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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tavia Yeung Asks Him Law to Teach About Keeping Fit


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

Sina Clip


Choi Ho Jin uses one hand to lift Tavia Yeung and the bicycle.

Earlier, artiste Tavia Yeung attended an artistic cycling event. She said that she rarely goes biking, but had some bike riding scenes when filming series earlier, which evoked childhood memories. When asked whether she would ask Him Law to teach her how to ride a bike, she laughingly said, "Even if were to do so, would ask him about fitness! If I have to keep fit, I would also ask him!" She also said that she doesn't particularly like muscular guys...just have to be healthy.

Personal Note: Funny how the reporters asked Tavia about whether she would ask Him to teach her how to ride a bike when she already knows how to ride one! o_O

When Tavia had a rugby event with Ruco Chan earlier, she also wore those sneakers. :)

*Credits to tavia.org, the-sun, sina, and gztv

1 comment:

  1. Haha! Bike riding is something you can never forget! :P