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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kenneth Ma Evaluates TVB Fa Dans @ 《電視劇》 Issue 281



Tavia Yeung: "Before, I didn't collaborate with her much. 'Three Kingdoms RPG' was our first collaboration. 'The Hippocratic Crush' was the second time. She also came from the Acting Class. I think that her acting is very stable. Her range is also very large. It has been very happy collaborating with her. Tavia is very gracious...can discuss together, because both must feel comfortable when portraying partnering scenes in order for it to work. If met with a female artiste who is very reserved and only does her own scenes, the outcome would not be very good".

Myolie Wu: "Only collaborated in 'To Grow with Love'...also didn't have many partnering scenes. However, I will have a chance very soon. In 'Seasons of Love', she is my new partner. From my observation, she is a very hardworking artiste...also has many opinions. I greatly anticipate creating some sparks with her".

Kate Tsui: "She has her own thinking...would constantly think of many exceptional points. Thus, when I worked with her in 'Speech of Silence', there were some scenes in which [I] also did not expect that she would do them that way...felt that there was a great sense of freshness".

Fala Chen: "She is an artiste who follows her heart...when acted out, the feeling would be very natural. She would not have too much design or arrangement. Actually, this type of performance is actually more difficult, because artistes sometimes design too much for their characters, and the outcome would actually be very odd".

Linda Chung: "I never played a couple with her. From my observation, she is a very pure girl...should be able to attract many male fans. I also greatly anticipate playing a couple with her. In the finale of 'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!', we only had one scene. I think that our appearance is quite matching (laughs). She also wants to work with me (laughs)".

Nancy Wu: "I have also never partnered with her...don't know why the company has still not approached us to be a couple. I think that her flexibility is very strong...can be very womanly and can also be a young girl. For example, I saw her 'Forensic Heroes III' and 'D.I.E.', which are two different feelings. However, she can also have a very boyish feeling, such as in the recent 'Gloves Come Off'. Her flexibility is very strong".

Personal Note: He he.... Funny how Ma Ming said that Linda also wants to work with him! :P They both said that they have wanted to collaborate with each other ever since winning 'Most Improved' in 2006!

*Credits to Teresa80


  1. I would like MM and Linda to pair up in a series, too!

  2. Ma Ming is a good partner with any fadans. That's what I observed in his past series.

  3. yay i hope kenneth and linda will be as a couple soon

  4. they're gna pair up nxt yr got a new drama YAY OMG CANT WAIT!!!