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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tavia Yeung Would Instantly Accept Couple Partnership with Kenneth Ma to Make Money



Following "The Hippocratic Crush", Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma are also a couple partnership in the currently airing new series "Three Kingdoms RPG"...absolutely no problem in terms of chemistry, and also quite well-received by viewers.

As for the couple partnership image being well-liked but the two not collaborating much to make money, Tavia said, "The truth is that the company cannot arrange a schedule. I have to work every day...also want to make additional income as a couple partnership". [Reporters] laughed that the fee would be higher having her and Him Law on the same stage? Tavia laughingly said, "No relation. As long as there is a guy coming out together, the fee would definitely be higher. Certainly, Kenneth would also be good, and Him would also be good...to be able to make money is the most practical. Would not turn something down because of being afriaid of Him's rumours...would definitely instantly accept".

Soon after, Tavia changed the topic to Kenneth, revealing that he has been actively looking for a wife, but actually talking about his own vehicle. Kenneth said, "Not really active. Looking for a seven-passenger vehicle...want to make it convenient to go out with family on Sundays".

Praises Kenneth Ma as Being Best Husband Candidate

When talking about singing love songs to Tavia in the series, Kenneth laughingly said that he would sing a few songs, but never sang love songs for girlfriend in real life. Although personality is boring and not romantic, Tavia helped by saying, "Kenneth's personality is all talk and no action. I quite understand him. Sometimes very considerate. May be very boring when together. Usually just plays ball or accompanies his mom to drink tea, but this is the best candidate for a husband".

Making Money Is Priority for Tavia Yeung, Willing to Partner Him Law Again

Kenneth Ma and Tavia accepted an interview together earlier to promote "Three Kingdoms RPG". The two have a romantic storyline in the series, but Tavia complained about Kenneth's character being fickle (in love affairs), not even liking her in the end. Kenneth also admitted that his character this time does not attend to his proper duties, has no financial ability, and is not familiar with history, and laughingly said, "Modern people are also fickle". As for "Three" broadcasting during the summer holidays being a 'cannon fodder time slot', Tavia laughingly said that Raymond Lam has a part, so it wouldn't be 'cannon fodder', and laughingly said, "Count on him".

Following "The Hippocratic Crush", this time, Tavia and Kenneth are portraying a couple again. When asked whether they thought about making money as a couple partnership, Tavia frankly said, "Also want to make some additional income, but have been busy filming series recently. Also not that many people looking for me and Kenneth as a partnership". Reporters laughed about her having Him Law? Tavia laughingly said that it would be okay whether it is partnering with Him or Kenneth; as long as there is money to be made, then it would be the best. She would not not work with Him because of rumours.

Kenneth also mentioned romantic matters. He frankly said that making money would be his first priority now...will look for a girlfriend later. Unexpectedly, Tavia revealed that Kenneth is actually looking for a wife. Kenneth said that he has already been very active, but will leave it up to fate. Tavia also took the opportunity to praise Kenneth as being a considerate person and is a good husband candidate, but Kenneth helplessly said, "However, in this industry, many people are looking for a boyfriend...not looking for a husband". Does Tavia want to look for a husband or a boyfriend? She immediately laughingly said, "I want to look for money".


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Personal Note: Would like to see Ma Ming and Tavia attend functions together! :)

Encountered a baby picture of Ma Ming that was published in a recent East Week interview...never saw an actual baby picture of Ma Ming before! :P


*Credits to mingpao, wenweipo, TVBUSAofficial, and eastweek


  1. aw they look so cute and compatible together! too bad I think Tavia is actually dating Him Law instead...but i think her and him actually look cute together also. <3 whatever makes her happy :)

  2. kenneth, cutie baby photo. hope tavia and you will be made as the couple partnership to earn more money.

  3. Thanks for sharing Kenneth's baby picture. It's so cute!

  4. I find that the male lead who starts opposite Tavia seems to gain their popularity after a series with her.

    Ruco Chan: The Other Truth
    Kenneth Ma: The Hippocratic Crush
    Him Law: The Hippocratic Crush (but also rumors)
    Raymond Wong: Sweetness in the Salt


  5. I wouldn't say it's weird but maybe it's just Tavia's great partnering skills! Haha! :)