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Monday, January 31, 2011

"7 Days in Life" Full MV

"Quickly Love" - Bosco Wong

盡快愛 《隔離七日情》 主題曲 - 黃宗澤

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 鄧智偉

原來歡笑裡 無須喝醉 閉著眼就會睡
迷路中躊躇 天行雷 同行會戰勝恐懼
連場風雨裡 迷失進退
看著每段散聚 最好的已放在你手裡

早知心病無藥水 一瞬間七天流去
就除下面具 夢再大有可能爭取

*盡快珍惜愛誰 和美好風景伴隨
從後鏡望去 路人倒退 理想繼續追
微笑中感激有誰 而記憶會像流水
在危難裡 就挽手 努力可撐下去
不算壯舉 仍為你將難題面對

得不到越難越追 得到擱淺灰塵堆
別留待事後 又再後悔不停爭取

Repeat *

盡快珍惜愛誰 和美好風景伴隨
從後鏡望去 路人倒退 理想繼續追
微笑中感激有誰 而記憶會像流水
願尋覓愛 樂與悲 也沒一些絕對
總會有天 尋著你的靈魂伴侶

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clips 6-7

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 6

Julian Cheung: "$3,000,000 to create beautiful romance. Two hundred minutes of beautiful people and beautiful scenery. Red leaves and sceneries of snow. Wow! More beautiful than a wallpaper. Filmed kiss scenes in Furano, Cape Kamui, and Sapporo. No need to say more. The scenes of going out to sea, Zazen meditation, and Koi ponds are rare to see".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 7

Julian Cheung: "'The Rippling Blossom' has even caused the 'Hundred-eyed Fish God' to return. I'm telling you: fish are not simple".

Damian Lau: "I need you to pick out a nice Kanburi fish".

Julian Cheung: "Is it you? This is it!"

Damian Lau: "All wrong! The fish's stomach is swollen, which means that the fish died before the food had been digested. The organs are very difficult to cut; thus, it is not a nice fish!"

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: All the four leads will be attending tomorrow's promo event. :)

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Love Is the Sea" - Wong He

The answer behind 14237348 (GPS coordinates 142.3;734.8)....


It is said that, before someone dies, he or she has a second to look back at his or her entire life; however, I have a second more than others, because that second is entirely you. Do not cry for me. Please let me die.


"Love Is the Sea" - Wong He

戀愛是個海 《雷霆第一關》 片尾曲 - 王喜

作曲: 林泳頤
填詞: 周耀輝


能破滅腐爛 原來不會化
想輕 偏偏積壓
想漂 仍然沉下

#戀愛是個海 衷心請你別送死

請你讓我死 想跟你但對不起

Repeat *#

戀愛是個海 風波險惡別送死
請你讓我死 想釋放便要一起 忘記

Personal Note: Really loved He and Jessica's chemistry in "A Matter of Customs"! Was not a fan of the cliffhanger ending, but glad that the ending was concluded in this MV. Still would have preferred for He's character to be alive though....

Back then, He mentioned that his favourite partners were Flora, Maggie, and Jessica in that respective order. :D He also mentioned that Jessica is in there because she told him to include her. :P

*Credits to 快樂萱

"The Rippling Blossom" Trailer 2

Julian Cheung: "I am Sushi Buddy!"

Narrator: "Good ingredients, but if you look closely...."

Damian Lau: "Not up to standard!"

Julian Cheung: "I haven't done my best yet".

Damian Lau: "Accept my training!"

Julian Cheung: "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!"

Myolie Wu: "You keep saying tomorrow. How many tomorrows are there in a lifetime?!"

Julian Cheung: "How about you pack first?!"

Myolie Wu: "Tomorrow".

Narrator: "Perfect combination. Two possibilities".

Julian Cheung: "Beyond friends, but not yet lovers".

Julian Cheung: "When you see me in your dreams...."

Myolie Wu: "Why is there so much blood?!"

Julian Cheung: "It will be the time when you're troubled".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Finally, Chi Lam and Myolie's trailer has released!

Anyway, Chi Lam does have fantasy scenes in here.... :P

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"A Great Way to Care" Theme Song MV

"Deserted Island" - Juno Mak

荒島隔岸 《仁心解碼》 主題曲 - 麥浚龍

作曲: 鄧智偉
填詞: 陳詩慧

狂人已慣 在暗室無空間 常人冷眼 沒有苛求相反
世事暗淡 心裡呼喊 縱然困難 人情無限

*世界這荒島的隔岸 尋回被拒不解境況 暗角這一方總有一線曙光
你對這天空的盼望 圍牆被拆去可釋放 世界裡一起擺脫不安

仍然抗戰 為了只求一點 讓我搭建 讓你可逃深淵
我在對面 將你感染 愛沒間斷 猶如磨練

Repeat *

你與我一起的冀望 圍牆被拆去可釋放 永遠有一雙手可幫你去擋
世界這荒島的隔岸 逃離被拒不解境況 世界裡一起擺脫不安

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Show Me the Happy" Full MV

"Show Me the Happy" - Bernice Liu & Various Artistes

依家有喜 《依家有喜》 主題曲 - 廖碧兒/群星

作曲: 鄧智偉/莊冬昕
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: 莊冬昕

同心 是種福氣
全家 有乜禁忌
有理冇理 衝突之後 隔夜沒仇悲
情真 做乜鬼戲
隨心 說天說地
有我撐你 甘或苦味 快樂在同享滋味

收工返屋企 多溫馨兼體貼入微 愛沒法比
一家整番幾味 色香兼夾味美
依家返緊屋企 即刻舒我倦疲
有人情兼有喜 點講都錫住你

同心 各種天氣
攜手 再不退避
世界冧了 充分準備 當蓋住棉被
人生 太多好戲
人間 太多勝地
到處太美 天下之大 也未及回家一起

《誰家灶頭無煙火》 "Whose Family's Stove Is Smoke-free" Costume Fitting Pictures



Weibo Pictures

- This sitcom is set to have 120 episodes. More episodes may be added later.
- Characters will be added to the storyline if necessary.
- Elliot Yue will play Chung Kwok Chu (鍾國柱), a food critic.
- Stephen Au will play Chung Kwok Lin (鍾國楝), the boss of an online company. He and Elliot are brothers.
- Helen Ma will play Tau Kwai Sam (竇桂森).
- Kristal Tin will play a cooking goddess.
- Jason Chan will play Kristal's apprentice.
- Katy Kung will play Chung Si Nga (鍾思雅), a girl who excels at making desserts.
- Mat Yeung will play Tin Hoi (田凱).
- Queenie Chu will play Tong Mei Ching (湯美菁).
- Raymond Chiu will play Au Ko Wing (歐高榮).
- Celina Ma will play Rose Bak Mui Kwai (白玫瑰), the manager of an online company who is loyal, capable, and highly regarded by her superior (played by Stephen). She is also very confident. Although she likes her boss, she does not act rashly, and she handles matters in a principled manner. Although she has an ordinary appearance, she is cool and has personality.
- Oceane Zhu will play a reporter from Mainland.

Clips (costume fitting):
Stephen Au's TVB Blog

Kristal Tin's TVB Blog

Kristal Tin's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Kristal Tin's TVB Blog
Queenie Chu's TVB Blog

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Be Home for Dinner".

Related post: 《誰家灶頭無煙火》 "Whose Family's Stove Is Smoke-free" Costume Fitting

Personal Note: As usual, character names in sitcoms are funny! China Trains (鍾國楝)! Outgoing (歐高榮)! Ha ha.... :D

Funny how Kristal revealed that her character was originally written as a 'beautiful' cooking goddess; however, after the screenwriters found out that she would be playing the role, they omitted 'beautiful', as 'cooking goddess' would be more suitable for her. :D

*Credits to the-sun, wenweipo, hkdailynews, tungstar, yule.tom.com, tvb.com, and Weibo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 5

Julian Cheung: "What does 魚躍在花見 mean?"

Myolie Wu: "It means 'a good time for flowers to blossom', 'going up a higher level', and that 'success is ahead'".

Julian Cheung: "Does it mean success in pursuing girls?"

Myolie Wu: "Wish all couples contentment and a positive outcome".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Another CNY-like promo clip! :P

It is evident that Chi Lam and Myolie filmed this clip on the day of the promo event, as they are wearing the same outfits! :P Anyway, cute how they hit each other in the clip! :D

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

《誰家灶頭無煙火》 "Whose Family's Stove Is Smoke-free" Costume Fitting


Date: January 27, 2011

Temporary Chinese title: 《誰家灶頭無煙火》
Pinyin title: Sui Ga Jo Tau Mo Yin Foh
Temporary English title: "Whose Family's Stove Is Smoke-free"
Producer: Tsui Yue On

Attending Cast: Elliot Yue, Stephen Au, Helen Ma, Kristal Tin, Jason Chan, Katy Kung, Becky Lee, Yvonne Lam, Lee Ka Ting, Mat Yeung, Queenie Chu, Raymond Chiu, Celine Ma, Oceane Zhu, Glen Lee, Kong Wing Fai, Lee Kai Kit, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Leung Kin Ping, Brian Thomas Burrell, Eileen Yeow, Janice Shum, and Kyle Tse.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

Personal Note: This is the new sitcom that will air after "Show Me the Happy".

What is with the Chinese title? o_O' 囧!

Yay! Stephen Au is back, and he is leading with Ah Tin! :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maggie Cheung @ "Forensic Heroes III" Costume Fitting



"Scoop" Clip


Joe Yau: "Wow, Maggie Cheung's forensic pathologist image is very cool. Today, Maggie is having a costume fitting for 'Forensic Heroes III'. She said that it is a lucky coincidence to take on this character and that it is fate".

Maggie Cheung: "Everything is a lucky coincidence, such as timing and everything. I have also worked with Mui Siu Ching in the past. She mentioned the role of a forensic pathologist, and I am very interested, as I have not played such a professional role in a long time and have always wanted to play one. Everything worked out, so now I have this look".

Joe Yau: "In order to take on this series, Maggie turned down many stage performances, ribbon cutting events, etc. She also made another sacrifice".

Maggie Cheung: "Sacrificed my hair. Not really".

Joe Yau: "Could not let go at that moment?"

Maggie Cheung: "Have let it grow for a while, and have always wanted to change my image, but had not come up with any ideas. Coincidentally, Mui Siu Ching told me that she wanted me to have a refreshing image that would complement the professional role of a forensic pathologist, and it must look cool. Therefore, the hairstylist came up with this hairstyle. Is it okay?"

Joe Yau: "Of course!"

Maggie Cheung: "Siu Ching Jeh said it's very good!"

Joe Yau: "It's very good, right, Siu Ching Jeh?"

Joe Yau: "Will be working with Wayne Lai to compete in acting. Maggie said that she is highly anticipating it".

Maggie Cheung: "Actually, I think that he is good at refined scenes. I remember his sitcom with Teresa Mo. He was a plastic surgeon. I thought he was quite captivating. This time, he's playing a member of the forensic team, so he may have an even more 'chok' image".

Joe Yau: "Will there be any difficulty filming romantic scenes with such a 'chok' TV King?"

Maggie Cheung: "Romantic scenes? I really don't know. Don't know yet, but I think our romantic storyline will be more mature. It shouldn't be very...."

Joe Yau: "Puppy love type".

Maggie Cheung: "Yes, not that type".

Related post: 《法證先鋒III》 "Forensic Heroes III" Costume Fitting Pictures

Personal Note: Maggie looks very pro! Really like her short hair. Her last series with short hair was "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love". Maggie slightly resembles Tavia with this short hair. ;)

Don't agree with Maggie saying that short hair is more fitting for professional roles, as Flora had long hair as a forensic pathologist in the "Untraceable Evidence" franchise, and she still looked very professional. :)

Funny how Maggie said that Wayne is 'chok'. :P

*Credits to tungstar and ent.qq.com

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 4

Michael Tse: "魚躍 represents 'going up a higher level' and that 'success is ahead'".

Tavia Yeung: "花見 is the season in which flowers blossom".

Tavia Yeung: "In the Chinese New Year, wish everyone success in the blossoming season".

Michael Tse: "May your year flower in riches and see success ahead".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Very CNY-like! :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, January 24, 2011

"7 Days in Life" Opening Theme Video

"Quickly Love" - Bosco Wong

盡快愛 《隔離七日情》 主題曲 - 黃宗澤

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 張美賢

原來歡笑裡 無須喝醉 閉著眼就會睡
迷路中躊躇 天行雷 同行會戰勝恐懼
連場風雨裡 迷失進退
看著每段散聚 最好的已放在你手裡

早知心病無藥水 一瞬間七天流去
就除下面具 夢再大有可能爭取

盡快珍惜愛誰 和美好風景伴隨
從後鏡望去 路人倒退 理想繼續追
微笑中感激有誰 而記憶會像流水
在危難裡 就挽手 努力可撐下去
不算壯舉 仍為你將難題面對

"7 Days in Life" Episode 1

Personal Note: No matter how much I listen to this song, it still reminds me of the theme songs of "At the Threshold of an Era" and "Speech of Silence"....

"The Rippling Blossom" Trailer 1

Narrator: "Not getting the proper recognition".

Julian Cheung: "Brother, you are smiling. Does that mean that you want to attack me?"

Narrator: "Then you must climb".

Michael Tse: "No matter what, we must determine the winner".

Michael Tse: "If you can't accept a small setback, then I encourage you to give up sushi-making".

Narrator: "Do not want to be oppressed".

Tavia Yeung: "You really think that I really like you? It was all just acting".

Narrator: "Then you must take the initiative to gain the upper hand".

Michael Tse: "Get back everything that belongs to me at all costs".

Ngo Ka Nin: "Yue Jai likes Jeh Jeh".

Michael Tse: "Marry Yue Jai, so I can get the business back".

Narrator: "If you win the entire world, can you win happiness?"

Michael Tse: "Si Lung!"

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Chi Lam was so cute at the beginning of the clip! :D

This trailer was all about Michael....

He he.... The dramatic background music that was used in this trailer is the same as the one that was used in "A Fistful of Stances". :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clip 4

Narrator: "Quarantined for seven days. Permission to rebel for seven days".

Patrick Tang: "I want to be the boss for seven days. From now on, I will be in charge!"

Coleman Tam: "Would be stupid to believe you! You are obviously the kidnapper!"

Mimi Lo: "With my food and living expenses paid for, I have the permission to not have work for these days".

Yu Yeung: "You still owe me money. Don't even think about not showing up".

Mimi Lo: "Wow, this is real money".

Yvonne Lam: "Cheap!"

Narrator: "'7 Days in Life'. Monday @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Liked how Coleman said his line. :D

Watched the first episode, and it was quite funny, especially Patrick and Mimi! :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 3

Michael Tse: "The final goal of sushi-making is to beat the entire world!"

Julian Cheung: "The greatest satisfaction of sushi-making is that the person eating it is happy".

Tavia Yeung: "The same ingredients, but why is it that there are two different feelings inside?"

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Totally sure that Myolie had no time to film these promo clips because this third clip is basically a combination of the first and second clips. Myolie will most likely film them when she returns to HK, as she did so for "A Chip Off the Old Block" and "In the Eye of the Beholder".

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clips 2-3

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clip 2

Narrator: "Quarantined for seven days. Thief couple robs for seven days".

Steven Ma: "In these seven days, every precious item in this hotel will be in my bag".

Sonija Kwok: "We usually divide everything in half; however, this time I want 60 percent, and you get 40 percent".

Steven Ma: "Are you playing games?"

Sonija Kwok: "Seven days later, the Pretoria's Star will be in my hands".

Steven Ma: "I will kill whoever gets in my way".

Steven Ma: "The winner will definitely be me".

Narrator: "'7 Days in Life'. January 24th @ 8:30pm".

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clip 3

Narrator: "Quarantined for seven days. Get in trouble for seven days".

Bosco Wong: "As a brave detective, let's do this no matter what!"

Yuen Wah: "Luck is not by placing the word 'brave' on your chest".

Joyce Cheng: "As a media pioneer, let's do this vigorously!

Joyce Cheng: "I want to know where the hostage is hidden".

Bosco Wong: "They are hiding sea cumbers, not hiding a hostage!"

Narrator: "'7 Days in Life'. January 24th @ 8:30pm".

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Correct Word King' Steven Ma to Host



"Book of Words" is said to film a new season, and Steven Ma will be hosting it. Is this related to the fact that he is the 'Correct Word King'? He laughingly said, "Last season, it was all thanks to Eunice Lam for her help. I also have an interest in words. Perhaps, the company thinks that I am suitable for it". As for the female host, it has not yet been confirmed. The programme will air once a week. Aside from word games, there will also be an interview segment. "In terms of the guests, I will provide suggestions, as the outcome will be better if I am familiar with them".

With Steven's new hosting gig, it is difficult to avoid the fact that some people may associate this with Stephen Chan's return. "Without a doubt, he is an individual with talent. To be able to return, I am happy for him; however, there is not much change in my work, as you can see that I have not stopped since last year. This time, producer Fok Chak Kei approached me; there was no discussion with Mr. Chan about this programme".

Caption 1: "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City", which is currently filming, will wrap up before Chinese New Year. Steven will rest for a few days after taking part in TVB's CNY programme. In mid-February, he will start working on "Book of Words".

Caption 2: In Steven's new series, because he wants to exact revenge, he ends up being manipulated by Kenneth Ma. His character consists of good and evil elements, and there is much for him to work with. "Kenneth and I communicate very well. Because we both have the surname Ma, we regularly refer to each as brothers".

Personal Note: Really enjoyed this programme! Loved the final episode! "神靈朝朝朝朝朝朝顯, 江水長長長長長長流" :D

Think that Koni Lui would be a good hosting partner, as she has some experience in hosting, and she was actually a finalist on the first season of "Book".

*Credits to mingpao

Thursday, January 20, 2011

TVB-managed Siu Sangs' Fee Per Episode

According to Sudden Weekly, these are the current fees per episode for TVB-managed siu sangs.

TVB-managed Siu Sangs' Fee Per Episode
TVB-managed Siu Sangs' Fee Per Episode

Bowie Lam and Roger Kwok are in the process of contract negotiations. Accordingly, Bowie has three principal conditions: a pay increase from $50,000 to $65,000 per episode, a choice to film one series per year, and that he may accept outside jobs while filming. As for Roger, he has requested a pay increase from $50,000 to $60,000 per episode, to film one series per year, and that he may mainly focus on filming Mainland series.

Personal Note: If these are the correct figures, then Kenneth Ma is definitely underpaid.

Where's Joe Ma?

Wonder what Bobby Au Yeung's fee is, as he has received international recognition for his acting, and is popular among a wide audience....

Usually, non-contracted artistes are paid more than managed artistes; however, it was mentioned earlier that Felix Wong received a much lower fee than Michael Miu for "Gun Metal Grey" despite Felix's status in the television industry.

"Show Me the Happy" Filming Final Scene @ TVBE Clip


After this, Roger Kwok will film a Mainland series. He will return at the beginning of June, as they will shoot his scenes first. Cindy Au's due date is in mid-July. They do not know the sex of their second child yet.

Eileen Yeow revealed that she is over three and half months pregnant, and she will also take part in the new sitcom. She and her boyfriend of eight years will plan their wedding after the birth of their child. Although the pregnancy was unexpected, Eileen is very excited to have a baby.

Personal Note: Congratulations to Eileen! Another rabbit baby! :D Funny how she asked for Roger's opinion before revealing her pregnancy. Ha ha.... :D

*Credits to bernice-liu.org

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 2

Julian Cheung: "Add sugar and add vinegar. Soft and delicious. Make it look better. Guaranteed to make everyone happy. Try new things. Accompany it with decorative designs. Oishii (Delicious)!"

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Chi Lam must have filmed this promo clip when he returned to HK for one day before going back to Hengdian. :) Chi Lam is so 靚仔! :D

Myolie will most likely film a promo clip when she returns from Qingdao; this also happened for "A Chip Off the Old Block" and "In the Eye of the Beholder".

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"7 Days in Life" AOD Opening Theme Video

"Quickly Love" - Bosco Wong

盡快愛 《隔離七日情》 主題曲 - 黃宗澤

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 張美賢

原來歡笑裡 無須喝醉 閉著眼就會睡
迷路中躊躇 天行雷 同行會戰勝恐懼
連場風雨裡 迷失進退
看著每段散聚 最好的已放在你手裡

早知心病無藥水 一瞬間七天流去
就除下面具 夢再大有可能爭取

盡快珍惜愛誰 和美好風景伴隨
從後鏡望去 路人倒退 理想繼續追
微笑中感激有誰 而記憶會像流水
在危難裡 就挽手 努力可撐下去
不算壯舉 仍為你將難題面對

Personal Note: The beginning sounds like the theme songs of "At the Threshold of an Era" and "Speech of Silence". Also, expected a faster tempo....

"The Rippling Blossom" TVBI Trailer

Michael Tse: "Here, I will get back everything that belongs to me".

Julian Cheung: "We are brothers. Victory for me also means victory for you".

Michael Tse: "How can I be willing to be second to you?"

Damian Lau: "Your older brother is arrogant. If you give way, it will only make him think that he is being looked down on".

Narrator: "Julian Cheung and Michael Tse, a pair of half-brothers, compete to be the number one brother of sushi making. 'The Rippling Blossom'".

Related post: 《魚躍在花見の朝》 "The Morning of Flying Fish in Hanami" Costume Fitting Pictures

Personal Note: The storyline looks very old-fashioned....

Monday, January 17, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 1

Michael Tse: "The water temperature of 18 degrees is able to withhold the crimson sea bream's freshness, liveliness, and crispness. In order to win, the cut must be quick, accurate, and ruthless. Sashimi accompanied by wasabi...the outcome is extraordinary".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

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Personal Note: Waiting for Chi Lam and Myolie to return from Mainland, so they can film their promo clip.... ;)

《我的如意狼君》 "My Cruel Lover" Costume Fitting Pictures



Weibo Pictures

- 20-episode pre-modern romance.
- Raymond Wong and Niki Chow will have an amnesic love story.
- Raymond Wong will play Tung Boon Sin (佟本善), a vengeful villain.
- Raymond Wong and Niki were orphans. When Niki was young, she lost her memory in an accident. She was later adopted by the owner of a sauce manufacturing factory, and became in charge of the factory. When she grew up, she meets Raymond again. In order to exact revenge, Raymond enters the factory. Later, they fall in love, and Niki regains her memory, only to discover her childhood friend on the road to evil.
- The Tsui family includes Ching Ho Wai, Raymond Cho, Niki, and Vin Choi.
- Raymond Cho will play Tsui Ping (徐平), the eldest son of the Tsui family.
- Niki will play Tsui Sam (徐芯), the adopted daughter of the Tsui family.
- Vin will play Tsui On (徐安), the youngest son of the Tsui family who is educated. He does not take part in the family's sauce manufacturing factory, as he tries to make money in the stock market, which later causes a crisis for the family.
- The Ko family includes Kwok Fung, Rebecca Chan, Joel Chan, Elaine, and Katy Kung.
- Elaine will play Ko Yi Kiu (高爾喬), the eldest daughter of the Ko family who is arrogant.
- Katy will play Ko Yi Nga (高爾雅), Elaine's younger sister who is spoiled and quite rebellious. Because of Raymond Wong, they turn against each other.
- Claire Yiu will play Raymond Cho's wife.
- Joel will play Ko Yi Tai (高爾泰). He and Tracy Ip are husband and wife.
- Yoyo Chen will play Joel's mistress.
- Kelvin Chan will play Elaine's fiancé.

Clips (costume fitting):
Vin Choi's TVB Blog
Elaine Yiu's TVB Blog
Katy Kung's TVB Blog
Yoyo Chen's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Raymond Wong's TVB Blog
Raymond Cho's TVB Blog
Elaine Yiu's TVB Blog

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Bottled Passion".

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Personal Note: Most of the costumes are from "The Charm Beneath" and "The Price of Greed".

*Credits to singtao, headlinedaily, mingpao, and Weibo

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leon Lai @ J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2010

The audience welcomed Leon Lai with their warm applause and their sharp screams on Saturday's "J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation". They also sang along with Leon to his 1996 'Gold Song', "Deep Love Words Not Yet Spoken".

"Deep Love Words Not Yet Spoken" - Leon Lai

情深說話未曾講 - 黎明

作曲/編曲: 雷頌德
填詞: 潘源良

仍然在遠方 追我夢與想
繼續懷念你 卻又這麼漫長
從前未會想 感覺是雙方
你若燃亮我 我亦要懂得釋放


#你這剎那在何方 我有說話未曾講
如何能聯繫上 與你再相伴在旁
愛意要是沒回響 世界與我又何干
原來仍然是你叫我永不斷自強 如晨光

無數遠景再同創 遙遙同往
願再去找更遼闊同行地方 在途上

情路獨個闖 溫暖是妄想
每日來又往 也像隔一道牆
回頭又再想 心裡漸奔放
你若能會意 掛念已找到方向

Repeat *##@

Personal Note: 'Heavenly King' Leon Lai's best live performance ever! Without a doubt, Leon has the best love songs out of the 'Four Heavenly Kings'. :D

《我的如意狼君》 "My Cruel Lover" Costume Fitting


Date: January 17, 2011

Temporary Chinese title: 《我的如意狼君》
Pinyin title: Ngor Dik Yue Yi Long Kwan
Temporary English title: "My Cruel Lover"
Producer: Lee Tim Sing

Attending Cast: Raymond Cho, Claire Yiu, Vin Choi, Raymond Wong, Yoyo Chen, Tracy Ip, Elaine Yiu, Katy Kung, Jack Wu, Joel Chan, Ching Ho Wai, Eric Li, Kwok Fung, Rebecca Chan, and Kelvin Chan.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

FYI: Niki Chow is the female lead. They will start filming without her, as Niki's two-year contract with TVB will not be effective until February.

Personal Note: What is with this cast order? o_O

Saturday, January 15, 2011

《我愛HK 開心萬歲》 "I Love Hong Kong" Trailer

In theatres February 3rd, 2011

Producer: Eric Tsang
Directors: Eric Tsang & Chung Shu Kai
Publisher: Shaw Brothers (HK) Limited

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"A Great Way to Care" Trailers 1-3

"A Great Way to Care" Trailer 1

English Tang: "We are also equal!"

(Cult mania. Losing rationality.)
Narrator: "The most controversial subjects".

(Personality problems tempting them to commit crimes.)
Alex Fong: "No matter how hard you work, you will not surpass your brother. That's why you killed him, so you can replace him!"

(Compensated-dating girl uses her body to atone for her crime.)
Narrator: "From real cases".

(Diet becomes abnormal. Beauty gains immense weight.)
Deno Cheung: "Go home, and look in the mirror! Look at yourself! You have become a big, fat pig!"

(Post-traumatic. Psychological imbalance.)
Narrator: "Meticulous research. Professional consultants".

Alex Fong: "Medication can only temporarily calm her emotions. If we do not get rid of her psychological trauma, no one can guarantee that she will never commit suicide again".

Narrator: "Take off from the perspective of humanity. Solve cases within cases".

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

"A Great Way to Care" Trailer 2

Narrator: "Hot-blooded and enthusiastic. Gathers strong evidence".

Kate Tsui: "What do you know that you don't have the courage to say?"

Narrator: "Meticulous and calm. Reveals the littlest of symptoms".

Alex Fong: "Although he is mentally disabled, he is not stupid or a mute!"

Alex Fong: "No matter how painful, you must get back on your feet".

Alex Fong: "You can do it!"

Narrator: "Hot and cold extremes go after the key to solving the case".

Alex Fong: "Are you crazy?"

Narrator: "Entangled traps. Fall into the difficulty of solving a case".

Alex Fong: "Chan Wai Chung's target is not Apple's new boyfriend".

Kate Tsui: "Love rival! Chan Wai Chung is after his love rival!"

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

"A Great Way to Care" Trailer 3

Raymond Wong: "Don't say anymore. Tomorrow is our day off, so we must find something to do tonight".

Ram Tseng: "Do what?"

Narrator: "The three medical musketeers. Dashing medical heroes encounter tragic events".

Alex Fong: "I am Tai Chi Ho's doctor. I'm warning you to not disturb my patient".

Alex Fong: "Why did you take your clothes off?"

Suki Chui: "No, I think I have a high fever. Come and feel".

Narrator: "Simple and honest nurse encounters trouble".

Raymond Wong: "Being fat is not a crime! They are the ones who are in the wrong!"

Narrator: "Honest doctor gets involved in love debt".

Alex Fong: "Use your heart to deeply understand the patients' mentality in order to help them and save them".

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Hope that the HK audience will watch this!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clip 1

Narrator: "Locked up for seven days. Crazy for seven days".

"7 Days in Life". January 24th @ 8:30 pm.

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Personal Note: This series will most likely be similar to the style of "A Watchdog's Tale".... :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Men with No Shadows" @ TVB Corporate and Programme Information 2011

"Men with No Shadows"

Genre: Investigation and Suspense


Are men born good or evil? Will fame, wealth and success bring happiness? Au Yeung Chun Wah is hit by his own psychological demon. His relationship with his wife turns sour. After some painful introspection, he realizes love and love alone is the ultimate solution to the hatred and suspicion between him and his wife.

Cast: Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung, Tavia Yeung, John Chiang, Gigi Wong, Sire Ma, Power Chan

Personal Note: Although Raymond's name is listed first, this description is entirely on Bobby.... Can't wait for it to come out! :D

雪子Yuki, who shared this, does not allow this to be reposted.

*Credits to 雪子Yuki

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elaine Yiu Naturally Born with 'First Peach Blossom Eyes'



Elaine Yiu was a guest on Peter So's variety programme earlier, and Master So pointed out that she has a pair of 'First Peach Blossom Eyes'. Regardless of what age, there would be much fate with people and love, which many dream of having.

Master So expressed that the under eye position on Elaine's electrifying eyes is shaped like a nest, and her eyebrows slightly go up, which resembles a crescent moon when she smiles. It is a pair of 'First Peach Blossom Eyes', which many dream of having. During the programme, a fellow student revealed that Vin Choi has admired Elaine, who is four years older, for a while. Master So then pointed out that she and Vin, who also has thick eyebrows, are very matching, and have a high chance of development.

Elaine teasingly said, "Previously, Vin and I were spokespeople for a wedding boutique, so if [I] am able to get married with Vin, then we can save on wedding photos".

Personal Note: Funny how a fellow student revealed that! Ha ha.... Elaine and Vin are just good friends and good partners. :)

*Credits to mingpao and the-sun

《飛虎》 "Special Duties Unit" Costume Fitting Pictures




Weibo Pictures

- The series will consist of 13 episodes, and an episode will air each Saturday. Each episode will be a different case, and some will be based on real cases.
- It will revolve around the Special Duties Unit (SDU). Action scenes and cases will be the selling point. The newest SDU equipment will be used. The production cost will be 30 percent more than the budget of a typical series.
- Joe Ma will play Chin Hon To (展瀚韜), a calm SDU commander. His subordinates include Vincent Wong, Him Law, William Chak, Benjamin Yuen, etc.
- Jessica Hsuan will play Chong Cheuk Wah (莊卓嬅), a calm Inspector of Police of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB). She and Joe will have a subtle relationship.
- Dominic Lam will play a Chief Superintendent of the SDU.
- Him will play Yue Hok Lai (俞學禮), an overconfident and unsociable member of the SDU, while Vincent will play Yau Chun Hin (邱駿軒), a sniper who does not have much confidence. They are best friends.
- Patrick Tang will play a member of the OCTB.
- Mandy Wong will play So Man Keung (蘇文強). She is determined to become the first female SDU. She and Him will have a romantic storyline.
- Kenneth Ma will play To Tin Yue (杜天宇). He and JJ Jia will guest-star for two episodes in one of the cases as a pair of thieves who are abnormal killers; they receive gratification from killing people.
- William Chak will play Cheung Kai Kwong (張繼光), a member of the SDU who is bright, does not talk much, makes few mistakes, and whose results are quite good.
- Christine Kuo will play Ting Wai Wai (丁慧慧), a flight attendant. She is Joe's ex-girlfriend.
- Elena Kong will play Yue Hok Yan (俞學恩), Him's elder sister. For her boyfriend, she kidnaps her father.
- Oscar Leung will play Chong Cheuk Yuen (莊卓源), a sniper. He is Jessica's younger brother. He and Christine will play a couple.
- Natalie Tong will guest-star as a rather villainous psychiatrist.

Clips (costume fitting):
Joe Ma's TVB Blog

Joe Ma's TVB Blog

Vincent Wong's TVB Blog
JJ Jia's TVB Blog

Christine Kuo's TVB Blog

Oscar Li's TVB Blog

Training clips:
Mandy Wong's TVB Blog
Vincent Wong's TVB Blog
William Chak's TVB Blog
Oscar Leung's TVB Blog
Oscar Li's TVB Blog
Benjamin Yuen's TVB Blog
Jack Hui's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Mandy Wong's TVB Blog
JJ Jia's TVB Blog
William Chak's TVB Blog
Oscar Leung's TVB Blog
Oscar Leung's TVB Blog

Visit @ TVBE Clip (011911)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (013011)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (021011)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (021111)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Tiger Cubs".
FYI: TVB already filmed a series about the SDU in 1989 called "Flying Squads", which starred Donnie Yen, and it only consisted of 15 episodes.

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Personal Note: A number of artistes in this series actually has experience in the police force. For example, Joe was a G4, Dominic was a police cadet, and Tsang Sau Ming was an auxiliary cop. Looking forward to this! :D

Jessica was supposed to cut her hair, but producer Lam Chi Wah said that it wasn't necessary.

The person who I had mentioned would be guest-starring on my Cbox is in here, and that person is Ma Ming!!!! Ha ha.... Love JJ for confirming Ma Ming's participation! :D

*Credits to joe-ma.com, the-sun, headlinedaily, mingpao, appledaily, tungstar, WISH, tvb.com, and Weibo