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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Green Leaf - Berg Ng

綠葉篇 - 吳廷燁

Artiste Name: 吳廷燁 Ng Ting Yip
Original Name: 吳玉壽 Kwok Yuk Sau
English Name: Berg
Date of Birth: December 12, 1960
Height: 5' 11"


Many viewers might only remember Berg from the ATV series "My Date With a Vampire", but Berg Ng has been around for some time. Berg graduated from TVB's 11th Acting Class in 1982. His classmates included Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Stephen Chow, Bobby Au Yeung, Francis Ng, Eddie Kwan, Mak King Ting, Eddie Cheung, and Wilson Lam. TVB initially wanted Berg to host a variety show after graduating from the class; however, Berg rejected it due to love affair problems. For that reason, TVB gave up on Berg and did not sign him as a contracted artiste. At that time, he could only turn to ATV and sign up for their acting course. He eventually entolled in ATV's 2nd Acting Class in 1984 and officially joined ATV. After staying in ATV for almost twenty years, Berg left in 2003. Now, he stars in movies and films series in Mainland.


In his ATV days, Berg played numerous villain roles and most of them were ancient series. Unlike Derek Kwok, Berg does not know martial arts. Yet, he seems like a natural when it comes to fight scenes. He is also Tony Leung Chiu Wai's best friend. They have known each other ever since the TVB days. Whenever Tony needs a friend to talk to, Berg is the guy he spills his guts out to.

Personal Note: ATV always typecasted Berg as the villain role in series. Maybe it is because he has that evil look. I find it very surprising that he doesn't know any martial arts. He seems as though he would know some considering how many fighting series he was cast in. My favourite series of his would obviously be the MDWV series, and I also loved "Project Ji Xiang", "Ten Tigers from Guangdong", and "The Interpol".


  1. Hello, do you know more about the love affair problem that he had in 1982? I love this actor, he so tallented, can act in all roles.

  2. To Anonymous:

    I'm not sure of the love affair problem he had in 1982. Sorry!

    I think I had once read somewhere that he was once married, but divorced. All I know is that he was rumoured with Pinky Cheung when he was in ATV.

  3. I'm like his biggest fan so I like to dig every little news of him, Hehe!! Sorry to bother you, but do you know that he married before to someone in the showbiz industry or normal people? I think him and Pinky make a good couple, they co-star in My Date with Vampire 1-2-3. Happy New Year though, great sites, I been coming here to read news. Thanks!!

  4. To Anonymous:

    I'm pretty sure he was married to someone out of the industry.

    I also liked his pairing with Elaine Kong in "Project Ji Xiang". :D

  5. I just watch him again in ATV Justice Pao back then, my gosh, he acts so good.
    1 more question though, do you recall reading any news on him said he have any children? Assuming he married before, he must have kids. It just so hard to find any news on him. Thanks alot and happy holidays.

  6. To Anonymous:

    I've never read anything about him being a father though.

    Berg has been filming movies in the past few years. You can check out his blog for his updates. His most recent post is on Christmas. :D

  7. Thanks alot!! Can normal people register with Sina or Sohu blog? Or it is just save for actors? Do Berg know English, Lolz!!

  8. To Anonymous:

    Yes, you may sign up for a sina blog if you want one there. I don't know if he knows English or not. :)

  9. I love Ng, he's a great actor and he is handsome! Does anyone know what happend to his cheek? He's a scar.

  10. To Maddie:

    Sorry, I'm not sure what happened to cheek.

  11. OMG I Loved Project Ji Xiang Too! Chan13(Joey Meng husband) is an amazing scriptwriter! I also first noticed Berg Ng due to MY Date With A Vampire 1-3 but it was his PJX role that made him like his acting! His pairing with Elaine Kong was really great! I'm glad Elaine Kong got more attention after Beauty Knows No Pain was aired, her role totally stole the show! It's sad, if Berg Ng didn't have love affair problems, he couldn't signed with TVB and his career might be as big as his classmates! I never knew he was good friends with Tony Leung. It's great that they're still friends even though one is just a greenleaf while the later is a big movie star! I wonder if Berg Ng will ever sign on TVB.

  12. PS: did I mention how PJX was the series that made me notice Ruco ChanChinPang again! I first saw him in Chor Lau Heung 2001 and thought he was really goodlooking and acted convincinly as the shy prince. But it was only one role with Joey Meng so I quickly forgot. It was only after rewatching CLH that I realized he was the same actor.

    HYN5 Did you ever watch Love in A Miracle? It's a great series, if you liked Good Old Days you would like LIAM. Ruco's acting as the antagonist was really likable. It's really nice to see so many underrated ATV actors getting lead roles in TVB EX: Kristal + Ruco. Now if only Elaine Kong would get her recognition and lead role as well!

  13. To sport3888:

    ATV's supernatural series tend to be better than the ones produced by TVB.

    Yes, love Berg and Elena in "Project".

    Also happy that Angela Auntie is quite well-liked by the audience.

    Don't think that Berg would sign TVB, as he is more of a movie guy.

    Never watched "Love in a Miracle", but loved his duet with Amy and his solo sub song. My friend loved Ruco's character, and preferred him pairing with Amy than Steve.

    TVB treats Elena quite well. Her roles are rather important, and Angela Auntie was the lead antagonist.