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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

《女拳》 "Female Fist" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip


TVB8 Clip



- 30 episodes long.
- The series revolves around the story between Wong Fei Hung and his wife, Mok Gwai Lan. In the later half of the series, Wong Fei Hung will die, and then the series will focus on Mok Gwai Lan, who takes over Po Chi Lam.
- Liu Xuan will play Mok Gwai Lan, the fourth wife of Wong Fei Hung. Her character learns how to fight halfway through the series. She believes in justice. She likes martial arts, and she likes to fight. Later, she becomes a martial arts expert.
- Bosco Wong will play Lui Ching Lung (雷正龍), the inheritor of a martial arts club. He is the silent type who does not like to express his feelings. He and his father (played by Dominic Lam) are wanderers who do not have much contact with people; thus, they are both uncouth people. He likes Mok Gwai Lan.
- Kenneth Ma will play Yau Sam Sui (游三水), Mok Gwai Lan's god brother. He is a scheming villain who always gets beaten up. He will go from being a good person to a villain. In the beginning, he is simply a very clever guy. He wanted to become Wong Fei Hung's student; however, because of a misunderstanding, Wong Fei Hung broke off his relations with him, and Kenneth will slowly go down the wrong path in life. He loves Fala, but the fact that she likes Bosco further causes him go down the wrong path in life. He later marries Kaki Leung for his future.
- Fala will play Kwai Fa (葵花), which means 'sunflower'. She is a sous chef who is opinionated and has a strong personality. In the beginning, she will do things by fair means or foul to get what she wants, even willing to marry a 90-year-old man. However, she changes after encountering Bosco and Kenneth. Later, she will become involved in a love square with Bosco, Kenneth, and Liu Xuan. She and Liu Xuan are good friends who work in the same teahouse together. Kenneth and Bosco think that Fala likes to get involved with people of power, but she actually has an objective.
- John Chiang will play Wong Fei Hung. He will be more lighthearted rather than strict.
- Elliot Yue will play Tong Yuet Hang (唐乙恆), who has a high social status. He is very ambitious. In the beginning, there is resentment between him and Wong Fei Hung. While he climbs the social ladder, he does many harmful deeds, such as those toward Wong Fei Hung.
- Law Lok Lam will play Mok Gwai Lan's uncle.
- Raymond Wong will play Wong Hon Yip (黃漢業), the second son of Wong Fei Hung. He is a villain.
- Matthew Ko will play Claire Yiu's younger brother. He is a troublemaker.
- Oscar Leung will play a kidnapper who competes with Liu Xuan.
- Kaki will play Elliot's daughter.
- Catherine Chau will play the third wife of Elliot.
- Eric Li will play the younger version of Wong Fei Hung.
- Ben Wong will play the younger version of Tong Yuet Hang.
- Lawrence Ng will play the younger version of Lui Ching Lung.
- Moon Chan will play the younger version of Kwai Fa.

Clips (costume fitting):
Liu Xuan's TVB Blog
Bosco Wong's TVB Blog
Fala Chen's TVB Blog
Matthew Ko's TVB Blog
Oscar Leung's TVB Blog
Ben Wong's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Liu Xuan's TVB Blog
Liu Xuan's TVB Blog
Kenneth Ma's TVB Blog
Kenneth Ma's TVB Blog
Fala Chen's TVB Blog
Kenny Wong's TVB Blog
Oscar Leung's TVB Blog
Moses Cheng's TVB Blog

Visit @ TVBE Clip (081210)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (081310)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (091610)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Grace Under Fire".

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Personal Note: Since the costume fitting took place outside, some of the artistes didn't bother talking about their characters because they wanted to get away from the sun.

Everyone looks so 囧! I really hope Ma Ming's hair will be parted to the side when filming officially starts. Why does Dominic look like 犀利哥?! 囧! Bosco has Nicholas Tse's rickshaw boy look in "Bodyguards and Assassins" and Jacky Heung's Guangxi fighter look in "A Fistful of Stances". I really want to shave that extra piece of hair off his head! 囧!

It is funny seeing Ma Ming and Liu Xuan stand beside each other because the height difference is so obvious! 囧!

I want Ma Ming to pair up with Fala! :D

*Credits to yule.sohu.com, singpao, tungstar, cfp, kennethma.org, and 黃宗澤吧

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Louis Koo & Daniel Wu on "The Green Room"

Louis Koo and Daniel Wu interviewed by Astrid Chan on "The Green Room" talking about their new movie "Triple Tap" directed by Derek Yee.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Astrid and Louis played cousins in "Cold Blood Warm Heart". :D

Love movies with Louis and Daniel! Looking forward to watching this movie! :D

Tavia Yeung Hopes to Make Money with Kenneth Ma as Couple Partnership


"Scoop" Clip

ontv Clip


Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a home appliances shop. When Kenneth was asked if a sequel for "The Mysteries of Love" was in the works because of its high ratings, he said, "I don't know. All I know is that there will be a celebration dinner. It would certainly be good if there is a chance because Lo Sir will then be able to work with many beauties again. (Are you addicted to playing a player?) No, the character had a breakthrough. It is different from my previous characters--no longer pure or obedient. I also want to play a couple with Tavia, as we have never done so. (What are you upcoming projects?) I will film the series 'Female Fist'. It will be my first time playing a villain".

Tavia wore a low-cut outfit, which is rare for her. When asked why she was so sexy, she said, "Because Kenneth just returned from India with a nice summer feel, so I dressed with a more summer feel to complement him. I rarely make money with him. Even when filming series, we don't have many scenes together. I hope that we will have more opportunities to work with each other in the future".

In the recently aired "Mysteries", Raymond Lam, who played a pair with Tavia, did not make an appearance. When asking Tavia if it is because Raymond's wage is high, Tavia laughingly said, "Yes! His concert [tickets] are expensive. I will bring all of my family members to watch his concert". When discussing the home appliance that she would like to acquire the most, Tavia said, "I would like to buy a massage chair the most. I can use it when I get off work".

Personal Note: The celebration dinner for "Mysteries" will take place tomorrow. Ma Ming will have to rush over to it after the costume fitting of "Female Fist". :)

The reports about Tavia's 'low-cut' was exaggerated by the media. 囧!

*Credits to the-sun and singpao

"When Lanes Merge" Theme Song MV

"Do Not Leave or Forsake" - Ryan Lau

不離不棄 《情越雙白線》 主題曲 - 劉威煌

*拍著軚盤在聽猛風的起勁 一轉開眼睛
我突然驚醒 此際氣氛變靜
看著引擎頓了怨聲中感應 原來極任性

從來為我艱辛亦撐起 最壞時候都不棄也不離

縱使眼內全個世界都失去 但你甘願拯救
就算這以後 沒半點報酬 卻永不放手

Repeat *##

拍著軚盤在聽猛風的起勁 一轉開眼睛
我突然驚醒 想到你的背影

Personal Note: I really like this song! Ryan Lau's voice sounds like Ruco Chan's in the theme song of "Love in a Miracle". :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

《女拳》 "Female Fist" Costume Fitting


Date: June 30, 2010

Temporary Chinese title: 《女拳》
Pinyin title: Nui Kuen
Temporary English title: "Female Fist"
Producer: Marco Law

Attending Cast: Liu Xuan, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, John Chiang, Dominic Lam, Elliot Yue, Ram Chiang, Law Lok Lam, Power Chan, Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Evergreen Mak, Savio Tsang, Matthew Ko, Claire Yiu, Kaki Leung, Yvonne Lam, Catherine Chau, Mandy Lam, Lo Chun Sun, Jimmy Au, Oscar Leung, Otto Chan, Wu Kwing Lung, Cheng Ka Sang, Leung Kin Ping, Bryant Mak, Fred Cheng, Chiu Lok Yin, Max Cheung, Hugo Wong, Raymond Sin, Cheuk Lik, Moses Cheng, Billy Kong, Hau Kin Man, Lai Tung Hong, Oh Nam, Oscar Li, Eric Li, Ben Wong, and Sherry Chen.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Ancient Street Near City Gate

Personal Note: Certainly many male artistes in here!

My sister was so right about Dominic being in here! She said that since John is only available until September, there has to be another veteran actor. :) Love Wing Tak! :D

Although Marco Law has a bad track record, "A Great Way to Care" was done quite well, and "Twilight Investigation" seems good. So, I hope he is headed in the right direction. Also, he and his team had quite a bit of time to prepare for this series. There are also some good veterans in here, so I hope "Female Fist" turns out to be a pleasant surprise. :)

"A Pillow Case of Mystery II" Promotional Clip 2

Swordfish Sashimi
Johnson Lee: "This killer is really cold-blooded".

Bobby Au Yeung: "The fish is the killer?!"

Ghost Robber
Johnson Lee: "Who is going to to steal this painting?"

Guy: "Ghost!"

Scapegoat Family
Johnson Lee: "The entire village was killed by the acts of heaven?"

Rosanne Lui: "We've upset the heavens".

Killing in the Secret Room
Johnson Lee: "The room must be a secret room, as you cannot break into it".

Gordon Liu: "There is no room to hide a person".

Real Bird, Two Beasts
Johnson Lee: "There's a knockoff version of an animal?!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "The MO is the same for the rape cases from four years ago".

The Special Zone of the Anchor
Johnson Lee: "Cast the anchor! What? We've gone to Bermuda?"

Johnson Lee: "One Shi Gong can solve six mysteries? I'd say, you're dreaming!"

Narrator: "'A Pillow Case of Mystery II'. July 12th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... "The Gagfather"! Can't wait for some more case-solving! :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kenneth Ma on "Living Up"

*Credits to kennethma.org

Imitation Clips @ "Fun with Liza and Gods" Episode 13


Johnson as Hungry singing Sally Yeh's "200 Degrees". Love Hungry! So funny! :)


Louis as Excellent singing Twins' "Wind and Kite" with Lo Mik Suet. They look like twins! Super funny! :D


Cho Lam as Handelababy singing Sailor Moon with Sherry Chen, Kaki Leung, Yoyo Chen, and Vivien Yeo. I love Hungry and Excellent, but Handelababy is the best! :D Ha ha....

"Kids in the City" Episode 6

Before Little Ex, Hungry Potter, and Littlebaby go on summer holidays, they must tell their substitute teacher Miss Yeung (Vivien Yeo) what they want to be when they grow up.

Little Ex wants to be a civil servant, but he does not want to be a police officer or a firefighter. He wants to be a security guard, as he can sleep and watch television (CCTV) on the job.

Hungry Potter wants to be an undercover cop, as he would be paid for being a cop and being a mole. Also, undercover cops can come back to life, and he can go to the top of a building.

Littlebaby wants to be a Miss Hong Kong, but does not want to wear a swimsuit. Little Ex suggested that she should be a non-placing contestant. Littlebaby then said, "Yes, I want to be Miss Lok!"

So funny! :D

Fred Cheng, Benji Chiang, Alex Hung & Louis Yuen

Fred as Huang Pin Yuan singing 《你怎麼捨得我難過》.
Benji as Phil Chang singing 《用心良苦》.
Alex as Harlem Yu singing 《我最搖擺》.
Louis as Emil Chau singing 《花心》.

The only song I don't like is 《我最搖擺》.
Ha ha.... Loved Louis' chin! :D

Skye Chan & Wong Cho Lam

Skye and Cho Lam as Vivian Lai singing "Everyone Has a Dream".

One of my favourite songs from the '90s! :)

Cho Lam looks like Boy George! :P

Angela Tong & Johnson Lee

Angela as Chan Bo Chu and Johnson as Lui Kei.

Angela and Johnson did not resemble them, but it was funny how they mentioned Chin Ka Lok. :D

Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam & Johnson Lee

Louis as Nat Chan singing 《我至叻》.
Cho Lam as Eric Tsang singing the theme song of "Super Trio Game Master".
Johnson as Alan Tam singing 《一生中最愛》.

Raymond Lam on "The Voice 2"

Raymond Lam joined contestant 'studio one Leon Lai' Brian Tse on "The Voice" to sing "Love Searching for You in Memory".

*Credits to www.raymondforest.com

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Steven Ma Admits Marrying Fala Chen to Prank Old Lady



Earlier in February, Steven Ma and Fala Chen did an indoor studio wedding photo shot for Cite du Louvre. The couple recently did an outdoor wedding photo shot in Stanley.

On the day of the second shooting, Steven and Fala had great chemistry. They got into character very naturally, and posed sweetly once the photographer told them to get into their places. However, the weather seemed as though it was playing a trick on them, as it changed from the violent sun to the heavy rain. Also, Steven had a stomach ache from eating an overnight egg sandwich. He then had to go to the hospital the next day. Fala's skin was red due to mosquito bites, so there was a price to pay behind all of the beauty.

While shooting in Stanley, the devoted couple attracted an old lady to go over to them. She was able to recognize Steven at first sight. She said, "Oh, you're getting married? And you're taking wedding photos?" Seeing that the old lady was so happy, Steven jokingly said, "Yes, I am taking wedding photos". He then pointed over to Fala, who was hunched over and laughing. The old lady then walked over to Fala, and lightly brushed her cheek, and said, "Oh, the bride is very pretty!" The mischievous Steven then added, "Yes, my wife's name is Fala Chen". The old lady then knew that they were only shooting a bridal advertisement, and she couldn't stop laughing.

One of the shooting locations was near a pond. In the pond, Fala discovered a water snake, and she kept looking at it. Seeing Fala being so bold, Steven could not bear to say that, luckily, it was not a cockroach; otherwise, she would have thrown it over to him, as he is terrified of cockroaches. One time, Fala caught a cockroach and wanted to throw it over to Steven. Steven was so frightened that his eyes were big from anger. Fala did not want Steven to be mad, so she did not throw it at him.

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Steven is so mischievous! :P

Both sets of wedding ads are pretty. :)

*Credits to mingpao, headlinedaily, the sun, tungstar, and Fala's Weibo