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Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Black Heart White Soul" Sub Song Preview


In the 14th episode of "Black Heart White Soul", Marco plays this song in his car.



In the 15th episode of "Black Heart White Soul", the piano version is played in a flashback.


"Like the Beginning" - Louis Cheung

如初 《忠奸人》 插曲 - 張繼聰

作曲: 張繼聰
填詞: Tim Lui
編曲: Goro Wong
監製: Goro Wong/張繼聰

天空 抱住了白雲
清風 細讀過葉紋
想我 也學會自然 共你走近

這分鐘 我是過路人
愛上你 像跳出黑暗
能否這一次去為你執迷 Wow wow...

誰像你笑聲 畫滿花卉
不可能 回響都美麗
誰像你眼睛 亮照天際
今生今世 仍舊會著迷
愛你 總似 最終一切

Personal Note: The song sounds like something that Eason would sing.

"Black Heart White Soul" Episode 14

"Black Heart White Soul" Episode 15

*Credits to 狂愛TVB

Monday, July 28, 2014

"Rear Mirror" Promotional Clip 3


*Credits to MTheDevil

Kenneth Ma Very Relaxed When Filming with Seniors: Unforgettable Assassination and Chasing Scenes



Pearl Clip

TVB Zone Clip

TVB artiste Kenneth Ma and "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" actors Lin Xia Wei, Raymond Cho, Ngo Ka Nin, etc. went to TVB City to record the programme "Big Boys Club". Kenneth, who is currently filming "Lord of Shanghai", expressed that he has gotten tanned due to filming the series. His role only has ten episodes, mainly serving as a foil to the seniors, such as Anthony Wong, etc. The filming process is also not considered too labourious, so there are no complaints.

When asked whether he had action scenes, he said, "Yes, the story is about Shanghai gangsters, so there is fighting, assassination, etc. scenes...will film in Shanghai first; filming more non-action scenes in Hong Kong. (Unforgettable scenes?) Assassination and chasing scenes are also unforgettable. (No pressure?) This time, my attitude is more relaxed. Firstly, not labourious when going to work...would not always not have enough sleep, and the seniors are also very nice".

He also said that he has not gotten heatstroke from filming outside because the role is a poor person...the costumes are rather thin. However, when mentioning that he is extremely wealthy in real life, also going to look at flats, he said, "Cheap has cheap to look at, and expensive has expensive to look at. Now, have always been looking at whether there is a suitable one. Will not buy those hundred-some-square-foot ones. I have to live with my parents. (Buy a bigger one to include a partner to live with?) Have not thought about getting married. If I were to, would also buy a bigger one, but if thinking about two people's world, [decide] when it comes".



Personal Note: Ma Ming has indeed gotten quite tanned.

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 21

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 22

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 23

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 24

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 25

*Credits to the-sun and kennethma.org

Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk" Episode 1

Judge: Ivana Wong


Harriet Yeung as Ivana Wong

牛雜 - 一番娜

日食夜食食宵夜 啪返碗牛雜
食飯食麵食烏冬 都加啲牛雜
Eat~~~ 燒賣加兩打
Eat~~~ 攝滿條灶罅

日食夜食食烏冬 都加啲牛雜
食飯食麵食豬扒 始終深愛它
Eat~~~ 香腸加兩打
下~~~ 你要陪我吔

日食夜食食多餐 減磅很難吧
食飯食麵食炒蛋 心中想牛雜
Eat~~~ 天天的晚餐
Eat~~~ 禁吃唔會慣

日食夜食食宵夜 應該點去減
食飯食麵食豬扒 想隊碗牛雜
下~~~ 點解得蘿蔔
下~~~ 太老鞋烚烚

Owen Cheung as Julian Cheung

J2 Clip (070514)

TVBE Clip (072614)

Premiere Dinner @ J2 Clip (072814)

Premiere Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip (072814)

Celebration @ J2 Clip (080114)

Celebration @ "Scoop" Clip (080114)

FYI: The first episode of "Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk" averaged 27 points, and peaked at 28 points.

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Personal Note: Finally another imitation show after FLS worth watching!

Enjoyed Harriet's imitation of Ivana a lot...so funny! She sounded more like her when she was speaking. :)

Didn't expect Owen, who looks like Bosco, to sound like Chi Lam.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kenneth Ma and Selena Li: Difficult to Spark



Kenneth Ma and Selena Li, this golden boy and jade girl, frequently collaborate, acting as a couple in many series, even recently reuniting in the TVB series "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain". Although there are non-stop sparks, with many topics on and off screen, the two both emphasized that there was never any spark, and also said that they are not in a rush to date, even mutually exposing many secrets in the interview!

Love at First Sight

Kenneth and Selena, who collaborated again in "Ghost", have already been an onscreen couple five times, already officially collaborating in the TVB series "The Herbalist's Manual" in 2004. Both already had a good impression of each other when meeting for the first time. Selena even revealed that Kenneth 'fell in love' with her a few times!

Kenneth: "Initially, thought that she was a pretty girl...also petite and dainty. I like petite girls. I think that she is very suitable for filming ancient--not saying that her modern is not pretty".

Selena: "Back then, he did not sweet talk as much as now...very quiet. He is a guy who is very enthusiastic in his work. The first day I met him, already thought that he could really endure. Now, more cheerful, and knows how to joke around, so he would tease girls a bit and hug guys a bit".

Kenneth: "You also have a big difference now. Now, your acting has gotten much better...really put in effort to think about how to make the outcome of the series better. Sometimes, would help think for me...then, I do not have to think as much".

Selena: "My first ancient back then, he told me that he already really liked my role. Today's 'Ghost'...he also says that he fell in love with my role!"

Kenneth: "She has many roles that I like. I also really like the one in 'A Fistful of Stances'!"

Selena: "But cannot spark in real life; however, whether able to spark or not must also look at the timing. You can know someone for ten years and not be able to spark, but then suddenly be able to spark".

Kenneth: "Perhaps it is because the both of us are not in a rush to find a partner, so nothing happened".

Teasing for a Kiss

Kenneth, who is a first-line siu sang, is known to be a sweet-talker; however, Selena no longer finds 'requesting a kiss scene every day' out of the ordinary. Kenneth, on the other hand, pointed out that Selena does not do what she promises. The two criticized each other for 'talking nonsense'.

Selena: "He says to add kiss scenes for every series. I am also used to this. I don't think that it's a big deal".

Kenneth: "If able to add, then add!"

Selena: "He says to the director, 'Have to kiss in this scene'. I have heard this line a few hundred times...already have no reaction".

Kenneth: "I think that I became like this during 'Fistful' because, previously, Gallen Lo enlightened me. He said that a male lead has to make the filming atmosphere happy".

Selena: "So, that is why you sweet talk after becoming a first-line siu sang!"

Kenneth: "I do not only sweet talk to young, pretty girls. I also sweet talk to Gigi [Wong]".

Selena: "Not only senior-level people. He also sweet talks like this to costume, makeup, and hair!"

Kenneth: "You also said that you would introduce girls to me...all talk".

Selena: "Think of how it would be possible to spark with you. I just find him to tell him that a single girl really likes him, and tell him to meet the girl, but never came out in the end".

Kenneth: "She already has a boyfriend now, but you also have many friends. If there is an opportunity, introduce again! I also want to introduce guys to her, but most of the guys I know are already married or dating".

Compatible to Date

Kenneth and Selena, who are currently focused on their career, are determined to put their love life aside, but are still full of imagination for their future partner. Kenneth wants his girlfriend to do everything for him, while Selena does not mind helping her boyfriend plan for the future. Could this be hinting that the earlier 'five-year promise' is not totally false?

Kenneth: "I am really afraid of getting annoyed. The best would be for [my] girlfriend to handle everything".

Selena: "So, does [she] also have to help you think about what you have to wear?"

Kenneth: "Yes. Also has to think about what to eat. I just have to work hard at making money for her to spend, but Selena would definitely not be able to handle it".

Selena: "No. I have to organize. When I go on vacation, I also do all the research, so if the guy wants me to help him plan, I also do not mind".

Kenneth: "Well, I also plan, but if I have to think about going to different restaurants to eat every day, there would be difficulty. Thinking about it, I am really not much fun".

Giving the 'Hot Property' the Cold Shoulder

Kenneth, who is at the top of the 'Hot Property Ranking', has always been females' ideal partner, not only has a career but also filial to his parents, but has not gotten full marks in Selena's eyes, even frankly saying that it is difficult to spark with Kenneth!

Selena: "He is definitely a 'hot property'!"

Kenneth: "Well, TVB has many 'hot properties'. Anyone who is single is 'hot property'".

Selena: "But it is very difficult for me to spark with guys I meet at work. I am very focused on work. Don't have many opportunities to gain a deep understanding. Also difficult to meet up with Kenneth. However, as a partner, I would give him 90 points. He is too passive. I like to do intense things".

Kenneth: "I would give a full 100 points to Selena. She really has ancient beauty and is family-oriented!"

Selena: "Does this mean that you like ancient people and dinosaurs?"

Epilogue: One Hundred Percent Matching Feel

Although Kenneth and Selena cannot spark with each other, they are extremely compatible. Before the photographer said anything, already naturally got into place, and also helped fix each other's poses. When asked whether they would want to collaborate again, the two also fought to answer 'Want to'. Can never be too much to describe them as TVB's most matching onscreen couple.

Personal Note: Definitely one of TVB's most matching onscreen couples! Too bad this was not a video interview....

*Credits to orientaldaily

Friday, July 25, 2014

Kenneth Ma and Selena Li Continue to Be Lovey-Dovey: Best Couple in "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain"



Kenneth Ma and Selena Li is the pair with the most chemistry in front of the camera, having already been rumoured when collaborating in "A Fistful of Stances". In "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain", Selena portrays two characters, Kenneth's wife, as well as his confidante. The two have collaborated over six times. Although they have been rumoured, their level of lovey-doveyness in front of others has not decreased. Selena was only full of praises for this partner: "Kenneth is one of TVB's very best 'hot properties'. Good at making money, has a career, considerate, he is buying a flat and buying a car...hope that he also gets 'TV King' this year!" Kenneth also does not avoid Selena. When seeing each other, he would happily yell, "Wife, you're back!" Rather than the confidence toward competing for 'TV King', Kenneth thinks that Selena is able to win the 'Most Improved' award. The two also suggested instituting the 'Best Onscreen Couple' award.

The two are the best partners when filming "Ghost". Kenneth particularly loves his wife 'To Fa' in the series. In real life, the qualifications of his ideal wife are to be adorable and happy like 'To Fa', and to have no pressure when getting along would already be enough. They are very immersed in the series. Regarding the plot arrangement for the latter part of the series, they made an appeal to the producer. Kenneth said, "We cannot leak the plot. All in all, when receiving the script, Selena and I went silent. The mood was so heavy that [we] needed time to take it in...could not hold it in, so [we] made our opinions known. The producer was very good...discussed it with everyone, so the script was fine-tuned to balance our mood".

Personal Note: Definitely sounds like a tragic ending....

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 20

*Credits to mingpao

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Rear Mirror" Promotional Clips 1-2

"Rear Mirror" Promotional Clip 1

"Rear Mirror" Promotional Clip 2

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Wayne's character is 5'10".... :P

*Credits to MTheDevil

Kenneth Ma Not Pressured When Acting with True Experts



TVB siu sang Kenneth Ma appeared in TVB City in a pre-modern look to work on the new series "Lord of Shanghai": "Already started for over a week. Very excited to have an opportunity to learn from seniors". Apart from having an opportunity to collaborate with 'Best Actor' Anthony Wong, also rare to perform with Wayne Lai, whom he has not collaborated with for ten years: "I have many scenes with Kent Tong. Realized that seniors are very incredible. Once they come out, already have a lot of power. This series is learning from seniors. Although there are no scenes with Anthony, but if time permits, will go on the set to watch him act".

Willing to Change Acting Path at Any Time

Did Anthony give him any tips? Kenneth said, "None for the time being because there are no scenes together, but there are scenes with Wayne. Sometimes see that there are things I can do better...he would also remind me. Very happy to have such seniors leading. A good thing to improve even more because [I am] always doing my own format. The format may set, and every series is nearly the same. If there is someone to give you pointers once in a while, change a bit, or some producers may have seen some special qualities that may not have been discovered yet. I am also willing to change my acting path".

He frankly said that there is no pressure when facing a 'Movie King' and a 'TV King': "Everyone is very good. The more incredible the senior, the more they would not give us any pressure because they know that giving us pressure would also make us not do well in what we originally had. Rather, would guide us to do better. For the time being, the seniors I have encountered are all very good".

Personal Note: This means that Kent and Wayne are playing themselves young, but most likely without the mustaches.... :P

*Credits to the-sun

'Single in Five Years' Promise: Kenneth Ma Infatuated with Extinct 'To Fa' Selena Li



'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma only has eyes for 'To Fa'. His eyes light up once he sees Selena Li, who plays 'To Fa' in "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain". Selena teased Kenneth for still not being able to pull out of character after completing the series, always wanting to see 'To Fa'. Unfortunately, in real life, 'To Fa', this type of girl, is already extinct!

Kenneth and Selena play a married couple in "Ghost". Kenneth describes 'To Fa' as a perfect wife, a village girl who is pure and cute, has a tough personality, is loyal to her husband, and knows how to cook...also hopes to encounter 'To Fa' in real life. Selena agrees with 'To Fa' being very great, and is an extinct dinosaur. It seems that Kenneth has to lower his conditions for an ideal partner, but Kenneth asked in reply: "Is it considered high expectations to want a village girl?"

Last year, Kenneth and Selena set a 'single in five years' promise, such that if they were both still single in five years, Kenneth would take Selena as his wife. When asked whether this 'single' promise was still effective, Kenneth jokingly said, "[I] think that four and a half years has passed. I think that it should be effective". Selena laughingly said that she was was scared, and did not know how to answer. Kenneth said that Selena's qualifications are good, so normal to have expectations for an ideal partner. Selena denied, "I don't have any particular expectations. The feeling is very important. If a person has ambitions, it would naturally make me adore him. Obviously, must be faithful to me, love me, and be a family man".

Kenneth said that he has feelings for Selena, not only matching on screen, but also hope to be matching off screen...currently waiting for the 'five years' promise! Selena pointed out that Kenneth is 'hot property', hardworking and a family man, but unfortunate that the timing is not right...does not have feelings for Kenneth yet. She thinks that, if the feeling were to come, it would come. Before, initially had no feelings for certain guys, but had feelings afterward. She highly praised Kenneth as being a 'good, good, good, good' partner, but do not meet in private. Immersed in character when filming...would not think too much about love matters. In the past, rarely have real feelings for TVB male artistes, apart from Patrick Tang.

No Kiss Scenes, Pick the Nose to Express Love

In the series, Selena plays two characters, almost going crazy. Younger sister 'To Fa' has a pure and happy personality, while elder sister 'Mei Neung' is gorgeous and dark. The two sisters both love Kenneth, but Kenneth surprisingly said that there was no good fortune in love affairs. Kenneth laughingly said that there were no kiss scenes, so how could there be good fortune in love affairs? "In the series, from the the beginning to the end, only like 'To Fa'. Captivated by her cuteness and inner beauty. If able to encounter this type of person in real life, would definitely pursue her".

Selena has light makeup and thick eyebrows when portraying 'To Fa'...did not even use fake eyelashes. The most classic scene is using her finger to pick Kenneth's nose. She highly praised Kenneth, this partner, as being topnotch, as not every partner would be willing to let others pick his nose. When she made this suggestion, Kenneth surprisingly said that it was no problem. Actually, when filming, she was slightly nervous. She revealed that there is a nose-picking scene that made Kenneth even more excited; when viewers see it, will be taken aback.

How did Kenneth feel having his nose picked by someone else? "I feel that it is very happy and very sweet! Some things have to be done by old married couples. Viewers also do not find it disgusting when seeing it. Actually, I really wanted to add kiss scenes. Suggested it a few times, but Selena said it would not be good for ancient series. It does not make sense for a married couple to not kiss" Selena recommended a bed scene with Kenneth in the 18th episode. The scene was about Kenneth having not seen his wife for a long time, so upon seeing 'To Fa', wanted to be intimate, but it was just explained. Guarantee that, when done laughing, viewers would feel terrified.

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Not much time left until five years is up! :P

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 16

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 17

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 18

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 19

*Credits to stheadline

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Shades of Life" Opening Theme Video


"Shades of Life" - Ronald Law, Hoffman Cheng, Yao Bin & KT

我們的天空 《我們的天空》 主題曲 - 羅鈞滿/鄭世豪/姚兵/KT

作曲: 徐洛鏘
填詞: 楊熙
Rap詞: KT
編曲/監製: 陳雋良

日話夜話教仔難 淨係玩樂沉迷時間
第日入大學你先麻煩 學系又冇得揀
就業就面向中環 願望就係住上半山
喂起跑冇分快慢 要佢快樂請不要加壓

同途生活暢快春風下 有你有我也不太差
茶同油鹽醬醋個個都一樣 笑與愛多一些好嗎

一種米養百樣人有百種嘅夢 努力做人夢境成真先算成功
冇隔夜仇冇死對頭冇乜憂愁 一同攜手搵個出口齊笑春風
我哋本是同根生何必背后打毒針 入鄉隨俗相敬相愛加相親
齊齊諗條好偈日月分秒別爭 有乜風浪起跌大家一齊擺個強陣

"Shades of Life" Episode 1

Yu Yeung, Jack Wu, Elaine Yiu & Zoie Tam on "The Green Room"


Franklin Wong & Au Yiu Hing on "The Green Room"


Premiere @ "Scoop" Clip (071114)

Premiere @ "Scoop" Clip (071514)

Premiere @ J2 Clip (071314)

Premiere @ Pearl Clip (071514)

Promotional Event @ J2 Clip (071614)

Promotional Event @ "Scoop" Clip (071614)

Episode 1 Introduction @ "Scoop" Clip (071814)

Episode 1 Epilogue @ "Scoop" Clip (072114)

Promotional Event @ "Scoop" Clip (072514)

Promotional Event @ TVBE Clip (072614)

Episode 2 Epilogue @ "Scoop" Clip (072814)

Promotional Event @ "Scoop" Clip (080114)

Promotional Event @ J2 Clip (080214)

Episode 3 Epilogue @ "Scoop" Clip (080414)

Episode 3 Epilogue @ "Scoop" Clip (080514)

Episode 5 Introduction @ "Scoop" Clip (081514)

Promotional Event @ "Scoop" Clip (090214)

Promotional Event @ J2 Clip (090314)

FYI: The first episode of "Shades of Life" averaged 18 points.

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*Credits to leerainrain