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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Extras Sit for Over Ten Years?


Goof in Episode 5


Another goof has been discovered in TVB series. This time, the focus has fallen on "Tiger Cubs". Earlier, "Tiger" broadcasted a scene talking about Jessica Hsuan and Oscar Leung, her brother in the series, sitting on stadium bleachers, reminiscing about being determined to become cops when they grow up when they were running in this stadium. Netizens surprisingly discovered that the extras behind the two were sitting there for over ten years!

When Jessica and Oscar were running in the stadium when they were young, she was already sitting in the bleachers. Once the shot changed, the grown-up Jessica and Oscar were chatting on the bleachers, while these extras were still in the same sitting positions on the bleachers...extremely strange! The photos were uploaded by netizens on social websites, attracting hot discussion by netizens, laughingly saying that "Tiger" is actually a horror film, and that these extras are the series' 'ghosts'!

FYI: The eighth episode of "Tiger Cubs" averaged 25 points. The ninth episode averaged 29 points.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Definitely one of the funniest goofs! :P

If the two people in the back were indeed extras, definitely very careless of TVB, as the two people were not even asked to change into a different set of clothes.... :P

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 8a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 8b

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 9a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 9b

*Credits to mingpao


  1. lol that is certainly one funny goof!

  2. Haha! Those two in the back have been sitting there for ten years but they haven't aged one bit! :P