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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kenneth Ma Saying PK Receives Complaints


Kenneth Ma has been criticized as being old, but his exaggerating, comedic performance has also received much praise from netizens.

Kenneth Ma's game-playing homebody 'Universal Win God' travelled back to the ancient times. He gives a funny performance, but netizens think that he is rather old...not consistent with the character.

The TVB series "Three Kingdoms RPG" premiered the night before, immediately receiving viewers' complaints, saying that the series contained offensive language. The storyline was about Kenneth using coarse language to yell at friends: "You two PKs!" The Communications Authority immediately received 16 complaints afterward, including dissatisfaction with the series containing offensive language.

FYI: The first episode of "Three Kingdoms RPG" averaged 30 points, and peaked at 34 points (close to 2,180,000 viewers).

Personal Note: Surprised that there were even complaints for the shortened form 'PK'.... o_O

*Credits to orientaldaily and mingpao


  1. Kenneth ma is my MAN! He's not old either. ANyways People are lame for criticizing. BTw..what does PK mean anyway?

    P.s. I really hope he wins this year as Favorite Male Actor.

    1. In the example that 'PK' was used in this article, it means 'jerk'. In the first episode, Ma Ming's character also used the term as an interjection (i.e., when he was late in delivering take-out, he said 'PK!").

    2. PK has two meaning one is the initials of profanity/Swear word "Pok Guy" the other literally means falling on the floor.

      I find these complaints really dumb because we are not in elementary school and even in elementary many children learn swear words as well through their classmates.

      What's the point of omitting these words when it's used frequently in our daily lives everywhere by people!

    3. Strictly speaking, 'PK' is not considered a swear word because it does not refer to any reproductive organ. Rather, it's cursing someone to "trip on the street".

  2. He is a gorgeous actor. He can accept to portray different roles such as playful, serious, villain guy and all are very well performed. Good on you, Kenneth!

    1. Some how I still don't find Kenneth convincing as a villain maybe because of his eyes. He's more convincing as the playful guy.

  3. 彈佢老都好過話冇演技!馬明 go go go! 耶!