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Monday, June 30, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Opening Theme Video


"Way Back Home" - Fred Cheng

歸途 《寒山潛龍》 主題曲 - 鄭俊弘

作曲/編曲/監製: 韋景雲
填詞: 楊熙

臨崖勒馬 能多好
在最險的關頭 不跌入絕路
然而命數 哪個猜到

斜陽落在綠草 白蹄揚揚塵土
懶為世態妥協 我有我道

是非可搬弄 真假亦可操控
落空的好夢 幾多又可追討
不到我控訴 要怪我笑得 太早

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 1

[063014] Kenneth Ma @ 《1圈圈》

Ngo Ka Nin & Lin Xia Wei on "The Green Room"


Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (070414)

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Personal Note: Ha! The nose-picking scene that Selena mentioned already happened in the first episode! :P

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 2

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 3

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 4

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 5

*Credits to kennethma.org

"Black Heart White Soul" Promotional Clip 2



*Credits to 小淚_TeArs and rononline

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Sub Song



"She Is the Best" - Grace Wong

她最好 《寒山潛龍》 片尾曲 - 王君馨

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 楊熙
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

她一去為何失去了影蹤 今天你埋頭苦惱也不懂
怪你為何目送 怪你未乘著美麗晴空 給她一個擁抱

*她一去明媚失去了芳草 彷彿你連明天也看不到
永遠未能共她變老 以後太枯燥 猶如懷念著消失樂土

你眼中她最好 奈何現時未能共抱
她比我好 聽到好過親眼看到
我已達到 你在我右臂內笑極醉倒 睡到一清早

我最多跟你好 為何舊時未能遇到
天天倒數 若然劇情留下多麼好
我已盡耗 我共你亦隔十八萬尺高 沒法親得到*

Repeat *

我料到 我望到 你就算在這夜笑著發夢
現在剩下多少可以效勞 能共度但沒法可修補

你眼中她最好 奈何現時未能共抱
她比我好 不要給我親眼看到
我已達到 你在我右臂內笑極醉倒 但你一直逃

我那麼想你好 為何未能踏遍千里路
天天倒數 若然劇情留下多麼好
我已盡耗 我共你亦隔十八萬尺高 沒法親得到 我也不知道

Personal Note: Don't like Grace's singing...she sounds very amateur, and she doesn't have much emotion; however, the song itself sounds quite good.

"The Conquerors" Episode 8

Hosts: Calvin Choy, Remus Choy, Edmond So, Chin Ka Lok, Kay Tse, Priscilla Wong, Bob Lam, Mandy Ho & Ronald Law

Guests: Maria Cordero, Tracy Chu, Det Dik & Harriet Yeung


FYI: The eighth episode of "The Conquerors" averaged 20 points.

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"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Promotional Event 2




"Scoop" Clip




Kenneth Ma, who was wearing an ancient costume under the hot sun, and a group of "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" cast members were in Tsim Sha Tsui promoting the series. The big group opened a way with a dragon dance. On the way, he and Selena Li had their pictures taken with citizens. He expressed not being worried about the World Cup affecting the ratings, and believes that this series' content is weird and interesting...suitable for children to watch.

When mentioning that Lin Xia Wei and Ngo Ka Nin had many intimate scenes in the series, Kenneth complained about not having intimate scenes with Selena, who portrays his wife: "Don't know why the producer had to benefit Ka Nin, or did not benefit Xia Wei. Apart from that time in 'The Mysteries of Love'...back then, everyone said that that role was the best of the entire year".

Selena Li Says That It Is Sweet to Help Kenneth Ma Pick His Nose

Selena Li attended a promotional event for "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" in Tsim Sha Tsui. She revealed performing an 'intimate' scene with 'husband' Kenneth Ma in the series. She laughingly said, "We are a very plain and simple married couple. For the first time in a series, used my finger to pick his nose. I think that it's even more intimate than kiss scenes. In real life, I also never tried it before. (Will you try picking your boyfriend's nose in the future?) Would not. Selena Li's personality would not do that". She frankly said that the nose-picking scene was suggested by herself, and that Kenneth also did not mind and just did it: "I think that it is very natural...very raw. Did it in that character and under those circumstances. Believe that viewers would also not find it disgusting...would only think that we are very cute. (Told Kenneth to clean his nose beforehand?) No, but used a wet wipe to wipe my hand after completing filming. (He enjoyed it?) Don't know about him".

Personal Note: Definitely exceeds the typical intimate scene in TVB series! :P

*Credits to kennethma.org, 李詩韻吧, tvb.com, and the-sun

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"The Misadventure of Zoo" Completion Banquet



J2 Clip


Kenneth Ma Vying for the Taken Niki Chow: Wish for More Kisses

'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma and Niki Chow went to Tsim Sha Tsui to attend the completion banquet for TVB's new series "The Misadventure of Zoo". Kenneth revealed filming an advertisement with Tracy Chu as a couple partnership: "Going to Shenzhen with Tracy to film for two days. (Couple partnership?) We have rumours...don't know if the fee is higher. We are currently under the same manager. The rumours should be helpful". He also said that he wants to have rumours with Niki, who is taken, but also afraid of being the 'third party', so forced to give up: "Hope to be rumoured with her. (Be the third party?) Well, that would not be good. Be a onscreen couple! Actually, I want to be the real [boyfriend]!"

After hearing this, Niki greatly praised Kenneth as being a 'good guy', and also praised his singing: "We are singing the new series' theme song together. His singing is good to listen to. (Kenneth gave his first time singing to you?) It's not, is it? I thought about looking for him to be the male lead in an MV. I am recording Mandarin songs...should be releasing an album next year".

Taking the Initiative to Add Sweet Actions

Niki revealed kissing Kenneth on the cheek in the new series: "I added sweet actions between couples for my character, such as kissing his cheek until the facial features change shape to make [the viewers] die of cheesiness!" When asked whether she added how she usually gets along with her boyfriend in the series, she immediately smiled in silence.

Niki, who became happier the more she talked, mentioned again that, as long as you treat Kenneth to sour candy, his eyes would light up from happiness: "If dating him, it should be very simple...already satisfied when treated to candy!" After hearing this, Kenneth immediately said, "Not this simple. Must have an additional two kisses first! This time, obtained one kiss scene. Hope that there are more in the next collaboration...this is my wish!"

《On Call》 Episode 1

《On Call》 Episode 2

《On Call》 Episode 3

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming tends to wear glasses after he wraps up a series. :P

He he.... Niki praised Ma Ming's singing! :P

*Credits to kennethma.org and the-sun

《四個女仔三個BAR》 "Four Girls, Three Bars" Blessing Ceremony



Date: June 26, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《四個女仔三個BAR》
Pinyin title: Sei Goh Nui Jai Saam Goh Bar
Temporary English title: "Four Girls, Three Bars"
Producer: Joe Chan

Attending Cast: Ben Wong, Louis Cheung, Ram Chiang, Elaine Yiu, Natalie Tong, Timothy Cheng, Grace Chan, Moon Lau, Jeannie Chan, Stephanie Ho, Sam Tsang, King Lam, Skye Chan, James Wong, Judy Tsang, Hugo Wong, Chun Wong, Sunny Dai, Snow Suen, Lucy Li, Doris Chow, Hinson Chou, Momo Wu, Stefan Wong, Ali Lee, Matthew Ho, Ice Chow, Kayley Chung, Andy Siu, Kay Ho, Cecilia Fong, Alex Tsui, and Gary Chan.

Time: 14:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio 16



- Grace Chan, Moon Lau, Stephanie Ho, and Jeannie Chan are leading the series, which talks about the journey of pupil lawyers becoming official lawyers.
- Ben Wong, Timothy Cheng, and Ram Chiang are respectively in charge of three law firms.
- Ben will play Marcus Fan Chi Ngai (范智毅), a barrister who leads a group of pupils. He and Elaine Yiu are a married lawyer couple whose marriage gets tested.
- Louis Cheung will play Fong Chi Bok (方梓博), a pupil barrister who is filled with a sense of justice, is kind, and is slightly adorable. He was originally an engineer; however, he encountered something unfair at work, so he later decides to become a barrister. He and Grace will sing a duet. He and Grace have a very subtle relationship, and they are more reserved, as it is only until after episode 25 that they have a mutual affinity; in the end, they date. He, Grace, and Moon will be involved in a love triangle.
- Elaine will play a solicitor. She has a romantic storyline with Ben and Sam Tsang, and there are many intimate scenes. She obtains Sam's first onscreen kiss.
- Natalie Tong will play an experienced barrister.
- Grace will play Tong Ching Chi (唐靖姿). She and Louis play a couple, but there are no intimate scenes.
- Moon will play Elaine's pupil.
- Jeannie will play Brittany Fok Chi Ying (霍紫凝), a daring pupil barrister who is eager to win, clever, and extremely self-confident. She is Natalie's younger sister.
- Stephanie will play a pupil lawyer who is rather tough and a tomboy. She can wear many t-shirts and sneakers, and does not need to wear high heels. She does kung fu. She will have a romantic storyline.
- Hinson Chou will play Ngai Chung Hang (危仲衡), who is rather fickle in love. He and Moon are a couple. He gets caught in between Moon and Ali Lee.
- Momo Wu will play Lee Dan (李丹), a law student. She is a bad person.
- Matthew Ho will play Max, a messenger.
- Skye Chan will guest-star for a few episodes.
- Snow Suen will play Kei Kei (淇淇), a typical Hong Kong girl who always forces marriage. She is Louis' girlfriend.
- Lucy Li will play Olive.
- Ice Chow will play Elaine.
- Kayley Chung will play Gloria.
- Alex Tsui will play Jeannie's father.
- Elena Kong will guest-star for a few episodes as a judge.
- Jacquelin Ch'ng will guest-star as a lawyer.

Visit @ myTV Clips (072314; 072414)

Visit @ myTV Clip (072514)

Visit @ myTV Clips (081114; 072814; 080814; 080114; 080414; 072514)

Visit @ myTV (082714; 091114; 091914; 091514; 072514) + TVB Zone (082314) Clips

Visit @ Metro Daily Clip (082014)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (091914)

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (092014)

Filming Promotional Clip @ J2 Clip (010715)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Raising the Bar".

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Personal Note: Elaine must have taken over Louisa So's role, as she has been listed after Natalie in the past.

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, tvb.com, 狂愛TVB, and metrodaily

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Promotional Event 1


"Scoop" Clip


J2 Clip





Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xia Wei, Candy Chang, etc. attended a promotional event for "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain".

Kenneth said that "Ghost" is a funny ancient series that is suitable for adults and children, and hopes that it is able to bring up the ratings. He praised Selena, who portrays two roles, for acting well, and thinks that she is able to win this year's 'Most Improved' award. After completing the filming for "The Misadventure of Zoo", Kenneth will film the grand production "Lord of Shanghai", portraying the younger version of Anthony Wong. Although he does not have any scenes with Anthony, he plans to go to the set to watch him act.

Regarding Kenneth's thoughts on her being able to win the 'Most Improved' award, Selena asked in surprise: "'Most Improved'? Still 'Most Improved'? He really said that? Perhaps I have not returned to the company in a while...he thinks that I am new in the industry! I also hope that he is able to rely on this series to become TV king".

Candy revealed that she will film the movie "From Vegas to Macau II" next month. She will be filming action scenes in swimwear, and will even have a shoot-out with Chow Yun Fat.

Personal Note: Ma Ming and Selena are so cute! :D

Selena is past the 'Most Improved' stage....

*Credits to mingpao, kennethma.org, and tvb.com

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" TVBI Trailer & AOD Trailer

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" TVBI Trailer

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" AOD Trailer

*Credits to ihktv and kennethma.org

《水髮胭脂》 "Opera Rouge" Costume Fitting



Date: June 24, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《水髮胭脂》
Pinyin title: Sui Faat Yin Ji
Temporary English title: "Opera Rouge"
Producer: Lee Yim Fong

Attending Cast: Moses Chan, Joyce Koi, Louise Lee, Evergreen Mak, Angelina Lo, Mary Hon, Law Lok Lam, Katy Kung, Henry Lo, Yu Chi Ming, Lisa Lau, Owen Cheung, and Mayanne Mak.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One


"Scoop" Clip


- 20 episodes long.
- The series is packaged using Cantonese opera, using a lighthearted comedy approach to bring out the relationships and the interactions among the characters. The genre is lighthearted and is similar to a sitcom.
- Moses Chan will play an interior designer. He has a calculative personality, is tough, and has talent and confidence. Because he overcalculates everything, he definitely does not lose out. As long as the other party's level is lower than himself, he is not willing to care; thus, he appears to have an extremely arrogant mouth. He despises Cantonese opera. He greatly cherishes his elder sister. He is afraid that his elder sister would not be able to get along with his girlfriend, so he buys an adjacent unit, designing it into his girlfriend's dream house with plans to use it as a future love nest, but his elder sister rents it out to Joyce Koi. To help good friend Evergreen Mak pursue Joyce, he gradually gains a deeper understanding of Joyce, discovering that she is a female who wants nothing, resolving their misunderstandings, and even influencing his values of calculating everything.
- Joyce will play a traditional Cantonese opera female man mo sang (i.e., a female opera artiste in a scholar and martial male role). She is loved by opera fans. She is overprotected by adoptive mother and manager Louise Lee, having clothing, food, housing, and transportation arranged for her, which cultivates her naive and pure personality. She has no expectations for anything and is unassuming. She speaks straightforwardly and does not know how to sugarcoat, frequently creating misunderstandings. Afterward, he meets Moses from renting his property. She is dissatisfied with the interior design, and she also creates a fire from worshipping god in the house. She and Moses frequently bicker, and the two are completely incompatible; however, a relationship later develops. She will sing Cantonese opera, and she will use her personal costumes.
- Louise will play a feisty manager. When she was young, she was a fa dan (i.e., an opera artiste in a young belle role); being good friends with Joyce's mother, she adopted Joyce and raised her. She acts as Joyce's manager. She has a tough personality. To protect her daughter, she constantly yells at people.
- Evergreen will play Tin Hak Kan (田克勤), a kind second generation. He thinks that everything can be solved with money. He and Moses are good friends. His father likes Cantonese opera; to please his father, he pursues Joyce, and even asks Moses to be his courting counsellor. During this process, he uses his money power on Joyce, but she is infatuated with Cantonese opera, having no desire for material things.
- Angelina Lo will play Moses' elder sister. She thinks that her younger brother would not get married too quickly. She takes it upon herself to give rent to Joyce, which triggers many problems.
- Jason Chan will play a junior designer who lives at Moses' house.
- Katy Kung will play Joe, an interior designer. She is Louise's daughter. She has an opinionated personality and is a typical Hong Kong girl. Later, she meets junior designer Jason, and gets tamed by him. She and Jason are a couple.
- Gary Chan will play a senior sales associate. He frequently clashes with boss Moses at work. In the end, he wants to leave the company, but is asked to stay because of his good work performance.
- Yu Chi Ming will play the city's richest man. He is Evergreen's father. He likes Cantonese opera, and is crazy for Joyce.
- Susan Tse will play a Cantonese opera artiste.
- Ronald Law will play the lead musician of a theatrical troupe. He is a new generation of Cantonese opera who uses a tablet PC to look at music sheets and clings to the trend.
- Akina Hong will play an interior designer. She is Katy's superior.
- Owen Cheung will play Ko Man Chun (高敏俊).
- Aaryn Cheung will play Kan Hok Lai (靳學禮), a musician.
- Owen Ng will play Evergreen's assistant.
- Oceane Zhu will play Moses' girlfriend.

Visit @ J2 Clip (071214)

Visit @ J2 Clip (072314)

Visit @ myTV Clips (081914; 080614)

Visit @ J2 Clip (090214)

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (090414)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Romantic Repertoire".

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Personal Note: Don't have any interest in this series.

*Credits to the-sun, singpao, tvb.com, and 狂愛TVB