He and Francis have become more like friends, so they get along even more comfortably with each other.
- Kenneth Ma will play Roy Ko Chi Wang (高志宏). He will be promoted to Senior First Officer. After Francis left Solar Airways, he acted as a pilot in Taiwan, hoping to experience a different lifestyle, which changed his personality from being a shy guy to an independent decision-maker. In terms of romance, he is quite popular among females. Afterward, because of good friend Ron's invitation, he returned to Hong Kong and joined Skylette, and his love life continues to be exciting. His romantic storyline will have a sense of the times. He will have an older female and younger male relationship with Elena Kong. He has a 'ready-to-eat' attitude, and he will have one-night stands. He will pursue Skye Chan and Coffee Lam at the same time, but he will choose Elena in the end.
- Nancy Wu will play Coco Ling Cheuk Chi (凌卓芝), a Flight Purser. After her brother passed away from a car accident, she went from being a sassy princess to an independent decision-maker, and her relationship with Francis and Ron became like that of family. She had a boyfriend who was at the stage of discussing marriage; however, due to caring for a friend, she neglected her other half. To help her friend (whose husband has a terminal illness), she became a surrogate mother, but did not attain the understanding of her long-time boyfriend, so they broke up. After she became a surrogate mother, her friend and her friend's husband suddenly died in a car accident. At Skylette, she reunites with Him Law, who had a crush on her in primary school; their relationship is like that of an arguing pair. She and Him end up together, and they have a wedding in France.
- Him will play Chim Chi Lun (詹子麟), a Second Officer. He is rather well-mannered and slightly shy. He is a former Hong Kong's Swimming representative, creating many Hong Kong records, and he is also a favourite of sponsors. Since young, he has grown up in the midst of everyone's praises; however, he is actually shy on the inside. After retirement, he became a pilot. At Skylette, he encounters Nancy again, surprisingly discovering that the goddess he had a crush on is no longer attractive. He will have a romantic storyline with Nancy and Rebecca Zhu. He is also called 'Jim Jim'.
- Elena will play Heather Fong Bing Ka (方苪嘉), a Senior Purser. In terms of work, she always handles matters gracefully. In terms of romance, she has a courageous pursuit, never caring about any moral or immoral standards. She and Patrick Dunn are the aviation industry's married couple, and are at the envy of others. Whether it is in her career or love life, she has a courageous pursuing personality, which leads to her facing great decisions in her life. She is also called 「Head姐」.
- Toby Leung will play Tung Oi Ping (童愛蘋), an airport staff member. She is Francis' goddaughter. She and Stefan Wong will play a pair.
- Rebecca will play Wu Ping (胡娉), a flight attendant. She has a rather lively personality and is slightly sassy. She is also called 'Pink Pink'.
- Kelly Fu will play Josie Kiu Cho Si (喬祖思), an airport staff member who works as a coffee shop waitress. She is Myolie's romantic rival.
- Patrick will play Tony Ching Yat Tung (程日東), a Captain. He is cheerful and gentlemanly. He is a good guy who is not only popular among the opposite sex but would also not be pushed to the side by the same sex. After experiencing romantic setbacks, he and Elena get married. He not only gives up his career for his marriage, but he and Elena later use a surprising, brand-new method of handling marriage.
- Pal Sinn will play King Ka Chun (景家駿), an executive.
- Adrian Chau will play On Yi Tai (安以泰), an aircraft mechanic.
- William Chak will play Tucker Luk Wah Tak (陸華特), a First Officer.
- Quinn Ho will play Hero Yung.
- Hugo Wong will play Chung Sai Pui (鍾世沛), a pilot. He is Nancy's long-time boyfriend.
- Skye will play a flight attendant.
- Jess Sum will play Rachel So Sam (素心), a flight attendant.
- Eliza Sam will play Tracy Man Chui (文翠), a flight attendant.
- Coffee will play Philis Liu Fei Fei (菲菲), a flight attendant. She is Kenneth's girlfriend.
- Kibby Lau will play Edith (依迪), a clever, talkative, and shrewish flight attendant.
- Snow Suen will play Donna Tung Na (冬娜), a flight attendant.
- Kyle Tse will play Kenneth, a flight attendant.
- Janey Yan will play a flight attendant.
- Sherry Chen will play Rosa Law.
- Yuang Cheung will play Billie, a pilot.
- Alan Wan will play Brick Pang Yau Pang (彭友朋).
- Kitterick Yiu will play a trainee pilot.
- Dolby Kwan will play Clever Choi Siu Chung (蔡兆聰), a pilot. He will pursue Rebecca.
- Crystal Li will play Sandy Fung Hiu San (馮曉珊), an Airport Authority staff member.
- Yeung Chiu Hoi will play Yiu Ho (姚浩), an aircraft mechanic.
- Candice Chiu will play Colby, a Customer Services Officer.
- Angus Chan will play a Customer Services Officer.
- Vincent Lam will play a swimming coach. He is Him's elder brother.
- Michelle Yim will guest-star as Fala's mom and KK Cheung's wife.
- Ronan Pak will play a writer who turns the stories that happen in an airport into a novel.
- Sharon Chan will guest-star for a few episodes as one of Julian's girlfriends; the two will go from having a one night stand to the development of true feelings. She is an editor. She is very free and at ease toward romantic matters. Julian will propose to her.
- Jeanette Leung will play Julian's former lover.

Visit @ J2 Clip (082512)

Visit @ J2 Clip (090612)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (091212)

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Personal Note: Like the name Solar Airways a lot more! Also prefer the pink air hostess uniforms!

Ha ha.... Wonder which famous beauties will be playing Chi Lam's girlfriends.... :P

Au Koon Ying must like the character 「希」 for a female pilot, as Michelle Ye had it in the first installment, and now Fala has it.

Ron was not present at the blessing because he was sick.

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, ihktv, nancywu.org, www.chilam.cn, and Weibo

Vicente Brings Up TVB's Ratings: New Peak of 42 Points for "Three Kingdoms RPG"



Typhoon 'Vicente' struck Hong Kong yesterday. At 5pm, there was already a Typhoon 8. Everyone got off work early to rush home, causing all of TVB's prime time slot ratings to increase. "Come Home Love" and "Three Kingdoms RPG" achieved new peaks since their broadcast. However, because the typhoon interrupted the towers' electric power supply, many districts in the New Territories were affected...not being able to receive TVB; the ratings of "Witness Insecurity" were also affected.

At 7:30pm, "Scoop" averaged 34 points (2,180,000 viewers). In the past, "Come" has averaged around twenty-something points; however, on the night of the typhoon, the average reached 38 points (2,430,000 viewers). "Three" reached 42 points (2,690,000 viewers), which is a new ratings peak for the series since its broadcast. "Witness", which has always had high ratings, averaged 37 points (2,370,000 viewers). As for "TV Funny", which premiered the night before, averaged 32 points (2,050,000 viewers).

"Witness Insecurity" Does Not Benefit

TVB's Assistant Director of Foreign Affairs Tsang Sing Ming said that, because of the typhoon, the two towers in Castle Peak and Cloudy Hill had an interruption in the electric power supply; thus, some of the viewers in the New Territories' Northern and Western districts were affected. It was not until yesterday's 2pm that broadcasting was back to normal. Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Ma On Shan, Fanling, Sheung Shui, and other districts had television viewer complaints. TVB received many viewer complaints about not being able to watch "Witness". It is believed that the electric power interruption began affecting the reception at 9pm the night before; thus, the typhoon night's ratings increase was not as high as other programmes.

Personal Note: A coincidence that Typhoon Vicente struck HK when Ma Ming's character mentioned the 'Vincent Effect' on episode 11 of "Three Kingdoms RPG"....

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Episode 11

*Credits to mingpao

"TV Funny" Episode 2

Part 1

Part 2

"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: The 1993 Anniversary Skit was definitely funnier! The reenactment was loud and disorganized, and many of the artistes didn't have much to do.

Ha ha.... It was funny seeing some of the old costumes from the original skit being worn! :P

Enjoyed the 'Wu Song' skit! Really liked the three sisters, and it was funny how Eric Tsang and Louis Yuen were 'inch'-ing Ricky Wong! He he.... :P

Laughed when Chin Ka Lok pointed out that Michael Tse was wearing his hat from "A Bride for a Ride"! :D

1982 Anniversary Skit

Joey Meng on "The Green Room"

Personal Note: Didn't expect Joey to say that the genre that she wants to film the most is ancient. In her acting career, the only ancient series she starred in was "The Great General". :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

"King Maker" Promotional Clip 1

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*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Nelson Cheung's September Series Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《一切從心開始》
Pinyin title: Yat Chai Chung Sam Hoi Chi
Temporary English title: "Everything Begins from the Heart"
Producers: Nelson Cheung

- 30 episodes long.
- Michael Miu will play a gang leader. Because of an accident, he gets a heart transplant. This coming-back-to-life experience makes him go from being a formidable person to a good person, and Bosco Wong seizes the opportunity to take over his empire.
- Michael and Joey Meng will play a married couple.

Personal Note: Doesn't sound like a medical drama....

"Detective Columbo" involves the switching of brain cells.... In this series, it will be a heart transplant that results in a personality change.... 囧!

Jessica Hsuan Invited to Film "Tiger Cubs" Sequel



Yesterday, Jessica Hsuan was a guest on a radio show. Regarding the good ratings for series "Tiger Cubs", she frankly expressed being initially worried about viewers going out on Saturdays and Sundays affecting ratings. Freelancer Jessica revealed that TVB had previously contacted her about filming a "Tiger" sequel: "Discussed very preliminarily. Haven't discussed the pay. Everything is not confirmed. Would not necessarily be the original crew".

Turned Down Ricky Wong's Travel Programme

Jessica expressed that Ricky Wong had invited her to film a travel programme: "He contacted me about going to Vanuatu's active volcanoes to film a programme, saying that it would be different from the one that Ekin Cheng previously filmed for TVB...rather nerve-wracking and exciting". However, Jessica used 'being afraid of dying' as the reason for turning it down: "If younger 20 years, I would go". Jessica expressed having discussed series as well, but also playing a policewoman role. She hopes to be able to play a unique role if it were her first performance.

FYI: The sixth episode of "Tiger Cubs" averaged 26 points. The seventh episode averaged 31 points.

Personal Note: If a sequel were to be filmed, would definitely want to see the original cast, but it doesn't seem likely.

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 6a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 6b

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 7a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 7b

*Credits to mingpao and the-sun

"TV Funny" Episode 1

Part 1

Part 2

"Scoop" Clip

FYI: The first episode of "TV Funny" averaged 32 points (2,050,000 million viewers).

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Personal Note: What a waste of an episode! It just showed previews of the upcoming skits!

Kenneth Ma Brushes Teeth with Shrimp Paste: Difficult to Tolerate Bad Smell



Artistes Kenneth Ma, Samantha Ko, Sammy Leung, Fala Chen, etc. did a recording for the programme "Neighborhood Treasures". Because Kenneth lost the game, he was punished to use shrimp paste to brush his teeth; in the end, he couldn't take it, yelling that it smelled very badly, and revealed that Sammy was partial to pretty girls Samantha and Fala...only punished him.

Samantha Ko and Fala Chen Forbid Young Models from Going to Book Fair

Fala Chen did a recording for "Neighborhood Treasures". With regard to Kenneth saying that Sammy Leung was biased in helping pretty girls, [she] disagreed, "I even wrongly called them Sam Yee Siu Mei...why would he favour me?" On the other hand, Samantha Ko expressed having originally inviting Sammy to write a foreword for her new book, but was rejected, so do not think that Sammy would be biased: "Instead, Fala wrote one for me". Both the pretty girls expressed that the young models now are a bad influence on children...should disappear from the book fair.

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Personal Note: Wouldn't be surprised if Sammy showed bias, as he has done so in the past. :P

Ha ha.... Fala did a crossover of Sammy and Kitty's names! :P

*Credits to the-sun

Vincent Wong, Him Law, Oscar Leung & Joe Ma on "The Green Room"

"Ghetto Justice II" AOD Trailers

*Credits to Kimleng_kim

"Witness Insecurity" Promotional Event 4

J2 Clip

The third week of "Witness Insecurity" averaged 32 points, and peaked at 35 points.

Personal Note: Don't know why it has been emphasized that the series has a chance to be the highest-rated for the first half of the year when it began airing in July.... o_O

Friday, July 20, 2012

Moses Chan & Selena Li in Singapore


XinMSN Interview

Moses Chan & Selena Li @ Sunsilk Academy

Moses Chan @ RazorTV Interview

Selena Li @ RazorTV Interview

YES933 Radio Interview

Live Chat on StarHub Entertainment Facebook

TVB8 Clip

TVB8 Clip

TVB8 Clip

Moses Chan and Selena Li Eat Durian in Singapore

Moses Chan and Selena Li went to Singapore earlier to attend a meeting and the Singapore Fruit Festival, taking the opportunity to taste the local fruits. The two were both full of praise for the durian.

*Credits to xinmsn, starhub, razortv, and the-sun

Ron Ng Making Money to Move Away from 'Love Nest'


ontv Clip


After 'Mainland Breast Goddess' Viann Zhang announced the breakup first, Ron Ng attended the Guangzhou health brand Xing Jian Tang awards ceremony last night. The MC suggested for him to bring some coffee for his girlfriend to drink; he immediately became awkward, later saying, "There will be a day when [I] have a girlfriend! Now, work comes first!" [He] also expressed that [he] knows how to handle love matters...no need to take time off, and also do not need consoling.

Ron expressed that [his] work schedule is packed. When asked whether [he] would take the opportunity to buy real estate to move away from the rented building where he and Viann secretly met because of ample income, he seemed to hint, "Will plan. Now, housing prices are high. Finish filming 'Triumph in the Skies II' first!"

Personal Note: It seems that Ron is handling the situation well.

*Credits to the-sun

Joe Ma Talks About Fa Dans

July 20, 2012


August 29, 2012




我 合作過嘅女演員都好多,例如有張可頤、宣萱、蔡少芬、佘詩曼、郭羨妮、陳慧珊等。講吓蔡少芬,佢係一個好好嘅學習對象,因為佢對人真係好好,令到身邊嘅人 好舒服,因為我自己本身係巨蟹座同埋做過警察,所以防衞性好高,所以呢行都冇乜朋友,係佢令我覺得其實都可以放開自己。


至 於阿佘,我同佢都拍過好幾套劇,第一套應該係2001年嘅《酒是故鄉醇》。啲人話佢成日放電電人,我自己同佢相處淨係覺得一樣嘢,佢好犀利,佢係唯一一個 我見過捱更抵夜、日夜顛倒但個樣係冇變冇殘嘅女演員!有時連續拍通宵,佢話好眼瞓,但佢個樣真係好精神,我諗佢應該係天生麗質,哈哈!



拍 《衝上雲霄》做我老婆嘅陳慧珊,其實嚴格嚟講係我前輩。嗰陣時佢已經好紅,佢都有教我好多嘢。我記得拍《衝》劇第一場戲都幾親熱,佢話唔使介意,就將隻手 搭過嚟,咁我就放心。其實有時候拍親熱戲,男演員仲唔自然過女演員,始終男仔怕被人誤會,好似佢咁放,就會令你拍得好放心。

*Credits to the-sun and orientaldaily

Raymond Lam Character Cartoons

Raymond Lam Character Cartoons

Top left: "A Step into the Past", "Eternal Happiness", "Lofty Water Verdant Bow", "Blade Heart", "Survivor's Law", "Twin of Brothers", "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion", "La Femme Desperado"

Bottom left: "Face to Fate", "Heart of Greed", "The Master of Tai Chi", "The Four", "Moonlight Resonance", "The Mysteries of Love", "Men with No Shadows", "Three Kingdoms RPG"

Personal Note: Not sure who created these cartoons, but they are very well-done...all very cute! :D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tavia Yeung Would Instantly Accept Couple Partnership with Kenneth Ma to Make Money



Following "The Hippocratic Crush", Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma are also a couple partnership in the currently airing new series "Three Kingdoms RPG"...absolutely no problem in terms of chemistry, and also quite well-received by viewers.

As for the couple partnership image being well-liked but the two not collaborating much to make money, Tavia said, "The truth is that the company cannot arrange a schedule. I have to work every day...also want to make additional income as a couple partnership". [Reporters] laughed that the fee would be higher having her and Him Law on the same stage? Tavia laughingly said, "No relation. As long as there is a guy coming out together, the fee would definitely be higher. Certainly, Kenneth would also be good, and Him would also be good...to be able to make money is the most practical. Would not turn something down because of being afriaid of Him's rumours...would definitely instantly accept".

Soon after, Tavia changed the topic to Kenneth, revealing that he has been actively looking for a wife, but actually talking about his own vehicle. Kenneth said, "Not really active. Looking for a seven-passenger vehicle...want to make it convenient to go out with family on Sundays".

Praises Kenneth Ma as Being Best Husband Candidate

When talking about singing love songs to Tavia in the series, Kenneth laughingly said that he would sing a few songs, but never sang love songs for girlfriend in real life. Although personality is boring and not romantic, Tavia helped by saying, "Kenneth's personality is all talk and no action. I quite understand him. Sometimes very considerate. May be very boring when together. Usually just plays ball or accompanies his mom to drink tea, but this is the best candidate for a husband".

Making Money Is Priority for Tavia Yeung, Willing to Partner Him Law Again

Kenneth Ma and Tavia accepted an interview together earlier to promote "Three Kingdoms RPG". The two have a romantic storyline in the series, but Tavia complained about Kenneth's character being fickle (in love affairs), not even liking her in the end. Kenneth also admitted that his character this time does not attend to his proper duties, has no financial ability, and is not familiar with history, and laughingly said, "Modern people are also fickle". As for "Three" broadcasting during the summer holidays being a 'cannon fodder time slot', Tavia laughingly said that Raymond Lam has a part, so it wouldn't be 'cannon fodder', and laughingly said, "Count on him".

Following "The Hippocratic Crush", this time, Tavia and Kenneth are portraying a couple again. When asked whether they thought about making money as a couple partnership, Tavia frankly said, "Also want to make some additional income, but have been busy filming series recently. Also not that many people looking for me and Kenneth as a partnership". Reporters laughed about her having Him Law? Tavia laughingly said that it would be okay whether it is partnering with Him or Kenneth; as long as there is money to be made, then it would be the best. She would not not work with Him because of rumours.

Kenneth also mentioned romantic matters. He frankly said that making money would be his first priority now...will look for a girlfriend later. Unexpectedly, Tavia revealed that Kenneth is actually looking for a wife. Kenneth said that he has already been very active, but will leave it up to fate. Tavia also took the opportunity to praise Kenneth as being a considerate person and is a good husband candidate, but Kenneth helplessly said, "However, in this industry, many people are looking for a boyfriend...not looking for a husband". Does Tavia want to look for a husband or a boyfriend? She immediately laughingly said, "I want to look for money".


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Personal Note: Would like to see Ma Ming and Tavia attend functions together! :)

Encountered a baby picture of Ma Ming that was published in a recent East Week interview...never saw an actual baby picture of Ma Ming before! :P


*Credits to mingpao, wenweipo, TVBUSAofficial, and eastweek

Sima Sun Sings Modern Songs

In the ninth episode of "Three Kingdoms RPG", Sima Sun sings 《為你鍾情 》, 《分分鐘需要你》, 《朋友》, 《每天愛你多一些》, 《Smoke Gets in Your Eyes》, and 《You Are Always on My Mind》.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Thought that Sima Sun would sing more current songs.... :P

Laughed at the part where Song Yau told Sima Sun to guess riddles, but he refused to and said that four-character idioms are 不知所謂, which is a four-character idiom. :P

Also laughed when Sima Sun was sincerely praying for his wish to come true! :D

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Episode 9

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Triumph in the Skies II" Press Conference



"Extra" Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

Julian Cheung Filming "Triumph in the Skies II" for Tommy Leung

Julian Cheung, Kenneth Ma, etc. attended a press conference for "Triumph in the Skies II". Julian expressed accepting to film because of Tommy Leung this time: "Touched by a good friend's sincerity. Make much less to film for a half-year. (Lose money instead of being paid?) Well, no. All in all, filming for him!" Julian will also use his own six-figure sum, developing a romantic storyline with Fala Chen. On the other hand, Kenneth, who was in the first installment, will be promoted to First Officer this time, developing an older female and younger male relationship with Elena Kong. He also expressed acceptance: "Okay in real life. Can be older or younger 20 years, but never tried it before".

Francis Ng Filming Series Again Ten Years Later, Afraid of Being Late

Francis Ng attended a press conference for "Triumph in the Skies". TVB has been said to lack people, needing him to return to help, he said, "They have many siu sangs already! Haven't filmed series in ten years. Filming again now...must adjust. (Afraid of someone not being on time?) I'm afraid for myself! When filming back then, made an agreement to be late or request for a vacation, but Myolie was not willing to do it". On the other hand, TV queen Myolie Wu will be playing two characters. The producer has requested for her to cut her hair short to complement the character, but she has perturbed feelings toward this: "Have been growing it out for a long time...don't want to cut it. Will discuss with the producer again".

FYI: The blessing ceremony will be held on July 24th. Filming will begin on July 26th.

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Personal Note: He he.... Francis teased Myolie about being chubbier than before, and said that Ron arrived early at the press conference! :P

With Chi Lam's good look, makes sense for him to play a character who is constantly surrounded by females, but don't know why he didn't shave or gel his hair, even though he has already finished filming his Mainland movie where plays an uncle....

Looking forward to Elena's pairing with Ma Ming! :D

*Credits to the-sun and Weibo