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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ron Ng Expresses Love Declaration: Likes Viann Zhang



ontv Clip


When TVB artiste Ron Ng attended an event, he expressed that he has been busy filming series. Will also be filming the new series "Triumph in the Skies" in August...will be doing location filming in England, France, etc. When asked whether girlfriend would be upset with him being so busy, he unexpectedly took the initiative to say the name and expressed a love declaration: "Viann Zhang? She understands! As long as we love each other! (Bring her overseas for a romance?) Anywhere can be romantic! Working! Don't follow!" After frankly and gracefully discussing his romance, he hopes that others pay more attention to his work.

Personal Note: Funny how the media was surprised that Ron actually said Viann's name! Ha ha....

*Credits to the-sun


  1. Nice that Ron has admitted his relationship with Viann! He's a good man for doing it, but don't know if it will harm his career because Miss Zhang is not well-liked.

  2. I don't like Ron's acting or personality but, almost everyone knows they're together it's about time he admitted! I mean come on the girl's been pushing for him to admit her status! I respect him more for doing this because after all when the relationship is stable one should truly admit the status of their partner!

  3. There is goods and bads about Ron admitting. The good bit is that Viann won't force him any more and we all know. But the bed thing is that he might have a bit less fans that have a crush on him and like him single.

    But Ron, i support even if you are single or not! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo