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List updated on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Best Onscreen Couples II

Louis Koo & Jessica Hsuan
Collaborations: 6
Louis and Jessica have been in "Happy Harmony", "Class of Distinction", "Cold Blood Warm Heart", "A Recipe of the Heart", "Man's Best Friend", "Detective Investigation Files IV", and "A Step into the Past." However, they were only paired up in the last three series. Louis and Jessica are very good friends on screen and off screen. Many fans have hoped that they would really "hook up", but in reality they would not consider each other because they know each other too well. Louis once said that he likes girls more on the quiet side and not much talk at all. Jessica is the total opposite of what Louis is looking for in a significant other. Jessica also said that she would not consider Louis either. Anyway, Jessica is definitely the best partner for Louis. She is able to bring out a different side of Louis. He is very comfortable around her. It is like magic! They are very compatible in series.

Julian Cheung & Charmaine Sheh
Collaborations: 4
Chi Lam and Charmaine have paired up in two TVB series and two movies since the year 2000. After "Return of the Cuckoo", I knew that they would fall in my favourite couple category. Too bad they did not end up in the series though. Charmaine for sure has the most chemistry with Chi Lam. It seems to me that she is more comfortable in falling in love with Chi Lam in series than her more recent co-stars. Charmaine said in an interview that Sunny Chan had taught her to fall in love with her co-stars by finding their positive traits. After the completion of a series, the person must know how to leave the character by finding their negative traits. Sunny still uses this method because Melissa Ng said that he taught her the same thing while filming "Love Guaranteed". Anyway, when Chi Lam and Charmaine film together, they always seem to have the puppy love relationship. That is what makes their partnership so sweet. I love this coupling!

Bowie Lam & Flora Chan
Collaborations: 5
Although Bowie and Flora have worked together five times, they were only paired up in "Untraceable Evidence I & II" and "Healing Hands I & II". For the longest time, I only liked Bowie because of his pairing with Flora. Just like Ada, Flora works well with her all her male co-stars because she has great 人緣. Bowie and Flora have great chemistry because they have known each other since "The File of Justice V", and that was Flora's first television series. In fact, Bowie and Jessica helped Flora with her dialogue. Bowie and Flora always play professional roles as a couple, so they always have this 'cool/cold' personality. They give off a very nice mature look as a couple. Well, except in HH because Bowie's character, Henry, was a player and only showed his maturity during his work. Even though Bowie was my first favourite partner for Flora, I have longed switched to the duo of FloMo--Moses that is.


  1. I love Chilam&Charmaine too <333 :D
    What were their four collaborations?
    I only know
    Return of the Cuckoo
    Point of no Return

  2. To Anonymous:

    Chi Lam and Charmaine also collaborated in two movies, "Perfect Match" and "Blue Moon".