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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kenneth Ma Thinks That Rumoured Lovers Are Few


"Scoop" Clip


The night before, Kenneth Ma was recording "TV Funny", encountering two former [rumoured] lovers, Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu. Kenneth was sweet-talking at one point, expressing that he had many rumoured lovers, including Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan, feeling that it was still not enough. When he was teased about Nancy being the only one who was a real lover, Kenneth immediately had nothing left to say, not knowing how to respond.

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Personal Note: Looking forward to the reenactments of old anniversary skits! :)

He he.... Ma Ming told Linda to write her lines on her hand.... :P There's no way that Ma Ming would have difficulty remembering four lines of dialogue, as he is capable of memorizing five or six pages of dialogue!

Ha ha.... Guessing that Ruco's goddess in the skit is Mimi Chu.... :P

*Credits to mingpao


  1. Kenneth and Linda are cute! Too bad that they didn't accept the interview together!

  2. this looks so good!! when will this be airing? :)

    1. To Lucy:

      "TV Funny" will begin airing on the 23rd @ 10:30pm.