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Sunday, April 29, 2007

《溏心風暴》 失物與尋找 - Lost and Found

失物與尋找 - Lost and Found - 唐至欣 (陳法拉飾) Tong Chi Yan (Fala Chen)

Today, my topic is "Lost and Found."
Recently, a series of incidents has happened in my family
And I thought we all lost it
all the laughter and happiness that used to be around the house
Luckily, there's this one person
He has been putting in so much effort
in pulling my family back together
And that person is my big brother
Sometimes, I think he is a strange guy
We always make fun of him for being clumsy and outdated
But to me, he is like a red packet
During the holidays and special events he will give me a red packet
Just like this morning before I entered the exam
There was nothing inside but to me, its content is love
From now on, I wish to receive his red packet every year, every month
No, every day
Because I know him and this red packet will bring our family love and happiness

"Heart of Greed" Episode 11

Friday, April 27, 2007

有讚有彈 - 歐陽震華


在無綫﹐「波比」更有‘三皇’之稱。第一個‘皇’是‘喜劇皇’﹐他的喜劇討好﹐帶來觀眾很多歡樂和快樂﹐在喜劇上永沒有浮誇的演出。第二﹐就是‘收視皇 ’﹐每逢「波比」有劇出街﹐這個劇集就會有很高的收視率和口碑。‘收視皇’之後﹐第三個‘皇’肯定就是‘續集皇’﹐觀眾永遠看完一套劇就會渴望想看第二輯﹐第三輯等。例如﹕《壹號皇庭》系列﹐《陀槍師姐》系列﹐《洗冤錄》系列。無綫看到這一點就會籌備續集﹐好似《法證先鋒II》將會在今年九月開拍。「波比」的確很棒!
他的難忘角色是多不星數﹐例如﹕余在春﹐郭曖﹐陳小生﹐宋慈﹐彭國棟﹐高博彥(Tim Sir) 等﹐到去年的齊歡暢都是經典的。



*Pictures from tvb.com

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Van Gogh's Left Ear" - Real

梵谷的左耳 - 阿沁

作曲/填詞: 阿沁
編曲: Martin Ting

*金黃色麥田 你離開身邊
落日的風車 擦拭著我 哭泣的雙眼

單純的笑臉 街上麵包店
貧窮與殘缺 你是心中 最深的想念

我唱著愛的歌劇 沿途有邪惡風景
看見梵谷的左耳 永遠都相信 愛的美麗

我像梵谷流著淚滴 刻劃我的愛情
跟著模糊腳印 停到哪裡
這是最幸福的悲劇 一路上都相信
就算沒有結局 不會放棄*

Repeat *

我像梵谷流著淚滴 聽著愛的聲音
跟著你的腳印 走到哪裡
這是世紀末的悲劇 一路上都相信
就算沒有結局 不會放棄

這是世紀末的悲劇 一路上都相信
就算沒有結局 不會放棄

Sunday, April 22, 2007

有讚有彈 - 吳美珩

由第一部劇集《刑事偵輯檔案III》開始﹐她所演的角色都是專業人士為主。由《真情》的羅生俏醫生﹐《九五至尊》的設計師岑日愛(Rachel)﹐《妙手 仁心III》擁有剛柔並重的骨科醫生葉淘(Sarah)﹐到去年的《愛情全保》的保險經理谷若希(Hazel)中途還有許多專業角色。她到現在已經將角色發輝得淋漓盡致。如果專業人士要找一個代言人﹐美珩一定榜上有名。



*Pictures from www.melissang.net and tvb.com

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Flora Chan Is Five Months Pregnant

Flora has officially announced that she is five months pregnant with husband and manager Mike Chung. Flora was supposed to return to TVB in early February to film "Evil Kin" to play opposite  Dayo Wong. The role was later taken on by former 'Best Actress' recipient Cecilia Yip. TVB executive Virginia Lok expressed her happiness toward Flora's pregnancy and also revealed that Flora was intended to film "橫眉女子" in June. Since Flora is now pregnant, the filming process will be delayed. Asked if TVB would wait for Flora to film the series, Miss Lok said, "Don't know yet".

Personal Note: Congratulations to Flora! :D I am still not fond of that Mike guy, but as long as Flora is happy. As a fan, I can only give her my fullest support and wish her happiness and health. I wonder if TVB will wait for Flora to film "橫眉女子"...the series name sounds so ancient, if not pre-modern. It also sounds as though it involves some martial arts. Who was intended to pair up with her? I surely hope they will wait until next year to film this since Flora's baby is due in September or early August. I have a feeling she is going to give birth to a baby girl. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007





Wednesday, April 11, 2007

《法證先鋒II》 有佢地? No Way!

With the ratings success of last year, "Forensic Heroes", a sequel will begin filming in September. Obviously, I'm really happy because basically it was my favourite series from last year. What made the series so good was that it focused more on the cases rather than the characters' love life.

Now, what really blows is that Charmaine Sheh revealed that she and Kevin Cheng will be added to the cast. Why would they be cast in it?????? Last year's 'TV King' and 'TV Queen' cannot hold a series by themselves and need the support from 'Ratings King' Bobby Au Yeung??? You know they are going to make Charmaine play a coroner and Kevin Cheng a police officer because surely they cannot play the opposite. Stupid TVB better not kill off Yoyo Mung's character, Leung Siu Yau, because Madam Siu Yau has made an impression on HK audiences, and they would not like it if she is not reviving her character. They better not switch up the pairings either. Tim Sir is to be with Madam Siu Yau. Now the whole series is going to be changed because they have to introduce 呢兩條友.Well, this will just prove that Bobby is really the 'Best Actor'. Bobby先至係最佳男主角!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Filming of "Survivor's Law II"

The following pictures were posted on Karen Lee Choi Ning's (李彩寧) blog.
(Left): Sammul Chan, Waise Lee, Kenneth Ma, Rebecca Chan, Chu Yuen Yee, Russel Cheung, and Ella Koon all watching playback. Look at Kenneth trying to hide behind Waise.

Karen and Kenneth were both in TVB's 14th Training Class together back in 1999. They now refer to each other as father and daughter because of a scene they had to act out back then.

*Pictures from Karen Lee 李彩寧 @ http://choiling_lee.mysinablog.com/

Monday, April 2, 2007

He & Jessica's Japan Trip 01/02

Here are some old pictures of Wong He and Jessica Hsuan on their trip to Japan. I believe the trip was in late 2001 or early 2002. In 2001, when Jessica and He went on Super Trio, Jessica won tickets for a cruise trip. She treated He, Alex Fong Chung Sun, and Jacky Lui on the cruise and also went scuba diving. After the cruise, Jessica and He went to Japan; however, Alex and Jacky did not join them.


Wong He's Note:
From learning to dive in early spring until the Japan trip after mid-autumn, between these two points (in time), it began with discussion, planning, and then implementation. I rediscovered the innocence of childhood, the values of adulthood, and the love and respect of friendship - (they) all went through an evaluation. One hundred hours of companionship and in return (I) received cherishing memories and friendship that grow and move forward. Friends who can cry, laugh, and have fun together are far and few in between, and in the midst of them - there is you.

Jessica Hsuan's Note:
These few days apart from the great times (together), there are also flashes of disputes. Even the best of friends would have moments of disagreement. What gladdens me most is, these few days of testing, we have remained FRIENDS!