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Saturday, January 2, 2010

TVB Artistes Names Referred by Netizens

When surfing discussion forums, I've noticed that netizens may refer to some TVB artistes with code names. I do not mean something as simple as nicknames, but these are actually something like using a secret code. Now, some are very evident as to why netizens would refer to them using these names, but Mainland netizens may use different code names compared to the HK netizens, as the codes may sound different when used in a Mandarin dialect or a Cantonese dialect.

Off the top of my head, I can think of these codes names used by HK and Mainland netizens:

SS = Charmaine Sheh (佘佘 Sheh Sheh)

YY = Tavia Yeung (Initials of 楊怡 in Cantonese 'Yeung Yi' and in Mandarin 'Yang Yi')

Z3 = Kate Tsui (子珊 in Mandarin 'Zi Shan' and 珊 sounds like 3 in Mandarin)

33 = Flora Chan (珊 sounds like 3 in Mandarin)

OO = Jessica Hsuan (萱萱 in Cantonese 'Huen Huen' sounds like two circles)

KK = Kenix Kwok (Initials 'KK')

X2/胡囧囧 = Myolie Wu (杏兒 in Mandarin 'Xing Er' and 兒 sounds like 2 in Mandarin. 胡囧囧 because of how her facial expression looks when she cries)

二小姐 (Second Miss) = Maggie Cheung (Maggie is the second of four girls in her family)

B2 = Bernice Liu (碧兒 in Mandarin 'Bi Er' and 兒 sounds like 2 in Mandarin)

MO = Moses Chan

YO = Yoyo Mung

47J = Louise Lee (司棋姐 in Mandarin 'Si Qi Jie' sounds like 4 and 7 in Mandarin)

47M = Shirley Yeung (思琦妹 in Mandarin 'Si Qi Mei' sounds like 4 and 7 in Mandarin)

KC = Kevin Cheng (Initials 'KC')

小獅 (Little Lion) = Selena Li (詩 in Mandarin 'Shi' sounds like 'lion' 獅 in Mandarin)

++/包子 (嘉嘉/Bun) = Linda Chung (嘉嘉 in Cantonese and in Mandarin sounds like ++)

46 = Fala Chen (Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do)

大小姐 (First Miss) = Nancy Wu

少爺 (Young Master) = Raymond Lam (Crew members started calling Raymond 少爺 because they heard Sammul Chan call him that)

吳唱K/肉肉 (Doesn't Sing K/Meat Meat) = Ron Ng (Sammul Chan was the first one to call Ron 吳唱K as it sounds like 吳卓羲 in Cantonese)

大馬 (Big Horse) = Joe Ma

中馬 (Medium Horse) = Steven Ma

小馬 (Small Horse) = Kenneth Ma
(There are 3 siu sangs in TVB with the surname 馬, so netizens arranged the 'sizes' according to age)

美人 (Beauty) = Melissa Ng (美珩 in Cantonese sounds like 美人)

胖胖 (Chubby) = Bobby Au Yeung (胖胖 because of Bobby's figure)

黃牛哥哥 (Yellow Ox Brother) = Kenny Wong

苗苗 (Seedling) = Sammul Chan (苗 'miu' as in the 'mul' in his name 'Sammul', as people pronounce his name as 'Sam-Miu')

撈家 (A gainer) = Gallen Lo (羅嘉 in English 'Loh Ga')

會長 (President) = Maggie Shiu

主席 (Chairwoman) = Sheren Tang


771 = Jonathan Chik Kei Yi (戚其義 in Mandarin 'Qi Qi Yi' sounds like 7, 7, and 1)
620 = Virginia Lok (樂易玲 in Cantonese sounds like 6, 2, and 0)

Netizens also like to use GG, JJ, and MM to refer to artistes by age.

GG = (哥哥) Older brother
JJ = (姐姐) Older sister
MM = (妹妹) Younger sister

For example, 馬GG is referring to Joe Ma and SunnyGG is referring to Sunny Chan.

There are many more, so I will add to the list when I can remember or when I come across more code names.


  1. oo some of these names are weird..how come nancy wu or maggie cheung are called "miss" ?

    btw why do you they talk in code??

  2. SS = Seh Seh
    YY = Yang Yi
    Z3 = Tsz-Shan
    33 = Shan Shan
    OO = Huen Huen
    KK = Kenix Kwok
    X2 = Xin + Yee (chinese and cantonese)
    B2 = Bik + Yee
    47J = Tsz Kei Jie
    47M = Tsz Kei Mui
    KC = Kevin Cheng
    Mo = Moses
    Maggie Cheng's all time favourite character in Old time buddy is her nick name
    Bun is Linda's pose. She is called XX as Xin Xin
    Raymond Lam's nickname in the company was Siu Ye but now everybody call him Gong Xi
    Ng can't sing K is refered to Ron's album. Ron
    has other nicknames.
    Mei Ren because Melissa's name is Mei Hung as beautiful flower
    Ma is the surname of Kenneth Ma, Steven Ma and Joe Ma
    Miu Miu = Mul Mul in the end of Sammul Chan's name
    620 is Lok Yee Ling
    They use code to shorten the name. They mostly use code taken from their names. They are very creative.

  3. That's very interesting! :) I've never seen anything like this before!

  4. Very interesting & funny indeed. Why 771? I wonder when the artistes themselves read those messages, do they know those are refering to them. I've heard or read somewhere that some artistes do read the messages on the blog and they said they learn new words or things (be it bad or good) from the net.

  5. Myolie also has some one famous(bad) nicknames which commonly used in HK forums and magazines.

  6. To Lavendar_Bluez:

    The call Maggie 二小姐 because she is the second of her four sisters.

    As for Nancy, some fans have asked that question, but I still do not know why they call her 大小姐. I don't know if she is the only child in her family.

    It is easier for netizens to type these than typing their Chinese name. Most of those codes sound like their Mandarin name. For example: Myolie's Mandarin name is Xin Er, so 'X' = Xin and Er = 2 in Mandarin. :0

    To Nancy:

    I agree, netizens are very creative in coming up with these names. :D

    Maggie's nickname is 二小姐.

    I don't think they call Linda "Bun" because of her pose. I believe they call her "Bun" is either because of her face shape or because she is a cry baby in series. But in Mandarin, 喊包 does not exist, so they call her 包子 instead. Netizens do not call her XX because they call her ++ to represent 嘉嘉. :)

    Crew members starting calling Raymond 少爺 because they heard Sammul calling him that.

    Ron's 吳唱K is sounds similar to his Chinese name. And it was Sammul that started to call him that first, but Ron had forgotten. :)

    To Anthony Mai:

    It is interesting, eh? :D

    To Anonymous:

    They call 戚其義 771 because his name in Mandarin sounds like these numbers Qi Qi Yi (771). Same goes for Virgina Lok. :D

    To selina:

    Yes, netizens and magazines refer Myolie to 胡囧囧 because of the way she cries.

  7. haha thanks hyn5 and nancy for the explanation
    lols ive heard of ron's nickname from "puzzle of the mind"..i thought lam man chung made it up to joke with ella koon LOLS

    ive also read one that says "647" is that Louise Lee or someone else?

  8. 伍姑娘 - Christine Ng
    马仔 - Steven Ma
    长脚蟹 - Koni Lui
    20 - Elaine Yiu
    唯唯 - Oscar Leung

    and then, there's people like

    I know there's one name for Susanna Kwan but I cant recall it now.

  9. Very interesting post and informative too. If you do add any is it possible to include the reason they are given the codes like some readers have commented here??

  10. To Lavendar_Bluez:

    I'm not sure who is 647. o_0 But Louise is 47J because in Mandarin it sounds like 司棋姐. :D

    To Anonymous:

    Thanks, but like I have stated at in the beginning of this post, these codes are more than just nicknames. :D

    Susanna's nickname is 大公仔. The nickname was given by Deborah Lee and Lee Heung Kam because of her personality of being naive or something like that. :D

    To Anonymous:

    Thanks for the suggestion! I will edit this post with the reasons behind the codes. :)

  11. To Nancy:

    I forgot to post one more to your comment....

    Melissa's 珩 means jade. Technically, her name should mean 'Beautiful Jade', but her name sounds like 'Beauty'. :)

  12. Another one is also easy,
    Anita = Len Len

  13. Yes, very interesting indeed! I don't get the one for Elaine Yiu though...why is she called 20?

  14. To Anonymous:

    20 is referring to Elaine's English name. It shoulds like "Yi Ling". :)

  15. haha, it's a bit late but adding on to the list:
    I think this surfaced when both of them were filming TGOL.

  16. To tantsy:

    The cast from "Every Move You Make" call Bowie and Bosco that. Most likely Bowie and Bosco refer to each other by that. Not really referred to by netizen community. Some even call Bobby 大BO.

  17. Yeah, I think so. Just that I thought the term came about earlier than that, during TGOL. hmmm...just to share, Bosco referred to Bowie as 大BO when he wished him happy birthday over the wkend on weibo. but I agree few netizens refer to them in that way. I came across it was in Bowie's forum, where some fans call them that way when referring to them both.
    Oh and I didn't know about Bobby being called 大BO. Thanks for that!

  18. I use the Tavia one and Myolie one with 囧 a lot.. But the rest I'd barely heard of.. I rarely pay attention to other artists hehehee
    Super interesting though :D

  19. hey you forgot roger kwok as ah wong

  20. anyone knows who 46 is?

  21. To Anonymous:

    46 = Fala Chen (Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do)

  22. why do people call Michael Miu 三哥 & Steven Ma 四哥?

  23. 數字姐 is another nickname for ms lok, deriving from 620

  24. Uhm hey Hyn, do you know what is the nickname of Wayne Lai?

    1. To sherayne:

      People just call Wayne 祥仔 or 祥哥.

    2. oh hihi thanks a lot :)

      Oh can i make some request? If yes can you help me find facts about Matt Yeung. T.T i couldn't find many facts about him