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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kiki Sheung Supports Exaggerating Kenneth Ma


"Scoop" Clip

Apple Daily Clip


The new series "Three Kingdoms RPG" premiered with high ratings; however, Kenneth Ma has been criticized by netizens for acting exaggeratedly. Kenneth was recording a programme in TVB City, where he responded to netizens: "When [I] received the script, already performed in a comedic direction. On set, would also add some things on the spot, creating an even better outcome...these came from everyone's discussion". Kiki also supported him by saying, "More exaggeration in ancient is not a problem, so Raymond Lam would continue to chok, and Kenneth would be the gag chok king!"

Kenneth Ma Revealed by Kiki Sheung to Love Married Women

Kenneth Ma and Kiki Sheung did a recording for the programme "TV Funny". Kiki revealed that Kenneth likes married women. Kenneth explained, "If more mature, know how to get along with others. (Difficult to take care of exes?) Never said it!"

Kiki laughingly said the she would be a matchmaker to introduce twenty-something-year-old girls to him. Kenneth does not mind the other party's age being young...stressed that getting along is the most important. When mentioned being exaggerating in "Three Kingdoms RPG", he said that comedy cannot be done in such a static state, and also cannot steal the thunder from Raymond Lam.

"TV Funny" Promotional Clip 1

"TV Funny" Promotional Clip 2

"TV Funny" Promotional Clip 3

"TV Funny" Promotional Clips 4-5

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Personal Note: Kiki looks good in the ancient costume! She and Ma Ming actually match quite well here! :P

*Credits to the-sun, appledaily, HKLOVE.org, and Weibo


  1. What series is this?

    Kenneth looks like Benny Chan in the first pic

    1. It's not a series! It's a recording for a programme!