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Monday, July 9, 2012

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Opening Theme Video & Full MV @ End Credits

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Opening Theme Video

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Full MV @ End Credits

"Wait for You to Return" - Raymond Lam

等你回來 《回到三國》 主題曲 - 林峯

作曲/監製: 鄧智偉
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Johnny Yim

簾外雪 水裡月 未曾如掌控內
成敗恩仇恨愛 怎去篡改
從幻變 的世代 既然難得你在

熱血赤膽 從無可替代

橫越長空與深海 勇士歸去又來
戰幔從一剎張開 以後必更精彩
歲月塵灰染於腮 故事總有你在
記住如果要分開 再回來

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Episode 1

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Theme Song Preview

FYI: The first episode of "Three Kingdoms RPG" averaged 30 points.

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Personal Note: Usually not a fan of Raymond's ancient theme songs, but like this one because it has a quieter quality. :)

Ha ha.... Ma Ming's character is quite funny...uses a lot of slang, plays video games, and is hea! :P

Ha ha.... Ma Ming learning how to read body language from watching "Every Move You Make"! :P

He he.... Liked Ma Ming's 《港男十八式》: 「裝假狗、搏大霧,起尾注、執死雞,揼波鐘、揸流攤,放飛機、爆陰毒,食住上,屈尾十,蝕頭注、搲爛腳,走精面、頂硬上,搲爛面、側側膊,拋浪頭、扮死狗」. :D

Funny how Cecilia Fong repeated the same line four times in this episode! :P

The first scene of Ma Ming travelling back to the past was similar to when Louis Koo first travelled back in "A Step into the Past", as Louis accidentally saved Joyce Tang when he landed, while Ma Ming literally landed on Cheung Wing Hong and rescued him. :P


  1. raymond's singing has improved A LOT :) i really like this song, really soothing to listen to.

  2. But I think this was onbe of the not as great theme song out of all the ones he had before. Has nothing to do with his singing, just the song itself. And after hearing this song, it is so true that Ray sounded like how he use to. His mom told Ray that.

    1. A song will also sound just as bad if a bad singer was to sing it.

    2. I prefer Raymond singing theme songs more because I don't really like his ballad songs.

  3. ep1 very funny. Ma ming really did a good job!

    1. I agree with you mingming! Episode 1 is funny! MM's character is so funny! His character is like MK Sun x Chow Bing! Haha!