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- "The Man Who Kills Troubles" Week 6: Mon. to Fri. averaged 24.6 points; Sat. averaged 26.1 points.
- "The Offliners" Theme Song MV (Drama Version)
- Wayne Lai Thinks That Kenneth Ma and Kara Hui Will Be This Year's 'TV King' and 'TV Queen' at TVB
- Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong Win 'TV King' and 'TV Queen' in Singapore
- "Wonder Women" Theme Song MV (Full Version)
- "Wonder Women" Opening Theme Video & End Credits
- Ada Choi Gives Birth to Son
- TVB 52nd Anniversary Gala
- "The Offliners" Opening Theme Video & End Credits
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Saturday, November 30, 2019

"The Offliners" Theme Song MV (Drama Version)

差一些 《堅離地愛堅離地》 主題曲 - 張振朗

作曲: 張家誠
填詞: 楊熙

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*Credits to reiakiryu

Monday, November 25, 2019

Wayne Lai Thinks That Kenneth Ma and Kara Hui Will Be This Year's 'TV King' and 'TV Queen' at TVB


stheadline Clip

This year, TVB has postponed its awards presentation to January of next year. For the time being, Wayne Lai does not have any series in competition, so he is observing the battle with cold eyes. His analysis is more unique and precise. Using his wisdom to decipher, there is a 70 percent chance that this year's 'TV King' and 'TV Queen' will fall into the hands of Kenneth Ma and Kara Hui: "Kenneth is naturally blank in the audience's eyes. Playing a doctor in 'Big White Duel' was really suitable and advantageous; as for Kara, according to seniority and actual ability, surely no one dares to compete with her!"

Admires Kenneth Ma for Being a Well-Behaved Guy

He first claimed, "Because there were many series that could not be followed, can only objectively guess and make an inference from a little bit of points from personal connections. In my analysis, Kenneth has the greatest chance of getting 'TV King'. He is an earnest and dopey person. Played the right role in 'Big'. Always think that actors have to match the character's appearance and feeling in order for the audience to be immersed in it. From a patient's perspective, the doctor would not be strange or horse around. Kenneth's dopeyness became his solid ability to play a doctor. (Is it because every siu sang has gotten it, so even if it were a queue, it would be his turn?) It is not as though TVB treats him unfairly. Actually, elections also depend on luck, just like Miss Hong Kong is not very pretty every year. Kenneth is not lucky...encountered strong opponents every year. Going up against Anthony Wong and Dayo Wong, anyone would die. However, I don't have to encourage him to add oil because he is not lonely at all. In the past, he was a very well-behaved guy who did not spend money. Ha! Now, I see that he has gotten a new car and lives in Taikoo Shing. I just see the news that you guys revealed".

Joel Chan and Vincent Wong's Chances Are Slim

As for Joel Chan being regarded as a dark horse, Wayne frankly said, "Although his popularity is very explosive in 'Barrack O'Karma', and is the main character who connects the entire series, there are many cases. There is less of an advantage performance-wise. He and Selena Lee lose out in this area. The response for Vincent Wong's 'The Man Who Kills Troubles' is also not considered too big. Professionally and personally, objectively commenting, Kenneth has the greatest chance. As for 'TV Queen', it can only be Kara [Hui]. Although she is not a biological daughter, she would film with TVB again. Moreover, the market is different now. The circle has widened a lot. There are fewer of their own people, especially their own people with experience. If only those who sign for ten years are their own people, then they would be in a crisis".

*Credits to stheadline

Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong Win 'TV King' and 'TV Queen' in Singapore



ontv Clip

Yesterday, artistes Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Ali Lee, Korean star Park Min Young, et al. went to Singapore to attend 'StarHub Night of Stars 2019'. Kenneth and Natalie won 'Best TVB Male Artiste' and 'Best TVB Female Artiste' for the series "Big White Duel", becoming Singapore's 'TV King' and 'TV Queen'. When Natalie received her award, she became teary-eyed. Ali won 'Best TVB Drama Character'.

The Team Is More Important Than the Individual

Kenneth felt extremely happy to have received 'TV King' and said, "Have to thank 'Big''s producer, copywriter, and the entire crew. Don't know if it is because [I] have gotten older, but the more [I] act, the more [I] feel that the power of the entire crew is more important than the power of one individual. The audience liked this series because of the atmosphere that was created from the team, whether it was the props, setting, lighting, or costumes; they were all important. Thus, have to thank every staff member before the screen and behind the scenes, as well as the group of doctors and nurses who assisted us during filming. Without them, our sense of professionalism would not have been as strong. All in all, it was the power of the crew that left the deepest impression on me while filming this series".

Only One Series for This Year

The 'TV Awards Presentation' will be held next year in January. Having first won 'TV King' in Singapore, Kenneth was asked whether it has increased his confidence in winning an award at Hong Kong's awards presentation. He said, "Have to look at these as two separate matters. The judges' standards are different for every awards presentation. Getting one award does not necessarily mean that [you] will get the other one as well. Just letting it be. Have already done [my] best!" As for Natalie winning 'TV Queen', Kenneth expressed, "Happy. Ali also won an award. The theme song of 'Big' that was sung by Fred Cheng also won an award. All in all, whatever award this series receives is good. I am also extremely happy because this is the only series that I took part in this year. Must support it to the end. (How do [you] plan on celebrating?) Treating the series team to dinner. Actually, can eat regardless of what award is received. Can also eat even if I do not receive anything on TVB's awards night. It doesn't really matter. The entire series team's happiness is the most important".

Wants "Big White Duel" to Get 'Best Series'

Regarding "Big" sweeping the awards at 'StarHub', Natalie laughingly said, "Very happy and very touched. This is 'Big''s first award. Have to thank the entire team. Everyone had the same uncertainty while filming because this series was so different from past series. Did not know if the audience would like it or not. Now, we know that the audience really likes it. If there were no producer, copywriter, camerapeople, et al., and all those before the screen and behind the scenes, this series would not exist. However, everyone's mentality while filming this series was to charge through first. There were many things that were unknown. Very touched by the current success!"

Speaking of Kenneth winning an award, Natalie was very happy and said, "Of course, Kenneth has to get an award. When working together, did not think about whether I would have [an award]. Only really wanted him to get an award. Plus, Fred also got a 'Drama OST' award...also very happy". When asked if she thought about continuing to sweep the awards at the 'TV Awards Presentation', Natalie said, "I really hope to get 'Best Series', but have to leave it to the viewers to vote. However, winning awards this time can let those viewers who have already forgotten this series recall a bit of our series and vote ['Big'] for 'Best Series'. (Do not want to win 'TV Queen'?) Leaving this up to fate. Everyone is happy if the team wins!"

*Credits to on.cc

"Wonder Women" Theme Song MV (Full Version)

"Destination of Love" - Miriam Yeung

嫁給愛情 《多功能老婆》 主題曲 - 楊千嬅

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

沿路 遇上 世上百萬人
人類 情感 嫌舊並且貪新
每日裡 多少結合再分

曾歷最難堪 死裡逃生
重活過 不需要遺憾
懷著少年初心 就算單純天真
我仍然 笑著行 再拾回自我加點信心

*無論再獨來獨往 為理想堅定
遊蕩想找安定 誓約多麼神聖
做過焦點但甘於平靜 (夢太好都能睜開眼睛)
其實我亦曾任性 沒法可否認
承諾一生相伴 用你的姓連起我的名
完成極致風景* 人生更完整

沿路 遇上 世上百萬人
唯願 情感 陳舊亦可翻新
信任愛 可將美夢變真

重撥過時針 感覺重生
甜蜜過 珍惜過 無憾
懷著少年初心 就算單純天真
我仍然 笑著行 再拾回自我獻出真心

Repeat *


Repeat (*)


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*Credits to 星夢娛樂

"Wonder Women" Opening Theme Video & End Credits

"Wonder Women" Opening Theme Video

"Destination of Love" - Miriam Yeung

嫁給愛情 《多功能老婆》 主題曲 - 楊千嬅

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

沿路 遇上 世上百萬人
人類 情感 嫌舊並且貪新
每日裡 多少結合再分

懷著少年初心 就算單純天真
我仍然 笑著行 再拾回自我加點信心

無論再獨來獨往 為理想堅定
遊蕩想找安定 誓約多麼神聖

"Wonder Women" End Credits

"Free My Love" - Pakho Chau

讓愛高飛 《多功能老婆》 片尾曲 - 周柏豪

作曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: 周錫漢/黃兆銘
監製: 何哲圖/周錫漢

無承諾 必須答允 傾講不必認真
如疲累 何用心急想被吻
無期望 走得更近 同樣寂寞敏感
陪在咫尺 纏繞滿腦是疑問 寧願轉身降溫

*#如果想飛不要等 如果想哭不要忍
如不懂相處為你解困 從頭謙遜學愛人#
如果傷口比較深 從此不敢相信真心
容許我 變一個 最絕情男人
讓你飛出去 我在途護蔭*

人成熟 必須試過 損失一些甚麼
曾遺憾 才學懂珍惜下個
前行吧 親手放過 來日拾獲更多
沉默的我 旁邊永遠地留座 仍不知的結果

Repeat *#

如果灰燼可再生 重新開始相信真心
容許我 再走近 縱近乎黃昏
願你都可以 接受我一吻

Eva Lai on "The Green Room"

Alice Chan on "The Green Room"

Tony Hung & Rebecca Zhu on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 1 @ J2 Clip (112619)

Promotional Event 1 @ "Scoop" Clip (112619)

Interview @ J2 Clip (112819)

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Ada Choi Gives Birth to Son


J2 Clip


Ada Choi and Max Zhang announced the good news that their son had been born. Max uploaded a picture of their family of five on his social media. Second daughter Chloe was holding her younger brother. Max commented, "November 15th. Mother and son are safe. Welcome, Zhang Leer (張樂兒), to the Zhang family. We have gotten home safely!" Ada forwarded, "Unspoken gratitude! My products are all more than 8 pounds! Ha! Don't know if 'Leer' is happy or not, but he has given happiness to our family! Grateful!"

Later, Ada responded to the media, expressing that her son weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and is very healthy. Max went into the delivery room and cut the umbilical cord, and is taking great care of her. Ada said, "Was very scared at the beginning. Have to relearn how to take care of a baby; however, upon seeing the baby, was very touched and teary-eyed. Very grateful and very excited. Thank the heavens for giving me a valuable estate. The two elder sisters are already big girls, so [they] greatly cherish [their] younger brother".

'This Time, It Was a Grateful Accident'

Regarding the issue of 'sealing the belly', Ada continued, "Belly was actually already sealed six years ago. This time, it was a grateful accident. Even if [I] have given birth to another one, will not reduce [my workload]. Remember to look for me for work, everyone!" Max, who has become a father again, excitedly expressed that his son is a big baby: "We are certainly extremely happy. Mother and son are also healthy. We actually never thought about having another child, so...really sealing it. If not sealing it now, then I will seal it".

*Credits to mingpao and Weibo

TVB 52nd Anniversary Gala

發放娛樂 分享快樂

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8




真假遊戲 到底邊個係最後贏家呢?


歷屆香港小姐 舞賀台慶



Anniversary Lucky Winners
Mandy Yau: $520,000 in cash and prizes (including $300,000 deposit account)
Calvin Chan: $200,000 in cash and prizes
Bella Lam: $100,000 in cash and prizes
Kenneth Ma: $100,000 in cash and prizes
Ashley Chu: 1K diamond jewellery
Sharon Chan: watch ($288,000)

J2 Clip (111919)

TVBE Clip (112419)

"Scoop" Clip (111919)

"Scoop" Clip (112019)

A spokesperson for the Communications Authority expressed that approximately 400 complaints about the programme were received. The complainants found the content of the programme to be vulgar and offensive.

FYI: The gala averaged 31.2 points.

Personal Note: The best part was definitely when Samantha, Grace, and Kelly performed!

Who greenlit the 'True or False' segment?! So ridiculous and inappropriate!

Funny how Ma Ming's cat ended up losing the race because it was busy 'flirting' with Bella's dog! :P

*Credits to tvb, reiakiryu, and appledaily

Monday, November 18, 2019

"The Offliners" Opening Theme Video & End Credits

"The Offliners" Opening Theme Video

差一些 《堅離地愛堅離地》 主題曲 - 張振朗

作曲: 張家誠
填詞: 楊熙

"The Offliners" End Credits

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