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- "Barrack O'Karma" Week 4: Mon. to Fri. averaged 28.9 points, peaked at 31.1 points; Sun. averaged 29.8 points.
- "Finding Her Voice" Week 1: averaged 25.6 points, peaked at 27.1 points.
- "Wonder Women" Sub Song 2 MV
- "TVB Anniversary Showtimes" ("Wonder Women")
- "TVB Anniversary Showtimes" ("Wonder Women") Promotional Clip
- Jessica Hsuan Reveals That Louis Koo Does Not Treat Her as a Woman: 'Unable to Control Wanting to Kick Me'
- Few Partnering Scenes in "A Witness Out of the Blue", Louis Koo Hopes to Act with Jessica Hsuan in a Romance Film
- Jessica Hsuan Warms and Melts Louis Koo
- "Wonder Women" Sub Song 2 (Radio Version)
- "The Man Who Kills Troubles" Opening Theme Video & End Credits

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

TVB 2019 Calendar

January - "The Offliners"
Brian Tse, Jason Chan, Jacqueline Wong, Owen Cheung, Katy Kung & Moon Lau

February - "The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady"
Jeannie Chan, Dickson Yu, Kaman Kong, Ben Wong, Adia Chan, Alice Chan, Joe Tay, Tsui Wing & Gilbert Lam

March - "The Defected"
Benz Hui, Oscar Leung, Joman Chiang, Mat Yeung, Ben Wong, Sisley Choi, Berg Ng, Gloria Tang, Philip Keung, Kara Hui, Benjamin Yuen & Grace Wong

April - "Big White Duel"
Ram Chiang, Crystal Fung, Matthew Ho, Ali Lee, John Chiang, Ashley Chu, Natalie Tong, Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok & Kelly Cheung

May - "Wonder Women"
Alice Chan, Rebecca Zhu, Miriam Yeung, Pakho Chau, Raymond Wong & Tony Hung

June - "Our Unwinding Ethos"
Edwin Siu, Moon Lau, Cheung Wing Hong & Lin Xia Wei

July - "Golden Building"
Selena Lee & Joel Chan

August - "Finding Her Voice"
Jacqueline Wong, Owen Cheung, Law Koon Lan, Hugo Ng, Chung King Fai & Mimi Kung

September - "Solutionist"
Vincent Wong & Natalie Tong

October - "Airport Security Unit"
Eddie Kwan, Sisley Choi, Owen Cheung, Mat Yeung, Hugo Wong & Gloria Tang

November - "Golden Crime"
Jeannie Chan, Tony Hung, Edwin Siu, Eddie Cheung, Ben Wong, Elaine Yiu & Matthew Ho

December - "Killer"
Ali Lee, Samantha Ko, Katy Kung, Elena Kong, Moses Chan & Wayne Lai

*Credits to 埋堆堆 and 梓洋0451

Thursday, December 27, 2018

《極道怪咖》 "Yakuza Weirdo" Costume Fitting



Date: December 27, 2018

Temporary Chinese title: 《極道怪咖》
Pinyin title: Gik Do Gwaai Ka
Temporary English title: "Yakuza Weirdo"
Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Attending Cast: Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung, Crystal Fung, Samantha Ko, Shek Sau, John Chiang, Winki Lai, Angel Chiang, Kelly Fu, Serene Lim, Brian Chu, Tsui Wing, Jack Hui, Otto Chan, Lee Sing Cheung, Eddie Pang, Keith Ng, Chun Wong, Albert Cheung, Onitsuka, Yu Chi Ming, Tong Chun Ming, Kevin Tong, Keith Mok, Kenny Chan, Kelvin Leung, Choi Kwok Hing, Alex Yung, Moses Cheng, Fanny Lee, Amisha Ng, Louis Szeto, Ken Kan, Lawrence Lau, Cheng Chun Hei, Oman Lam, Lee Hin Yiu, Felix Ng, Terence Siu, William Chan, Chan Tik Hak, Lo Hung, Au Hin Wai, Man Yeung, Vincent Cheung, Billy Cheung, Sandy Leung, Janice Pang, and Hellston Ching.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate 77 Chun Choi Street TVB City Studio One Common Room

J2 Clip


"Scoop" Clip

big big channel Clip

big big channel Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

East Week Clip

HotTV Clip

HotTV Clip

HotTV Clip

am730 Clip

hk01 Clip

hk01 Clip

hk01 Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Youku Clip


- Vincent Wong will play Cheung Sai Lun/Cheung Sai Lung (張細倫/蔣世龍), an actor who is addicted to acting. He is an orphan. After he grows up, he joins an American troupe as the male lead. He is very stubborn about acting. He returns to Hong Kong after he finishes an acting class in the US, and he wants to meet his idol, Samantha Ko, but he gets involved in a case, and he is then invited by the cops to go undercover as a triad boss. When he goes to Hong Kong for a movie role casting, the cops and the triads come to believe that he is the descendant of a triad boss. He is told to play a triad boss to calm down the triad disputes; however, he becomes a key figure for the cops and the triads. In the beginning, he and Owen Cheung are enemies, but Owen later becomes his underling when they both go undercover. He has seven girls surrounding him. His main romantic storyline is with Kathy Yuen.
- Owen will play Ko Ban (高彬), an undercover cop in the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB). He meets Vincent Wong, who gets entangled in his undercover world, as he teaches him the principles of acting and how to be an undercover. He has many kiss scenes with Vincent Wong.
- Crystal Fung will play Rachel Koo Yan Yi (顧欣頤), the daughter of a wealthy family. She is Shek Sau's daughter. She is a gentlewoman who becomes a cop because she has a great sense of justice. She ends up doing "Police Report", but she is not satisfied, as she wants to become a Senior Inspector of Police in the OCTB and solve big cases. She encounters a triad boss murder case, so she enlists the help of Vincent Wong in going undercover; she becomes his handler, and he has to listen to her. She and six other girls are in love with Vincent Wong. She does not like Samantha.
- Kathy will play So Chi San (蘇芷珊), a high school teacher. She is rather old-fashioned and preachy. She is John's daughter; he forces her to become a triad boss. She has a romantic storyline with Vincent Wong, but he is just using her to hide the fact that he is gay.
- Samantha will play Chong Ming Lai (莊明麗), a headstrong and straightforward celebrity. She goes from being a sassy celebrity to one who loses favour. She does a lot of things for her career. She seems as though she stops at nothing in hopes of furthering her performing arts career, as she gets close to wealthy businessman Shek Sau, but she actually has an original aspiration for acting; because of Vincent Wong, she has to find this original aspiration back. She has a romantic storyline with Shek Sau, but she also tries to force Vincent Wong to like her. She has a bed scene with Vincent Wong where she seduces him to test whether he likes men.
- John Chiang will play So Wai San (蘇偉晨), a sick triad boss, so he does not fight to become the boss and leaves it to his daughter. He has a cane. He is a very evil person; he is calculative and harms many people.
- Winki Lai will play Cheung Chin Ha (蔣千霞), the eldest daughter of a triad family. She has to find the enemy who killed her father. She can handle 30,000 disciples at one time; however, at the bottom of her heart, she thirsts for love. Her love interest is Owen; there is a scene where she knocks him out with a drug, and she wants to take advantage of him. She and Owen have a kiss scene. She gets entangled between Owen and Vincent Wong.
- Angel Chiang will play Yiu Ching Sui (姚清水), a sexy triad boss lady. She and Tsui Wing are partners; he lets her manage a lot of the pornography business. She does not sell her body, as she excels at using coquetry to seduce men into making them do things for her. Otto Chan loves her. After Vincent Wong becomes an undercover, she falls for him, but he owes a debt of gratitude to a few women at the same time. She initially found Vincent Wong to be quite simple and pure, but she later finds out that he also wants the triad boss position; thus, she wants to love but cannot love. She also has to help Tsui Wing handle the triad boss position. She is also called 「水姐」.
- Kelly Fu will play Mandy Cheung Chin Yu (蔣千瑜), the second daughter of a triad family. She is a triad career woman who is good with numbers. She manages the finances. She also has to handle the pornography business, managing the pimps' and the prostitutes' amount of business. She is calm, introverted, and cooler. She has a calm appearance but goes crazy when she returns home. She does not have to fight; she is a math genius. She has a crush on Vincent Wong. She has a romantic storyline with Jack Hui; he is her former lover.
- Serene Lim will play Cheung Chin Wai (蔣千惠), a university student who is studying journalism. She is rather well-behaved and pure. She is the third daughter of the Cheung family.
- Brian Chu will play Luk Chau (陸秋), a gangster. He is an undercover. He is a boxer. He is a good fighter.
- Tsui Wing will play 「喪鍾」, a triad boss.
- Otto will play So Chi Kin (蘇子堅). John is his father, while Kathy is his younger sister. He is also called 「鐵頭」.
- Jack will play Szeto Sun (司徒信), a member of the OCTB.
- Eddie Pang will play Kim Hung (劍雄), a mean person.
- Lawrence Lau will play 「細寶」.
- Tony Chui will play a police academy instructor.

Visit @ J2 Clip (011119)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (011119)

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (012419)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (012419)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (012519)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (021619)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (032619)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (032619)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (040219)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (040319)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (040719)

Visit @ J2 Clip (041919)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (041919)

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (042519)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (042519)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (042519)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (042519)

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Al Cappuccino".

Personal Note: Another story about triads and undercovers....

Vincent Wong's look is very bad (especially the hair)...hope that they change it when filming officially starts....

Angel finally playing a more adult role!

*Credits to reiakiryu, 王浩信吧, on.cc, mingpao, eastweek, bastillepost, am730, hk01, moreforms, youku, 王浩信VW官方國際後援會, and Weibo

Monday, December 24, 2018

Charmaine Sheh Guest Stars in Eason Chan's New MV


Singer Eason Chan partnered up with another good actor, Charmaine Sheh, to film an MV for the new song 《我們萬歲》. The two portrayed an ordinary pair of lovers. Eason thoughtfully fed her congee, told her a story, used a balloon to make her happy. On the other hand, Charmaine picked up a camera to take pictures of Eason, gave him a model hamburger, did magic tricks, etc. Each scene was extremely sweet.

The entire MV was shot in the first person through the perspectives of a boyfriend and a girlfriend to let the audience personally feel the deep love inside. For the last Easter egg, Eason and Charmaine were finally acting in the same frame, both while watching TV while sitting on the sofa. Eason expressed that Charmaine's acting has left an impression on him: "She gives me the feeling that she is a character who belongs to the TV. Now, it is as though I have also gone into the TV. The feeling is very cute and enjoyable!"

"Long Live to Us" - Eason Chan & eason and the duo band

我們萬歲 - 陳奕迅/eason and the duo band

作曲: 翁瑋盈
填詞: 陳詠謙
編曲: the duo band
監製: 王雙駿

漸漸頭上染了白 你一樣很美
純粹發自我真心 別皺眉


*情人遊天地 日月換行李
如果失憶 我渴望再多一次 認識你
與你說些無聊事 挽手幾千里
證明可不捨不棄 吻停不知幾多歲的你 (吻停你到下世紀)

特別鳴謝你製造 更歡樂的我
除了每月有幾天 受折磨


Repeat (*)

變幻 繼續 變幻 拆不開
我們 已成 我們 還好有愛在 懷中感慨
笑著 喊著 抱著 如萬世不朽只有愛
多好 能擁抱未來

情人遊天地 日月換行李
從今開始 懶理會世間一切 是與非
與你說些無聊事 再走幾千里
永恆的不捨不棄 降臨你我合葬的墓碑

(能重頭偷望你 能重頭追逐你 能重頭親近你)
(能重頭呵護你 能重頭感動你)

*Credits to mingpao and Eason Chan

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Michael Miu Acting as Ekin Cheng to Take Care of Yoyo Mung


ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Michael Miu, Yoyo Mung, Kelly Cheung, Joel Chan, et al. went to Kowloon Bay to film Shaw Brothers' web drama, "Flying Tiger". Michael was in a suit. He, who was wearing a $300,000 watch, expressed that his collection is not much. He laughingly said, "In the series, I rejected it and did not want it. I myself certainly want it".

Michael plays a Chief Commander of the Special Duties Unit. There are many big scenes where he has to personally lead the operations. He revealed that the action, the gun fights, and the explosion scenes are even bigger and more globalized in the new installment of "Flying". He also highly praised Yoyo Mung, who is making her series comeback after a long time, as being in top shape...great control over her emotions in emotional scenes. The two have many hand-holding dating scenes in the series. He laughingly said, "I am being Ekin Cheng to take care of her for now".

Yoyo Mung Is Fit for Comeback, Becomes a Coach to Supervise Ekin Cheng's Workout Posture

Actor Yoyo Mung was in Kowloon Bay filming for Shaw Brothers' web drama, "Flying Tiger". The scene filmed was Yoyo bidding for a watch to give to Michael. Watches with a total value of over ten million were even used for the shoot.

Yoyo Mung appeared in a backless gown. Her round face from leading a life of luxury earlier has already disappeared. She, who has successfully shed some pounds, laughingly said, "Everyone knows that I have been fat for a period of time. The motivation of work is very strong. Lost five or six pounds since working. The entire person has become more solid. Have not reached the fittest yet, but also satisfied. Now, would work out before going to work...would not before. The condition when working has become totally different".

Recently, Yoyo has been keeping fit with her husband, Ekin Cheng, who is currently preparing for his concert. She laughingly said that, after working out, her bad habits have also been changed: "Back then, I had lazy behaviours, such as always being 'hea', playing games, and lying down while eating breakfast. After working out, also quit the bad habits of crossing my legs and slouching my back". After working out with a coach, she would remember every posture and correct her husband's inaccuracy: "He laughed at me for always supervising his workout posture. The waist has to be straighter and have to tighten the abdominal muscles...like a supervisor".

When asked whether she would be her husband's concert guest, she laughed at herself, saying that she is tone-deaf, so she will not be singing. She laughingly said, "In terms of music, the help that I can give him is singing more off-pitch songs. He said that he always listens to me singing off-pitch songs, so [he] has to get an even better grasp of the correct pitch".

*Credits to on.cc

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December Series 《致所有愛過的人》 "To All the People I Loved Before" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《致所有愛過的人》
Pinyin title: Ji So Yau Oi Gwo Dik Yan
Temporary English title: "To All the People I Loved Before"
Producers: Kwan Shu Ming & Kwan Man Sam

- The series stars Frankie Lam and Priscilla Wong. Shiga Lin, Stephen Wong, Mark Ma, Jan Tse, Joey Mak, and Zeno Koo are also taking part.
- Frankie will play Keung Yuk Sing (姜旭誠), the boss of a Thai boxing club.
- Priscilla will play Laura Fong Lok Man (方樂汶), a financial consultant. She and Frankie have a romantic storyline that is not very simple. His wife passed away, and he has a daughter, while her husband also passed away, and she also has a daughter; it is two single-parent families getting along with one another.
- Mark will play Ku Hei San (古希晨), a doctor with Asperger syndrome. He is not good at communication but is like a warm guy who treats every female well; Shiga frequently advises him to not be like this. He has a romantic storyline with Shiga.
- Shiga will play Fong Shu Man (方書文), an obstetrician-gynecologist. Mark is her boyfriend and husband. She is Priscilla's younger sister.
- Yoyo Chen will play Sabrina Chin Lei Woon (錢莉媛), Priscilla's bad friend. She, Priscilla, and Shiga are good friends. She is career-oriented but is also a hedonist. She does not have a fixed partner. She likes to pick up guys. She is a bitch but is also elegant. She has a romance with Shiga's boyfriend, Mark. She also likes Frankie, but he likes Priscilla.
- Stephen will play Kung Ka Ho (龔家豪), Erin Wong's elder brother. Some things happen to his younger sister, so he slightly gets close to Priscilla. He later falls for Priscilla. Erin dies in a car accident, so Priscilla thinks that he has come to exact revenge.
- Kyle Li will play Mok Yu Him (莫宇謙).
- Virginia Lau will play Mandy Wong Man Nga (王文雅), a nurse.
- Erin will play Chin Chin (芊芊).
- Joey will play a nurse.
- Kitterick Yiu will play a doctor.
- Kiwi Yuen will play a nurse.
- Ball Mang will play Fan Man Kei (范文錡), a boxer.
- William Chak will play a heartbreaker. He and Priscilla are lovers.
- Bella Lam will play 「啊寶」.
- Tania Chan will play the younger version of Priscilla's character.

Visit @ TVBE Clip (121918)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (021019)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (021319)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (021319)

Visit @ J2 Clip (022119)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (032719)

Visit @ J2 Clip (032919)

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (040919)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (041019)

FYI: The Chinese title of this series was previously 《禍後》 (literally translated as "After the Accident").
FYI: Ali Lee was supposed to film this series but pulled out due to health problems.

Personal Note: The previous title made it sound like an action/thriller drama....

*Credits to tvb and markmahkfc

Sunday, December 16, 2018

TV Awards Presentation 2018

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Best Series
"Life on the Line"

Best Actor
Joe Ma ("Life on the Line")

Best Actress
Ali Lee ("Who Wants a Baby?")

Most Popular TV Male Character
Kenneth Ma ("Deep in the Realm of Conscience")

Most Popular TV Female Character
Alice Chan ("Deep in the Realm of Conscience")

Best Supporting Actor
Oscar Leung ("OMG, Your Honour")

Best Supporting Actress
Mandy Lam ("Lo and Behold")

Most Improved Male Artiste
Matthew Ho ("Succession War", "Life on the Line", "Battle for the Exorcist's Meter", "Love Travel with High Speed Rail")

Most Improved Female Artiste
Crystal Fung ("Apple-Colada", "Sidewalk Scientist", "Young and Restless", "Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2018")

Most Popular TV Partnership
Edwin Siu & Raymond Cho ("Two Men in a Kitchen")

Most Popular Series Song
但願人長久 ("Life on the Line") - HANA

My Favourite TVB Drama (Singapore & Malaysia)

Best Host
Kristal Tin ("Pretty Forty")

Best Non-Drama Programme(s)
"Faraway Brides (Sr. 2)", "Cooking Beauties", "Sammy on the Go", "Young and Restless" & "Think You Know Tokyo?"

Professional Actor Award
Angelina Lo, Timothy Cheng & Jimmy Au

Lifetime Achievement Award
Nancy Sit

TVB Anniversary Awards Celebration Party

J2 Clip

J2 Clip

J2 Clip





"Scoop" Clip

"Scoop" Clip

FYI: The awards presentation averaged 31.2 points; the celebration party averaged 20.8 points.

Personal Note: Overall, satisfied with the results! A special congrats to Mandy Lam for her belated win, as well as the 'Professional Actor Award' recipients (funny how I predicted all three)! :)

Quite baffled (and found it unnecessary) that Ma Ming received 'Most Popular TV Male Character', since the character didn't particularly stand out....

The most ridiculous result was definitely Oscar Leung getting 'Best Supporting Actor'...should have gone to Bob Cheung for "Life on the Line" instead....

*Credits to tvb, 毛毛蟲, and reiakiryu

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Producing a Programme to Discuss Education and Stress, Flora Chan Shares Worries with Parents


i-CABLE Clip

Flora Chan and her husband, Mike Chung, recently produced the programme "After School", which is expected to broadcast on Hong Kong Open TV in the middle of next year. Today, they held a press conference in Central with General Manager of External Affairs Rebecca Tam, Executive Producer of Programme Planning Lau Pui Ching, and Consultant of External Affairs Tsang Sing Ming.

Flora revealed that the programme has 16 episodes, and will be interviewing 15 artistes from the '50s to the '90s, including Jessica Hsuan, Francis Ng, Myolie Wu, Charlie Young, Yim Ho, et al.: "The first one I looked for was Jessica. She is my good friend. I know that she would definitely support me. She studied in England; she will influence this group of people. Then I looked for Francis. He went from the Acting Class to becoming a father; everyone can see his transformation. He can also influence the people from his generation. At the time, he was filming 'Men on the Dragon'. He immediately came to look for me. The third one was Myolie, who was pregnant at the time. Thus, the process was quite long".

Flora said that there were two transitions in the decision to do this project this time: "Became a mother eleven years ago. I was quite advanced when I gave birth to my daughter. I feel that some things are better if I don't do them to the fullest. I did not know how to teach my daughter. When my daughter was five years old, was already doing homework with an iPad. I also did not know how to use it at the time; she was even better than I was. Oh no! I'm going to be out of touch with society, so I pursued further studies and studied for a master's degree. The second transition...many professors, parents, and students trust me a lot, and would talk to me a lot about the matters of the heart and share about them having a lot of stress. Everyone knows that every time I talk about it, I can't hold back. For the past ten years, they would jump off a building if they have a lot of stress; thus, I really want to gain a deeper understanding of what education and everyone's stress are. Also, life is not only about one's self and only being happy for the sake of others". She also said that her husband and her parents have always been very supportive of her.

*Credits to appledaily

Monday, December 10, 2018

"Life on the Line" Shows Up to Rally for Votes, Bob Cheung Moved to Tears at First Concert


"Scoop" Clip

ontv Clip

stheadline Clip

Ming Pao Weekly Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Bob Cheung's first concert was held at Star Hall last night. Pinky Cheung, Akina Hong, Corinna Chamberlain and her husband, et al. went to watch the show. After singing the songs 《堅持》, 《自由》, etc. while playing the guitar to open the show, Bob and Jade Kwan sang a gospel song together. Jade expressed that she saw him grow up; when Bob was still a member of Akago, already felt that he had passion. Steven Cheung, who was another guest, expressed that he has known Bob for ten-plus years; at his most helpless time, he took him in for five years. He said, "He greatly values friendship. Knew that I had no money...stealthily put a few hundred bucks on my pillow".

Moon Lau, who appeared sexily, played a piano accompaniment for Bob. She said that she and Bob have vastly different personalities, but they both believe in God. Then Bob sang 《流星雨》 and 《情非得已》 with 'Life on the Line F4' Joey Law, Arnold Kwok, and Matthew Ho. Arnold even used a comb to comb the three's long wigs, which roused laughter. Afterward, Joe Ma and Moon appeared, and they sang 《無畏的肩膊》, the theme of "Life on the Line" together, and took the opportunity to rally for votes. Jeannie Chan, who went to watch the show said on stage, "I came today to rally for votes!" Joe humourously said, "You sign TVB first!"

Bob ended the concert with the song 《圓缺》. He even said teary-eyed, "I know that it is very difficult to walk this path. Once I knew that could have a show, felt very shocked...shouted for a few nights in the bathroom. I will continue to endure this race. Able to run up to here today. I grew up in a single-parent family. Very grateful to my parents from both sides".

After the show, Bob and Moon were interviewed together. Having endured for 13 years and finally running up to this stage, Bob expressed being moved. Regarding Moon appearing sexily, Bob said, "We matched our outfits beforehand. She said to let me choose". Moon immediately said, "You are the big boss. Certainly have to match you". Regarding whether Joe appeared to rally for votes for 'TV King', Bob said, "I said before that I was worried that no one would come to my show. In the end, they all came to support me".

Bob Cheung & Moon Lau 《你認真嗎》/Moon Lau 《上帝早已預備》

Bob Cheung, Matthew Ho, Joey Law & Arnold Kwok 《流星雨》 + 《情非得已》 + 《Nobody》

Bob Cheung, Matthew Ho, Joey Law, Arnold Kwok, Moon Lau & Joe Ma 《無畏的肩膊》/Joe Ma 《但願人長久》

Bob Cheung & Jeannie Chan 《陪著你走》

Bob Cheung 《只怕不夠時間看你白頭》

*Credits to stheadline, on.cc, mpwentertainment, moreforms, and wpw star

Monday, December 3, 2018

"The Learning Curve of a Warlord" Opening Theme Video

"Bravery" - Dicky Cheung

大無畏 《大帥哥》 主題曲 - 張衛健

作曲/編曲/監製: 雷頌德
填詞: 甄健強

誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確 邊個話


我要配襯你好應該爭氣 做你想一生相擁的手臂
我幾經艱辛都只想呵你 望你少擔心享多些福氣

不需計 我要大無畏 (喂喂喂)
呢一世 你要大無畏 (喂喂喂)
不枉費 即管考我怎麼解圍



Repeat *

Oscar Li on "The Green Room"

Tsui Wing, Ku Ming Wah & Eddie Pang on "Big Boys' Club"

Promotional Event 1 @ TVBE Clip (112118)

Promotional Event 1 @ "Scoop" Clip (112118)

NG Clips @ "Scoop" Clip (120318)

Premiere Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip (120418)

Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (120718)

Promotional Event 2 @ TVBE Clip (120818)

Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (122718)

Promotional Event 3 @ J2 Clip (010719)

Promotional Event 3 @ "Scoop" Clip (010719)

Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (010919)

Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (011019)

Finale Dinner @ "Extra" Clip (011119)

Finale Dinner @ TVBE Clip (011219)

Finale Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip (011419)

Celebration Dinner @ TVBE Clip (011719)

Celebration Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip (011819)

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Related post: "The Learning Curve of a Warlord" Theme Song & Sub Song

*Credits tvb and TVBUSAofficial

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Looks at Timing When Buying a Ring! Kenneth Ma Explains About 'Guide Runner'


J2 Clip

big big channel Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip


Artiste Kenneth Ma went to Mong Kok to attend a gaming event. A large group of passersby crowded the street, and [Kenneth] took the initiative to take selfies with fans...extremely in touch with the people! When live gaming, he frankly said that he was nervous, and he almost could not answer MC Miguel Choi's questions...extremely funny! During the interview, he admitted to frequently playing games when he was younger but rarely do so after joining the work force: "Always see my nephews play now. Many new games are very attractive. (Have you gamed with your girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong?) Well, no. I have not asked her about whether she games or not".

Regarding Christmas, he laughingly said that he is fixated on money. If he has time, he also has to make money: "Filming 'The Exorcist's Meter II' with the original crew after completing the filming of 'Flying Tiger II'. Don't have time to travel. In Hong Kong, would attend functions if there is time. (A couple partnership with Jacqueline?) Hope there is". As for gifts, he revealed that he has not bought one yet; a reporter suggested that he buy a ring. He laughingly said, "Seems too serious. Have not discussed this issue yet, so have to make money. Kevin Cheng's was very expensive. (How much money do you have to make?) It's a timing issue. You ask her next time".

Regarding him laughingly referring to himself as a 'guide runner' yesterday sparking a heated discussion, Kenneth expressed that his original intention was somewhat distorted, and he clarified, "I am saying that my mentality toward taking part in awards presentations is like that of a guide runner. Really enjoy acting. Don't have much feeling about who wins and who loses. Not saying that other people suck". However, he laughingly said that it was a good matter because there was a topic that could be talked about: "I'm afraid that Benjamin Yuen would be unhappy, but also very familiar with him; I know that he would not".

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*Credits to 毛毛蟲, on.cc, mingpao, moreforms, and gztv

"The Learning Curve of a Warlord" Theme Song MV

"Bravery" - Dicky Cheung

大無畏 《大帥哥》 主題曲 - 張衛健

作曲/編曲/監製: 雷頌德
填詞: 甄健強

誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確
誰大 誰惡 誰正確 邊個話



*我要配襯你好應該爭氣 做你想一生相擁的手臂
我幾經艱辛都只想呵你 望你少擔心享多些福氣

不需計 我要大無畏 (喂喂喂)
呢一世 你要大無畏 (喂喂喂)
不枉費 天都考我幾高修為 (要好俾你睇我點衰俾你睇)
不需計 我要大無畏 (喂喂喂)
呢一世 你要大無畏 (喂喂喂)
不枉費 即管考我怎麼解圍



Repeat *

Mandarin Version

"Bravery" (Mandarin Version) - Dicky Cheung

我帥故我在 《大帥哥》 電視劇宣傳歌 - 張衛健

作曲/編曲: 雷頌德
填詞: 崔恕
監製: 鄭汝森

大義凜然大帥哥 大公無私大帥哥
大風大浪大帥哥 大紅大紫大帥哥
大是大非大帥哥 大情大聖大帥哥
大模大樣大帥哥 大大大大大帥哥

磨難有多大 我的心就有多大
把胸懷打開 就能裝起整個天下
我頭頂有陽光 就什麼都不害怕

背影帶著風 揚起漫天塵與沙
從小被嚇大 浮浮沉沉當做玩耍 
風浪中自由 來去都很瀟灑

*我獨來獨往 沒什麼牽掛 
卻想要為你 護航和保駕
你想要流浪 我胸膛就是天涯

我從不彎腰 任權貴鎮壓
我雙手撐著 天空不會塌
大帥哥 生來就帥得掉渣 對嗎

最厲害 路都為我開 (哎哎哎)
最氣派 樹都為我栽 (哎哎哎)
站起來 笑傲人海自我崇拜
(不要妒我才 既然天生我才)
最痛快 花都為我開 (哎哎哎)
最大牌 我帥故我在 (哎哎哎)
大時代 誰勝誰敗誰來主宰
所有妖魔鬼怪 通通給我閃開
我是人見人愛 花見花開 車見車載*

天生就驕傲 要與山巔試比高
世界太悲催 讓我還它仰天長笑
從來都不回頭 大步走人間正道 (走正道)

人心最難料 誰忠誰奸誰可靠
善惡終有報 不報只因時機未到
我懲惡揚善 天地寫我名號

Repeat *

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*Credits to 星夢娛樂

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Wants Money Not Awards! Kenneth Ma Denies Being an 'Accompanying Runner King'



ontv Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Artiste Kenneth Ma attended a mall event. Regarding TVB's awards presentation in the middle of the month, he frankly said that he had never guessed that he would win an award: "For TV king, I want Lai Lok Yi to get it. His 'Who Wants a Baby?' is very good. I also want Edwin Siu to get it because he and I filmed 'Deep in the Realm of Conscience' together, but winning awards is about luck. I think that Ruco Chan is the luckiest. He took a wife and also has a child, but Benjamin [Yuen] also has a chance...also happy for him to have won 'TV King' for Singapore and Malaysia. As for myself, it doesn't matter if I win an award or not. I want money. Leaving awards to fate. I am very poor; hope to have more events this year". As for TV queen, Kenneth is optimistic about Alice Chan and Mandy Wong. When asked whether he would support his girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong, he laughingly said, "I will vote for whatever she is nominated in. I am definitely supporting her. She seems to be nominated for 'Supporting Actress'.

Regarding being referred to as an 'Accompanying Runner King', he said that he was not unhappy because of this; he also laughingly said that he is not an accompanying runner but a guide runner instead: "I guide the blind while running. Guide runners run even faster but do not get an award when they win; rather, it is the one beside them who gets it. Actually, I am happy for whomever wins an award. We are all friends who have known one another for many years. I have won many awards previously. (Many of your company's colleagues want you to get it.) Thank you. Proves that I have many friends. (Will put more effort in the sequel of 'The Exorcist's Meter', which begins filming next year?) Also leaving it to fate. Would not put more effort because of wanting to get an award. Moreover, would be overdone if there is too much effort. However, can work harder at making money. The economy is not good this year".

*Credits to on.cc and moreforms

"Wife, Interrupted" Sub Song 3 MV

"Once Again" - Alvin Ng

重複愛一次 《救妻同學會》 插曲 - 伍富橋

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 楊熙
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

為何流淚了 跌落在漆黑裡面
念從前日子 日子總有你在前
無論在茫茫白雪 你在旁便會暖
*回頭多麼遠 如可以不變 不需這天 路全是倒刺

為何不再可以 重複愛一次 離開你如像天空崩裂
只要可以 陪你多一秒 隨便拿明日折現
留空不再願填 行或走不用心跳
靈魂在當天 完全失去了 被你牽走遠 (完全未能復原 被囚在永遠)*

明明存在過 卻沒什麼可以留念
在無眠夜中 就只想得起告別時
毫無預期地到此 訊號全部中斷

Repeat (*)

為何不再可以 重複愛一次 離開你如像慘遭閃電
只要可以 陪你多一秒 隨便拿明日折現
留空不再願填 行或走不用心跳
靈魂在當天 前和後亦被隔絕

跟你早已 如斷開的線 連起過誰願放手一剪
只要可以 陪你多一秒 隨便拿明日折現
留空不再願填 誰又可跟你相似
就算她去試 就算不介意 但我知道不再可以

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*Credits to 星夢娛樂