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- "Chinatown" Cast Filming "Super Emissary" in Mid-May
- "Airport Strikers" Opening Theme Video & End Credits
- Tavia Yeung Announces That She Is Having a Girl
- "Forensic" Week 5: averaged 36.8 points, peaked at 38 points.
- Joyce Tang Back to Work but No Fighting After Breaking Ribs, Afraid of Someone Complaining?
- "Airport Strikers" Sub Song MV (Full Version)
- TVB Canteen Suspends Side Dishes to Prevent Many People from Being at the Same Table, Kenneth Ma Eats Rice Platters and Says That There Is Less Enjoyment
- The Making of "Airport Strikers"

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List updated on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Monday, March 30, 2020

"Chinatown" Cast Filming "Super Emissary" in Mid-May


'TV King' Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Jazz Lam, Natalie Tong, Grace Wong, et al., the cast of "Chinatown", will be filming TVB's new series, "Super Emissary", produced by Man Wai Hung, in mid-May. In the series, some people have superpowers, but Man Wai Hung kept everyone guessing, expressing that the actors will not be flying around like Superman, and it is not fantasy. However, being able to film his series, they have to fight as usual.

Joel Chan and Tiffany Lau Being a Couple

Joel said in an exclusive interview with on.cc: "This time, there is the previous cast and some new elements added in. Am very happy with all old friends are here. The series title seems to be very surreal, but this is actually a series that has a very Hong Kong, down-to-earth theme". Joel also expressed that his character is very satisfying this time, playing brothers with Jazz, but Jazz is surprisingly the big brother: "Has a 'The Edge of Righteousness' feeling. In terms of the romantic storyline, have some fate with this one. No more Elaine [Yiu]; it is time for us to 'break up'! This time, I am pairing up with Tiffany Lau, who was my daughter in 'Running in Strides'....like a bickering pair. Previously, everyone was saying that she looked more like my girlfriend. Who would have thought that [she] would really be playing my girlfriend this time?"

Man Wai Hung's works are known to have a lot of action scenes; the actors never have 'good days'. Joel laughingly said, "This time, I am the best fighter in the entire series. He knows that I have been comfortable for too long. Have to loosen [my] bones and muscles. Because it will be summer when filming, it'll be labourious, so have to train beforehand".

Natalie Tong Hopes That It Is More Relaxing

Natalie fought so much in "Chinatown" last time, but revealed in an interview that, this time, her character's superpower does not really have anything to do with fighting. [She] even laughingly said, "I hope that it is more relaxing for me than them. Last time, it was so labourious, so the producer may let me rest this time. Leave the non-action scenes to me!"

*Credits to on.cc

"Airport Strikers" Opening Theme Video & End Credits

"Airport Strikers" Opening Theme Video

"Airport Strikers" End Credits

Promotional Event 1 @ "Scoop" Clip (032720)

Promotional Event 1 @ TVBE Clip (032820)

Promotional Event 2 @ TVBE Clip (040320)

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*Credits to tvb

Tavia Yeung Announces That She Is Having a Girl


"Scoop" Clip


Artistes Tavia Yeung and Him Law have been married for over four years. Last month, they announced that they are finally having a baby, but they had not revealed the sex of the baby. Today, Tavia shared a lot of maternity photos on her social media!

Tavia wore black and white one-piece dresses to the photoshoot, showing a simple beauty. She was full of motherly love as she caressed her pregnant belly! One of them was a family portrait of 'a family of three'; both husband and wife wore black, and Him was embracing his wife's waist. In addition, Tavia also revealed that the baby is a girl: "#mylittleprincess #reallywanttoholdhandswithyou🤝😍😍😍 Every night, [I] watch you rolling 🥳🥳🥳". She also shared her feelings on becoming a mother: "One body, two heartbeats. 💓 Have never met, but the feeling is deep....in a woman's lifetime, probably only this journey, there will be someone with you, 'two combined into one, living in sync', with the same worries and joys, eating and sleeping together. 💓💓💓 Grateful that I am able to experience this wonderful journey......"

Him uploaded a colourful picture; a smiley face was even painted on Tavia's belly! Him posted, "Remember that night. Came home and [my] wife mysteriously said as she waved [her] hands, 'You........la'. I seemed to understand but did not really understand, but also had to pretend to be calm and could not help but walk around. Finally, [I] said, 'Don't talk nonsense. Have [you] asked the doctor yet?' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Seeing [my] wife's belly getting bigger each day, these days, separated by the belly, I can connect with you. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Feel wonderful and proud. The baby is growing inside the belly; the life cycle continues...... What I can do is work even harder to love and care for you both.... Looking forward to the arrival of my little Valentine. ❤❤❤ Appreciate all the hard work, [my] wife".

In on.cc's interview, Tavia was asked whether she likes having a boy or a girl, and whether it has been hard work carrying her baby. She said, "Everything is okay. Not considered hard work. It doesn't matter whether it is a boy or a girl; we like both. The most important is that [she] is healthy. The day of the photoshoot was very smooth. Because of the pandemic, everyone was very protective of us. Finished it very quickly and smoothly!"

*Credits to on.cc

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Joyce Tang Back to Work but No Fighting After Breaking Ribs, Afraid of Someone Complaining?


ontv Clip

stheadline Clip

Actors Moses Chan and Joyce Tang were in Central doing location filming for TVB's new series, "Armed Reaction 2020". She fell from a staircase and broke her ribs in Japan earlier, so she needs time to heal. She, who plays policewoman 'Chan Sam Yuen', can only cut down on action scenes, changing to mainly non-action scenes.

Seeing Joyce walk up the wet brick steps from the rain in five-inch heels, it looked dangerous just looking at it, but she, who moved without trouble, laughingly said, "Actually, I don't have many action scenes in the series. I also want to fight! (Afraid of [your] husband complaining?)" [My] husband would not ask me about my work. (The state of [your] recovery?) Actually, I can be considered as getting well fast, so [I] am used to it when working. Just have to be careful about certain actions. Everyone would also show concern for me".

Because of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Joyce had sufficient preventive equipment. She wore a protective hat and had a mask to shield against droplets. She admitted that she had to protect herself, and it is also a citizen's responsibility: "After all, there are a lot of people outdoors. We, actors, cannot wear masks. Also afraid that the makeup would come off, so self-awareness on preventing the coronavirus has to be good!" Are there any recipes for protecting the lungs? She said, "I have made pig's lung soup...useful for protecting the lungs! (Do [you] find it inconvenient since the government's new measures have cut down on gatherings?) Everyone should be patient. Take this time to do things that [you] usually don't do much of, like binge-watching series. My husband just bought a big TV. My house also doesn't have many people...not even four people, so would not be breaking the law!"

As for Moses, who has a wife and children, he thinks that he has to be even more careful of preventing the coronavirus. He said, "The series crew halted work for four or five days to prevent the coronavirus. Would not remove the face mask before getting into position. My family consists of old and young...even more careful than everyone! (Have [your] kids kicked up a fuss?) Luckily, they have siblings to accompany them. Harder for [my] wife...helping the kids do homework online, but we, as parents, also enjoy it!"

*Credits to on.cc and stheadline

"Airport Strikers" Sub Song MV (Full Version)

"If You Understand" - HANA

如果你明白 《機場特警》 片尾曲 - 菊梓喬

作曲: 徐洛鏘
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Johnny Yim
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

不拖手 不分手的一對
得不到 不擔心將失去
想不通 不多想 方會安睡

一顆心 不交出不婉拒
當分開 沒強笑沒流淚
於身邊 不走開不進取

若習慣平淡似水 一直伴隨
一個美夢 敢不敢去追

*站在你面前 你若是明白我
同伴有千個 都相信你最多
現在與未來 你若是陪著我
長路有風雨 想依靠你最多
這一個幸運的我 (其實我都快樂過)

逝去有過坎坷 記印永遠反鎖
迷途但是有你 即使闖了大禍

多一些 少一些 都不對
好知己 跟相戀 的差距
當分開 猜想她 跟你相聚

一顆心 未交出怎婉拒
想觸摸 又怕痛或流淚
這不安 像盜竊的罪

漸習慣平淡似水 一直伴隨
一個美夢 這樣陶醉 為何又怕追

Repeat (*)

逝去有過坎坷 記印永遠反鎖
來年但願有你 每次傷心與闖禍

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*Credits to 星夢娛樂

Saturday, March 28, 2020

TVB Canteen Suspends Side Dishes to Prevent Many People from Being at the Same Table, Kenneth Ma Eats Rice Platters and Says That There Is Less Enjoyment


Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

The novel coronavirus pandemic is severe. [Yesterday], the government announced new prevention measures: It is forbidden to have gatherings of more than four people; restaurants can only operate at half of its seating capacity; there needs to be a 1.5m distance between tables; and six types of entertainment establishments are closed.

Apart from TVB's arrangement for people entering TVB City to take their temperature and the use hand sanitizer, the canteen has also recently suspended the provision of side dishes, only having set meals. It could be seen [today] that the canteen is accommodating the government's new measures. There are only four chairs per table, and there is a certain distance between the tables. Notices were also posted in different places: "Friendly reminder: For yourself and for others, when eating, do not talk. When [you] have to talk, wear a mask. Wish you all good health".

Has Not Played Soccer for Three Weeks, Lifting Dumbbells at Home

[Today], Kenneth Ma and Kiki Sheung worked on "BB on Top". Kenneth said that the company staff canteen has suspended the provision of small stir-fried dishes. There is less of the enjoyment from eating at the same table with actors in the same series: "Cannot eat around a table as a large group of people for the time being...not as lively as before. Can only order a rice platter...a few sitting together to eat, but everyone would still chat and laugh when meeting. Have no choice...safety is the most important. When [I] don't have to work, I will wear a face mask. [My] elder sister also bought hand sanitizer for me to hang on to my bag so that it is convenient to use". He has been busy filming recently; there is no time to go out to watch movies. [He] goes home after work, so the closure of cinemas has little effect on him, but the closure of soccer stadiums and fitness centres has affected him: "I haven't played soccer for three weeks. [My] friend said that even the sports field's goal post has been moved away. Fitness centres are also closed. I can only lift dumbbells at home".

Kenneth laughingly said that he is able to watch the rerun of "The Hippocratic Crush" with his elder sister in his spare time. He laughingly said, "The feeling is quite good...quite cute. Back then, netizens praised me and Tavia Yeung for being matching and told me to pursue her. Unfortunately, I lost to Him Law".

Cut Down on Going Out, Has Not Seen Jazz Lam's Daughter

Speaking of the due date of Tavia and Him's baby being in May, he expressed that he still keeps in touch with them, and believes that they can only meet after the pandemic has passed. Also met up with his "A Fistful of Stances" siblings less recently: "Have not gone out to eat much recently...mostly staying at home. Have not even seen Jazz Lam's daughter yet. Will see [her] a little later. Hope that the pandemic passes as soon as possible".

Kiki Sheung Wears a Large Transparent Face Mask When Eating

Regarding the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Kiki said that she attaches great importance to health, hanging an antibacterial bag on her chest and covering her mouth and nose with a handkerchief when entering and leaving the dressing room. She said, "As an actor, have to be on camera. It is not convenient to wear a mask...afraid of smearing the makeup, but I am very careful. Cover [my] mouth and nose with a handkerchief when going in and out, and wash [my] hands frequently. When eating, [I] wear a large transparent face mask, pick up the food into rice bowl, and then place the bowl inside the mask. It's safer". She laughed at herself for not using face masks much in the past. Received a face mask from a friend who sent it from a foreign country, but made a mistake when using it: "Felt that [my] vision was blurry after wearing the face mask. It turned out that I did not tear off the mask's protective film".

Kiki said that she lives a three-person lifestyle with her husband and mother on a daily basis, which does not exceed the limit. As for the series crew's mealtime, can only cut down on eating together: "Today, [my] husband came to accompany me. I usually eat with [my] assistant, Eliza Sam, and [her] assistant...a total of four people". Not including partner Kenneth? Kiki laughingly said, "Kenneth is such a handsome guy. I could only tell [my] assistant to temporarily give up the spot to him".

*Credits to mingpao