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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Promotional Clip 2

Narrator: "Entangled relationships cause a sudden change in human nature".

Roger Kwok: "Want to play with me? You are not qualified yet...."

Narrator: "A person who has inherited cold blood...."

Florence Kwok: "You are a rich guy. We are small citizens. We can't compete with you!"

Roger Kwok: "You do business to make money!"

Sunny Chan: "You're mean and shameless!"

Roger Kwok: Security, clear the place".

Narrator: "Suddenly breaking apart again...."

Roger Kwok: "You don't believe me now because you haven't seen the the truth, but I hope you'll use your heart to clearly see who is a good person and who is a bad person".

Narrator: "Is it possible to start over again?"

Narrator: "'Wax and Wane'. June 13th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Haven't seen Florence play these roles in a while....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Ghetto Justice" Opening Theme Video

"No Time for Regret" - Hanjin & MC Jin

沒時間後悔 《怒火街頭》 主題曲 - 陳奐仁/歐陽靖

作曲: 陳奐仁
填詞: 陳奐仁/歐陽靖

就算第一次唔成功 So What?

為什麼自卑 幹嗎要後梅 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗

拜託 不是三歲小孩 太多 人想看我受害
幫我 口口聲聲的說 到頭來結果 還是一場空

誰說 我不能自已來 成功 用雙手建起來
掌握 好的機會不多 這是我的秀 又幹嗎不做

為什麼自卑 幹嗎要後梅 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗
我不會流淚 沒時間後梅 Yeah Yeah
地上再多血跡 我也得站起來

同你講都嘥氣 我真係冇咁得閒
等我好消息 到時你冇得彈
繼續向前行 繼續向前行 繼續向前行

"Ghetto Justice" Episode 1a

"Ghetto Justice" Episode 1b

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bernice Liu on "Say What?"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

In this talk show, hosted by Eric Kot, a group of artistes are invited to chat about a certain topic. In this episode of "Say What?", Hanjin, Sammy Leung, Bernice Liu, Tracy Ip, and Florence Kwok discussed whether one who does not incur jealousy in others is a mediocre individual.

Approximately 15 minutes into the clip, Bernice was explaining the reason she took part in pageants, which was to learn Chinese, and during this segment, she used some terms which were not understood by the other artistes.

Bernice was born and raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, which consists mainly of Caucasians and Chinese people born in an English-speaking foreign country. She referred to herself as a 「土人」 (literally 'native person'); however, the actual term should be 「土生」 (literally 'native born').

Bernice then mentioned a derogatory term (sounding like 「燕淺」) which refers to Aboriginals. Since Aboriginals understand the term 「燕淺」 and consider it to be offensive, it is not an appropriate term of reference. This term is actually from the Taishanese dialect. When Bernice mentioned this term, the other artistes mistook it as being 「現錢」 (literally 'cash').

Personal Note: This episode actually aired on May 15th, but didn't have the time to post it until now.

Anyway, I actually understood what Bernice was talking about, as I am Taishanese.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Promotional Clip 1

Ron Ng: "Entangled because both are actually linked together".

Roger Kwok: "For the sign, you want to split the inheritance!"

Roger Kwok: "Don't push my dad!"

Sunny Chan: "Thirty years of resentment will not be settled that easily".

Sunny Chan: "Okay to bother me, but bother my dad?!"

Sunny Chan: "Resentment from both sides will only continue to build up".

Roger Kwok: "Exchange the business for stocks?"

Ron Ng: "I don't want our relationship to be affected by other people".

Roger Kwok: "Is your surname Man or Yung?!"

Ron Ng: "Is there still a chance for a family to reunite?"

Narrator: "June 13th. 'Wax and Wane'".

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Personal Note: Not a fan of this genre, so not looking forward to this series. Only anticipating Ron's theme song! :D

Roger has been filming in Mainland, so he didn't film the promo clips.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kenneth Ma in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"

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Personal Note: Definitely an open ending with a possible candidate for Miss Koo (just like the sudden appearance of King Sir at the end of "Only You").... ;D

Apparently, Ma Ming had a character name in here, as he was listed as 'Jack' at the end credits.

Ha ha.... The little girl said Manning Girl's famous line.... :P

Moses Chan & Tavia Yeung: Interview Before Broadcast of "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" Finale @ "Scoop" Clip


Moses Chan: "Recently, the entire city has been yelling at me, but I'm not afraid--I'm telling you--because I have someone to support me. Hurry and illustrate it so that everyone can see".

Tavia Yeung: "Have me, Miss Ho, to support you!"

Moses Chan: "I'm already full of strength!"

Tavia Yeung: "No problem! Give a face shot!"

Candy Yuen: "Has the support of Miss Ho, so Law Sir is still cheeky even when being yelled at by the entire city".

Candy Yuen: "Do the people on the street yell at you when they see you?"

Moses Chan: "No, they throw eggs, but luckily I.... This is a Malaysian egg".

Tavia Yeung: "I think that he hasn't gone out for a few days, right?"

Candy Yuen: "Hiding out...."

Tavia Yeung: "Hiding out...."

Moses Chan: "Avoiding left and right...."

Tavia Yeung: "I think that it has brought out a great response from the viewers. Moses has also never experienced being nicknamed a bad guy".

Candy Yuen: "Do you feel that you have fallen from heaven to hell now?"

Moses Chan: "No...."

Candy Yuen: "Also a very painful fall, right?"

Moses Chan: "What?"

Candy Yuen: "A very painful fall, right?"

Moses Chan: "Returned to heaven from hell.... I'm back again.... Yes!"

Candy Yuen: "Rumours about the ending spreading everywhere.... The two of you, hurry and give some tips!"

Moses Chan: "Especially tonight.... If you want to know the ending, you must remember that Law Sir is actually not that bad. After you have finished watching, you will understand the reason. Miss Ho, hurry and support me!"

Tavia Yeung: "No, I also have to support myself actually. I can't just support you. Right now, I'm also in danger of falling off the cliff".

Moses Chan: "Where is my love? Choose her or her? Although she is very heartbroken, how about this one? How will the storyline develop? There is also the appearance of a mysterious person".

Tavia Yeung: "That's correct".

Moses Chan: "Who is this mysterious person? What mysterious person? Why? Why is a sir a sir? Why is Miss Ho Miss Ho? Why is Miss Koo Miss Koo?"

Personal Note: He he.... The 'mysterious person' mentioned again.... :P

Anyway, glad that Moses finally got rid of his facial hair! ;D

*Credits to tavia.org

Thursday, May 26, 2011

《ATF反恐》 "ATF Counter-terrorism" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip



Weibo Pictures

- 25 episodes long.
- The series will mainly revolve around psychological warfare.
- The series will be about how people get along with one another. At times, people will not trust one another, as suspicion exists at the innermost feelings for even the most intimate person.
- The series will be very humanizing and sentimental.
- Ron Ng will play Chong Yau Kit (莊有傑), a cop. In the first episode or two, he is a member of the Special Duties Unit (SDU). He later joins the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF).
- Ron and Ruco Chan will play brothers. They will fight over Aimee Chan, and many misunderstandings will also lead to the deterioration of their brotherhood. Aimee is originally Ruco's girlfriend; however, in the middle of the series, Ron will think that Ruco has died. Ron later dates Aimee.
- Ruco will play Chong Yau Ching (莊有正), Ron's elder brother. He is initially an undercover cop, but he later receives recognition from Eddie Kwan and other ATF superiors, and thus joins the ATF. He is both good and evil.
- Aimee will play Jessica Chung Yat Ka (鍾日嘉), an Intelligence Analyst who is more quiet, introverted, and refined. She is humble and smart. She will be involved in a love triangle with Ron and Ruco.
- Yoyo Mung will play Yip Ting (葉婷), a reporter, but she is actually a spy with regard to the exchange of criminal intelligence. She will have a romantic storyline with Ruco.
- Ruco, Yoyo, and Aimee will be involved in a love-and-hate triangle.
- Louise Lee will play Tong Suk Fan (唐淑芬), a high-ranking administrator. She is the mother of Ron and Ruco.
- Eddie will play an ATF commander. There will be a lot of conflict between him and Ruco.
- Kenny Wong will play a Superintendent of the Operations Division of the ATF. He will have many scenes with Ruco and Eddie.
- Lee Kwok Lun will play a villain.
- Law Lok Lam will play Yoyo's father.
- Leanne Li will play an Intelligence Analyst. She is Aimee's subordinate.

Ron Ng's TVB Blog

Ron Ng's TVB Blog

Ron Ng's TVB Blog

Ruco Chan's TVB Blog
Ruco Chan's TVB Blog
Aimee Chan's TVB Blog
Aimee Chan's TVB Blog
Yoyo Mung's TVB Blog
Louise Lee's TVB Blog
Eddie Kwan's TVB Blog
Kenny Wong's TVB Blog

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《叛逃》 (literally translated as "Deserter"). The official English title is "Ruse of Engagement".

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Personal Note: In HK, it should be the Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU), so not sure why it is the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) in this series....

Happy that Ron will be playing a cop in which the profession is actually the focus of the series. :D

Glad that Ruco and Yoyo will be a pair. :) Since they are regulars in Amy Wong's series, expecting that their roles in here will be quite prominent. Although this is a male-oriented series, Yoyo's character seems quite interesting...looking forward to it! :D

Aimee's wig is so 囧! Why do the female leads in Amy Wong's series have to wear unflattering wigs?! Esther in "Burning Flame", Myolie in "Burning Flame III", Fala in "The Stew of Life"....

Enjoyed Ron and Yoyo's interactions during the interview; hope that they will have more interactions in the series even though they are not a pair. :P

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, wenweipo, tungstar, tvb.com, and Weibo

Linda Chung Discusses Miss Koo @ "Scoop" Clip


Linda Chung: "Now, I don't even want to drink coffee".

Joe Yau: "Okay, Miss Koo. Not drinking coffee, then not drinking coffee. Coffee Mo has already gone from being the entire city's 'Good Property' to being hunted down by the entire city. However, Miss Koo, will you forgive Law Sir?"

Linda Chung: "Actually.... Can now smile again! Actually.... Will or not? Because [Lau] Ka Ho told us to seal our lips, can't say it".

Joe Yau: "The ratings of the series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' are very good, peaking at 34 points. The night before, once Miss Koo cried, the cries shocked the entire city".

Joe Yau: "These cries.... Cried until it caused Linda to leap to number one on TVB's popularity chart.... Cried until netizens bombarded the forums with praise.... Cried until the entire city wants to beat Moses Chan up.... Linda was also shocked".

Linda Chung: "Actually, it represents success for an actor. The unhappy thing is that everyone is criticizing Moses Chan, but happy that everyone is so immersed to the the point of criticizing Law Sir. Thus, hope that everyone.... Do not get angry at Moses; rather, it is Law Sir because it's just acting. No need for everyone to be so serious".

Joe Yau: "When viewers were yelling at Moses, they were also praising you for really doing very well this time".

Linda Chung: "I never experienced that before. Actually, after Seung Joi Sam, I was also thinking whether I would be lucky enough to encounter an explosive role again. I thought that I may, in these few years, take it slowly...not think about too much. However, suddenly, Miss Koo exploded. Very shocking because I saw that all the first pages of the newspapers were talking about Miss Koo...something along the lines of 'shock'.... It's crazy! I.... The only thing that I can do is just really thank everyone for liking this character so much and supporting Miss Koo. Actually, it is Miss Koo who has brought this luck to Linda Chung".

Joe Yau: "Since everyone likes this series so much, and viewers want to know the ending, can you reveal a little bit?"

Linda Chung: "[Lau] Ka Ho told us to seal our lips because the storyline is too enjoyable to watch, so can't say it yet, but can give some tips. A mysterious character will appear...will change Miss Koo, and will also cause Miss Koo to start to slightly recover from all the hurt that she suffered".

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Personal Note: Nice to see that Linda is getting recognition for Miss Koo...hope that she continues to improve. :)

"Ghetto Justice" Promotional Clip 5

Narrator: "The law's four guys stand up for you! 'Ghetto Justice'. May 30th @ 9:30pm. Pleading on behalf of the people!"

Personal Note: This is producer Tong Kei Ming's last series, as he retired last year.

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miss Koo Meets Kenneth Ma


Ka Nam, who moves to Macau, also starts a new life.

After 'Miss Koo' (Koo Ka Nam), played by Linda Chung, experiences being deceived in romantic affairs by 'Law Sir' Moses Chan, she lets go of everything in the finale, forgives 'Law Sir', wholeheartedly, leads K4 and the members of the bowling team, and wins the Hong Kong Inter-school Bowling Championships Team Competition. In terms of romance, she will meet Kenneth Ma, who makes a special guest appearance. Will there be any romantic development? Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed that it will gives viewers room for imagination.

Law Sir Returns to Mainland to Teach

As for the pair of 'Law Sir' and 'Miss Ho' Tavia Yeung, it is said that although 'Law Sir' solves a big case for the police force, he decides to give up his police work, goes to a Mainland primary school to teach, and meets 'Miss Ho' again by fate.

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Personal Note: Hope to see Ma Ming and Linda in a real modern collaboration soon! :)

*Credits to mingpao and tvbweekly

"My Sister of Eternal Flower" Full MV

"Light Up My Life" - Raymond Lam

Light Up My Life 《花花世界花家姐》 主題曲 - 林峯

作曲: 鄧智偉/莊外昕
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

我最愛笑你 偶有錯別字
望著動心 一張小小告貼
我最愛看你笑 眼裡沒壞事
日夜伴在身邊 說不出再見
為著互贈幸福 差一些 差一些
過住的不捨 不牽掛在這
下站就是幸福 一路漫步
我信一天 總會遇到

*And you are my sunshine
My life, tonight (You light up my life)
And you are my sunshine
You make me all right (You light up my life)

我說要吻去 你每滴淚
默默唸出 窩心小小語句
你最愛抱怨 說我懶沒共聚
為夢日夜急追 會得失愛侶
為著互贈幸福 差一些 差一些
過住的不捨 不牽掛在這
下站就是幸福 一路漫步
我信一天 總會遇到

Repeat **

You make me all right (You light up my life)
You make me all right (You light up my life)

FYI: This MV was filmed before Raymond recorded the song.

Personal Note: Surprised that this MV didn't release earlier....

《ATF反恐》 "ATF Counter-terrorism" Costume Fitting


Date: May 26, 2011

Temporary Chinese title: 《ATF反恐》
Pinyin title: ATF Faan Hung
Temporary English title: "ATF Counter-terrorism"
Producer: Amy Wong

Attending Cast: Ron Ng, Ruco Chan, Aimee Chan, Yoyo Mung, Louise Lee, Eddie Kwan, Lai Lok Yi, Kenny Wong, Lee Kwok Lun, Law Lok Lam, Max Cheung, Kerry Chan, Pancy Chan, Alan Luk, Fred Cheng, Jacky Yeung, Lau Tin Lung, Wu Kwing Lung, Kenneth Fok, Quinn Ho, Moses Cheng, Jacky Lei, Vin Choi, Kim Li, Louis Szeto, Match Lau, Lee Ka Sing, Calvin Chan, Joey Law, Otto Chan, Bond Chan, Milkson Fong, Chiu Lok Yin, and Stephen Ho.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

Personal Note: ATF = Anti-Terrorist Force?

Based on the cast list order, guessing that the pairings will be Ron-Aimee and Ruco-Yoyo....

Also surprised to see Eddie Kwan in here!

Anyway, looking forward to Ron, Ruco, and Yoyo! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Linda Chung "Call You When Not Busy" MV ft. Leanne Li & Grace Wong

得閒找你 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲: 鍾嘉欣
填詞: 陳少琪
編曲: 韋景雲
監製: 韋雄/莊冬昕

任放手 就放手吧 別談年後
同放手 無謂加偉大難受
寒冷天 自會短袖換回長袖

別要慰問 甚麼結果 我活承受
甚麼得閒通電話 別再裝長情好嗎
這種對白廉價 要動人嗎 太大話

甚麼得閒飲茶嗎 沒有愛怎可消化
分手再做朋友 這事情 我怕

預你好 在最初便絕無難度
難叫好 如電影變做前度

能友好 熱愛中又為何停步
換個角度 互相抱擁 有難度

*甚麼得閒通電話 別再裝長情好嗎
這種對白廉價 要動人嗎 太大話

甚麼得閒飲茶嗎 沒有愛怎可消化
這種態度潛意 會循漸惡化

Repeat *

相當結合時間 會自行 氧化

Personal Note: Linda personally invited Leanne and Grace to guest-star as dancers in this MV.

The song is not bad. This composition by Linda is quite catchy.

Don't like the choreography inspired by the style of Korean girl groups, as some of the moves are quite out-of-date.

Leading New Series and Carrying Newcomers: Kenneth Ma Waiting for Opportunity to Change Cars and Buy a Flat


J2 Clip


Yesterday, Kenneth Ma, Cilla Kung, Ha Yu, Cecilia Fong, and James Ng had a modern costume fitting for TVB's new series "Back to the Three Kingdoms". In the series, the five of them are a family. Kenneth, who plays the eldest brother, time-travels back to the era of the Three Kingdoms. Because of the help of Cilla, who plays his younger sister who is proficient in physics, he is then able to return to the modern day in the end.

Yesterday, Kenneth also tried on his 60-year-old makeup for when he returns to the modern day. To make it look convincing, there was not only makeup work on his face, but there was also a coat of glue on his hands to have a wrinkly effect. During this, it could be seen that Kenneth's face was so dark that it reflected light; however, the hair root area was oddly white. He explained, "Recently, [I] have been doing ancient location filming under the sun every day...to the point that there's an ancient wig imprint. Now, already know where to glue the ancient wig without measuring!" Kenneth also expressed that because he resembles his mother more, the old look he tried on yesterday did not resemble his father, who is over 60 years of age.

When mentioning that it has been said that TVB will be filming the new series "36 Hours on Call" with Kenneth and Tavia Yeung in the leading roles, who will be leading a group of newcomers such as Mag Lam, Mr. Hong Kongs, etc., the always-humble Kenneth just said, "Tavia and I will indeed film a series about Accident & Emergency (A&E) doctors. Not saying whether [we're] carrying newcomers or not. The issue is the genre. In the series, Tavia and I are doctors, while the others are medical interns, so certainly need younger ones to portray them. Everyone is just waiting for an opportunity! (You have waited for it?) I am also waiting for it. I am not capable yet! Later, I also want to win awards, buy a flat, and change cars!"

Cilla Kung's Look Resembles Celia Sie

New 'Homebody Guy Goddess' Cilla had a glasses look yesterday. At a quick glance, she resembled Celia Sie during her school beauty days. Regarding this, she frankly said that there were some friends around her who pointed out the resemblance. When asking whether she knows who Celia Sie is, she said, "I know! She was a school beauty from some university back then!" When mentioning the Friday finale of "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!", Cilla expressed that she did make a suggestion to the producer to gather the cast and crew for a meal while watching the finale, because after completing the filming of this series, have not properly sat down with each other for a meal. When asking Cilla whether a recent increase in jobs would mean that she would pay the bill, she frankly said, "There are more jobs, but would still tell Moses Chan to treat!"

Cilla Kung's TVB Blog

Cilla Kung's TVB Blog
James Ng's TVB Blog
Ha Yu's TVB Blog
Cecilia Fong's TVB Blog

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Personal Note: Based on the title, "36 Hours on Call", knew that it would about A&E doctors! :D Also, as predicted, the medical interns will be played by Mr. HKs and former "The Voice" contestants. Anyway, glad that the leading roles are confirmed! :D

Also, Ma Ming will look good when he's 60! He he.... :P

*Credits to singpao, the-sun, headlinedaily, mingpao, tungstar, and Weibo

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Ghetto Justice" Promotional Clip 4

Narrator: "The law is no longer the game of the rich!"

Kevin Cheng: "We shouldn't find my client guilty because of a heartless landlord!"

Chan Wing Chun: "That day, it was Mrs. Ma who called to tell me to kill the girl!"

Kevin Cheng: "It was you who told Uncle Kan to kill the person?"

Claire Yiu: "I didn't".

Kevin Cheng: "You did".

Narrator: "Small citizens no longer have to listen to the false reasoning of strong powers".

Kevin Cheng: "Apart from the victim, you, the landlord, can also freely come and go. It was you who killed her! Is that correct?!"

Narrator: "Because have Barrister Law to protect righteousness and the truth...."

Kevin Cheng: "What we should do is use our legal knowledge to help those in need".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... LA Law is indeed very similar to MK Sun. ;) Not surprised that Kevin Cheng enjoyed taking on the role.

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Ghetto Justice" AOD Opening Theme Video

"No Time for Regret" - Hanjin & MC Jin

沒時間後悔 《怒火街頭》 主題曲 - 陳奐仁/歐陽靖

作曲: 陳奐仁
填詞: 陳奐仁/歐陽靖

就算第一次唔成功 So What?

為什麼自卑 幹嗎要後梅 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗

拜託 不是三歲小孩 太多 人想看我受害
幫我 口口聲聲的說 到頭來結果 還是一場空

誰說 我不能自已來 成功 用雙手建起來
掌握 好的機會不多 這是我的秀 又幹嗎不做

為什麼自卑 幹嗎要後梅 Yeah Yeah
就算再多挫折 我都不認失敗
我不會流淚 沒時間後梅 Yeah Yeah
地上再多血跡 我也得站起來

同你講都嘥氣 我真係冇咁得閒
等我好消息 到時你冇得彈
繼續向前行 繼續向前行 繼續向前行

Personal Note: You can hear a segment of the theme song by Hanjin and MC Jin in the promo clips.

For a TVB theme song, not a fan of the combination of Cantonese and Mandarin lyrics. o_O

Also, do not like how the scenes are shown in a slideshow format.

"That Somebody" - William So

那誰 - 蘇永康

作曲: 頡臣
填詞: 黃偉文
編曲: Johnny Yim
監製: 舒文

頑固地種在眼睛一角 直到永久 抹不走

但是浮游在 生活亂流
你那新生 你也必須接受
就算多悔咎 自責別太久
不要戀戀心裡 那個傷口

渡日月 穿山水
尚在恨 那 誰
一早 變做 你美好新居
創疤你不挖 亦不知有過 在這裡

淚叠淚 風一吹
漸莫辨 那 誰
連重提往事也 不再絕對
她怎傷害你 講起 你沒再 吐苦水

沒有恨過便更加彷似 白過半生 冷清清

像突然忘掉 尊姓大名
卻記得她 教你差點喪命
是創傷太重 或覺悟太輕
使你不懂釋放 怨懟的根性

渡日月 穿山水
尚在恨 那 誰
一早 變做 你美好新居
創疤你不挖 亦不知有過 在這裡

淚叠淚 風一吹
漸莫辨 那 誰
連重提往事也 不再絕對
她怎傷害你 感恩 替代了那苦水

不見得 就要聽到春天也恐懼
可以不唏噓 可以不心虛

渡日月 穿山水
尚在恨 那 誰
誰曾無堅不摧 摧毀的廢墟
一早 變做了 滿山青翠
敏感處不碰 便不知你葬著心碎

若舊夢 不堪追
就別問 那 誰
從何時 你學會 灑脫面對
她怎傷害你 可否就當做老天
完整你那 沒挫敗波折一生之旅
功德圓滿 方可愛下去

*Credits to eastasiamusic

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung Called on to Carry Newcomers


Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will film a new series with a group of newcomers, virtually taking on the responsibility of looking after newcomers.

This year, TVB is determined to promote newcomers to film series. Apart from the "Triumph in the Skies" sequel using newcomers, producer Poon Ka Tak's new series, "36 Hours on Call", which revolves around medical interns, will also have newcomers taking on prominent roles. This series has temporarily cast Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung in the leading roles.

Related post: Leading New Series and Carrying Newcomers: Kenneth Ma Waiting for Opportunity to Change Cars and Buy a Flat

Personal Note: When my sister and I first heard about this series, she said that Ma Ming and Tavia would be in it, as their schedules fit, and their age range is suitable for the genre.

Apart from his guest-starring roles, Ma Ming hasn't taken part in a modern series since "The Mysteries of Love", so hope that the cast does not change!

At the costume fitting of "The Truth", Tavia said that she was able to indirectly fulfill her mother's wishes by portraying a cop, a teacher, and a lawyer, and that she had yet to take on a doctor role. With the series revolving around medical interns, it seems that she may be able to do so.

Big fan of "Grey's Anatomy", so looking forward to this series. :)

*Credits to appledaily

Nancy Wu and Sharon Chan's Conversation on Weibo

Nancy posted a schedule of upcoming soccer matches, saying that they clash with her work schedule.


Nancy Wu: "They all start at 11pm. [I] start work tonight at 2300".


Sharon Chan: "You are very man! [secretly laugh]"

Nancy Wu: "Was it a good show last night?!"

Sharon Chan: "Good! But your friend was so tired that [he] had no friends..poor [guy]! [tear]"

Nancy Wu: "I think that if you didn't tell [him] to get off the boat, [he] probably could sleep until you have finished singing, returned, and...still be [sleep]ing..... [bad]"

Sharon Chan: "Well, that didn't happen...because I forced [him] to practice singing with me! [sweat] Inhumane! [right hmph] [left hmph]"

Yesterday, Kenneth Ma and Sharon Chan went to Macau to do a stage performance.


Sharon Chan: "We are on our way to Sands Macau to sing. Do you guys know what song we will be singing? [he he] Ma Ming told me to tell everyone to not wait for him, as he does not know when he will be back [faint]...only slept for two hours...hope to not sing off-key! [give strength]"

Personal Note: Poor Ma Ming! He looks so tired!

Ha ha.... Funny how the conversation led to Ma Ming! :D

*Credits to Weibo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

StarHub TVB Awards 2011 Nominations


My Favourite TVB Actor
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Raymond Lam
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng
Ron Ng
Raymond Wong
Kenneth Ma
Steven Ma
Bowie Lam

My Favourite TVB Actress
Charmaine Sheh
Sheren Tang
Tavia Yeung
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Susanna Kwan
Fala Chen
Kate Tsui
Louis Lee
Maggie Cheung

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character
Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")
Evergreen Mak ("No Regrets")
Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Raymond Wong ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Kevin Cheng ("A Fistful of Stances")
Kenneth Ma ("A Fistful of Stances")
Bosco Wong ("Growing Through Life")
Bowie Lam ("Sisters of Pearl")
Julian Cheung ("The Rippling Blossom")
Michael Tse ("The Rippling Blossom")
Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Susanna Kwan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
Linda Chung ("Ghost Writer")
Natalie Tong ("A Fistful of Stances")
Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")
Fala Chen ("No Regrets")
Myolie Wu ("The Rippling Blossom")
Kate Tsui ("When Lanes Merge")
Nancy Wu ("Gun Metal Grey")
Louise Lee ("Only You")
Joyce Tang ("Beauty Knows No Pain")

My Favourite Onscreen Couple
Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")
Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Linda Chung & Raymond Wong ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Julian Cheung & Myolie Wu ("The Rippling Blossom")
Kevin Cheng & Yoyo Mung ("Only You")
Kate Tsui & Raymond Wong ("When Lanes Merge")
Linda Chung & Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")
Michael Miu & Jessica Hsuan ("Gun Metal Grey")

My Favourite TVB Drama
"A Fistful of Stances"
"The Mysteries of Love"
"Ghost Writer"
"Can't Buy Me Love"
"Every Move You Make"
"No Regrets"
"Gun Metal Grey"
"Sisters of Pearl"
"The Rippling Blossom"
"Only You"

My Favourite TVB Theme Song
"The Mysteries of Love"
"Growing Through Life" (End Credits Theme Song)
"Can't Buy Me Love"
"Gun Metal Grey"
"Seven Days in Life"
"No Regrets"
"No Regrets" (End Credits Theme Song)
"A Fistful of Stances"
"The Rippling Blossom"
"When Lanes Merge"

My Favourite TVB Mega Variety Specials
"TVB 43rd Anniversary Gala"
"TV Awards Presentation 2010"
"Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010"
"Mr. Hong Kong Contest 2010"
"International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship 2010"
"Mandarin MOD Best 10 Awards Presentation 2009/2010"
"Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010"
"J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2010"
"The Voice 'Thank You' Concert"
"Liza and Gods Heaven's Not Enough Concert"

My Favourite TVB Variety
"The Voice 2"
"Fun with Liza and Gods"
"Super Trio Game Master"
"Big Four Up"
"HK ARTchitecture"
"So Good"
"Admiral's Feast"
"Club Venus"
"Lady First"
"Super Taste"

*Credits to starhub