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- Dickson Yu Makes Series Comeback, Has Kiss Scene with Tiffany Lau?
- "Zero Years Old" - Ruco Chan
- Him Law and Kelly Cheung Reunite in "Armed Reaction 2021"
- "Armed Reaction 2021" Week 3: averaged 22.3 points, peaked at 23.2 points.
- "The Runner" Promotional Clips 1-5
- 《童時愛上你》 "Falling in Love with You When You Were a Kid" Costume Fitting
- "The Forgotten Day" Theme Song (Shaun Tam Live Version)
- Wayne Lai Hopes to Be Able to Create New Sparks with Sheren Tang
- "Master's Talk" Episode 2
- "The Forgotten Day" Opening Theme Video & End Credits

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List updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dickson Yu Makes Series Comeback, Has Kiss Scene with Tiffany Lau?


ontv Clip

Artistes Dickson Yu, Tiffany Lau, and Nicole Wan were in Tsim Sha Tsui for the first day of work on TVB's new series, "Shameless Youth". The new series is set in the '80s. With a nostalgic look, the three were in a restaurant shooting a scene where Tiffany looks for Nicole to be a Miss Hong Kong nominator.

At the end of 2018, Dickson was sent to the hospital after falling into a coma due to having an irregular heartbeat when he was playing soccer. He, who escaped by the skin of his teeth, has been looked after by the company. To avoid strain, another series has not been arranged until this time. He looked worn out when he hosted a soccer programme earlier, so his health received attention again; however, he was quite refreshed at work yesterday. He said, "There is absolutely no problem with my health...have already recovered. Feel very excited to film a series again after over two years". He said that there are modern and ancient performances this time, and he also has to learn roller skating and dancing. The workload seems like filming three series, but he is confident that he will be able to handle it.

In the series, Tiffany and Dickson go from being a bickering pair to a couple. Asked whether there are kiss scenes, she laughingly said, "Keep everybody guessing first". Mean elder sister Nicole laughingly said that she and Dickson have a close range combat scene, but he laughingly said, "It isn't fighting. It's just me getting hit by you". The new series is full of '80s sentiment. The two leads had to learn roller skating, which was extremely popular at the time. She said, "It's really very difficult. I even have to skate very professionally. Also fell during practice". Dickson even laughingly said that his butt hurt from falling during practice.

In addition, a blessing ceremony was held before the series started. Apart from the attendance of actors Dickson, Karl Ting, Tiffany, Kelly Ng, Joey Thye, et al., executive Felix To also appeared to show support.

*Credits to on.cc

"Zero Years Old" - Ruco Chan

零歲 - 陳展鵬

作曲: 黃思彥
填詞: 林若寧
監製: 舒文

一歲一歲求學了 要上進在嘆息橋
奇怪是 傻瓜問題都不准發表
三歲的古怪磨蝕了 要學大人做大人難開玩笑
搖籃曲不需要 平衡木被拆掉
捲進浪潮 突然成熟被吃掉
被壓制的你 切記不要盲目到給這世代看小


七歲給恐嚇麻木了 要被定型被定型同一類了
還年輕的心跳 仍然是極美妙
相信末來 未來還是在照耀
奉信你所信 永遠相信無論有多少怪物困擾

Repeat (*)



Sunday, February 21, 2021

Him Law and Kelly Cheung Reunite in "Armed Reaction 2021"


Artistes Kelly Cheung, Pinky Cheung, and Him Law became friends due to collaborating in the TVB series "The Witness". At the beginning of March, Kelly will be going to Shenzhen with the "Big White Duel II" team to do location filming. Without counting the mandatory 14-day quarantine and the seven-day home quarantine, she has to stay for one and a half months for work; thus, the three of them adjusted their schedules to have lunch and a Lunar New Year gathering. They chatted non-stop the entire time. Him revealed that, after changing his name, the pronunciation is the same as 'one' (一) in Mandarin, so he has suddenly been given the nickname 'Number One Brother' (一哥). 'Elder Sister' Pinky was responsible for paying the bill, while Kelly has made an appointment with everyone to gather again when she returns to Hong Kong.

Reportedly, Him found his onscreen CP with Kelly to be likable, so when he filmed the ending scene for "Armed Reaction 2021" earlier, he had the idea of recommending Kelly to act out a role, appearing in the finale and hinting that they have a chance to develop. Kelly's guest-starring character name and profession are also exactly the same as those in "Witness", creating a successful crossover between the two series and adding a sense of familiarity for viewers. Although it was only a cameo this time, Kelly did not skimp on the job, as she appeared in a dark orange evening gown to act as an Easter egg for the ending of "Armed 2021". Speaking of this performance, Kelly laughingly said, "Didn't have much to prepare. Didn't even have a script. At that time, it just so happened that I was filming 'Legal Mavericks 2020', so I saw Him at the company often. One time, we were chatting with Producer Fong Chun Chiu, and it came up, so there was this idea. It was also quite fun".

*Credits to on.cc

Friday, February 19, 2021

"The Runner" Promotional Clips 1-5

"The Runner" Promotional Clip 1

"The Runner" Promotional Clip 2

"The Runner" Promotional Clip 3

"The Runner" Promotional Clip 4

"The Runner" Promotional Clip 5

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*Credits to 烏璃丹刀 and tvb

Thursday, February 18, 2021

《童時愛上你》 "Falling in Love with You When You Were a Kid" Costume Fitting



Date: February 18, 2021

Temporary Chinese title: 《童時愛上你》
Pinyin title: Tung Si Oi Seung Nei
Temporary English title: "Falling in Love with You When You Were a Kid"
Producer: Liu Chun Sek

Attending Cast: Samantha Ko, Owen Cheung, Bowie Wu, Cheung Wing Hong, Kandy Wong, Leo Kwan, Andrew Yuen, Nicole Wan, Griselda Yeung, Lee Kwok Lun, Chu Fei Fei, Helen Ng, So Yan Chi, Chan Wing Chun, Man Yeung, Derek Wong, Kyle Lee, Jarryd Tam, Alvis Lo, and Kinlas Chan.

Time: 14:30



"Scoop" Clip

big big channel Clip

big big channel Clip

big big channel Clip

big big channel Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

HotTV Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Youku Clip

- Samantha Ko will play Amanda Lui Chi Tung (雷紫彤), a CEO in the business world. She is a rather tough career woman. She loses her memory due to an accidental head injury, resulting in her returning to the IQ of an eight-year-old. She is a rich girl who is helping to manage her family-run makeup company and is also acting as a brand spokesperson. An accident from falling down the stairs causes her to only have the IQ of an eight-year-old. Her father, Bowie Wu, finds Owen Cheung and arranges for him and Samantha to have a fake marriage to help recover her memories, and to fight with Andrew Yuen for the chairperson position. She and Owen are a couple. She has to rely on Owen to teach her how to relearn life; there are no intimate scenes.
- Owen will play Ting Yau Ting (丁宥迎), an effeminate makeup KOL who specializes in teaching people about makeup and criticizing makeup brands. He and Samantha are originally in opposition, but they are later arranged to be a fake married couple. He has to take care of Samantha, whose IQ is only eight years old, and he also 'falls in love with her when she was a kid'.
- Bowie Wu is at the helm of a makeup brand group. He is the father of Andrew Yuen, Griselda Yeung, and Samantha.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play Seung Cha Lei, Samantha's right-hand man. He has a one-sided love for Samantha. Initially, he does not like Owen and Samantha together; because they have a fake marriage, they live together, so he always goes to keep an eye on Owen because Samantha is his superior and his goddess. When Samantha becomes a kid again, he helps her handle her company and family matters. He later has a romance with Kandy Wong.
- Kandy will play Ma Loi Nga (馬來雅), a Malaysian girl. She has a one-sided love for Owen. To pursue Owen, she goes from Malaysia to Hong Kong. She gets deceived into going to Hong Kong to hunt down a killer. She and Cheung Wing Hong are a pair.
- Leo Kwan will play Ting Yau Kei (丁宥基), Owen's younger brother. He brings Owen a lot of trouble, and they argue a lot. He has a romantic storyline.
- Andrew will play Raymond Lui Tak Sun (雷德信), the group's vice-chairperson. He is Bowie's son. He is a successful man, and he adores his wife, Nicole Wan. He is ambitious and wants to fight with Samantha for the group's chairperson position.
- Nicole will play Andrew's wife. She is a rich woman who is smooth and slick in establishing social relations and can handle anything. She is not a simple woman.
- Griselda will play a socialite. She is Bowie's daughter and Samantha's elder sister.
- Chu Fei Fei will play a starlet.
- Helen Ng has two units, and she rents them out to Owen and Kandy.
- So Yan Chi will play Lai Chi, the boss lady of a store. She has two sons, Derek Wong and Kyle Lee.
- Chan Wing Chun will play the group director who always stirs up trouble.
- Man Yeung will play 「漆叔」, Bowie's chauffeur, bodyguard, and multifunctional assistant. He is the expert of experts.
- Derek will play Ku Tai Long (古泰朗), a troublemaker. He is also called 「哥哥」.
- Kyle will play a troublemaker.
- Jarryd Tam will play a troublemaker.
- Alvis Lo will play Chui Sui Sing (崔瑞星), a troublemaker.
- Kinlas Chan will play a troublemaker.

Personal Note: Wow...Samantha having top billing again!

*Credits to tvb, 無聊也挺好, on.cc, mingpao, bastilleent, moreforms, and youku

"The Forgotten Day" Theme Song (Shaun Tam Live Version)

"Best Friend" - Shaun Tam

摯友 《失憶24小時》 主題曲 - 譚俊彥

作曲: 朱俊傑
填詞: 楊熙

從前這裡有兩個人 各有性格缺口
以往那對頭 卻已變成
成為老友這兩個人 哪裡也兩個走

回憶的傷口 哪個沒有
淪為舊友 回頭便各自走

然而這拳頭 無條件撐我
極罕有 能改變我

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*Credits to tammerz

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wayne Lai Hopes to Be Able to Create New Sparks with Sheren Tang


Sing Tao Daily Clip

After Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang collaborated in "No Regrets" ten years ago, TVB is filming "Rosy Business IV" this year and has even arranged for 'Golden Scriptwriter' Cheung Wah Biu to form an 'Iron Triangle' combination with Wayne and Sheren. Wayne revealed that filming was originally commencing at the beginning of the year; however, due to the pandemic, it has been postponed to the middle or the end of the year. Heard that it will be filmed entirely on location this time, and will be staying in Shanghai for four or five months. It would not be surprising to even shoot snowscapes; it's also a good thing to have different images for viewers to see.

As for what relationship he and Sheren have in the series this time, Wayne said, "Don't know. Don't have a script yet. For the time being, only know that it is a series set in the early Republic. Have confidence in Cheung Wah Biu. The scripts he writes have a lot of tension and are dramatic. Believe that he will give me a new challenge. Will no longer be character like 'Chai Gau'. Also very familiar with Sheren...will definitely have chemistry. We have known each other for many years but only collaborated in two series. We also understand each other's abilities".

Speaking of Sheren having high requirements, Wayne said with a smile that he himself does not have any requirements, so it's only good when Sheren's high requirements tidy things up. It has been rumoured that Sheren is very unbearable; Wayne expressed that he does not think that Sheren is unbearable, and there is no discomfort when they work together. This combination is collaborating again after more than ten years...looking foward to the chemistry between those before the screen and behind the scenes. As for whether Pakho Chau is taking part, Wayne said that he does not know, and he did not ask. The series only starts filming a few months later. There are too many variables. It would not be surprising if it doesn't even film. As an actor, he is only responsible for acting.

*Credits to stheadline and singtaoentertainment

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

"Master's Talk" Episode 2

Hosts: Mak Ling Ling & Bob Lam

Guests: Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi & Hubert Wu

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D

Part E

Part F

*Credits to 玄學知多點