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- Elaine Yiu and Joel Chan Filming a New Series About Running in August
- Kenneth Ma Keeps Thinking About Earning Extra Money and Refrains from Healing His Heart
- Always Offending People! Bobby Au Yeung Reveals That He Left TVB in the Past for Money
- Fala Chen Gets Married in Paris on May 18th
- A Month Since the 'Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Incident' Broke Out, Kenneth Ma Sends a Message to Jacqueline: 'Study Hard'
- Louis Koo Shares Baby Filter Photo on Instagram: 'Raymond Lam Took It for Me!'
- 《網絡騙案》 "Cyber Fraud" Costume Fitting
- "The Defected" Week 6: averaged 30.6 points, peaked at 33 points.
- "My Commissioned Lover" Theme Song MV
- Really Filming "Lo and Behold"! Bobby Au Yeung and 'Kwan Jeh' Being a Pair

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List updated on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Elaine Yiu and Joel Chan Filming a New Series About Running in August


Joel Chan and Elaine Yiu are good work partners, and they also love running and are members of 'Crazy Runner'. Regarding TVB filming a new series in August, with running as its theme, it can be said that it has been tailor-made for the two of them. Other artistes who are taking part are marathon runner Jack Wu, Ram Chiang, and Tiffany Lau. Elaine said in an interview, "Filmed non-stop this year, and did not rest. Too many action scenes. Also want to rest a bit after the filming of 'Chinatown' is completed, and nurse my body back to full health". She said that she is currently injured all over her body, and later has to see a bonesetter: "Previously got my foot stepped on my Ruco [Chan]...was bruised for over a week. He also felt bad. Would call every two days to check up on me. Till now, he still owes me a meal".

'Find Legs Back First'

Joel, the best runner in the industry, frankly said that he was extremely happy in an interview: "Really my line of business this time. Such a good theme. Apart from talking about running, also including warmth and love". It is said that he and Elaine will be playing a pair again. In the series, he is a running coach, and he also has a daughter. When asked about having only two months after the filming of "Chinatown" is completed, what does he have to prepare the most urgently? He said, "Have to find my legs back first! Previously had to constantly work, so ran a lot less. Now still keep thinking about my 'chocolates', so have to train my running back first. However, it is more labourious running in the summer. Will look for professional runners to train and practice with. Can find my character's form and feeling back from them.

*Credits to orientaldaily

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Kenneth Ma Keeps Thinking About Earning Extra Money and Refrains from Healing His Heart


ontv Clip

stheadline Clip

The TVB series "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0" was filming a fight scene that involved exorcizing demons. In the series, Gloria Tang and Hubert Wu transformed their looks; the latter had his back facing the reporters the entire time in order to not have his look exposed in advance! He, who is considerate, knew that filming fight scenes is hard work for his partner, so he specially treated everyone to drinks to let everyone relieve the summer heat and quench their thirst.

Passing Over the Incident Lightly

As for Kenneth Ma, he interacted with Susan Tse the most. The performance was also precise; it seems that his mood has not been affected by girlfriend Jacqueline Wong's cheating incident. Mentioning that he would be able to rest well after the series wraps up, does he need to tidy up his psyche? He, who has always been realistic, said, "Have to do my own personal things on my holiday, such as changing my license plate. Also have to take care of bank bills and earn some extra money first! (Don't need to reorganize your psyche? No need! What is there to reorganize? (Such a big hurt caused from Jacqueline's incident.) How big? Not as serious as you guys think! (Your EQ is quite good?) There isn't much really. Just passing it over lightly. All in all, I would not be someone who come outs and seeks people's sympathy! (Did your mom worry?) No. She is very happy. Even went to play majhong today! (Contacted Jacqueline?) Not talking about it!"

Gloria Tang in All-Black When Exorcizing Demons

Gloria's transformation into a fighter girl was authentic; she and Alex Mak, playing the 'older sister and younger brother exorcists', could not avoid action scenes. She said that there is a strong contrast in her character design. When she transforms into an exorcist, she would have an all-black look. She frankly said that, in order to make the actions neat, she put in a lot of effort in terms of martial arts: "Did all my homework. Would definitely do stretching exercises beforehand. The biggest gain was pulling a ligament while previously filming another series; now, I have experience, so I would constantly do stretching exercises before filming action scenes, and do a full warm-up! (Love to exercise?) Like it a lot! Run a half-hour to an hour every day. Also like Thai boxing a lot...was also able to use it when I was previously filming for 'The Taxorcist Sidequel - Chapter One'. (Like being a fighter girl?) Like it a lot. Hope that the company gives me an opportunity to try out different types of roles. I know that my face looks too much like a primary school teacher. I am actually the active type!"

*Credits to on.cc and stheadline

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Always Offending People! Bobby Au Yeung Reveals That He Left TVB in the Past for Money


More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Artiste Bobby Au Yeung went to a radio station to accept an interview where he talked about the past. When he talked about the time he played small roles, he once received a phone call saying that he would be playing a patron of a brothel. The other party even expressed frivolously, "Have a girl to hug and also don't have many lines". He was very angry and even immediately hung up on the other party: "Some things that have crossed the line cannot be taken in silence. It may have caused me to offend a lot of people. (Okay as long as you have not offended TVB?) Sometimes may have offended people and did not know. Sometimes I'm joking, but people think that I'm telling the truth".

He also said that, before filming "The File of Justice", he idled aimlessly for ten years, and even thought about a career change at the time: "Very difficult to become a first tier. The salary at TVB is only a few thousand dollars a month. Have seen on the street that being in sales even has more than ten thousand, so [I] did think about a career change, but later, there was this opportunity". However, he revealed that after filming "File II", he actually left TVB: "The company had no thoughts of renewing my contract. Did not even discuss it. At the time, was thinking of changing to a per series [contract] because I wanted to ensure my screentime; however, after talking with the other party, [they] did not give me a response. However, it was an eye-opener when I ventured out at that time. The money that I made that year was almost the ten years of money in TVB". However, he expressed that he returned to TVB when "File III" started filming: "[They] looked for me to discuss it, so [I] changed to a per series [contract] and have been [a per series contract] to this day".

Speaking of his recent return to TVB to guest-star in "Lo and Behold", he expressed that he filmed for a day. There is still another day that has not been filmed yet: "That day, it was hot and [had to film] overnight. There was location and on site [filming], and all four walls were surrounded with lighting, but it was fine with me. Very happy. Upon returning, there was already someone giving me a fan and a chair; the service was quite good".

[052119] Bobby Au Yeung @ 《口水多過浪花》

*Credits to on.cc and wheniwasyoungilistentotheradio

Fala Chen Gets Married in Paris on May 18th


J2 Clip

On May 18th (France time), Fala Chen wed her French boyfriend of three years, Emmanuel Straschnov, in Paris. Fala wore a simple white wedding dress that was tailor-made by a Milanese designer. Their parents and over a hundred relatives and friends witnessed the two officially becoming husband and wife. Although Emmanuel is a French native, he speaks fluent Mandarin. He spoke in Mandarin promising to Fala's parents that he would take care of her for the rest of his life, and his father also congratulated the newlyweds in Mandarin.

Fala's classmates from the Juilliard School sang and recited Shakespeare's poem at the wedding.

Emmanuel even personally designed a unique pink diamond ring for his wife, which symbolizes that the two's love and happiness are forever. Regarding officially becoming Emmanuel's wife, Fala said with gratitude, "The happiest was being able to see our relatives and friends from all over the world gathering together. Really touched to receive everyone's blessings".

*Credits to tvb

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Month Since the 'Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Incident' Broke Out, Kenneth Ma Sends a Message to Jacqueline: 'Study Hard'


Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Kenneth Ma was doing location filming for TVB's new series, "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0", with Zoie Tam in Prince Edward earlier, attracting a large number of onlookers. This scene was about Kenneth, who plays a taxi driver, picking up Zoie, who cannot go without alcohol. He saw that she was drunk and was walking unsteadily, so he could not help but go check up on her.

Constantly Working, Making Money First

Kenneth expressed that it was his first time collaborating with Zoie. He highly praised his partner as being pretty and clever. In the series, Zoie plays his secret 'regular customer', who is drunk every time he gives her a ride. "We have a slightly ambiguous feeling between us, but it is very unfortunate that there are no intense scenes". Kenneth expressed that he also has some friends in real life who like to drink alcohol, but they do not get drunk every time. When he goes out to drink with friends, he would also not keep chugging down alcohol. When there is a light and airy feeling, would immediately stop. Never had a blackout.

Kenneth also thanked the producer for arranging three pretty females, Zoie, Mandy Wong, and Moon Lau, for him in the series, but there weren't really any intense scenes, laughingly saying that they were all given to Hubert Wu...slightly envious. "He has intense scenes but only one Gloria Tang. I have three. Beat him in numbers". After completing "Exorcist's", he does not film a new series until August. Will he go on a trip to recharge? Kenneth said that he has not thought about it because his manager accepted some jobs. Making money is important. In addition, it is very troublesome to match schedules to travel with his family. He, who loves soccer, frankly said that he wants to relieve his 'itchy feet' the most when he is on a holiday.

'Feeling Extremely Good, Okay'

It has been a month since the 'Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Incident' broke out. How does he feel now? Kenneth expressed with ease, "Okay now. Extremely good! Have been working every day. Very fulfilling. (Throwing yourself into your work?) I have always thrown myself into my work. (Have you contacted Jacqueline during this time?) Not talking about these. (It has been a month. Have you already forgiven her?) Actually, already said it last time. It was very fast for me to already not have feelings of anger. Also have nothing more to add. Hope that everyone gives her space to calm down and settle down!" It has been said that Jacqueline has gone to the US to further her studies; does he hope for her to learn something? Kenneth sends the message that she should study hard.

Zoie Tam's Character 'Has Not Woken Up'

Zoie highly praised first-time collaborator Kenneth as being professional. A nice person and the collaboration was pleasant...completely stress-free. Unfortunately had no intimate scenes? She laughingly said, "It is the kind of intimacy that is not overdone. Slightly resembles a romantic storyline that is faintly discernible". Zoie said that, in the series, she basically 'has not woken up', as she is always drunk, but the character is quite fun. In reality, her capacity for liquor is very poor: "My capacity for liquor was actually better back then. I think that it really depends on the feeling. When I was unhappy, I also had to drink mixed drinks...was already drunk after one or two drinks. There was also a time at my birthday party. It was not even a half-hour, and I was already drunk. My friends continued having fun, while I was sleeping. Afterward, a friend took me home, but this was not a good experience. Had a huge headache the next day; it was harder than being sick. (Were you ever promiscuous after drinking?) My self-control is quite good. When I feel that I am almost drunk, then I would not drink. Also, have to be with people I trust before drinking alcohol".

No Seven-Year Itch with Boyfriend

Zoie expressed that she will have a short break after completing the filming of "Exorcist's". She might travel with her family because [they] have been talking about it for a long time. Going without your boyfriend? She sweetly said, "May invite him!" When it was said that she and her boyfriend have dated for seven years, was there a worry about the seven-year itch? She confidently said, "Not worried because eight years is almost coming. As for getting married, letting nature take its course. We are moving toward this goal but do not have an actual time yet".

*Credits mingpao

Louis Koo Shares Baby Filter Photo on Instagram: 'Raymond Lam Took It for Me!'


J2 Clip

ViuTV Clip

ATV Clip

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am730 Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Louis Koo, Kay Tse, and Christine Kuo attended an event for a French skincare brand in Tsim Sha Tsui, and they also raised funds for charity to help poor children shake off poverty and change their lives. Louis said, "This event hopes for us to give more care to the friends around us, the families around us, and the new generation of youth. Sometimes, when we are rushing in our own lives, we may not know how to care about a lot of the things around us, so hope to stir up everyone's attention through this event".

Recently, the entire city has been playing with Snapchat's trendy baby filter. Many artistes in the industry have also been sharing their photos on their social media. Even 'Best Actor' Louis could not help but also take part. Louis posted a baby filter photo on Instagram earlier, which was highly praised by netizens as being very cute. Louis laughingly said that he wore thick glasses when he was younger, so the photo does not resemble himself at all: "The photo was not taken by me; Raymond Lam took it. Afterward, I posted it to share with everyone. I also did not know about this app originally. That day, he was playing it with me; it was also cute, so [I] shared it with everyone".

Kay Tse Recommends Herself to Louis Koo to Film a Movie

Louis and Kay previously collaborated through song. Louis expressed that Kay had just talked to him about wanting to collaborate on a movie, and [he] also feels that the concept that she came up with was not bad. Kay frankly said that she recommended herself to Louis, and also hopes that it is able to come into fruition.

After attending the event, Louis immediately rushed back to Guizhou to film the movie "Back to the Past". Louis laughingly told Kay to quickly go visit the set together because Kay's husband, Louis Cheung, is also filming there. When asked whether she thought about performing as a husband and wife partnership, Kay said, "Does not necessarily have to be a husband and wife partnership. Also given free reign to our current respective works, but I am not opposed to it. There is simply nothing suitable for the time being". Louis revealed that the filming progress of "Back" is ideal; one-third has already been filmed, and a portion of the dangerous actions has also been completed successfully. This time, both men and women in the movie have to fight. Among them, Louis Cheung has to fight dozens by himself. Louis also praised Louis Cheung as being incredible, as he is able to bear with not eating for the sake of training his body. When asked whether Louis Cheung had complained to Kay about filming being labourious, Kay laughingly said, "No. He is someone who is willing to devote effort into his work. Him bearing with not eating, it has already been two years. He should also enjoy filming the fight scenes!" The reporters told Louis to treat everyone to more food to entice Louis Cheung. Louis said, "It is rather secluded there. Nothing really good to eat, but the temperature in Guizhou is not too high...just rather damp. We have to film on wires while wearing ancient costume. One day, Louis Cheung and I both had to stand on one leg in the air on wires for the entire day...was really labourious to the point of not being able to handle it!"

*Credits to hk01, stheadline, am730, moreforms, and wenweipo

《網絡騙案》 "Cyber Fraud" Costume Fitting



Date: May 20, 2019

Temporary Chinese title: 《網絡騙案》
Pinyin title: Mong Lok Pin On
Temporary English title: "Cyber Fraud"
Producer: Wong Wai Yan

Attending Cast: Mat Yeung, Samantha Ko, Hera Chan, John Chiang, Helen Ma, Stefan Wong, Alex Yung, Lawrence Lau, Stephen Ho, Brian Chu, Yu Yeung, Terence Tung, Strawberry Yeung, Chan Tik Hak, Frankie Choi, Leo Lee, Leo Kwan, Amisha Ng, Janice Pang, Shally Tsang, Kitty Lau, So Lai Ming, Jenny Wong, Nicole Wan, and Mikako Leung.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate 77 Chun Choi Street TVB City Studio One Common Room

J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

East Week Clip

hk01 Clip

hk01 Clip

hk01 Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip


- Mat Yeung will play Sunny Szeto Chung (司徒忠), a Senior Inspector of Police in the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB). He and Samantha Ko are exes.
- Samantha will play Vincy Cheung Wai (張慧), a wedding planner. Although she and Stefan Wong are a married couple, she and Mat have an ambiguous relationship; she wants to get back together with Mat.
- Hera Chan will play Denise Siu Mei Ting (蕭美婷), an Inspector of Police in the CSTCB. She loves sports. She originally worked at the same IT company as Brian Chu, but she later wants to become a cop and ends up joining Mat's department. She and Brian are a pair.
- John Chiang will play Szeto Cham (司徒湛), a Chinese medicine practitioner at an herbal shop. He is Mat's father.
- Helen Ma will play Mok Suet Fong (莫雪芳), a retired senior constable. She is Mat's domineering mother.
- Stefan will play Michael Sam Chi Ho (沈子浩), a wealthy guy who makes money on the Internet, but it is because of this that he breaks that law. He is the evil person behind the scenes of a London gold fraud syndicate.
- Alex Yung will play Ho Sai Hin (何世軒)/「身騎白馬」, a scriptwriter.
- Lawrence Lau will play Szeto Ching (司徒正), a university student. He is a useless youth. He is Mat's younger brother.
- Stephen Ho will play Kwok Man Lung (郭文龍), the mastermind of a cybercrime syndicate.
- Brian will play Eric Ko Chun Kit (高俊傑), an IT company employee. He is Hera's boyfriend.
- Yu Yeung will play Siu Fu Kam (蕭富金), a retired principal. He is Samantha's father.
- Terence Tung will play Ma Kei (馬基), a film company producer. He is Stephen's underling.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Chow Sek Kan (周錫根), the boss of 「鳴春堂」.
- Strawberry Yeung will play Chow Kung Mung Dip (周恭夢蝶), the boss lady of 「鳴春堂」.
- Chan Tik Hak will play 「阿勁」, a waiter at 「鳴春堂」.
- Miguel Choi will play Tam Yuk Tak (譚育德), a Superintendent in the CSTCB.
- Frankie Choi will Chim Chi Ho (詹志豪), a Sergeant in the CSTCB.
- Leo Lee will play Tsang Ka Ming (曾家明), a CSTCB officer.
- Leo Kwan will play Rocky Chiu Pak Kin (趙柏堅), a CSTCB officer.
- Amisha Ng will play Fong Ho Yan (方可欣), a CSTCB officer.
- Irina Tang will play Brenda, a wedding dress shop assistant.
- Janice Pang will play Ada, a wedding dress shop employee.
- Jacquelin Ch'ng will play Mary, Stefan's business partner.
- Kinlas Chan will play the younger version of John's character.
- Gary Tam will play Martin.

Personal Note: Mat seems to be TVB's new police representative, as this is already his fourth consecutive cop role.

*Credits on.cc, mingpao, eastweek, hk01, moreforms, and stheadline

Sunday, May 19, 2019

"My Commissioned Lover" Theme Song MV

"Sweet Days" - Hubert Wu

抱擁情人 《婚姻合伙人》 主題曲 - 胡鴻鈞

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

談談情 自造浪漫 伴著白馬
吻過了 戴上鑽戒 披起婚紗
想像很美 目標遠大才可 往上爬

平平凡 共渡患難 白日夢嗎
無浮華 全憑才華 亦是傻話
難道吵架 是因我那夢想未開花

*#誰也想有個家 誰也想有個她 陪同看日和月懸掛
然而千呎磚瓦 累計一個天價 億個偏差#
如要築建個家 還要擁抱個她 床前看海也可以看煙花
實況千變萬化 抱緊磚頭說婚嫁*

平平凡 美滿到老 是日劇嗎
有志氣 但是現實 全無童話
前路很遠 幻想裡我伴我望天花

Repeat *#

容我築建個家 還要不變愛她 仍然要堅信真愛會開花
實況千變萬化 始終一人最牽掛
就算風雨幻化 陪我渡過好嗎

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