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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kenneth Ma Looks for Partner Who Does Not Smoke


"Extra" Clip


"Scoop" Clip

Tudou Clip


Kenneth appeared in a doctor look at a 'No-Tobacco Day' event with Candy Chang.

Kenneth went to a market to hand out fans...was surrounded by a large crowd.

Kenneth Ma and Candy Chang appeared in a doctor look for a 'World No-Tobacco Day' promotional event. They speculated that, because of the effect of the series "The Hippocratic Crush", which aired earlier, they were asked to use their medical perspective to encourage everyone to not smoke. They both do not have a smoking habit...would be best if their future other half also does not smoke. Kenneth expressed, "Do not smoke myself, but would not ask friends to also not smoke. Certainly would be best that girlfriend is also not a smoker because my entire family also does not smoke".

Candy also hopes that her further boyfriend does not smoke. When asked whether she would prohibit her partner from smoking before filming kiss scenes, she expressed that she would probably ask her partner to first eat a mint, but have not given out her first onscreen kiss scene yet. Kenneth, who was on the side, surprisingly said, "You never filmed any yet?" Reporters laughed at him, who said himself that he has a long tongue, and asked whether he was eyeing covetously. He immediately said, "Do not dare to. I am afraid of being yelled at by her fans". On the other hand, Kenneth does not eat heavily scented foods before filming kiss scenes.

Kenneth revealed that "Hippocratic" is expected to film its sequel next year. "Triumph in the Skies II" will begin filming in June or July; other confirmed actors should include Francis Ng and Julian Cheung. As for "Hippocratic", apart from the original cast, there will also be the addition of Lawrence Ng playing Ching Chi Mei...should already be a senior doctor. He greatly anticipates working with Lawrence.


Personal Note: Lawrence is really going to reprise his role as Paul Ching in a Tommy production?!

Guess Candy didn't count her kiss with Nathan Ngai, as it was edited out in the end! :P

*Credits to tudou, gztv, the-sun, and wenweipo

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 9




Everyone wants to be a good person, but how many people can actually do it? How come every time I decide to do something good to make up for something bad I did in the past, the heavens would always use different ways to tell me that, no matter what I do, it's actually useless.

"Love Exceeds the Coastline" Visit

"Scoop" Clip


The storyline was about Susan Tse mistaking that daughter Selena Li had fallen into the ocean; however, it was really Lee Yee Man, who has a crush on Raymond Wong, jumping into the water to retrieve a love memento.

Personal Note: This water scene should not have been a problem for Susan, as she was on Hong Kong's Synchronized Swimming Team.

Although it only took two or three takes to film this scene, Lee Yee Man was severely sunburned.

Don't know why Raymond hit Ruco when Ruco was stating the fact that watermelons are good for cooling down....

He he.... Raymond and Ruco have a kiss scene with each other?! :P

Ha ha.... Aimee already forgot about Raymond's shirtless scene, which was just filmed the night before! :P

Funny how Selena always teases her colleagues about their romance! :P

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"No Good Either Way" Promotional Clip 3


*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Heavy Taste" - Eason Chan


重口味 - 陳奕迅

作曲/編曲/監製: Eric Kwok/Jerald
填詞: 黃偉文

我有的病 我會醫病 我會攞諾貝爾獎 (快拍掌)
慣了生病 已會醫病 既中槍 (也中獎)

要你的命 救你的命 秘訣一般 以重傷 (救重傷)
你這種命 我這種命 也要聽 (我會聽)

@愛也是場硬仗 挫折練成大將
今天羽翼半張 你是偶像

*每次殺不死你 殺不死你 也醫好你
切記要爭口氣 要爭口氣 你不要死

#每次殺不死你 殺不死你 也醫好你
吸收 心痛 接受 別離
磨練出胸肌腹肌心肌 要治本必須重口味

教你怎樣 教我怎樣 每次遭殃 靠冥想 (去養傷)
這個劑量 這個劑量 去壓驚 (太過輕)

Repeat @*#

世界突然定鏡 過去事全冒上
砒霜對付創傷 痛著發亮

Repeat *

每次殺不死你 殺不死你 也醫好你
吸收 心痛 接受 別離
誰若要勝利 勝利 勝利 勝利 勝利 勝利

FYI: This song is a salute to Alan Tam.

Personal Note: Really like this song! It reminds me of a combo of classics! :D

"Love Trap" - Alan Tam

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 8




In this world, good people do not necessarily get good rewards, and bad people may also not get bad consequences, but people still believe in destiny. People always say to not depend on the heavens. Must depend on oneself...will then only have hope. However, if this hope is false, this so-called hope...would rather it not have appeared at all...then there would be no disappointment.

"Beauty at War" Visit @ "Scoop" Clip


Personal Note: Filming in HK for the series has been completed. At the beginning of June, the cast and crew will be heading out to Hengdian to do location filming for a month.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Better Me" - Fiona Sit


Better Me - 薛凱琪

作曲: 江海迦@Public Zoo
填詞: 小寒
編曲: Johnny Yim
監製: 舒文@Zoo Music


I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more
說好了要為幸福 一天天地練習

練習 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
為你我變成了 Better me

有一天生命會老去 還好謝謝有你
在你眼中 I see the better in me

Cause I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more
說好了要為幸福 一天天地練習

練習 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
為你我變成了 Better me


不然今天就不能 如此地有勇氣

Now I promise to you
And I can swear to you
為你我一定加倍 愛護我自己
做一個值得你驕傲的Better me
一個值得你愛的Better me

Personal Note: Really, really like this song! Such a good song and love the lyrics! :D

*Credits to warnermusichk

《戀愛季節》 "Seasons of Love" Costume Fitting Pictures


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 20 episodes long.
- There will be four love stories.
- (春): The story will be about the first love of Toby Leung (Lam Chun Fan/林春芬), who is already a middle-aged woman...having a crush on popular idol singer Him Law (Si San/施辰). It will also talk about the class division between fans and idols. Kandy Wong will play a loyal fan; she is a high school student with cerebellar hemangioblastoma. Him and Kandy will have a father-daughter relationship because Kandy sees a resemblance between Him and her father, while Him will also help resolve Kandy's problems. Jess Sum will play Him's manager. Oceane Zhu will play an artiste who has rumours with Him. Nathan Ngai will play a transport worker.
- (夏): Kate Tsui (Summer Ha Chi Yan/夏志欣) will play a comprehensive programme producer at a television station. Kate is the producer of the reality show 《盛男愛作戰》...being personally chosen by her boss to participate in the programme, and also found her ex-boyfriend Ron Ng (Ng Chun Kai/吳雋楷) to take part as a mentor. Kate and Ron dated from primary to secondary school, but broke up in university; they kept the passion hidden in their hearts, developing a special relationship. Because of the programme, Kate is caught between four males, causing her to realize her feelings toward Ron again.
- (秋): Nancy Wu (Ho Chau Sang/何秋生) will play a hairstylist. Nancy will have two choices. The first time, she chose hairstylist husband Oscar Leung (Fong Ka Wai/方家偉); after getting married, they had a calm lifestyle, but their relationship turned dull after seven years, and there were also in-law problems. Later, Nancy gets to choose again...choosing barrister Vincent Wong (Fung Sau Man/馮修文) this time; however, marrying a rich person is not necessarily as good as imagined. In the end, Nancy gets to go back to her first decision, but it is a third, new development. The story will end with the helplessness and sorrow of autumn. JJ Jia will play Oscar's wife in his second marriage. JJ deceived Oscar into marrying her; in the end, her honest admittance gains Oscar's understanding and acceptance, while evoking Nancy's jealousy at the same time. Helen Ma will play Nancy's mother-in-law, who is from Mainland and has no social responsibility.
- (冬): Kenneth Ma (Chu Cho On/朱祖安) will play a private investigator who will link the entire series. Historical culture guide Myolie Wu (Yiu Tung Nei/姚冬妮) asks Kenneth to find her lost memories from a music box. Myolie lost the memories for her ten-plus years; she also has many fears (a fear of heights, crying at the sight of sunset). At the discovery of a music box, there was a receipt inside, which seemed to somehow be related to her memories. Thus, Kenneth started investigating; during the search for the truth, he coincidentally obtains a book that has relations to Myolie. During this, Kenneth falls in love with Myolie, mistaking that she likes Him and wants to get his autograph (thus, the characters in the first story will also appear in the last story, creating a space-time overlap). Kenneth tries to use the book that he found; in the end, he successfully dates Myolie, and even evokes her memories, causing an even greater misunderstanding in between. Because of Bowie Wu's decision, Myolie endures the pain of losing her memories. In the end, Kenneth relies on father Chun Wong (who has Alzheimer's disease) to investigate the truth. Cecilia Fong will play Myolie's mother.
- Iva Law will play a flight attendant. She is Eric Li's lover. She, Lee Yee Man, and Kate will fall in love with Ron at the same time.

Clips (costume fitting):
Kenneth Ma's Tencent Weibo

Kate Tsui's Tencent Weibo

Nancy Wu's Tencent Weibo

Nancy Wu's Tencent Weibo

Him Law's Tencent Weibo

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Myolie Wu's Tencent Weibo

Ron Ng's Tencent Weibo

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Season of Love".

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Personal Note: The 'seasons' should be referring to the females' character names in each story.

Four love stories...sounds like Tommy's version of "Let It Be Love"....

'Season of Love' is already in the title, so guessing that this series will air during Valentine's Day.

Toby Leung will be in the first story with Him, Kandy, Nathan, etc., but she did not attend the fitting, as she has headed off to Singapore to do location filming for "Battle of the Senses".

Funny how Ma Ming always requests kiss scenes (but always seems to be denied in the end), while Nancy and Oscar requested to not have any intimate scenes! :P

Ha ha.... Ma Ming said that he has been pursuing Myolie since "To Grow with Love". Now, they are finally a pair. :)

Quite like everyone's look in here, especially Nancy's...she looks very cool! :D

Ha ha.... Ma Ming's character name is 'Morning Zhu'! :P

*Credits to nancywu.org, 狂愛TVB, the-sun, mingpao, tvb.com, and Weibo

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 7




Love makes a person complete. It sounds cliché, but when you firmly believe that the person around you is your other half, looking at the world this way would only then be perfect.

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Promotional Clip 1


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Personal Note: Like how the promo clip has a movie feel to match the fact that each episode will be like a movie. :)

Don't know why the series is called "Tiger Cubs"...even the promo clip has 'Special Duties Unit' in it.... o_O

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 6




Some people avoid a kind of fate by any means possible. Some people search to attempt at recovery, but whether fate is a success or a failure is not up to people, because the heavens love to use fate to play jokes on people the most.

《戀愛季節》 "Seasons of Love" Costume Fitting


Date: May 29, 2012

Temporary Chinese title: 《戀愛季節》
Pinyin title: Luen Oi Gwai Jit
Temporary English title: "Seasons of Love"
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung

Attending Cast: Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Oscar Leung, Him Law, JJ Jia, Kandy Wong, Ha Ping, Ching Ho Wai, Jess Sum, Oceane Zhu, Nathan Ngai, William Chak, Jack Hui, Otto Chan, Bowie Wu, Susan Tse, Helen Ma, James Ng, Chun Wong, Eric Li, Chung Chi Kwong, Daniel Chau, Chan Wing Chun, Casper Chan, Iva Law, and Sammi Cheung.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

Personal Note: Ron Ng will be in the same story as Kate, but he is currently filming in Mainland and will not be returning until the beginning of June.

Toby Leung will be in the first story with Him, but will not be attending the fitting, as she has headed off to Singapore to do location filming for "Battle of the Senses".

Not too surprised about the cast list, but did not expect Kandy Wong to film this particular series.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" TVBI Trailer



Personal Note: For the nth time, greatly anticipating this series! :D

Like the poster, but think that it would have made more sense to feature Elena Kong instead of Christine Kuo, as the other cast members at the top of the poster are guest stars.

*Credits to Weibo

Julian Cheung Afraid of Heat, Refused to Become Firefighter


ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip


Yesterday, Julian Cheung was invited to appear at an event organized by a radio station and the fire department. He was dressed as a senior fireman and entered on an aerial ladder. Julian was very satisfied with his look as a firefighter, but frankly said that he's afraid of the heat, so [he] had never thought about becoming a firefighter. Julian expressed that when he was young, a feng shui master told his mother that his fate was very suitable to join the Disciplined Services.

Personal Note: Would actually like to see Chi Lam film another cop series, as he does look very good in uniforms! :)

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, and tungstar

Friday, May 25, 2012

"Master of Play" Theme Song MV


"Limit" - Adam Cheng

界限 《心戰》 主題曲 - 鄭少秋

作曲: Tige Hui
填詞: 宋沛言

人潛移默化 浮生於細沙
曾種下善惡花 觀摩出美吧
台前俗雅 能彰顯愛嗎
聽吧 燈火映照下人重讀對白

*形神下 憑直覺描劃過離情中匪思界限
眼前掠過未能道破 若有天地看清未會折返
橫越界限 一生充滿變幻

人何時活化 曾清醒過嗎
蒙蔽著善惡嗎 歪曲黑與白
台前是那 唯一主角嗎
放下 經典的結局無遺地誕下

Repeat *

無疑地 從靜態和動態來釐清彼此界限
眼前掠過未能道破 若有天地看清未會折返
橫越界限 一生充滿變幻 剖析當中變幻

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 5



如果世上真的有因果報應,那我相信的是塵歸塵、土歸土,這個世界本來就是無中生有,殺人只是一個從有回歸到無的過程,我的腦海又聽到那句歌詞了:Each man kills the thing he loves,dadada dadadada。

If the world really has retributive justice, then I believe that it is dust to dust and earth to earth. This world was originally created out of nothing. Killing people is just the process from having back to not having. My mind hears those lyrics again: 'Each man kills the thing he loves, dadada dadadada'.

"No Good Either Way" Promotional Clip 2


Personal Note: This series seems to have a similar feel to "Ups and Downs" and "Slim Chances" (all produced by Amy Wong). :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Fala Chen's First Plug (Preview)


"Half" - Fala Chen

一半 - 陳法拉

作曲: 宇珩
填詞: 張美賢
編曲/監製: Johnny Yim

一半晚餐 再分我一半被窩 你聽我傷心的哭過
明早撲進地鐵廂座 愁眉別深鎖
一半汽水 再分你一半飲歌 長年陪好姊妹消磨
最後誰可 去替代某一位 吻我

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲 
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我 
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
嘲弄著自己的怯懦 難受嗎 如果你是我

一次拍拖 帶給我一半笑渦 與一半傷感的交錯
從婚宴送贈了祝賀 仍然沒不可
一半探戈 跳出了一半痛楚 長年無止境的蹉跎
以後誰可 到了白髮一般 疼我

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我 
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
都歌頌情人的快樂 其實我都 曾感動過

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
都複述情人怎惹禍 流淚太多 誰敢犯錯

FYI: This is a Cantonese cover of Della Wu's song of the same title.


Personal Note: Fala dropping the ending sound of 得 again.... o_O'

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 4




Time can dilute everything, but if you have a longing for someone that is so deep that even time cannot dilute it, then that person is the world's most blissful person, while you are the world's most sorrowful person.