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- "Go! Go! Go! Operation C9" Week 4: averaged 21.1 points, peaked at 22.6 points.
- Him Law and Tavia Yeung Announce Changing Their Names
- "AI Rhapsody" myTV Gold Trailer
- "Line Walker: Bull Fight" Sub Song 1 MV
- TVB Sales Presentation 2021
- Anniversary Series Promotional Clip
- 《拳王》 "Fighting" Internal Costume Fitting
- Has a Consensus with Roxanne Tong on Marriage, Kenneth Ma Discusses Baby Experience with Kevin Cheng
- TVB Sales Presentation 2021 Promotional Clips 1-2
- "The Witness" Opening Theme Video & End Credits

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List updated on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Him Law and Tavia Yeung Announce Changing Their Names


ontv Clip

Him Law and Tavia Yeung announced on social media that they have changed their names: Him has changed his name to 'Law Chi Yat' (「羅子溢」), while Tavia has changed her name to 'Yeung Sin Yiu' (「楊茜堯」).

Regarding the matter of the name change, Him expressed, "Actually, the name was changed a while ago! However, just telling everyone today! Hope that everyone greatly supports it! Actually, just hope for my family to be healthy and for things to go smoothly!" The name change procedures, such as the identity card, etc., have been completed. Him said that he had clearly considered the decision to change his name this time, and he also received the support of his family and company. As for Tavia, she expressed, "Yes. Actually changed it a while ago. Want my family to be better, so just announced it now. Nice to meet you". Asking her whether she was willing to have a new name, as the name 'Yeung Yi' (「楊怡」) is remembered by everyone, she laughingly said, "It is fine with me. Everyone will slowly get used to it. I also needed time to get used to it at first. Plus, I am still 'Yeung Yi' in my bones".

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

《拳王》 "Fighting" Internal Costume Fitting


Date: September 18, 2020

Temporary Chinese title: 《拳王》
Pinyin title: Kuen Wong
Temporary English title: "Fighting"
Producer: Andy Chan

"Scoop" Clip (101020)


- The story begins with guest star Shaun Tam, who plays a boxer, while Wayne Lai is his coach. In a boxing match, because of Wayne's guidance error, Shaun becomes seriously injured. Later, in a beating incident, due to his injuries and not being able to fight back, Shaun is beaten to death. Owen Cheung plays Shaun's younger brother. When he learns that his elder brother's death was related to Wayne, he has a dispute with him. Because of the dispute, Owen goes to prison. Ten years later, Wayne becomes a boxing legend with multiple fitness chains, while Owen, who has just been released from prison, is a general labourer who does everything. In order to seek justice for his elder brother, Owen decides to go from being a newcomer who does not know about Muay Thai to fighting for a position in the boxing world, challenging the boxing giant.
- Wayne will play a former Muay Thai boxing king. He is a thoughtful and provident formidable person. He gets mistaken by Owen as having caused the death of his elder brother, Shaun, so he finds him to get revenge. He has a romantic storyline with Elaine Yiu and Winki Lai. He only has two boxing matches.
- Owen will play a boxer. He is mature, steady, and knows how to endure humiliation. He has a grudge with Wayne, so he constantly goes to the boxing gym to challenge him. He and Jacky Cai are a couple. He fights the most in the series.
- Elaine will play Anson Lui Kin (雷堅), a career woman who finds a foothold in the boxing world. She goes to learn boxing.
- Hugo Wong will play a lower class boxing king. He is a master who trains Owen, who has never boxed before, into a boxing king.
- Jacky will play Kong Ka Ching (江家晴), a capricious rich girl. She and Brian Chu are good friends.
- Jack Hui and Aurora Li have a romantic storyline.
- Winki will play Wayne's confidant. She, Wayne, and Elaine will have a complicated romantic entanglement.
- Brian will play Wayne's son. He has to box. He is mainly fighting with Owen. There is scene where he and Owen have to fight on a lei tai.
- Aurora will play one of the members of the boxing gym. The boxing gym only has two females.
- Leo Kwan will play Tin Ko Wai (田高偉).
- Kinlas Chan will play Yeung Seung Chun (陽尚進).

Visit @ TVBE Clip (100720)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (100720)

Script Reading @ TVBE Clip (101220)

Script Reading @ TVBE Clip (101320)

Script Reading @ "Scoop" Clip (101720)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (102220)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (102320)

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Personal Note: Weird how this series is not related to "Gloves Come Off" but has the same Chinese title....

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Has a Consensus with Roxanne Tong on Marriage, Kenneth Ma Discusses Baby Experience with Kevin Cheng


ontv Clip

Kenneth Ma has been busy filming "Paediatricians", collaborating with a group of actors who are already parents, including Kevin Cheng, Him Law, and Linda Chung. He laughingly said that he had just completed "BB on Top" earlier, and his elder sister also has children. When working, he is also able to chime in and talk about his baby experience. Asking about his stable relationship with Roxanne Tong, does he hope to get married and have children as soon as possible? He said, "Have not thought about it that fast, but we also have a consensus on going toward this direction. As for having children, leaving it to fate. I also like children. Would also not be disappointed if there are none". He also said that, because his elder sister already has children, the pressure for his mom to have grandchildren is greatly reduced.

After winning 'TV King' last year, Kenneth's love life and work have been smooth sailing. He continues to have a zen attitude toward the future. He said, "Under the pandemic, many places have laid off workers. Already very blissful to have work. Cannot ask for too much. I also don't really have anything to ask for. Just hope to be happy and for my family to be healthy". He also said that he and his girlfriend are close in their thinking: would not hope to be very rich and already very blissful to not have to live from hand to mouth.

Reveals Adding Intimate Scenes

Mentioning that he has continued playing a 'down-to-earth' character in the TVB series "Go! Go! Go! Operation C9", playing a vegetable vendor convincingly, he said, "I like being down-to-earth grassroots characters. It is comfortable when working. The clothes, hair, and makeup don't have to be too neat. The petty bourgeois character is also very similar to me. When viewers watch it, there is a sense of cordiality". In the series, he and Samantha Ko acted as husband and wife for the first time, which was very fresh. He revealed that there were some intimate parts that had to be added to tune in with the plot: "The intimate scenes were not considered as being too many. We also discussed it professionally. There were some parts that were necessary, so added it. If it was not necessary, then omitted it; thus, may not have followed the script fully. The actors also have to make choices. If the females are not awkward when filming these scenes, then the males would also not be awkward". He also said that there is no need to report to Roxanne when filming intimate scenes because everyone is a professional actor.

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TVB Sales Presentation 2021 Promotional Clips 1-2

TVB Sales Presentation 2021 Promotional Clip 1

TVB Sales Presentation 2021 Promotional Clip 2

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