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List updated on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Best Onscreen Couples I

Michael Tao & Kenix Kwok
Collaborations: 6
After Kenix participated in Miss Hong Kong 1993, she worked on her first series, "Catwalk俏佳人", and was paired up with Michael. They were also paired up "Detective Investigation Files I to III", "Shine on You" and "Love Bond". In television history, Michael and Kenix have been coupled up the most times. Their most classic pairing would have to be the DIF series. How can anyone not love Cheung Tai Yung and Jesse Ko? They were once voted 'Best Onscreen Couple' for three consecutive years by the media and audience. Talk about chemistry, eh? I can honestly say they are one of my favourite couples of all time.

Bobby Au Yeung & Esther Kwan
Collaborations: 5
Bobby and Esther were labelled as the 'Funniest Onscreen Couple'. Their comedy flame just seems to spark when they are a couple. Out of the 'fa dans', Esther is the only one with natural comedic skills. She does not overact or exaggerate in comedies or in dramas. She is just that good! You can just tell how perfect the duo of Bobby and Esther really are when they are paired up. They will make you laugh until your sides split.

Lawrence Ng & Ada Choi
Collaborations: 6
Lawrence and Ada have worked together a total of six times now. They were in four TVB series, one Mainland production, and one movie. It is evident that their most memorable collaboration is "Healing Hands I & II". They have won the award for 'Best Couple' and 'Most Favourite Couple' for those series. Jackie makes Paul come out of his boring shell. Ada seems to work well with her male co-stars. She has great chemistry with Steven Ma, Bobby Au Yeung, and even Dayo Wong. In 2003, she and Dayo received the award for 'Most Favourite Couple' for "To Catch the Uncatchable". Thus, no matter who she is paired up with, she is always able to bring new blaze to add to the chemistry. Anyway, Lawrence and Ada are definitely one of my favourite couples because I just love Paul and Jackie!


  1. Now I'm reading your "special" articles, like the ones on TVB Flower / Siu Sang Dog / etc..

    And I notice in this posting that the 3 on-screen couples here all are married.
    1) Michael Tao & Kenix Kwok - Kenix married to Frankie Lam * Michael had divorced with his wife (not from showbizz)
    2) Bobby Au Yeung & Esther Kwan - Esther married to Nick Cheung * Bobby has a wife also, but not from showbizz
    3) Lawrence Ng & Ada Choi - Ada married to Max Zhang * Lawrence married a mainland model?

  2. Ha ha... They are all married!

    Even though they have significant others, they are still able to accomplish the definition of an on-screen couple. That is why they are so great! Ha ha...