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Monday, July 16, 2012

Joey Meng Returns to 18 Years Old in "Cousin, You Are Good"


Joey Meng: "Can only go back to 18 years old when filming series! [hehe][hehe] Good night, everyone! [love you][love you][sleeping][moon]"

Katy Kung: "Also not much difference in real life. At most 22 [hehe][hehe]. Very beautiful, very pretty [heart]".

Joey Meng: "You are too, too, too sweet! I have already decided to not stand by you no matter what. Don't want to immediately go back to 42 [hehe][haha][haha][haha]".

Katy Kung: "Actually, I don't want to stand by you because you have 42-inch legs [secretly laugh][secretly laugh][secretly laugh]. I would become a dwarf [haha]".

Personal Note: Recently, there have been many 'those years' scenes in series! ;)

Joey doesn't turn 42 until October, but she looks so young! :)

He he.... There is a scene in "Cousin" for Joey to show off her 42-inch legs! :P

*Credits to Weibo


  1. Wow, I thought that this was an old picture from and old ATV series (Gun and Glory). It used to be one of my favorite series of hers. http://youtu.be/VqLqeqA-VGY

    1. To AC:

      When I first saw the picture, Joey's glasses look reminded me of "Gun and Glory".