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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Shining Like a Star" - Ella Koon

Ella Koon sings the Cantonese theme song of the Japanese anime "Skip Beat!" 《華麗的挑戰》.

Shining Like a Star - 官恩娜

填詞: 鄭櫻綸

那光輝高照 這刻心中見證
這刻可高照我 重生的氣息
全部讓開 即將發動變改
全部讓開 光輝發動變改
將好比出賽 決要跨過
無人能相比 看天際
Shining like a star

"In the Eye of the Beholder" Trailer 2

Narrator: "This guy is very omniscient!"

Moses Chan: "Others laugh at me for being to crazy. I laugh at others for not understanding!"

Narrator: "He met Chau Heung and found his direction in life".

Moses Chan: "I have finally found the last beauty for my Nine Beauties Painting!"

Johnson Lee: "You did all of this just for her to smile at you?"

Moses Chan: "Uh huh!"

Narrator: "In order to get the girl, he will use forced action".

Moses Chan: "If you don't leave...."

Johnson Lee: "We will hit you!"

Ha Yu: "Wah On, you are indeed very tricky!"

Narrator: "'In the Eye of the Beholder'. March 8th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Moses and Johnson look so 騎呢! :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"A Fistful of Stances" Trailer 1



Solid ability that is unmatched.
The cast and crew with a strong foundation.
From the creative crew of "Rosy Business".
March 17th. "A Fistful of Stances"!

Personal Note: Most looking forward to Ma Ming! He looks so cool!!! He reminds me of Iron Fist!!! :D Can't wait to see Iron Fist and Miss Blue reunite!

Waiting for promo clips and promo events! He he.... :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org and szeki.org

Friday, February 26, 2010

"An Uninvited Date" Costume Fitting @ TVB8 Clip

Host: "Yesterday, Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung, and Tavia Yeung were at the costume fitting for the new series An Uninvited Date. In the series, Bobby and Tavia will play an older husband and a younger wife. But, they shouldn't have any difficulty in communicating. Just take a look at their interview!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "I am Bobby Au Yeung, and in An Uninvited Date, I play an analyst, and I am also doctor. In the series, it will show the process of medicine making".

Tavia Yeung: "Medicine making".

Bobby Au Yeung: "I will have a relationship with Tavia. She really likes me...."

Tavia Yeung: "I like you?"

Bobby Au Yeung: "I do not have special feelings toward her, but...."

Tavia Yeung: "Let me make this clear, he is the one who likes me, and I don't have any feelings toward him".

Bobby Au Yeung: "The most important thing in this interview is subtitles".

Tavia Yeung: "What?!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "Subtitles!"

Tavia Yeung: "I thought I heard you say, the most important is lonely!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "Tavia's character is a nurse!"

Tavia Yeung: "Nurse?!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "That was in English!"

Tavia Yeung: "Nurse. I am a nurse, and I will be working at his clinic".

Host: "Will there be any intimate scenes?"

Tavia Yeung: "In the series, I will have many scenes with him".

Bobby Au Yeung: "There will be kiss scenes, and hug hug!"

Tavia Yeung: "What?!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "Hug!"

Tavia Yeung: "I was thinking of bun!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "Not BBQ pork bun or Shanghai bun".

Host: "Raymond Lam will play a handsome demon around Bobby Au Yeung. At the costume fitting, he wore red contact lenses. He expressed that the script has many surprises".

Raymond Lam: "Let's talk about my look first".

Leanne Li: "Yes, why do you look so ghostly?"

Raymond Lam: "Why does it look so ghostly? I think it is very special, as I do not have a habit of wearing contacts. So, it went smoothly putting them in. Originally, I had planned to use 30 minutes to put them in. I never thought that they would go in on the first try. My character is a demon who will fuse into Bobby's life. I will not reveal too much information, as it is very complicated, and has many surprises".

Host: "Leanne Li will also take part in this new series. She will play a beautiful assistant to a big boss. It should not be too difficult for her to play".

Leanne Li: "As for myself, I am playing a...."

Raymond Lam: "A beautiful girl!"

Leanne Li: "I am a beautiful assistant, and it's my first time playing an assistant".

Raymond Lam: "It shouldn't be very difficult for you!".

Personal Note: Bobby's Mandarin is hilarious! He said 'lonely' instead of 'subtitles', and he didn't know how to say nurse in Mandarin, so he said it in English. And he pronounced the word 'hug' in Mandarin, but the doubling is only used in Cantonese terms. That is why Tavia was confused, and thought he said 'bun'. Super funny! :D But the person with the funniest Mandarin is still Sunny Chan! Ha ha.... ;P

*Credits to 雪子Yuki

Amy Chan Back in TVB



Amy Chan was invited back to TVB yesterday to film a promotional clip for "Our...Amy Chan", as TVB will be re-airing Amy's series on its Pay Channel. Amy said that she had never thought that she would have her own review special. When asked on how many series has she filmed for TVB, Amy said, "My first series was Daat Moh, and it was filmed with Ray Lui, but I was under a singer contract back then. It wasn't until 1990 that I filmed It Runs in the Family [that I was signed under TVB]. In six years time, I had filmed over ten series. (Are you interested in filming series for TVB again?) I have not deliberately thought about it. At the time being, TVB has not approached me".

In recent years, Amy has been filming series in Mainland. She was asked if signing with TVB would 'tie her down'? Amy said, "No, as a contract is an agreement between two parties. I remember back then when I came back to film It Runs in the Family. Originally, I thought about leaving this industry, but TVB asked me to film".

Personal Note: OMG! We (my mom, my sisters, and I) are Amy fans! This is super exciting news!!! :D TVB (*cough Catherine Tsang) is finally not boycotting Amy, as they are going to re-air her series!!!! Yay!!! :D

Although she is not 'officially' back with TVB, but for TVB to re-air her series is a good sign because that means that some TVB executives are going to ask her to film for TVB again!!!

*Credits to takungpao

"In the Eye of the Beholder" Promotional Clip 3

Myolie Wu: "In history, Tong Bak Fu has always been the one to pick on Chau Heung. However, this time, it's different because I am the Chau Heung who knows how to fight. Not only do I know how to fight, but I will make him see clearly!"

Myolie Wu: "I know you are a warm-hearted person, and you will deal with matters for the civilians. Your name will have a place in history".

Myolie Wu: "'In the Eye of the Beholder'. March 8th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Myolie looks thinner now compared to when she filmed the series. ;)

Myolie was not the first person I had in mind to play the role of Chau Heung. :)

*Credits to chobits216 @ tvb吧

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"In the Eye of the Beholder" Promotional Clip 2

Ha Yu: "Battle, start!"

Narrator: "Tong Bak Fu makes his move!"

Moses Chan: "My poems are full of taste, and my writings have insight. Get a taste of refined things, and it will still stay on your tongue. Take that!"

Ha Yu: "Chau Heung, is he a pass?"

Myolie Wu: "It's a pass, Master!"

Moses Chan: "Miss Chau Heung!"

Narrator: "That is how the Wah Family got a new servant!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Moses is soooooo cute! Love him at the end where he is sitting in a daze!!! :D

I suspect that Myolie's head was inserted in this clip, as she is filming in Beijing right now. She didn't even say her line; they probably attached her head from the series.

*Credits HKLOVE.org

"Trusted Subordinate" - Eason Chan

Eason Chan's 2010 new commercial song for McDonald's :)

心腹 (2010麥當勞廣告歌) - 陳奕迅

口通向腹通向心 通向彼此憶記
他邀約他邀約他 吃著早餐等你

記住溶化的距離 記住相通的天地
BA DA BA BA BA 伴隨痛快歷奇
記住完美的假期 記住一起的滋味
BA DA BA BA BA 耳目心腹手口鼻

*一班好友 叫做手足嗎 心腹嗎
一餐歡宴 熟人要有吧 送暖遞茶
一口小吃 會值通心嗎
一番體貼一點親切 未來也有吧(至老掉牙)


說著笑著吃包 包你逐條味蕾沒收
馬上化做快樂氣泡 飛上月球造巢*

口通向腹通向心 通向彼此憶記

記住溶化的距離 記住相通的天地
BA DA BA BA BA 伴隨痛快歷奇
記住完美的假期 記住一起的滋味
BA DA BA BA BA 每啖都想分給你

Repeat *

記住溶化的距離 記住相通的天地
BA DA BA BA BA (I’m Loving It)
記住完美的假期 記住一起的滋味
BA DA BA BA BA (I’m Loving It)

記住年少的好奇 記住青春的品味
BA DA BA BA BA (I’m Loving It)
記住時間的詭秘 記住光陰的旖旎
BA DA BA BA BA 帶著雙方心觸地
I’m Loving It

*Credits to crimsonrain

Melissa Ng Buying Suits for Her Husband



In recent years, Melissa Ng has retired from the entertainment industry, and has devoted herself to being a stay-athome wife and mother. Yesterday, at around 4pm, Melissa was spotted shopping alone at Central Mall. Melissa was wearing sunglasses and holding a brand name handbag. She strolled through several brand names shops, but left empty-handed.

Not long after, Melissa went into a nearby department store, and was looking at menswear. In the store, Melissa was seen looking at suits, ties, and other clothing. It seemed as though she was shopping for her husband. After shopping in the store of 15 minutes, Melissa successfully selected the items she wanted, and made a payment. She then carried the big bag of purchased items and left.

Personal Note: I swear The Sun has a writing template for Melissa when she goes shopping, as the introduction paragraph is exactly the same as previous articles.

I don't think the media has captured a picture of her daughter Maegan yet. Maybe they should try, as I'm a little curious to see if she has inherited Melissa's elegant air. ;)

*Credits to the-sun

"My Better Half" Theme Song (Full Version)


"True Man Is Me" - Michael Miu & Michael Tse

大丈夫係我 《老公萬歲》 主題曲 - 苗僑偉/謝天華

苗: 大丈夫係我 要氹又要呵
我係王 王係我
細路同時係我 廿載青春撞出花火

謝: 大丈夫係我 窈窕淑女多
我望人 人望我
有陣時迷惑過 內心清楚有邊一個

合: 脆脆愛我 Oh Very Nice

*合: 你襯我實在係 Very Nice
I Love You You Love Me 冧得我
我愛你 我愛你 Very Nice
(你似嫦娥 最愛咿哦 愛似恆河囉)

合: 大丈夫係我 半世亦過咗
你為何形住我 去夜蒲陪第個
實在篤波唱緊K歌 點樣覆 Call 你要信我

Repeat *

合: 大丈夫係我 最愛係拍拖
有陣時甜蜜過 有陣時狂鬧我
話聲 Honey 叫聲 Darling
你應吓我 Oh Very Nice

*Credits to tvb.com and crimsonrain

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"A Fistful of Stances" @ TVB Corporate and Programme Information 2010


"A Fistful of Stances"

Genre: Kung Fu Martial Arts


This is an all-action drama on Chinese combat featuring real kick and striking. Both actor and actress do their own stunts at every fighting scene. It's powerful, energetic, adventurous, a way to broaden the kindred bond and the arts to wushu.

Personal Note: Finally have the clear version of this! Like I have said before, somebody so messed up on this programme, as Yuen Wah's name is still on it, yet Selena's name is nowhere to be seen. o_O

*Credits to kennethma.org

Steven Ma & Fala Chen: Spokespersons for Cite du Louvre



On the day of the photo shoot, the temperature was only 7.7 degrees Celsius, but their professionalism bore through the cold, and they had also changed into many outfits. Fala expressed, "Both of us earned a bit for this wedding ad, so it's big riches for the new year. Also, we were joking throughout the shoot, and we are the only ones who know the meaning of them. During the last photo shoot, I found out that I had a fever, yet it didn't feel labourious. I went home and slept for over ten hours, and it was fine". Steven said, "Actually, the outfits can be very grand. They feel as though they are clothes you'd wear for a stage performance. I didn't want to take it off after putting them on".

Steven expressed that he was the spokesperson of this bridal shop six years ago, but his partner has changed to Fala, so it is more refreshing. He said, "Younger sister and I have filmed in many series together, so we have already had chemistry from early on. That is why we didn't feel any awkwardness, and the outcome of the shoot felt very warm. I'm very satisfied with it".

Steven revealed earlier that he has thoughts about marriage, so Fala seized the opportunity to ask Steven when he was going to get married. Fala laughed, "I heard you talking about marriage; that is why I'm coordinating you by saying this". Steven then joked and asked Fala about her marriage date, but Fala only laughed and did not answer. Steven said, "I'll wait until you get married. Then I will get married. If you marry first, then I will be a brother-in-law, so I will hang a pair of pants by the door, and you will need to go under it in order to be allowed to be married".

Personal Note: Steven is too funny! :D

Also, Steven and Cerina da Graça were spokespersons for Cite du Louvre six years ago. :)

*Credits to singtao, mingpao, hkheadlinedaily, appledaily, takungpao, sina, and 30fen

《不速之約》 "An Uninvited Date" Costume Fitting Pictures



TVB8 Clip


- 20 episodes long.
- The series is about people's battles with their inner demons.
- Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia Yeung will play husband and wife.
- Bobby will play Kong Tung Kin (江東健), a doctor who decides to pursue his patient, Tavia, three years after falling in love with her at first sight, so as to not violate medical ethics.
- Tavia will play Fong Siu Fong (方小芳), a nurse with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Her character dies from a car accident, but later comes back to life.
- Raymond Lam will play Toi Fung (邰風), a sensible demon who takes Bobby's life, but Bobby thinks that there are many things he has not yet done; thus, Raymond uses his sense to bring him back to life. Raymond also mentioned that he has a romantic storyline with Tavia.
- Mandy Wong will play Raymond's sister, a chronically ill patient who has always been in convalescent care. She was in a coma for a number of years, but she slowly learns to speak and walk. Her character likes to dance, and would dance with her brother. She accompanies her brother to implement his plan.
- Leanne Li will play a beautiful, scheming assistant.
- Fung So Bor will play Bobby's mother.
- Sire Ma's older mother is Fung So Bor, but her biological mother is Gigi Wong.
- Sire will play Bobby's naive and energetic younger sister. She is the most loved in the family, and she is the happiest in the family because they all buy her things, and she does not have to work. However, after completing high school, she helps out at Bobby's clinic.

- Producer Poon Ka Tak has ordered the cast to not reveal information about the series.

Clips (costume fitting):
Raymond Lam's TVB Blog
Tavia Yeung's TVB Blog
Leanne Li's TVB Blog
Mandy Wong's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Sire Ma's TVB Blog
Leanne Li's TVB Blog

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Men with No Shadows".

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Personal Note: No wonder there's not much info about the series...Poon Ka Tak wants it to be mysterious! I wonder how Tavia's character is going to come back to life? o_O

Raymond's character must be Death (Grim Reaper) then. Super cool! :) His hair looks way better parted this way.

Even though the series is a small production (20 episodes long), this seems to be very interesting!

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, tungstar, takungpao, and 30fen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"OL Supreme" TVBI Trailer

Narrator: "The new generation of situation comedies!"

Liza Wang: "The duty of a secretary is to be nosy for the company!"

Lam Lei: "I do not believe that a secretary to a CEO can beat us managers!"

Chapman To: "You do not have to go through the trouble searching of a telecommunications company. Leven at your service!"

Chapman To: "If you join our company's Happy Family Laughing Discount Plan, I will personally throw in a frying pan and a cell phone".

Liza Wang: "First, you swindle my company; now, you are swindling my family!"

Liza Wang: "How can you use such a sneaky sales tactic? What's your problem?! What's your problem?! What's your problem?!"

Liza Wang: "Actually, I am normally not like this".

Narrator: "Ron Ng lets go of his handsome image and plays a shy, nerdy guy".

Ron Ng: "Are you all right?"

Lam Lei: "Picking up thumb tack method is too ridiculous!"

Liza Wang: "I will hire whoever picks it up!"

Chapman To: "You want to hire me to be a secretary?"

Denise Ho: "A male secretary is quite cool".

Denise Ho: "I am Music Miu!"

Liza Wang: "Music?!"

Liza Wang: "I am very familiar with this Music person. She is not disciplined and has no rules in behaviour".

Denise Ho: "Queen Jeh is just prejudiced against me. I know you are still mad at me, Mom!"

KK Cheung: "Mom?!"

Al Wai: "If this mother and daughter are in on it together, then this evil duo is very scary!"

Lam Lei: "Why don't we have someone watch over them?"

Chapman To: "You're not thinking about finding me are you?"

Liza Wang: "What are you doing?"

Chapman To: "I am observing you and understanding your innermost world".

Liza Wang: "Previously, the secretary from the promotional department failed her duty, so I had advised her manager to fire her".

Chapman To: "Your Majesty, please don't do this to me!"

Denise Ho: "I'm the one who is your boss, so I can fire you!"

Liza Wang: "I, too, am your boss!"

Chapman To: "Shut up!"

Chapman To: "It is very painful to be under two bosses who are always at odds with each other!"

Narrator: "Liza Wang, Chapman To, and Denise Ho doing comedy in a series for the first time".

Denise Ho: "Come find me at my company tomorrow morning!"

Denise Ho: "Does my position as a Promotional Manager not have the right to hire a person?"

Liza Wang: "I hope you understand what you are doing!"

Denise Ho: "I absolutely understand what I am doing!"

Chapman To: "Out of the bloom, you come here to be an executive! Do you even know what you are supposed to do?"

Patrick Tang: "I am 100 percent confident in you!"

Chapman To: "If he does not fix the job, not only does he die, but I die, and everybody else will have to die!"

Ron Ng: "I will take full responsibility".

Chapman To: "What is this?"

Ron Ng: "It's a resignation letter".

Chapman To: "Resignation letter?! When did you write this resignation letter?!"

Ron Ng: "I wrote it on the first day of work".

Joel Chan: "Why did you hit him?!"

Chapman To: "Did I hit him?!"

Joel Chan: "Yes! You did hit him!"

Koni Lui: "Ah K?! Oh my god! Why are you so handsome?!"

Everyone: "Ah K Jai is very handsome?!"

Ron Ng: "What's the problem?"

Koni Lui: "Am I pretty?"

Chapman To: "You're dead meat this time!"

Joel Chan: "Don't say that I haven't warned you, my friend! You and Chor Man are impossible!"

Denise Ho: "If you want to date, then Kwan Nui is more suitable for you!"

Sire Ma: "Me?!"

Patrick Tang: "SELECTION is all yours now".

Liza Wang: "Serious?!"

Patrick Tang: "Fold it!"

Chapman To: "I am now folding you".

Al Wai: "That means the secretary will be in charge from now on!"

Chapman To: "You are now the Queen, and you are the Princess. I am very fortunate to work for such powerful owners!"

Liza Wang: "Of course! I'm the Queen of the Office!"

Everyone: "Long live the Queen! Yeah!"

Narrator: "'OL Supreme' will give you something refreshing!"

Personal Note: "Ah K?! Oh my god! Why are you so handsome?!" Ha ha.... ;P

《不速之約》 "An Uninvited Date" Costume Fitting


Temporary Chinese title: 《不速之約》
Pinyin title: Bat Chuk Ji Yeuk
Temporary English title: "An Uninvited Date"
Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Attending Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, John Chiang, Power Chan, Gigi Wong, Fung So Bor, Bak Biu, Leanne Li, Natalie Wong, Catherine Chau, Ching Ho Wai, Felix Lok, Mandy Wong, So Yan Chi, Deno Cheung, Russell Cheung, Jason Lam, Quinn Ho, Poon Fong Fong, and Luvin Ho.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Parking Lot

Personal Note: The Chinese title is probably changed because they do not want to mislead people into thinking that the series has some religious affiliation. But, the premise of the series should be similar to the Book of Job.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"OL Supreme" Opening Theme Video


"Suffer" - Ron Ng, Chapman To & Denise Ho

捱 《女王辦公室》 主題曲 - 吳卓羲/杜汶澤/何韻詩

作曲: 鄧智偉/陳詩慧
填詞: 陳詩慧
編曲: Fergus Chow
監製: 鄧智偉

搵嗰雞碎咁多 仲話要減 要減

我老細 係個女人
打工仔 講起都傷心 唯有忍 我忍

激氣 好激氣
個個掛住發夢 個心都飛咗去約個friend 唱K

捱得到應該等到終於一天睇返我面色 就好

捱到老細睇起我開始升呢等於我嚟緊 越攀 越高

"OL Supreme" Episode 1

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Personal Note: After watching the first episode, I am very impressed with it! It is super funny! Even though only eight cast members appeared in the first episode (Ron and Denise did not come out yet), I am already loving the lines from the script. I love Chapman's rhyme when he received all of those complaint letters: "出得嚟行, 預咗俾人彈, 呢啲嘢我慣!" Absolutely hilarious! :D

My comments for Sire Ma and Koni Lui are also very positive from them getting into the taxi and arriving at the company, Sire's blouse covered in coffee, and Koni's face covered by her hair, and her 'prostitute' dress. Even Joel's shirt was buttoned wrong, and his pants were not zipped up. Petty things like this make it funny to watch! :D

I've said it once before, and I'm going to say it again, this is the only series of Liza's that I was looking forward to. She is not sassy in here, so I'm loving her! Love how she whited out the 'S' (SELECTION) on the company's stamp and changed it to ELECTION; then she made fun of Chapman's English name, Eleven, by dropping the 'E' (Leven). Ha ha.... :P

Can't wait for Ron and Denise to come out. Ron will not come out until the second or third episode (probably third), while Denise will make her first appearance in episode five. Ron's name in here is Ling Siu Kei, but from the opening theme video, it seems as though he will be called 'Ah K'. Ha ha.... It reminds me of 'Does Not Sing K'.... :P

Anticipating tomorrow's episode! He he.... :D

Bernice Liu @ 《Female》 February Issue

Bernice Liu: Gorgeous & Super Fun!

Cover Story
Beauty Queen

Hong Kong superstar Bernice Liu shares her secrets to looking flawless (on and off camera).

Screen Style

Anyone who has met Bernice Liu will understand why she is the spokesperson for skin care brand Nutox. As the former Miss Chinese International greeted everyone when she walked into our studio, we saw how her skin glowed, even without makeup! Later, we had Britney Spears playing in the background while Bernice was being made up, and she sang along to every song. When the shoot began, she broke out into a dance, and we must admit, she had some pretty good moves. Having seen how versatile she is, it's no surprise to us that she's gone from beauty queen to an actress and singer. Watch out for Bernice's new Hollywood movie, The King of Fighters, set to be released later this year, in which she acts alongside Maggie Q as a kungfu fighter.

Q: Beauty myths you believe in...
A: "Leaving spoons in the freezer and soaking cotton pads in toner, then leaving them in the freezer before using them".

Q: Beauty products you can't leave without...
A: "Hydrating mask, eye cream, lip balm, a versatile moisturizer and concealer. I need these to prepare my skin for the harsh environment!"

Q: What's your favourite scent?
A: "I have a couple. I love Estee Lauder's Pleasures, Clinique's Happy and NuLove".

Q: You skin care regime consists of...
A: "Cleanser, toner, moisturizer and hydration".

Q: Who do you think is the epitome of beauty?
A: "I like Charlize Theron because I think she's naturally beautiful and tries to stay true to herself even when she gets all made up. Whether she's out shopping or attending a red carpet event, she's always illuminating and charismatic".

Q: What are your favourite lipstick colours?
A: "I prefer natural, earthy colours. They match everything you wear and give you a healthy glow".

Q: Favourite makeup products you can't live without?
A: "A good blush, lip gloss, and concealer".

Q: What's the secret to having healthy hair?
A: "My hair tends to get quite dry, so I use leave-in conditioners to get the shine back".

Q: Your favourite nail colour?
A: "I love natural shades with a hint of shimmer in them, but sometimes I go for sharp, cherry reds".

Q: What would you wear on a casual day out?
A: "Zip-ups, runners and thick tights as pants. Things that are easy and comfortable. I also like over-the-knee dresses because they are such a good length and take you from day to night".

Q: Your favourite fashion brands?
A: "Right now, I'm in love with Chloe and Alexander Wang".

Q: Your favourite shoe brand?
A: "I have a few, but if I have to save up to buy a pair of heels, it has to be Manolo Blahnik. His designs are classy and give you an instant lady-like look".

Q: What are your favourite accessories?
A: "I love silver rings and bracklets!".

Q: Your favourite place to shop?
A: "Topshop, of course! But that's because we don't have it in Hong Kong. So When I come to KL, that's the first stop I make".

Q: Your favourite destination city?
A: "I want to go to New York to watch musicals. I've never been there, and I've always been involved with dance and music since I was young, so that would be really fun".

Q: Romance is...
A: "Something as simple as making a ring out of play dough. Whatever tickles your fancy, I guess!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Bernice loves silver rings, too! :D

Yes, Bernice does have dry hair. She mentioned once that she washes it like a million times a day. I guess Hong Kong's polluted environment is not suited for Bernice's hair.

Can't wait to watch her and Ma Ming in "The Mysteries of Love". ;D

*Credits to www.bernice-liu.org

Chapman To Blog @ "OL Supreme" Is Coming

From Chapman To's Yahoo! Blog

Produced by Wong Wai Sing
"OL Supreme" is coming!!!

Ah Goo [Denise Ho] has just returned from Singapore. She is very tired, but you cannot tell. She can still handle it!!!

Your face will not be fat when standing next to me......

Under my bad influence, DC Joel has changed to EOS Joel. He is still super trendy!!!

Does Not Sing K [Ron Ng] is rarely on time. He kept saying that he couldn't see us. It is because he went to Olympian City [Kowloon]......

The event was taking place in Langham Place [Mong Kok]......
......That is why I say he is a funny guy!


Ah Jeh [Liza Wang] and Ka Ling Goh [Law Ka Ying] are still on vacation. So, I'll have to hold onto the cardboard cut-out......
Actually, she should be like Chrissie Chow and come out with pillow cushions!!!

"Off Pedder"???
"OL Supreme"...is it possible not to watch it???

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ron went to the wrong location, yet he was still on time? ;P

*Credits to http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/tochapman1999